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Saturday 24 January 2015

Winter Parlor and big renovation news

Hello my friends,
I hope you are all doing well. Thank you very much for your comments on my last post and a big welcome to new followers. I finally was able to start commenting on your blogs again. I was sick over the holidays and then I was running to get the winter parlor done in time to send pictures to a British magazine that is doing a feature on the manor. We are also in the middle of real life renovations, the bathroom this time, so it might be a bit longer until my next post but I will be commenting on yours.. However, today I present to you the latest upgrade...
The Winter Parlor

This is the room in the attic you can only see through the Chinese tea room. Here is what the room looked like before:

I hated this room. I did not like the fireplace, I did not like the layout and I got tired of the wallpaper. It did not make sense to me that you had to go through this simple, rustic room to get to the Chinese tea room where the earl and countess brought important  guests. I did what anyone would do...ripped out the entire back wall, ceiling and floor and started over.

When demolition was done I made a mock-up of the new back wall and had a test run with the furniture for that room.

You can only see this room through the doorway to the tea room so it was important that it stand out. The first step was re-framing the room. I used double thick illustration board and basewood lumber to do this.

I took off the entire back roof panel and built out the room. This made it much bigger which made more sense as a parlor used for entertaining.

With the old parlor, when you looked through the doorway you could see the structure of the roof. I decided to take make a vaulted ceiling over the passage just long enough to hide all the beams. I did this by taking single ply illustration board and scoring it to help it curve

I then glued it into place

I used leftover wallpaper pieces and basewood strips to decorate the arch. Here is what it looks like right side up

Since you will never see the room from the back, I decided to leave the opening over the arch the way it is. As long as there is no mirror in the room, it won't show.

I kept the floor simple so it only took me one day to make.

Now I got started on the back wall which is the most important part of the room. I built it out of double thick illustration board with basewood to reinforce it. I purchased a great fireplace from Braxton Payne and some half columns I liked from Jim Coates.

I was a bit fed up of gold details in rooms and wanted something to stand out behind the red, black and gold Chinese tea room, so I decided to go with a winter theme. I used a pale wallpaper from Les Chinoiserie, painted all the trim white, and used Delta Ceramcoat's Platinum color paint for detail. The fireplace and niche were painted to look like blue marble I loved from The breakers.

Here you can see the detail of the columns and I used leftover pall panel pieces to make the window frame.

The walls are thick because I wanted the curtains in this room to behind the arched opening. The final touch was finding the right centerpiece for the niche. I saw a statue from sue Cook and I knew she was the perfect focal point.

The next step was the ceiling. I used the same ceiling piece as in the Chinese tea room, but instead of white and gold I painted the background with Americana's Winter blue color and all the detail was painted with the platinum paint and a few white square details.

And here is the "finished room:

For those of you who are wondering why there are no curtains and no baseboards on the back well...well you'll find out in a minute...
Kitchen ovens and second exit

Before we tackle that can of worms, I also took a minute to update the kitchen back wall. I had 2 problems with the kitchen. Firstly, when the Dewell's had guests, the staff would have to go through the Dining Room to get out of the kitchen. Secondly, years ago someone commented that I had a lot of sinks in the kitchen but not much cooking areas. I took care of both problems.

The door is a false door I made from illustration board and wood strips. I just glued it on to the tiled wall. The other side of the door is a secret panel in the Tudor hall

I just added a door knob and cut the baseboard to create the illusion of a door...Nobody can see it, but it's there.

The wall oven unit was made with more illustration board.

I cut out an opening in the wall so the ovens would fit properly. The front of the unit is made from leftovers

The doors are singly ply illustration board, the hinges are made from jewelry bits and the tip of decorative cocktail tooth-picks. I painted the whole thing with matt charcoal spray paint. I purchase 2 glowing ember sets from Braxton Payne. Here is the unit installed

The camera flash ruins the effect of the fire so I took a dark non-flash picture. It is one of my favorite features of the manor.

