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Wednesday 23 May 2012

Attic: Morning Room and Sewing Room

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. First of all, thank you all so much for your kind comments on my last post. It really means a lot to me. Real life renovations have been keeping us very busy, but I did manage to make a little time for Dewell Manor. Yesterday I finished the 2 first rooms in the attic floor, the Morning Room and the sewing Room:
Morning Room

Morning Room

Morning Room
 The Morning Room is over the dressing Room, so the windows next to the fireplace look over the sea, and the other window on the opening wall panel will overlook the Rose Garden. Through the back door is a hall and the Nursery door, so the lady of the house could sit here and play with her children early in the day. Through the door facing the fireplace is the sewing room, so she'll be close by for morning fittings.
Sewing Room

Sewing Room
Working in the attic was an interesting challenge. Contrary to the 2 main floors, the structure went up before I had envisionned the rooms. Originaly the attic was going to be storage space and the morning room was going to house the electrical elements. So after I realized I would be wasting a lot of space, I decided to rework the attic floor and started making holes in the wall.

The Morning Room is in front of a window in my real life living room, so I wanted to add some windows to take advantage of natural light. I was going to make 2 small dormers, but in the end I decided to open up the side of the roof and add a section so that the fireplace in this room will line up with the chimney for the Dressing Room and the Kitchen underneath.

First I cut out the opening

next I added the back wall with the window openings and the chimney. This bump out will be finished in brick with battlements which will add to the castle-like look of the building

I used mdf for the back window wall, and illustration board with lumber strips for the sides of the bumpout. I figured cutting the mdf and getting the angles perfect was not worth the effort. Everything, inside and out, got coated in primer.
When the bump out was built, I painted the walls and  I made a false ceiling for the room. This hid the larger lumber I used for the roof structure.
I cut illustration board to the right size, then glued leftover pieces of Mdf tot he back so the ceiling would be solid, and most importantly it would minimize warping. I also used small pieces as supports

When it was dry, I used screws and glue to attach the support pieces to the roof structure. Now the ceiling was solid.
The next step was fix the bottom half of the walls. I don't like angled walls that go to the floor, so I cut illustration board to just about 4 inches high, then, using leftover mdf pieces for support and strength, I glued them all around the room. This was I have walls to push furniture against. When that was primed, I wallpapered.

The next step was to get my components ready. I made the windows and doorframes, faux marbled a Braxton Payne fireplace and faux finished all the lumber and baseboards I would need.
The first step was to finish the ceiling. I put the structure upside down and started gluing the lumber in place.

Ceiling beams and spacer
The first pieces I glued down, always using gel super glue and the Ultimate Glue, were to cover the gaps where the illustration board walls met the angled mdf roof panels. Next I added the cross beams. I decided how many beams would look nice and cut a spacer to help them all line up. When the ceilings in both the Morning Room and Sewing Room were done, I flipped it over and started work on the floors.

I was concidering making simple wood floors, but when I went to test fit the illustration board subfloor I realised , because the walls were angled and I had the nook to contend with, It was impossible to position it in one piece. I cut a 1 1/2 inch strip of the subfloor and added a border detail where the  section would meet. 

The final step was adding baseboards and lumber to the bottom half of the wall. If you look in the picture with the caption "Ceiling beams and spacer". you can see that the wallpaper was cut in sections instead of gluing around the room in large sheets. This made it easier to work with the angled walls, and all the gaps would be covered by lumber.

On this floor, only the Nursery and Bathroom will have doors. This way, you'll have a better view of the "hidden" rooms and hallways. And here are the empty rooms

And that is all for now. It's funny, but the whole time I was working on the attic rooms I was afraid they would be tight. I only realised how big they were when I put in the furniture...clearly, I'll need more pieces to fill the rooms.

 This might be my last post for a while. Jo and I are going on Holiday June 5th and will be back the week of the 20th. I'll make sure to catch up to all your blogs when I get back and keep working on Dewell Manor.

I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm incredibly touched and thank you for your support. I apologize if I don't respond to your comments, but I have to chose between responding to comments or visiting your blogs to keep up to date.
Also, a big thank you to those who chose my blog for an "Inspirational Blog" award. When I get back from holiday I will pass the award on and share 5 habits of mine. Be afraid, be very afraid.

A big hug to all of you, and keep up all your great work, you are all a source of great inspiration.

aka Honey Badger

Thursday 3 May 2012

Manor update and what I did not get for my birthday!

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I'm sorry it's been such a while since my last post, but I've been rather busy with real life renovations and it took me a while to figure out how to put together the attic rooms, but I'm hoping to have a progress report by next weekend...even new finished rooms.
In the meantime, since the 2 main floors of the manor are 95 % done, Here is a tour of the house, from left to right, the way I see it. My camera is not working right now, so you've seen some of these pictures before...I promise only new pictures next post:
First Floor
The House

Kitchen, Scullery, Butler's Pantry

Dining Room

Great Room, Game Room

Great room, Drawing Room

Entrance and Grand staircase

Music Room

Second Floor

Dressing Room

Master Bedroom

Girl's Bedroom

Boy's Bedroom


Bedroom Hall and Attic Staircase

When I look at these pictures, the first thing that comes to mind is I have A LOT of accessories to buy to fill the Manor.

The timing for this post is actually perfect. Yesterday, May 2nd was my birthday. Unlike many I LOVE my birthday and make it a point to make it all about me! This year, I wanted to celebrate 34 years of existance and mischievousness (my idols are Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs and Daffy Duck)  by taking a weekend day to myself, watching episodes of "The Golden Girls" and "Keeping Up Appearances", while eating cheesecake and admiring my presents which I hoped were chandeliers. The reality was working on the real life  renovations and the chandeliers, which were ordered January 2nd, were not ready and we have no idea when they will arrive...after the dissapointment, I did manage to have cheesecake...lots of cheesecake, and even though I had a great time with my family, I swore next year my 35th b-day will have to make up for this one!

I make a big deal about my birthday because it's the one day of the year I like to reflect and think about what I've done, my accomplishements, what I want, making sure I'm still as childlike as ever... and obviously one of the biggest accomplishements was the Manor. I have to thank you all, very sincerely, for everything you have given me the past year. I always find fault with my work, am always afraid of failure andam always my cruelest critic. Your comments, support, suggestions and kindness have kept me focused, make me always want to outdo my previous work, and thanks to all of you I am starting to feel that no matter what life shortcomings I have, I know I'am good at one thing.

Sorry if my rambling made anyone sick to their stomach. So back to the Manor. my deadline of having all the interior rooms done is obviously not gonna happen, so in true Honey Badger form, New deadline: Finishing the interior and exterior for Christmas 2012...and if it doesn't happen, I am not a competitive person at all, so it will just be pushed back. HA!

Thank you all so much for everything, when I say I appreciate all of you very much, you can trust it is sincere and very heartfelt. Keep up all your great work, I might not always have time to comment, but I see all!

Big unbirthday hugs to all,
Honey Badger of Miniatures