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Sunday 8 March 2015

Christmas presents and South wing renovation plans

Hello everyone.

I hope you are all doing well and are happy. Thank you for your great feedback on my last post. It is always so wonderful to get hear from other miniaturists. I am afraid I have no new miniature work to share. Our real life  bathroom renovation has taken over our lives and I have not worked on miniatures since my last post, but I have been working hard on the plans for the renovated South wing. Before we talk about that I promised to post about my Christmas presents. Once again I was spoilt rotten.

Christmas Presents

I got this black and gold  Grand Estate Cabinet from Bespaq. I think it looks perfect in the Tudor hall.

 I always ask for Getzan chandeliers from my family, and this year I got the Antoinette on the left for the breakfast room, and the Sonata on the right for the grand staircase. I also have a Sonata for the entrance. It is one of my favourites.

Lastly I got a Bespaq Elizabeth chaise for the ballroom.

I am very lucky that Jo always asks for a list of the miniatures I want and he and our families get together and choose from that list.
 That is all the miniatures you will see in this post, the rest are my plans and sketches for the new wing. I apologize if this is boring for some, but it's all I have done.


The new ballroom will be much more Georgian in style. the room will measure 32 x 38 inches and be surrounded by a 5 inch deep colonnade. My biggest challenge, since the door from the Entrance of the Manor is not centered, was figuring out how to make the room symmetrical.

The left wall will have 2 doorways. 1 will be the way in from the entrance, the other one will be a fake door to balance the room. In between the doorways will be a dolphin fountain from Sue Cook. The back wall will have a fireplace and the right wall will be mostly windows and French doors. The piano will go in between the central columns on the right wall. All the architectural elements in this room will be by Sue Cook. Here is a look at the left wall:

The walls will be blue and all the molding and detail will be white. In the next drawing you can see the back wall and the side view of the colonnade.

The yellow on my drawing was supposed to be gold detail. I had one leftover piece of the cornice I will be using and put it on the drawing,  but I think I might just leave all the detail white, no gold. The blue rectangle on the top left corner is the paint colour I chose. I thought of putting 4 Versaille chandeliers in the room, but decided instead to keep the 2 I have and get matching sconces instead so as to light the colonnade well.


The new library will be the same size as the ballroom. I was afraid it would be too big and planned on splitting the floor into a library and  a loggia, but since the house sits in the corner of the room that was just an invitation for spiders to settle in so I decided to lose the loggia. Here is the New library:

It was inspired by the Thorne Rooms French library and the room boxes made by Ray whitledge and Scott Burgess. I decided to split the room in 2.

The back area will be a step up. It is a huge room and I am not sure how I will furnish it...I am thinking of a large central custom made table about 5 x 8 inches with a marble top and thin drawers for maps all around. The entire room will be faux walnut and I would like the furniture and drapes to be dark green. The marbled fireplaces and white cornices are also from Sue Cook.
Chinese dining room

I am taking full advantage of the larger section to make all the rooms bigger. The Chinese tea room will now be bigger then the Great dining room on the ground floor, so I have decided to make it a dining room used for important dinner parties...though I feel bad for the staff that will have to carry the food up 2 flights of stairs to the other side of the house. The room will have a 12 inch table which will seat 12. 

The room will measure 17 x 24 inches and will be 10 inches high. My original inspiration came from the lacquer room at Monplaisir Palace but were very square. Instead of my square chinoiserie panels I will try to make more ornate lacquer panels within the rectangular panels on the red wall (I hope you understand with the drawings).

The left wall will be covered in lacquered panels, the back wall will have a much bigger doorway so as to see more of the winter parlour (which will be almost an exact copy of the one currently in the house), and the right wall will have a fireplace in the middle with doors on each side which lead to an attic floor balcony overlooking the ocean. The ceiling will have a step design with more Sue Cook cornices. The room will either be the same red I used in the tea room or a slightly more orange shade of red with black, gold and yellow the chinoiserie panels.
Countess's bedroom
I tried to fix this room so many times but now I finally have a design I love:

I want a much more Neoclassical look for the room. Poor Sue Cook will be so fed up with me before I am done. I will use her carved pilasters to frame the windows and doorways. I will make the left wall thicker so as to create recessed windows, I have moved the fireplace to the back wall so the bed will be in the middle of the room, and I will top the room with a Georgian frieze and cornice. I fell in love with the Anastasia bedroom by Bespaq, but it does not have an armoire or large dresser so I am thinking of making closets on each side of the door to the earl's bedroom (right wall).