Well, that it is for my progress, now the big renovation news:

New South Wing

I have decided to remove the south wing and make a brand new one. I was unhappy with some of the rooms and was trying to figure out how to improve them. The wing measures 21 inches wide and 37 inches deep, and the new wing will measure 32 inches wide and 38 inches deep. This means the manor will measure almost 9 feet or 274 cm. wide. Here are the reasons for this dramatic change. Firstly I was unhappy with the ballroom.

I like it but my sculpted atlantides on the columns always bothered me. I just don't have the skill to get the detail I want. The marble columns were too pale against the wallpaper and the room was big for a dollhouse room, but small for a ballroom. Also, I love the panels I made, but they felt like and afterthought...the room just wasn't working for me. After I spoke with Jo about what I did not like, the most wonderful husband in the world said something that shocked me, that I had thought of but did not dare suggest, he said "if the room is too small just make it bigger" . He said it, I'm doing it. The ballroom will go from 20 inches by 37 to 31 inches by 38 which will be much more realistic.

The library was a great room and very Victorian...the most Victorian in the house. When I first started the manor I wanted a floor to ceiling walnut paneled library that was calm and welcoming. I fell in love with this wallpaper and redesigned the room around it. To this day my only big regret is that I do not have my walnut paneled library...but now I will. I am thinking about a library a bit wider then this one with a covered loggia overlooking the south. If I can get the façade of the house to look good with the loggia that will be the direction I take, if not I will have a library the same size as the ballroom.

Because the structure will be almost a foot bigger the attic section won't fit anymore. At first I hated the idea of redoing the Chinese tea room, but then I realized it was a good one. I will keep the exact same design for both rooms, but they will be 10 inches wider. The tea room was lovely but with the table and chairs there is no way the staff could properly serve tea, and the women next to the fireplace may catch fire. the room will be wider and have a sideboard for serving and a bigger table, and the arched doorway will be much bigger so you will get a better view of the Winter parlor ...yes, I have to redo that room too :(

One last room to be gutted, not renovated the countess's bedroom

I tried so hard to make this work. The room was originally a dressing room/ sitting room.
It was a great idea to make it a bedroom, but I HATE having the bed to the side. I will rework the room so the bed will be where the fireplace is. Much better.

Another reason I am happy to redo the library and bedroom is that through years of research my tastes have evolved. I liked Victorian most at the time, but now I prefer a more classical Georgian room. I know you and many people around me think I'm nuts, but I will not stop until it is exactly what I want it to be. The only part I dread is redoing the floors in these rooms!!!

And that it all for this post my friends. Next post I will show you what I got for Christmas and the plans for the new rooms.

I wish you all the best and once again, if anyone is following me and I am not following you, please let me know.

A big hug to all,



  1. Dear Giac, You are the most Intrepid Renovator I have ever "known"!!! The plans you are making for Huge new changes are all very logical and will undoubtedly make the Manor an Incredible place, far surpassing its already Incredible status!!! The beginnings for the Winter parlor look wonderful and "serene" behind the Chinese Tea Room! The new ovens in the kitchen with the lit fires are just Wonderful! Doesn't the glow of a fire in the hearth make an amazing difference? I can see why you would want to expand the width of the whole South wing.... but Such Courage that takes!!! I really look forward to every single one of your updates... they are always Beautiful and Fascinating! Keep on amazing us! Please!!!


  3. Ehhh this is your dollhouse so you can re- do it as many times as you want and in the way you want. :) But seriously I understand it well. My first (and so far the only) dollshouse was done a few years ago and now I am thinking how to re-make it to something - in my recent opinion - better. ;)
    I can't wait to see all the changes and I love your kitchen and winter parlour looks great. :)
    Big hug

  4. Dear Giac,
    I'm glad you're back. It's a joy to read your blog. I love the floors of the house !! The kitchen and all the other rooms are marvelous.
    Hugs Dorien

  5. Me has dejado sin palabras. Es absolutamente magnífica, llena de lujo y elegancia.

  6. Oh boy! What a plan! You are such a wonderful example for us fledgling mini architects. I always thought things had to be wooden or as authentic as possible. I am so surprised that you use things like illustration board.. It lets me know I can do that too and still keep the integrity of the project. So I will use it more. I love lighting and embers too. They seem to bring the project alive. Do they light up by battery or other power or just have glow paint? I didn't mean to laugh at the poor lady in the tea room but the thought of her catching fire made me giggle. I did also when you said the floor was simple and you did it in one day....yeah right simple. I would still be doing it to get it as well as you have. lol
    When I read nine feet I could not believe it! Yet, I understand and agree with all of your decisions.
    I hope this project ends up in a museum for all to see one day .

