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Sunday 10 March 2013

Dewell Manor Plans, and my Holiday in the Canary Islands

Hello my dear friends,
I hope you are all doing well. We have been back from holiday for 2 weeks now, but I am afraid work and computer problems (I keep getting was is referred to as the blue screen of death) have  kept me from commenting on your blogs. I have been following your new posts and will start commenting this week. It is amazing to see what you have been up to! I just thought I would write a post about our holiday in the Canary Islands. First of all, since this is a blog about miniatures, I had time to draw and plan a few things for the Manor.

Front of the Manor...again
I have been working on the exterior as that step in construction is fast approaching. Originally the Manor had one angled bay on the far right section of the house (master bedrrom and Dining Room). I decided to add a rectangular bay to the left section also (Music Room and Library).

chimneys and new bay
The reason I did is because those 2 sections will be 21 inches wide and about 40 inches tall. It is a lot of weight on the hinges so by making big windowed bays it will take off some pressure, and I also love rectangular bays on Tudor buildings. I might add one on the side of the house as well. I also thought about chimneys and flues. When I was a kid I used to laugh at houses with dozens of chimneys because they looked odd to me...I am not laughing anymore.

Another thing I worked on was the music room. the floors are well under way and I mentioned that I wanted to add panelling on the bottom half of the walls. the panelling will be white with gold frames, and in the centre I will paint gold peacocks. I tested with the paint and thing it will be great, but on the trip I worked on how to make the peacocks.

Music Room Peacocks
It will be a lot of "dot" painting, but you will see the results int he next post. I also started to think about drapery since it will be a big part of the room.

Library and Music Room Curtains
 Sorry, my computer decided the picture should be on its side. I also worked on the Loggia, but more ont hat later.

Our holiday started in Barcelona. All I can say is Barcelona is my first pic if I can ever afford an apartment in Europe. Before I left Eva contacted me. She, along with Isabel, met up with me at Drap, a miniature store that was close to out hotel.

Isabel, myself and Eva

 Meeting them in person was one of highlights of my trip. they are both such wonderful ladies and even though we were only together for a short while we had a great time. I also spent some time with Paco and Alex, owners of Drap, and they were so friendly and helpful.

Myself, Paco and Alex
 I actually got confirmation on an idea I had for the opening panels of the house, but you'll see that in a  later post. Eva and Isabel brought me some lovely presents.

presents from my friends
 Thank you my dear friends, I will treasure these always.
 I also purchased some great minis from Drap and a few from another shop called Ananda

 Drap had some wonderful unique miniatures and I had a great time there. Ananda was also beautiful and had great dolls. Since I am still buying chandeliers my spending budget was limited...sadness...

And now for the trip itself. We took about 1500 pictures, so I decided on one or 2 for each stop


Lava fields, Tenerife


Los Hervidos

 Each stop was wonderful, but for me, the best part of the trip was visiting the Alhambra palace. From the exterior, it was a simple smooth building

But on the inside, every square inch was carved and detailed to perfection

 It was one of the most beautiful buildings i have ever seen and it took my breath away...and gave me an idea for the loggia. You all know I love a challenge...

Loggia (just a very fast sketch to get an idea)

 I have an idea how to make it,I think it will work, but I will save all the explanations for the Loggia post, which I hope will be soon.

So that was my holiday! Even far from home I am always thinking and concentrating on Dewell Manor

Thinking, thinking...
I was all ready to start work, but this past week was spent designing and making a cake for our goddaughters first birthday. I thought a story book come to life was appropriate for the occasion...

Livia's 1st birthday cake.

 I baked and sculpted all day yesterday...I never want to see fondant, butter cream or Rice Krispies squares again!!! I would of liked to put in a bit more detail in this post. but the entire time I wrote I was afraid my computer would "blue screen crash". I look forward to start commenting on your blogs again and apologise to have stayed away so long. I hope you all have a wonderful week,and I will be back in a few weeks with the new and improved music room. It's good to be back.
Big hug to all,