And that is all my friends. I hate to make a post without miniature work, but the planning has taken all my free time. I hope to start actual work on the new wing by the end of May. Right now I am still refining plans, working on my real life bathroom for another month, and I am saving up for the large order I will be sending Sue. The Montreal miniature show is this month and I might post after that. I have given myself a very strict budget for the show because of the new wing renovations, but I have a habit of losing control at the!

Until next time, which might not be for a while, thank you all for following my adventures and also thank you for sharing your wonderful work and ideas through your are all a great source of inspiration.

All the best and great big hugs to everyone,



  1. Isn't it crazy how real life can get in the way of our hobbies? I think we all go through patches of time where there is just no time or not enough energy to work on our dolls/blogs, etc. I can't get over how much work you have put into your amazing miniature scale house and it is just so cool to see the "behind-the-scenes" work that goes into the planning process. I love your Christmas gifts...the chandeliers are gorgeous! Good luck with all of your bathroom renovations and at the Montreal miniature show! :)

  2. Hi Giac!
    This is a good time to tell you about a conversation my granddaughter and I had. We were discussing all of my houses and what they needed. Then I parted off a section of wall and told her your house was about that long...9 ft? Her mouth dropped open. LOL

    How tall will it be so I can give her a whole picture. We love your work.

    Give hugs to Jo and the rest. They are the best mini supporters I know!

  3. Your presents are wonderful! Great to have family actually follow your list. Your plans are very interesting---

  4. Giac, I LOVE your drawings! So amazing on their own! I really look forward to seeing the ballroom, especially with the fountain! I wanted a ballroom in my chateau but not enough room I'm afraid (I'm facing divorce with the size it already is! Haha!). And the countess's room looks amazing. There has been a lot of work go into this room already, but you need to be 100% happy with it, otherwise it will bug you forever, so might as well do it properly. And as for your servants carrying food up two flights of stairs, simply install a dumb waiter (it could be implied or hinted at, rather than actual, but there are ways and means ;)).

  5. Hi Giac..!!
    Beautiful gifts. I like so much the chandeliers. Wonderful design sketches working in miniature ..!!
    Good work ..!!
    Mini hugs,

  6. Giac,los regalos navideños son preciosos y perfectos para el estilo de tu casa,el gabinete me ha fascinado!!!!
    Los planos que has estado trazando,dejan adivinar una preciosa reforma,con mucha profundidad y ese estilo neoclásico que trabajas perfectamente!! Buenas compras en la feria,estoy segura que sabrás controlarte!!!!!

  7. Wonderful gifts Giac! And you certainly didn't bore me, I think half the fun of miniatures are in the planning. Drawing things out are a good way to see mistakes in planning and I love seeing plans and drawings coming to life when the actual work starts, looking forward to your progress, have fun building!

  8. I like to see the planning stage because you get to watch the progress from a thought to reality. Wonderful Christmas gifts; it's great that you have the support from your family. Good luck with the Bathroom renovations =0)

  9. Hi Giac! Wonderful Christmas gifts!
    You say that this post is boring...?? No way! I always love to see your plans and I was speechless to see what these plans contain!!! Oh my, you will need every crumb of free time to get this all done ;D!
    Your chandeliers are absolutely gorgeous, you and your family have an excellent choice ;)!
    Good luck with the renovations of your RL bathroom.
    Hugs, Ilona

  10. Bonjour Giac,
    super cadeaux, en effet vous avez été gâté ;-)
    Vos plans ne sont en rien ennuyeux, ils sont au contraire passionnants et j'adore la façon dont vous dessinez. Je suis impatient de voir tout cela en réel.

  11. I find beautiful chandeliers, a very precious gift. The projects for the hall are very challenging and certainly take a long time, but it will be wonderful! Good job

  12. J'admire vos plans car pour ma part je suis incapable de dessiner et de me projeter dans le projet comme vous le faites!!
    Vos cadeaux sont tous magnifiques!!!
    A bientôt!