  7. I can't wait to see the 'new' rooms. You are so skilled at creating the wonderful details, and I am sure the results will be incredible. As always, I have enjoyed my visit to Dewell Manor and look forward to the next one. Happy 2015.

  8. you said it yourself :) .." nuts" ..:) :) BUT thats the beauty of making dollhouses!!!!! :) Your plans sound wonderful and i am always..:) very much looking forward to your next post! Many greetings !

  9. What a wonderful room, Giac, and a genius idea too. I love the silver detailing.
    Hope the bathroom renovations go smoothly.
    Best wishes to you and Joe
    Si x

  10. I totally believe in Dollshouse renovations. Why keep things the same if you don't like them? I can't wait to see things developing. Love the idea of the bigger rooms. It makes sense! Very brave though, adding another 10 inches to the width!

  11. Hola Giac! Qué gran trabajo, me encanta la gente inconformista como tú, que te encanta superarte en cada obra!! El salón de invierno es maravilloso, y qué decir de la cocina y el nuevo ala sur, impresionante. Un abrazo

  12. Bonsoir Giac,
    Quelle merveilleuse nouvelle pièce. Ton travail est époustouflant. Je suis enthousiasmée par tes projets de rénovation, mais quel dommage de voir disparaitre ces pièces magnifiques!!! Ne pourrais-tu pas construire un 2ème manoir pour tout garder?
    A bientôt.

  13. Oh dear Giac, I can see the perfectionist in you has taken hold again! I wonder if you will ever be satisfied with the work you have done, but I love it all the same. It's always a pleasure to come visit here and see your new room creations. :)
    Big hugs,

  14. Please say "Thank you very much" from me to Jo, will you? I'm thankful because he did the right thing... making you do what you have to do because if you don't like it or have the feeling something is wrong you should better change it. Although this means a lot of extra work - but it's your project and and it should turn out like you want it to be. Nevertheless I admire you for being that fearless and tough... ;O) Your makeover of the Parlor is fantastic (what else!), every single change is well chosen and perfectly made, as usual you managed to make a good thing even better. And the fake door and the oven lights are stunning. I see you are considering every detail such as space for serving, keeping the ladies' gowns away from the fire... you are incredible!!!

    Birgit (who hopes you're feeling well again after being sick - best wishes for the RL renovation)

  15. I Applaud not only all of the changes that you have already made Giac, but also the ones that you are now planning. I LOVE the new winter room that you have constructed. It is Elegant and refined and is a wonderful contrast to the vibrant Chinese Tea room. It takes a determination and a strong will to decide to undo and redo a lot of already invested hard work but the results that you are achieving with not only the structures but also the finished decoration are truly MARVELOUS!!! Changing tastes and improved skills are what makes this hobby so intriguing in the first place, and you seem to be scaling up the "Can Do" ladder, by leaps and bounds!!!! :D But if you are unhappy with the final product then what or who is to say that you have to stick with an old idea "just because?"..... ( I am secretly hoping that your ballroom will be of the type in My Fair Lady, utterly Grand! )
    So more Power to you Giac and as Tim Gunn would say....
    "Make it Work!" :))
    Big Hugs to you my friend and I think that you should take a Bow!


  16. Hi Giac
    I just love your posts....and it looks like we are going to be treated to a whole lot more! You are, most certainly, a glutton for punishment!! I am so looking forward to your renovations - your house is just that, your house, and if you want BIG changes, then you go for it. I just love the colours of the winter room, so refreshing.
    All the best

  17. well, we're all a bit nuts, aren't we... LOL ...No, I don't think you're nuts, I applaud you for following your heart, it takes guts to do that.
    I like the new room and you are so right, over time our taste in things evolve, change.
    Another fun aspect of renewal in the house is that you yourself never get bored with it, there is always something to do :)
    Good luck with the real life renovations as well as the 1:12 ones!

