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Friday 20 June 2014

Twins' Bedroom and Dining Room renovation updates

Hello my dear friends,

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying a lovely month of June. I must be honest, after your incredible feedback on the last post about the Breakfast Room it is a little intimidating to write a post with very little to say, but I promised I would give you an update in 2 or 3 weeks so here it is.

May I present the Twins' Bedroom

Originally this was to young master's bedroom. Here is an older picture to jog your memory...

I loved this room! I loved the bedroom furniture, I loved the wallpaper... It was simple but I thought it really had the old Manor feel. Then I received a wonderful birthday present from my friend Ray: A Sheraton Summer Bed from the incredibly talented June Clinkscales.

The detail in her work is incredible! Her drapery and attention to detail is amazing and I encourage you all to visit her website

The bed was beautiful and it worked really well in the young master's Room, but I did not like the old paper with the new bed. It just did not work for me so the simplest solution was, even though it broke my heart, to change the wallpaper. I looked hard and long and decided on a pattern called Hindoustan from Les Chinoiseries.
I glued all the wallpaper in the Manor with real life good quality wallpaper paste. The paper on the walls was really well attached so I just cut the new one to size and pasted it over the old one. Once the paper was installed I had a tiny little gap at the top of the room just under the crown molding. I took out some pieces of chair rail molding, painted them to match the crown molding and ceiling, and just glued them directly under the crown molding... no more gaps.

I'll be perfectly honest, I don' regret covering up the old paper. I think the room looks better with the Hindoustan. I had decided, because I thought the room would look more feminine, that the young master would be replace by twin daughters. However, now that the new wallpaper is up, I think it still feels very no more twin girls, but twin boys. It's my house and I'll change the family as much as I like ;)
That is all I have ''done'' since my last post. Since then my brother got married, we had to work on the yard for summer, and I spent last weekend making plans for the Dining room renovation project...
Here is what the room looked like last weekend

I already purchased the new chandelier and sconces for the room and I planned on removing the baseboard and making a new parquet floor. However, The room always felt like it was missing something, so I started thinking, and thinking, and thinking... Well, after all that thinking here is what the Dining room looks like today!

I won't go into detail about what felt wrong and what changes I decided on, that will be in my next post, but I will share just 2 pictures of my experimenting:

I know exactly what the room will look like. All I will say for now is grapes, marble and more marble. I hope to unveil the new Great Dining Room in 3 or 4 weeks...I hope!!!
I also wanted to let everyone know about an auction of Cookie Ziemba and Eunice Gold Miniatures. You can view the auction catalogue here . I have been a long time fan of Cookie's collection and there are incredible pieces available. Some estimates are as low as $10.00 so if you are interested take a look .I believe the auction is on July 23d.
Thank you all once again for your great feedback, your great kindness, and the incredible inspiration you share with your blogs. I appreciate it all much more then you can know.
I wish you all the best and send you all a great big hug,