  13. Beautiful and perfect gifts for your house. The plans are interesting and I'm curious to see its realization.

  14. Dear Giac,
    It should be Christmas more often. What a beautiful presents you got.
    Maybe You could make a food elevator in your dining room. I remember in some old houses they had one on a piece of rope.
    Your drawings are very impressive.
    Sometimes real life needs you also. I'm glad that's number one. You have to live comfortably in your house.
    French polish hugs ;) Dorien

  15. Hi Giac! Your Christmeas presents are wonderful and they are perfect to your House! Love the Bespaq Elizabeth chaise, it is so elecant! And the chandeliers are gorgeous!
    Your drawings and sketches,Pieces of ART!
    Will be waiting to see more :)

  16. Los regalos son preciosos te van a quedar muy de acuerdo con la gran mansión que estás haciendo. Las previsiones para el arreglo del cuarto de baño y los dibujos del salón de baile son increíbles de bien planificados, los dibujos perfectos. Todo me gusta muchísimo. Un beso

  17. Hello Giac,

    Such wonderful gifts! I especially like the chaise lounge. I love that your family supports you so well in your hobby!

    I really love seeing your plans before they come to fruition. I am amazed at the clarity of detail you are able to generate without actually "seeing" something in front of you. That's a skill man, and one I wish I had! :0)

    Love that you are using the stepped ceiling and floor concepts in your new rooms. I look forward to seeing that all come together!

    Good Luck with the projects!


  18. congratulations on your gifts, are very pretty. will have a lot of work, they are very detailed and laborious to carry out projects, also will spend an entertaining and fun time!
    A big hugs.

  19. Hi Giac! Wow, your presents are so beautiful, I especially love the Cabinet, what a great piece! Your sketches are great, you have a lot of talent and I look forward to more! Big hugs xxx

  20. Hey Giac thank you for the beautiful pictures . Very, very good job . I'm excited
    And thanks for your dear comments on our blog.

  21. Hello Giac,

    I hope the big renovations are going well. The mini renovations are going to be a pleasure to follow and the results are going to be splendid!!

    Looking forward to seeing you at the show :-)


  22. Eres un gran artesano, y muy valiente. No te detienes ante los retos, y lo que tienes planeado, tiene mucho trabajo pero no dudo de que quedará genial como todo lo que haces.
    Tus regalos de Navidad son pequeños tesoros. Esos candelabros son una maravilla.
    Disfrutalo mucho.
    Un abrazo

  23. Que maravilla!! siempre me quedo asombrada contigo, eres un artista. El armario Bespaq es precioso. Seguiré los avances. Un abrazo. ARantza.

  24. Great gifts and great plans! So detailed! Lucky I don't have to show my scribbles to anyone, lol. Can't wait to see you start all of these classy rooms. :)
    Big hug

  25. Wonderful to see your sketches--to me those count as miniature work! I live vicariously through your huge house; while it takes a lot of time to finish it must be so much fun to have the space to make such big rooms. If you have time to report on the Montreal show I'd love to hear about it.

  26. Hi Giac, another fabulous post.....they are NEVER boring! :)
    You are lucky that your family buy from your family tend to go 'off list' and that sometimes is not a good thing!
    Your presents and chandeliers in particular are gorgeous and those! It's great that when you have a vision for something to get it down on paper, and you do your plans so well. I think that really helps to 'see' it before construction!
    Marvellous post and such a pleasure to always!
    All the best and take care

  27. Hola Giac! Tus regalos son impresionantes. Me parece increible tu manera de planificar las cosas. Tanto los dibujos como el nivel de detalle No me extraña que luego queden tan fantásticos tus trabajos

  28. Che bei regali di Natale...e che bel progetto. Non vedo l'ora di vedere la sala da ballo ultimata.
    Un bacione caro Giac

  29. Your sketches are like wonderful works
    of art, totally adorable. I wish i could be
    Thumbelina for a day, and walk around in your
    lovely doll manor. Thumbelina is the very small
    girl in HC Andersens fairy tale.
    Wich you a happy week

  30. Unos regalos impresionantes de bonitos, me gustan todos muchísimo en especial el gabinete.
    Estoy deseando ver la ejecución de los planos, se vé impresionante.