  18. Giac, I am happy to see you back at work. This is an awful thing to say, but I hope that you never stop working on this house. Each time you rework a room you just make it better and better. T like the new fires in the kitchen. They really add to the Victorian feeling. Jo is very smart. He encourages you in the things that you want to do. I can't wait to see what you do next. Keep going!

  19. Stunning shots, a whirlwind of wonderful design and your building skills are superb. I think any change you make to this stunning build is just polishing the prevously shiny diamond ;)

    While I love everyroom, the kitchen just grabs classic and welcoming.

    Like large life, a bit of change is always good to keep the view interesting! Jo had fantastic advise for the ballroom, good man, hes a keeper!! ;P

    I am very happy this gorgous build will be on display in a magazine, a perfect snapshot for you to have in time and well deserved my friend!

    I await news of your article!
    Big Hugs!~J

  20. I love the new winter parlor! The wallpaper is awesome and the back wall it just gorgeous---

  21. Dear Giac, all I can say is thank you. What fun we will have watching the new era emerge. Victorian to Georgian. Jo is very wise . You don't need a different house just a more developed old one.
    The winter room is so elegant and fresh , certainly viewed through the Chinese room it compliments both.

    One question. Will the new additions be able to be detached for moving? Not that I am suggesting that you intend moving but once your RL house is "done" you may want to do it again,
    Your work is getting better and better, you are an inspiration.
    Warm regards Janine

  22. You are a man on a mission and all I can say is

    message to Mission Control: he has fully accomplished the goal with great panache!

    as always you amaze me!

  23. Interesting to see what you come up with I'm sure it will be wonderful Giac.


  24. Giac,
    The Winter Parlour is very elegant! I think the addition of the fires adds warmth to the kitchen! How wonderful that Jo has encouraged you to build the manor just a "little" larger!!! Can't wait to see the progress,

  25. Giac,me encanta lo hábil que eres y lo decidido a cambiar,renovar todo aquello con lo que no has quedado satisfecho,eres un valiente!!!! No te da pereza absolutamente nada.
    Y por eso creas ambientes tan impresionantes,como lo que has hecho con el salón de invierno,ha quedado espectacular,me encanta el tono azul con la pátina plateada que nos transporta a los tonos invernales,pero sin perder la calidez de la habitación,precioso!!!!!
    La colocación de los hornos en la cocina me ha encantado,ójala tuviera yo unos así en mi vida real!!!
    Espero con impaciencia esa reconstrucción del ala sur,seguro que me dejará,una vez más,con la boca abierta!!!!

  26. Hi Giac!

    Sorry to hear you were ill, so glad you are much better, and obviously on a renovation roll! You have done wonders with the winter theme, I thinnk it is exactly the calm contrast that's needed behind the bright tea room, it makes things slightly less claustrophobic. And making the wing bigger - you are a glutton for punishment!

    I think it is totally realisitc that you are doing a renovation - that's exactly what happened between the Victorian and Edwardian periods - suddenly everyone tired of the gloom and wanted things a bit more light and airy! So your transformation is just the type of transformation these houses went through, very authentic! Your lovely husband sounds like a star, it is great to get encouragement from a completely objective source!

    hugs Jonquil

  27. You have remarkable patience, Giac - I could never rip out and renovate room after room in a dollhouse, especially a big one like Dewell Manor! Still, the end results prove it's time well spent. The kitchen looks like it could be a long-lost Thorne room!

  28. I always think how much courage you must have to pull existing rooms apart and start again. I would be nervous doing that but your final designs are so spectacular, they are worth all of the effort. Wonderful to hear that a magazine wants to showcase the Manor. It deserves the recognition. Hope you feel better now =0)

  29. Lo primero me alegro que estés recuperado y muy en forma, ya que estás haciendo una renovación fantástica de la mansión,
    Felicidades por esa publicación que está en marcha, mereces portada y muchas páginas de revista para ti solo, yo diría que podrías editar un libro con mucho exito.
    Me fascinan tus trabajos, en tus explicaciones parece que todo es sencillo, pero se que tiene mucho trabajo y de mucho nivel..
    un abrazo

