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Friday 20 June 2014

Twins' Bedroom and Dining Room renovation updates

Hello my dear friends,

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying a lovely month of June. I must be honest, after your incredible feedback on the last post about the Breakfast Room it is a little intimidating to write a post with very little to say, but I promised I would give you an update in 2 or 3 weeks so here it is.

May I present the Twins' Bedroom

Originally this was to young master's bedroom. Here is an older picture to jog your memory...

I loved this room! I loved the bedroom furniture, I loved the wallpaper... It was simple but I thought it really had the old Manor feel. Then I received a wonderful birthday present from my friend Ray: A Sheraton Summer Bed from the incredibly talented June Clinkscales.

The detail in her work is incredible! Her drapery and attention to detail is amazing and I encourage you all to visit her website

The bed was beautiful and it worked really well in the young master's Room, but I did not like the old paper with the new bed. It just did not work for me so the simplest solution was, even though it broke my heart, to change the wallpaper. I looked hard and long and decided on a pattern called Hindoustan from Les Chinoiseries.
I glued all the wallpaper in the Manor with real life good quality wallpaper paste. The paper on the walls was really well attached so I just cut the new one to size and pasted it over the old one. Once the paper was installed I had a tiny little gap at the top of the room just under the crown molding. I took out some pieces of chair rail molding, painted them to match the crown molding and ceiling, and just glued them directly under the crown molding... no more gaps.

I'll be perfectly honest, I don' regret covering up the old paper. I think the room looks better with the Hindoustan. I had decided, because I thought the room would look more feminine, that the young master would be replace by twin daughters. However, now that the new wallpaper is up, I think it still feels very no more twin girls, but twin boys. It's my house and I'll change the family as much as I like ;)
That is all I have ''done'' since my last post. Since then my brother got married, we had to work on the yard for summer, and I spent last weekend making plans for the Dining room renovation project...
Here is what the room looked like last weekend

I already purchased the new chandelier and sconces for the room and I planned on removing the baseboard and making a new parquet floor. However, The room always felt like it was missing something, so I started thinking, and thinking, and thinking... Well, after all that thinking here is what the Dining room looks like today!

I won't go into detail about what felt wrong and what changes I decided on, that will be in my next post, but I will share just 2 pictures of my experimenting:

I know exactly what the room will look like. All I will say for now is grapes, marble and more marble. I hope to unveil the new Great Dining Room in 3 or 4 weeks...I hope!!!
I also wanted to let everyone know about an auction of Cookie Ziemba and Eunice Gold Miniatures. You can view the auction catalogue here . I have been a long time fan of Cookie's collection and there are incredible pieces available. Some estimates are as low as $10.00 so if you are interested take a look .I believe the auction is on July 23d.
Thank you all once again for your great feedback, your great kindness, and the incredible inspiration you share with your blogs. I appreciate it all much more then you can know.
I wish you all the best and send you all a great big hug,


  1. Hey buddy
    I love the new wallpaper, it has more depth to it, though the old one pretty. But this way it really brings out the best in the bed. I can't wait to see what you're planning for the didn't room, I know it will be great.
    Hope you get some spare time to enjoy your efforts in the yard, congrats to your brother.
    Hugs to you and Jo

  2. Bellissimo letto con il baldacchino. Ammiro anche gli affreschi della stanza e tutti i particolari delle stanze. Mi piacerebbe vederla questa casa di presenza. Un grosso bacio a presto....

  3. The new wallpaper is a wonderful compliment to those gorgeous twin beds. I have always loved murals. Those we will assume the room was hand painted and not necessarily papered. :-)
    I look forward to seeing the renovations in the Great Dinning Room.
    Congratulations to your brother.
    Catherine XXX

  4. Hi Giac!
    As much as I liked the twins room before, I think the changes you have made are for the better. The room appears to be much warmer and inviting, the new wallpaper compliments that gorgeous twin bed perfectly.
    Looking forward to the next update. :)

  5. La habitación de los gemelos es fabulosa!!! La cama es impresionante y bonita,el papel elegido le da más luminosidad,calidez y profundidad a la habitación,me encanta como ha quedado!!!!
    Y ese comedor,espero verlo pronto renovado!!!

  6. Hi Giac!

    on the contrary - I've been away so long I had so much to catch up on, you have been busy! I love the wall paper, and my twins (boys, the best, of course ;) ) would LOVE the elephants, s I think you made the best choice!