  31. Your Christmas gifts are all gorgeous. I love the cabinet. Wow great plans I look forward to following your progress.
    Hugs Maria

  32. Wonderful gifts! And amazing drawings, I'm fascinated by your plans.

  33. You are quite the Artist Giac! You sketches and drawings are wonderfully detailed and I am really looking forward to seeing all of this as it begins to take shape. Your woodworking skills and your design sensibilities, steadily increase and now that you have decided on a different direction for the interior of your Dewell Manor, there has been no stopping you from ripping out and making brand new. All I can say then is LOOK OUT WORLD, here come GIAC! :D
    a Big Hug my friend

    elizabeth :))

  34. Fantastic drawings! It will be lovely to se in future!
    I also like Getzan chandliers. They are lovely.
    Big hug

  35. Más que miniaturista pareces arquitecto! Es increíble todos esos planos, los regalos son maravillosos. Un abrazo

  36. You've got beautiful little treasures for Christmas! And your plans and drawings are gorgeous, as always; you certainly know how to keep us all curious for what is coming next :)!
    Hope you and Jo are OK, and was curious to ask: have you had any news on the adoption yet?
    Succes on the bathroom renovation too,

  37. You've got beautiful little treasures for Christmas! And your plans and drawings are gorgeous, as always; you certainly know how to keep us all curious for what is coming next :)!
    Hope you and Jo are OK, and was curious to ask: have you had any news on the adoption yet?
    Succes on the bathroom renovation too,

  38. Gorgeous, thoughtful gifts from your family, and exciting plans! Woohoo! Hugs, until next post! xo Jennifer

  39. Que planos tan preciosos, lo plasmas muy bien en papel y en las escenas queda todo perfecto.
    Esa biblioteca..leer un libro y otro....un sueño..el salón de baile, con el piano...¿un vals? música de........¿Strauss?...una dama vestida elegantemente, espera a su príncipe.....llega y se van al centro bailando un vals mirándose a los ojos, esa música los transporta a un mundo de amor.......
    Me he imaginado la escena... me encanta soñar y sentir vivas las miniaturas.
    Un abrazo

  40. Hi Giac,

    Wat een fantastisch mooie cadeaus heb je gekregen,
    en wat geweldig dat de familie allerlei cadeaus uitzoekt
    die je op je verlanglijstje heb staan. Een groter plezier
    kunnen ze je niet doen, geweldig!!!

    Nu ben je dus al een tijdje bezig geweest met de
    badkamer renovatie, van een geheel andere orde maar
    ook heel fijn om je ideetjes uit te werken.

    Ik sta telkens weer versteld van al jou PRACHTIGE
    ontwerpen en de wijze waarop je dat allemaal uitwerkt
    op papier. Het ziet er weer veelbelovend uit. Wat ik ook zo
    enorm waardeer in ju is dat je net zolang door gaat tot
    alles HELEMAAL naar je zin is, ook al moet je het dan
    misschien een aantal keren opnieuw renoveren.

    Ik denk dat er maar weinig mensen zijn die met zoveel
    overgave iets tot stand brengen. Ik hou daar zelf heel erg van,
    een karaktertrekje die mij niet vreemd is, hihi.

    Heb grote bewondering voor al jou werk, het is echt
    ADEMBENEMEND om het allemaal te bekijken.

    Succes nog verder met de aardse renovatie's of is de
    badkamer inmiddels al klaar???

    Wens je een mooie, liefdevolle
    en vooral creatieve tijd toe,


  41. Hi Giac! Your plans are certainly Grand and Ambitious! But if there is any miniaturist out there who can realize them, it is you! Your family made great choices for your Christmas gifts! I particularly like that chaise! Bravo for making the wing as large as you want .... miniatures suffer when the "large" rooms are actually small! I really look forward to seeing your plans come together.... however long it takes! And good luck with the RL renovations... they can turn everything upside down!