  30. Bonjour Giac,
    j'adore le mélange des couleurs, bleu, blanc et platine dans le salon d'hiver. Le plafond est une merveille et bravo pour l'idée de l'entrée arrondie.
    J'adore quand vous dites que vous allez refaire toute une aile du manoir car cela nous promet de merveilleuses surprises mais c'est dommage de voir disparaître toutes ces belles pièces. Pourquoi ne pas construire une nouvelle maison?
    Au plaisir,

  31. Hi Giac
    Your Winter room is your best work yet in my opinion, I just love the Silver and Blue details.. Love the kitchen too the wall oven is fabulous.
    Can't wait to see the rest of your updated rooms I'm sure they will be gorgeous!

  32. Ciao caro Giac aspetto sempre con piacere un tuo post...che bella la tua cucina stai costruendo una casa meravigliosa ...da favola.
    Un grosso bacio...

  33. Isn't interestng how our tastes change with time, I fully understand why you want to make your rooms bigger, that is one of the reasons I abandoned finishing my kit build Victorian house and started the Cape Dutch house, space and high ceilings make such a difference to our rooms and like you I like the house to function logical with space for the humans that are going to live in it to move around. I am looking forward to seeing your new wing.

  34. Hi Giac! I am stunned: The changes in Winter Parlour made it very beautiful and elegant! The Kitchen is also gorgeous!
    Sorry to hear you have been sick!

  35. Wow Giac, Me Thinks Ye are Daft! :0) Not really, I totally get what you are doing, I am already wanting to "redo" stuff and I haven't finished anything yet!

    I completely love your Winter room and the perfect contrast between that and the tea room. The Winter Room reminds me of "Dr. Zhivago", that big old icy mansion they escape to. It has a flair and elegance to it, yet it retains somehow that beautiful simplicity in spite of all its grandeur. To say I love it is a bit of an understatement.

    I look forward to seeing more of what you will do! It is such a pleasure to me to follow your progress.


  36. Quel merveilleux architecte d'intérieur vous faites!!!!! Tous ces changements sont à chaque fois remarquable,j'admire votre travail!!
    A bientôt!!

  37. Hello Giac,

    Absolutely Fabulous (as always)!!! I am looking forward to seeing all your renovations :-)

    Hugs & Cheers,

  38. Hi Giac, sorry to read you were sick, I hope you're well again! Congratulations with the magazine article, how exciting, and well deserved!!! Again you did fabulous work, love all of it! Good luck with the real life renovations :-). Big hugs xxx

  39. It's like a real's never really finished. The changes you have made already are fabulous. I love the arched cove you put in behind the tea room and the blue ceiling with the platinum moudlings are awesome. I'm sure the changes you are making will add to the functionality of the rooms. You never cease to amaze!

  40. WOW! A masterpiece! Everything is perfect.

  41. Once again you've achieved something stunning. I also love reading all your explanations and thoughts.

  42. Hi Giac! I'm sorry to hear you were ill, so I'm glad you are feeling much better and you have so much good intentions for 2015 :D! I think you are right: someone taste is evolving through the years and it's good to change, if you didn't like to see certain things in your dollshouse. Moreover, we now can read about your new inventions and all the handy tips, which you generously share with us of your work in these rooms, thank you ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  43. Hola Ciac, Pues a mi me encanta todo lo que haces, cuando dices que vas a reformar yo está increible!! Aunque luego, veo lo que has hecho de nuevo y me vuelvo a maravillar, lo importante es que tu te sientas a gusto con esa preciosa mansión que estás haciendo. Yo sigo encantada viendo tus trabajos!!
    Muchas gracias por tu felicitación.
    Espero que ya te hayas repuesto totalmente.
    Un abrazo

  44. Wow I love what you have done in the winter room I love the colours. I am delighted that you are doing more to your house because now we know you will be around and making wonderful post for much longer :D Your house is always a feast for the eyes.
    Hugs Maria

  45. My goodness! It's going to be a whole new house before you're done with it. :-D I know what you mean about tastes changing. I could practically re-do ALL of my houses at this point! LOL I look forward to seeing more of these renovations, and I can hardly wait to see your Christmas gifts! xo Jennifer