    Hope your brother's wedding was fun, I really appreciated your email about mine,

    much love,


  7. The bed is fabulous, what a great birthday gift! I have seen June's work in real life a few years ago in Philadelphia and I just kept going back to her table to look, it really is so very good. The bedroom looks wonderful with the new wallpaper. I think the twins will be very happy in there ;-)
    I love your approach to building the manor. Not happy, just take it out. I remember seeing photos of the dining room and not being sure whether it was a real room or a miniature. But, judging by your plans for the new ceiling, I have no doubt that the renovated room will be gorgeous.

  8. That's a wonderful weekend have pictures to see here! :) You've again done ever so lovely work! I love the twin bed..what a perfect and beautiful piece! I agree..twin young men will certainly enjoy the room! :) Also, thanks somuch for visiting and writing at my blog!! :) many greetings from sunny Athens!

  9. Hi Giac,

    What a wonderful birthday gift you've had Ray. I've never seen so `s special bed full of details. The twins will be delighted with this beautiful bedroom. Who would anyway not be pleased with such a nice bedroom ..... Even the wallpaper is very special. I wish you luck with the renovation of the dining room.

    Kind regards Xandra

  10. For me this wallpaper made your bedroom even more masculine so it was fun to read you thought about girls first, Giac. ;) The room looks also warmer now. Pretty work!
    Can;t wait to see all the changes in your Dining room! I know they will be fab already!
    Big hug

  11. Hi Giac
    Your taste is always spot on. The wallpaper suits the colour and style of the bed perfectly, and it really warms up the room. The bed really is exquisite...lucky you. The dining room renovations will be amazing, I'm sure. I bet those scalpels have been worn out! Grapes and marble...sounds perfect.
    All the best

  12. Hello Giac,

    The boys room looks fabulous!! I adore the new wallpaper mural! It is a perfect compliment to the exquisitely beautiful bed which, to me, seems to have a slight Indian Raj overtones in its design :-) I would have wallpapered over the original too, just as they did/do in RL…We once lived in a house where the living room had 15 layers of wallpaper over the original Victorian pattern of purple parrots on vines :-}

    I am looking forward to seeing the dining room make-over. It was a lovely room to begin with, but with a new floor and, I am making a guess here, a new ceiling, it will be splendid :-)

    Have a nice weekend. Brian sends his best to you and Jo.

    Hugs & Cheers,

  13. I'm falling in love with twins bedroom!! The bed is absolutely awesome! And wallpaper, I love it! I'm sure your dining room will be very elegant and wonderful, like all the things you do... A big hug.

  14. That wallpaper says it all in the room. I really liked the wainscoting, but now I like the wallpaper even better than that! A gift? Of a bed like that? What a friend! I have never seen anything like that before. I am going to the auction site and all of the others as soon as I leave your post! I have stopped working on the dining room in my large house, because now I want chinoiserie since I have seen yours. So now I am on a search for that. You have such an influence on me and my growth in miniatures. It is hard for me to settle for less now!
    :-). I can't imagine the dining room looking any better but I am sure you will top yourself as usual. :-)

  15. The bedroom is very elegant and refined. I like the ceiling and the painted walls.

  16. Olá que maravilha conhecer seu Blog tão bonito
    tenho filhos gêmeos mas já estão bem adultos
    gostei de todas decorações e parabenizo por td que
    conheci aqui, um trabalho perfeito....
    Gostei e já estou te seguindo , voltarei mais vezez
    para elogiar

    Bom final de semana

    └──●► *Rita!!

  17. What a magnificent bed- I can see why you would want to redecorate the room around it! I look forward to seeing the "new" dining room.

  18. Thanks for sharing. This brought back memories of my childhood when my father made doll furniture with cigar boxes.

  19. What a generous and fabulous gift of Ray, enjoy!! Those twin beds are made for this room and the new wall paper is an exclusive addition for this room, Giac!
    A makeover of your gorgeous dining room...? I can't wait to see what changes you will have in mind :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  20. Te ha quedado una habitación de ensueño, tu amigo puede estar muy satisfecho del lugar que lo has colocado. Una pieza que se merece estar en esa habitación tan espectacular, besos:-)

  21. So - more changes in the family tree... *teehee* But whatever is needed to put this breathtaking bed into the right surrounding needs to be done... and in my opinion it's the right decision to go for boys with that precious wallpaper. It reminds me a bit of the private rooms of the Imperial family in Castle Schönbrunn/Vienna... And now I'm curious what changes the dining room will get... but knowing you I know for sure you'll manage to make a perfect room even better! ;O)


  22. Hi Giac! The transformation of the Twins room is Amazing! I completely agree that the room still looks masculine... the theme of the wallpaper being Adventurous and Explorer-like, and the wood paneling looks very sturdy and strong! It balances the grand bed..... and back then the Kings and Princes had the Grandest beds of all! (So perhaps they are twin Princes!) I like this room much better than before!
    As for the dining room updates... I think your new Ceiling is going to be Incredible! You are so brave to strip out already "done" rooms and re-do the parts you didn't like! (If it were me I would be starting a new house instead! LOL!) What you have shown so far has the Stamp of Giac Genius on it....And I can't wait to see more!