  42. Thank you so much for giving me a real good laugh... my, that was a good one... bore us with your drawings *wipes-her-tears-of-laughter-away* Your visions and plans for the new wing are so exciting and the way your planning all of this with your sketches etc. leaves me in awe. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of this being turned from 2D-drawings into breathtaking 3D-miniature scenes. Your Christmas presents were perfect choices, your family sure knows how to make you happy. And now I'm wishing you good luck too for the bathroom renovations... and at the fair. You're a tough guy... you can hold your budget... and if not... it would be for a very good purpose... ;O)


  43. Beatiful little treasures. Congratulations.
    I love to see the plans you posted. Thanks

  44. wow Giac like usually amazing, I love the chandeliers and your drawing,

  45. It's no wonder that your miniature rooms are so amazing. The time you spent in preparation through drawing and planning is very well spent. The new wing is going to be beautiful just like the rest of the house.

  46. Bonjour Giac, les cadeaux de vos proches sont superbes !
    Je suis impressionnée par les dessins et plans, ceux-ci nous promettent de magnifiques créations à admirer dans le futur.
    A bientôt ! Bises. Joce

  47. Great! It is very well done. The miniatures are beautiful. The idea of the list for the family is really very good! Much joy to continue your creativity!
    Greetings Conni

  48. Hallo Ciac,
    wunderschöne Geschenke haben sie bekommen. Die Kronleuchter passen hervorragend zum Einrichtungsstil ihres Hauses.
    Besonders fasziniert bin ich von ihren Skizzen in Isometrie.
    Als gelernte technische Zeichnerin bewundere ich ihre Zeichnungsvorlagen.
    Schmunzeln musste ich über die Suche nach einer Möglichkeit den Festsaal symmetrisch zu gestalten. Das Problem haben Sie clever gelöst.
    Liebe Grüße Veilchen

  49. Congratulations wonderful gifts !! The sketches of the rooms are wonderful. a hug, Marisa

  50. Your new plans look fantastic, Giac. I couldn't stop wondering if this was a new wing or a new house!! The wing will be huge! And as always your lovely plans and drawings bring it all to life. Love your presents...

  51. Hola Giac, tus proyectos son admirables y los regalos envidiables. Un saludo, Eva

  52. Hello Giac!

    Oh tend to the big things for a while, the dollhouse and us readers can wait! Oh the tantalizing goodies you received as gifts and your new plans look to be amazing!

    Enjoy the big design my friend!

  53. Hi Giac!
    Sorry to be so late catching up with your blog. Our renos have been taking up pretty much all of my time this past week, but the floor in the entertainment room is finally laid and all the furniture is back in it's place at long last!

    Bathrooms take a while, so I understand how busy you must be too, but at least you managed to do heaps of planning on the Manor. I love Georgian, so am looking forward to seeing the new Ballroom most of all.

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas presents, they are all beautiful.

  54. Buenos dias Giac!! Me maravilla toda su creatividad e imaginación, eres todo un artista hasta en los planos tan detallados, sin duda un trabajo a realizar que será maravilloso. Los regalos son increíbles, me encantan!! Un abrazo muy fuerte

  55. Yet another marvellous post. I do love reading through them and study every detail! I think the only reason you have increased the size of the rooms is so that you can fit yourself in them when working on the back wall! (Remember the squash you had previously?)

    I also like to see your drawings, they are little works of are in themselves.

    Good luck with your bathroom renovations. I hope they're completed soon and you can get back to what we all want to see - Dewell Manor progress!

  56. What a amazing idea and design! can not wait to see more !

  57. Uno splendore i lampadari e fantastici i tuoi disegni. Sei grandioso Giac!!! Alla prossima puntata

  58. I love your sketches!!! ...and everything else

  59. Hello my friend,
    Your new rooms for Dewell Manor are going to be exquisite! I'm watching your posts with great anticipation......
    A big hug from Ray

  60. hello,

    it's been that I have not looked at your blog.
    I have not had much time for it. there is full of surprises. you have transformed many things. this is amazing. I think you can never finish this huge house because it lives, moves at the same time as you. parts can grow and shrink. you never know if they will not disappear by magic. we will never see the end of this house as it reinvents itself. I'm sure it was she who decides its transformations. you wake up one morning and you dreamed that the Duchess wanted a new room. haha! I loved seeing the drawings of your project. this gives us really want to discover the rest.
    I wish you inspiration for your new room

  61. Hello Giac,

    Love the gifts, the chandeliers and chaise are fabulous.
    Also wonderful to see your sketches and planning notes.
    Hope the bathroom renovations are going well and you are enjoying the weekend

  62. I remember my father-in-law telling me "houses have big mouths" when we purchased our first home "they are never satisfied and you are always throwing money at them". I didn't realize until I started this minis hobby that it refers to all houses, real sized and miniature!