  46. Wow! this is work of art! your interiors are stunning Giac! I love pattern of ceiling and all details. Thank you for sharing.
    Warm hugs

  47. an architectural work really, Giac! awesome! I really like ceilings, are fantastic. good job!
    A big hugs

  48. Este año como cada año, nuestro tren parara en alguna estación, depende de cada uno de nosotros dejar ir a la tristezas, miedos, frustraciones, malos momentos, desamor. Agradece a cada uno de ellos.. su compañía y sus enseñanzas, aunque hayan sido dolorosas, déjalos ir, déjalos bajar de este tren. Deseo que en esta parada, a tu tren suban miles de bendiciones, sueños alcanzables, amor, abundancia, fuerza y determinación para seguir tu viaje.
    Hoy en mi vagón quedaran puestos desocupados y espero te sientes a mi lado para compartir junt@s este nuevo viaje. FELIZ NUEVO COMIENZO EN ESTE AÑO 2015!!!

  49. Hi Giac!
    Stunning is the only word for this! I love the colour of the winter room.

    Take care and big hug

  50. ¡Casi vas a hacer una nueva casa! Es una gran renovación.Me encanta lo ilusionado que estás con el proyecto.

  51. Madre miaaaa pero que cambioooopero si la vas a desmontar y la hasmontado otra vez, que cantidad de trabajo es impresionante, besosss

  52. Aunque parece imposible mejorar las habitaciones que has decorado, cuando decides cambiarlas, nos asombras demostrando que si podian estar mejor.
    Es un trabajo increible el que haces.
    Un abrazo

  53. His work is truly spectacular. Giac Congratulations! a hug, Marisa

  54. Caro Giac, tu sei pazzo ma una pazzia che adoro !! non vedo l'ora di vedere le tue variazioni
    Un abbraccio, Rosanna


  55. Buenos días Giac!! Es impresionante el trabajo que estás haciendo, y es una suerte que lo compartas para poder admirarlo. No tengo palabras… es una preciosidad. El salón de invierno y la cocina han quedado maravillosos. Me alegro que ya estés recuperado!! Un saludo!!

  56. Oh Giac, I love your bold approach: don't like it? Just rip it out and start again. And your take on a 'simple' floor, taking you only a day. Haha, that would take most people (including myself) a week ;-)
    But as always, the result is wonderful! I love the new colour scheme and the ceiling is gorgeous. I like that by using the same ceiling their is some link between the two rooms.
    And then I read on and find you are to start over again on some rooms!!! You are a brave man! But it is true, if something bothers you it is best to fix it and be serious about it otherwise it will always bother you. And yes, tastes (and skills!) evolve. Your new wing will be better and even more beautiful.

  57. When I see your work, I think, "impossible to improve it" and suddenly you get it. It's amazing the way you work, your vision to improve, details so well cared ... an excellent work, I enjoyed very much watching his reforms. A big hug.

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  59. Hi Giac! I just came across your blog last night and have literally just spent the past 6hrs doing a marathon reading of all your posts.

    All your rooms have been gorgeous from the start, but truly you manage to outdo yourself each time you "renovate"--in both artistic vision and skill. I can't wait to see your new wing. So many exciting possibilities!

    There were a couple things in particular that stood out to me, some regarding the rooms you are about to redo, I don't know whether or not you'd like to consider:

    1) The Tea Room/Chinese Room: while I thought the paintings and details in that room were terrific, the color red is rather aggressive for a place to entertain guests. It works in outdoor pavilions and such, but for an interior space, it may be a little too imposing. Chinese parlors most likely would have been more light in color (yellow/light blue/orange). Also, Chinoiserie was more about whimsy (figures playing/animals/peacocks/monkeys), rather than a true portrayal of the East. The landscape paintings you depict on the walls would have been too classical/traditional/static for the style.

    2) Have you ever watched Downton Abbey? The double library/study arrangement at Highclere Castle might interest you if you are looking for grand ideas for your library.

    3) The Entry Way: seems a little too dark towards the back. It's difficult to see the beautiful woodwork you have there. Have you considered adding sconces around the first landing? Or what do you think of including those elaborate carpet/runners that are laid over the stairs in a lot of great houses?