  23. I love the changes you've made, Giac! The room feels really rich and deep now and I suspect fits better with the other rooms of your house as a result. Can't wait to see what you do with the dining room, but I must admit, I gasped when I saw that your gorgeous wood floor was gone! For sure, whatever you choose will be even better, but oh my! What a shock! ;-) xo Jennifer

  24. Me encanta tu blog! siempre aprendo cosas nuevas...y lo que más me gusta de tí es que eres un inconformista, hasta que las cosas no están exactamente a tu gusto no paras, y eso es creatividad en estado puro. Me encanta el cuarto de los mellizos, ha mejorado mucho. Un gran abrazo.

  25. Your change is so great. Your twin beds are matchless. I love the domes. Great respect of all your completed details. It is certainly a boys room. So nice that you are free to change the family struktrurer.!!!!
    I am so impressed, how you never sell out of your style.

  26. La cama es espectacular y el dormitorio ha quedado perfecto, como siempre son tus trabajos. Gracias por el enlace. Un beso

  27. Hi Giac,

    PRACHTIG de metamorfose van de Twins Bedroom
    Giac, het nieuwe behang is ongelooflijk mooi!!!
    En dat tweepersoonbed,wow, een JUWEEL,
    zo fantastisch hoe de gordijnen gedrapeerd zijn,
    wat zal je daar gekukkig mee zijn.

    Ben heel benieuwd naar de veranderingen van
    de eetkamer, kan al wel zien dat het nieuwe parket
    ongelooflijk mooi gaat worden.

    Heb GROTE bewondering voor je Giac, de wijze waarop
    je alles ontwerpt en zo verfijnd als je alles ten uitvoer brengt.
    Aandacht besteed aan de aller kleinste details, SUPER!!!

    WEns je creatieve weken toe,

    Veel liefs,

  28. Hola Giac. Hace días que no puedo entrar en blogger y me alegro haber tenido hoy un ratito pues has subido unas imagenes bellisimas.
    Felicidades una vez más por un trabajo tan fabuloso.

  29. Hola Giac!!! Las camas son una maravilla, merece la pena rehabilitar el cuarto de los pequeños.Creo que ha quedado espectacular.

  30. It's beautiful! Who knows, maybe you'll end up with a twin boy and girl:)

  31. Oh Giac! The bedroom is just stunning! The mural wallpaper looks so amazing from a time long ago when hand crafting and painting was the pride that is should be.

    What can be said about your bed and the artist beyond exquisite.. so amazing that piece looks perfect in the room and the whole scene is so regal!

    Every change you make just polishes this gem of a build..wonderful, mouth agape..jealous! *haha*

    Big hugs so that maybe your magic can rub off on me too!

  32. Wow, that is some gift Ray gave you, gorgeous!!!
    Love the model of the bed, the colors, the pleats, everything.
    The wallpaper really complements the bed, very nice to look at the whole picture too.

    No doubt the dining room renovation will be an improvement too, even if that is hard to imagine right now.
    And Simon is right, don't forget to enjoy and relax in the yard!

  33. I agree with all of the above assessments. Your work is, as always, spectacular! I love the whole project!

  34. Giac, es un trabajo fabuloso...La cama es espectacular y la habitacion con el papel de Les Chinoiseries ha quedado perfecta...Felicidades. Un abrazo

  35. The new beds are gorgeous, and the new wallpaper a perfect fit. Fantastic.

    I admit it broke my heart a little to see the dining room torn apart, but I'm looking forward to seeing it even more stunning than it was.

  36. Giac, I have missed a quite a few of your posts, which is great, because it cuts the suspense a bit :D The bedroom is fantastic, I love the new wallpaper and the bed, sex changes are a must to fit the decor, they should have as many as you see fit :D. The breakfast room ceiling and all the other details, fantastic, and congrats on the magazine article. It goes without saying, the work you've done is fantastic, I always feel like im repeating myself when I say it really looks like promotional photos for a national trust building :D

    And congrats for winning Peppers Giveaway, which you don't know about yet :D x

  37. Greetings From Turkey! Thank you very much for sharing.Your work is so wonderful. I would like tell you " ellerine sağlık " a proverb in Turkish means " wish health to your hands ". My blog is See you again....