  63. Congratulations on your wonderful gifts! The family is very kind! :)
    Fabulous the new plans! Look forward to further news on progress!
    big hug

  64. Great gifts Giac! Your drawings look very intriguing. I don't think Sue Cook will mind you're using so many of her architectural elements. ;-) They are beautiful, I use them often too. I have the dolphin fountain you mentioned, it is beautiful and will be a wonderful feature in your room.

  65. Wonderful plans, the renovations will look amazing! Great Christmas gifts too, lucky man!! ;)

  66. TERRIFIC ARTST!!!! Sei magnifico Giac, un vero e GRANDISSIMO ARTISTA!!!! COMPLIMENTI ed auguri di Buona Pasqua a te e famiglia. Un forte abbraccio. NI

  67. I'm thrilled you got such gorgeous christmas presents. Jo and the rest of your family must love you dearly, and righteously so. And the rest of your post wasn't boring at all, i think it's great to see such detailed architectural drawings! You obviously take good care and thought of it all so I wish you all the best with the realization of the new wing!

    ps, good luck on the RL bathroom reno too!

  68. Happy Easter Giac to you and your family and many thanks for the kind note you sent me. Hope the bathroom renovations is going well.

  69. Hola,
    Te deseo,una Pascua bendecida y mucha serenidad en toda su familia.besitos

  70. Happy Easter! So beautiful presents, I love the cabinet! I'm sure the renovations will be awesome! I can see in your sketches and planning notes. Hugs.

  71. Ich bin wie immer absolut begeistert von Ihren tollen Arbeiten, lieber Giac, alles sieht so detailgetreu und wie im wahren Leben aus!!!! ich kann so viel von Ihnen lernen, Sie haben ein Auge für das Detail, ganz großes Lob!!!!!

    Big Hugs,

    Uschi :-)

  72. siento una gran envidia por sus regalos, y aun mas el ser capaz de hacer esos maravillosos, planos que estoy ansioso por ver realizados
    felicidades atrasadas
    un abrazo

  73. Estoy impresionada con sus maravillosos trabajos , son increíbles , tan reales y tan perfectos , me encantan , me he pasado un buen rato visitando su blog y no he podido mantener mi boca cerrada de lo impresionada que estoy , siento repetirme pero no encuentro adjetivos suficientemente buenos para poder alabar sus proyectos. Saludos. Loly

  74. Brilliant as always ... <3

  75. Brilliant as always ... <3

  76. Geat stuff as always - so well planned out. Just read the article in DollsHouse Magazine too. Brilliant! The pics were fantastic and I actually finally got to see the actual scale of the entire building. Wow! It's massive!

  77. What a wonderful house!!!

  78. Complimenti Giac, I'm so happy for you! You are a terrific artist!

  79. Olá Giac:
    seu trabalho é fantástico!!!!!
    você é um grande artista ...
    acho tudo isso incrível, a forma como planeja tudo !!!!!
    tenha uma boa semana ..

  80. Thank you for sharing your gifts and journey with us Giac. Such fun! Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing works of art.

  81. Qué bonito es el mueble negro y oro, El salón de baile como siempre muy bien explicado con esos bocetos tan bien hechos y encantan esos bocetos. Eres un gran artista.Besos

  82. Great gifts, I love your drawings too!

    Sarah :)

  83. it's great that Jo has a list of what you want, it's impossible for others to know what we want in big stuff, let alone mini-stuff :), wonderful presents Giac!
    And I haven't been bored at all with your drawings, I enjoyed them very much! Very well thought out and promises great things to come. Splitting the library is a smart thing, it makes a huge room cosier still being one room and the stepup adds interest. About the spiders and the loggia: wouldn't that be solved with a glass or acrylic kind of sheet on top to prevent anything from coming in? Or am I thinking something impossible or not very appealing to you ;) ? And don't want to confuse you and I think your ideas for this library are too great, I now really want to see that realised :D Good luck with the RL renovations, hope it's all going to plan..