    4) The Loggia: if you are referring to an archway or porch-type situation, you should look at Richardsonian Romanesque buildings, the style might mesh well with the type of facade you are imagining. Or if you are thinking more enclosed conservatory, Paxton's Crystal Palace was a huge deal in the Victorian era and if you google Victorian or Gothic conservatories, there are many examples of heavy masonry homes juxtaposed nicely with delicate white steel and glass parlors.

    Whatever you do, I think your work is amazing and the fact that you are not afraid to change and evolve and improve is incredibly inspiring. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!!

  60. Bad that you became sick on your
    vacation, understand that you have been
    busy. Your work with the dollhouse is

  61. es un gran trabajo, Giac

  62. Oh Giac - Its an absolute Wonder to visit your work! I am so glad you put up WIP photos, it really helps to show what incredibly intricate detail you do! This is such an amazing realm and you are such an Incredible Artist! Oooh can't Wait to see what you got for Christmas! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  63. Absolutely stunning kitchen, Giac! And I looove your husband's idea... he's a keeper, for sure! Looking forward to seeing the completed rooms, especially the library!

  64. I totally missed this post! Glad I found it. I really like what you have done with the ceiling in the winter room - the colors are pretty great too. I will be looking forward to all of your renovations! ( real and mini) There is an old mansion here in Tulsa called the Harwelden Mansion. It reminds me a lot of your house, it even has a paneled dining room with a secret door to kitchen like yours. When ever we attend a function there, my son loves the secret passage. Keep up the good work.

  65. Giac Hello, first of all I hope you feel better health.
    His house seems wonderful all of it, every time I see him I admire most, it's great. Hugs, Carmen

  66. Hi Giac. Hope you are feeling loads better. Have thoroughly enjoyed reading this last goodness, you have been busy. As always, your work is breathtaking. Which UK magazine will you be appearing let us know, and I will look out for it. Celia

  67. What a great blog good that you renovate the room you didn't like now yeh what a beautiful room....
    groetjes van Marijke

  68. Oh my goodness, you have been busy!!! But Giac, these renos are truly stunning. My jaw was on the floor seeing your pictures. The manor was already beautiful but your skills and vision for this just get better and better. I agree that you have to LOVE it, especially considering the amount of work you put into this.

    Glad you're feeling better!

  69. I forgot to add - I adore Georgian styles so now I'm doubly curious to see how this all comes together.

  70. ¡¡¡ Qué maravilla !!!...un trabajo extraordinario, como son siempre los tuyos. Hacía mucho tiempo que no entraba en los blogs y me quedo sorprendida de los bonitos trabajos que estáis haciendo.. Enhorabuena

  71. You have the most amazing patience, getting every detail so real, so perfect. I do so love it all, yet the kitchen stole my heart completely. Pam xx

  72. Ciao Giac, spero che tu sia in forma, per quanto riguarda la costruzione che stai facendo, ogni volta rimango sorpresa e stupita delle magie che riesci a compiere sei spaventosamente bravo. Ti auguro ogni bene. Un abbraccio

  73. Ciao Giac ..!!!
    Your work is fantastic ..!!! I love your bedroom ..!!! These miniatures are incredible ..!!! Bravo ..!!! :)
    I don't have the old blog but a new blog:


  74. Ciao Giac. Sei UNICO!!!! Nessun artista ti eguaglia. GRANDISSIMO!!!! Un onore conoscere ed ammirare le tue opere!!! Buona settimana. NI

  75. un trabajo increiblemente perfecto me quedo con la boca abierta
    espero que se encuentre mejor en estos momentos
    gracias por sus comentarios en mi blog
    un abrazo

  76. Hello Giac,

    Your renovations to the house are amazing and love the kitchen and parlor and all the attention to detail that you have done.
    Sorry to hear you were unwell over the holidays and hope the bathroom renovations go well.
    Happy weekend

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  78. OMG, the kitchen is amazing! I love the oven/fake door. I am blown away. I am a complete newbie to dollhousing and this is awesome. I was going to spend the day hanging wallpaper in my dollhouse, but instead I'm going to make a pot of tea and start reading your entire blog. Thank you! I wish I could see that kitchen in person.

  79. Love the curved ceiling in your first photos. Very creative, architecturally. The kitchen, while large and spacious, is quite cozy with the patterns and color scheme. The styling of the food and accessories is one of the most fun parts for me!

  80. Oh dear - I thought I'd commented and am ashamed to find I hadn't - oops! I love your changes, especially those in the Winter Parlour. That's not to say I wasn't keen on it before but what you've shown really says "winter parlour" now with the change of scheme. I keep looking at card now and hoping to see it's possibilities with "Giac eyes" - you really are a craftsman with card!

  81. Ciao ..!!
    You are invited on my give away ..!!
    Mini hugs,

  82. Hi Giac!
    It is wonderful as always! Love to see more!
    Big hug

  83. I love what you have done Giac! It looks amazing and can't wait for the new wing!

    - Sam

  84. Dear Giac,
    I love what you have done with your winter parlor, but I must say my favorite room is the kitchen. The over sized wall truly gives a real sense for the setting. The lighting that you play with bring up a cozy feeling. I love it. Would love to seat and have a meal or coffee there!!(wink)

  85. Wow Giac!!! You Surely have a lot of courage to strip out your rooms and improve them at the best you can. Even when something is already perfect, you are able to add even more and reach a stage that only some talented miniaturist can reach. Your work it's always stunning and I'm so glad a magazine wants to showcase your manor. Hugs!!!

  86. Giac, es ist alles so toll und schön geworden, ich bin total begeistert, das sieht aus wie im "echten Leben"!!! Alles so genau im Detail, wunderbar!!!! Ich kann so viel von Ihnen lernen, danke :-)

    Big Hug


  87. Ogni volta che osservo la tua casa rimango sempre affascinata, ogni dettaglio o cambiamento la rende ancora più bella e sempre più realistica. Il tetto a volta lo trovo stupendo e perfetto per la sala.
    Un abbraccio

  88. I spent last Saturday night tucked up in bed with my ipad and your beautiful, beautiful blog. I am soon to do the parquet wood floors in my doll and was wondering if you had any pointers??

  89. Hello Giac, it's so nice to see you! I'm glad you are feeling better and back to work again. If you should ever come to Sicily let me can be my interior decorator:) Have a lovely weekend dear!

  90. Giac I don't know what to say, I liked the way the room looked before and now I love the way it looks. everytime I think you have outdone outdo yourself again :) you are the Madonna of dollhouses


  91. Giac a lot of work! The new room was amazing! Elegant! I love the colors!
    The kitchen equipment is beautiful! (I see as the cook and the kitchen is bustling girls)
    A great artist!

  92. WOW! I had no idea how big your renovation project was!! so much work! I hope you can salvage some of the things you worked so hard on for other projects, such as those beautiful floors, the drapes etc. It's a brave thing to redesign something after working so hard on it, but it does sound like the extra effort will be rewarding! And looking at your drawing plans it will look amazing too!

  93. wow, I am really impressed :) I would really like to know how to do such wonderful interiors :)

  94. Hi Giac,
    hopefully you are doing well there.. I love those furnitures!!! cabinet closet and divine sofa..and you have done excellent work with the walls and floors and everything..such a virtuoso!

  95. OMG Giac, that's huge! But I guess Jo spoke out what you didn't even dare to think of, but him doing so made it less crazy I guess, and I can understand that. It's still major to do and however I think it's ashame of all your hard work, but it will be a greater shame if you DON'T do it and you're completely right: it should be the way you want and we do evolve over time and it makes sense things like this happen. So: good for you and I think you're very brave for doing it!!

    What you wrote did make me think of someone having bought a house a few years ago and after having lived in it for a while finally tackling the things he/she never liked. Only you're talking about a house you build from the ground up, but it's the same (understandable) sentiment. And that makes this great project even more realistic. Good luck with all the new, it will be refreshing I think and gives you the chance to do some more of your magic. Although I can so understand you dread having to do all of those floors again.... no way of saving/re-using some of the old somehow? Guess not hey, with the new measurements.. Well: good luck with everything, I'll follow with great interest!