  38. So glad the young boy in the house has found his long lost twin - there's a soap opera in there somewhere. They had better appreciate the work that went into this utterly gorgeous bedroom. The wallpaper is spot on for the bed and the size and style of the room.

  39. Your new wallpaper is stunning it is perfect for this room with that magnificent bed. I cant wait to see what magic you will work on this beautiful dinning room. Have a great week.
    Hugs Maria

  40. Guauuuuu Giac es impresionante. Como me gusta esa cama y el papel de las paredes geniales.
    Un trabajo magnífico, me encanta.

  41. Hi Giac!
    Ray gave you a stunning gift! It so perfectly fits to the beautiful bedroom...the bedroom is just amazing and the wallpaper gives the right athmosphere ! Fine work!

  42. Hi Giac

    The bed looks sumptuous! I still haven't been brave enough to tackle any major sewing project in my own dolls' house! Yours looks amazing, I must get on with it! The panoramic wall paper works beautifully too, and compliments the slight Indian style of the bed.

    I looked at your dining room and thought it looked great, then the next picture gave me a shock! I am interested to see what you are planning, the grape vine experiments on the floor look interesting! and I still can't work out if the wooden structure might be a door surround or a fire place, all very exciting!!

    Andy xx

  43. I can't believe you're remodeling the Manor, already! But wow, what brilliant changes to the decor. The new bed is exquisite and the paper (which I have long admired) is a charming foil. Well done, honey badger! Looking forward to seeing the re-did Dining Room. Have a great summer! XOXO John (PS, please tell Ray my emails to him are not going thru for some reason).

  44. Hi Giac
    I love the "twins Room" the wallpaper is just perfect!
    Can't wait to see the remodelled dining room
    Deb xx

  45. Hello Giac!
    It 's always a pleasure to visit your blog!
    It seems to enter the world of fairies and elves.
    The restructuring is perfect and the room is fabulous!
    The bed is a beautiful gift and very elegant.
    compliments and I wait your progress

  46. Hi Giac!
    Wow, what a change to the bedroom! The new wallpaper is very impressive, and you're right, definitely masculine! The Victorians preferred boys anyway, to carry on the family name!
    I can't wait to see what you have planned for the dining room, I'm sure it's going to be spectacular!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  47. Perfetta !! la tappezzeria è perfetta per dei ragazzi, possono sognare di grandi avventure e viaggi esotici.
    Giac, sei un genio !!!!

  48. Hello Giac,
    You are a perfectionist and your work is awesome. I love the new look with the beautiful bed and the fantastic wallpaper. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Drora

  49. Magnifique!! What a perfect, beautiful choice of wallpaper (and a gorgeous bed). Giac, each time I visit your blog I'm in awe of your incredible eye for design and colour. Any chance you give workshops in the Toronto area?

  50. Bonjour Giac,
    Ce nouveau lit a beaucoup de caractère,le tissus est superbe, et je trouve la nouvelle chambre plus cosy! On s'y sent mieux!!!
    Bon courage pour la suite!

  51. good googly moogly Giac, that room was wonderful and then you turned it into outstanding. I really love that bed it's giving me chills just looking at it I can't believe something that awesome exists in this wow..I can't wait to see the dining room. sorry I could not respond sooner blogger was acting up

    big hugs to you
    Marisa :)

  52. WHAT A BED and what a room transformation! I love it Giac and the wallpaper is simply wonderful!!! The subtly of the green/ blues in the bed drapery, are softly echoed in the colors of the mural and I think that the Twin Boys will be very happy growing up in this exotic room. The bed is just like an Indian Palace. I also like the new furniture arrangement which makes more sense. One thing that you have not mentioned is the lighting for this room, tricky because of the height of the canopy. Wall sconces and table lamps perhaps?
    I can't wait to see what you have planned for the dining room, Giac. You are like a man possessed.... WATCH OUT! :D
    Big Hugs to my friend


  53. C'est toujours un double plaisir de visiter votre blog. Primo le plaisir d'admirer votre travail de qualité et second de découvrir les artisans ou fournisseurs que vous mentionnez généreusement, merci pour ces partages. Le lit est superbe, vous avez été gâté ;-)

  54. OH, my goodness! That bed is superb! I never get over how talented you are, and the patience you put into the work. I could never do anything like this! I will go and look at the collection. Hugs Giac!

  55. What stunning work! The bed is amazing and I love the wallpaper.

  56. Hi Giac!
    Lovely,lovely as always!
    The twin bed is stunning and your dinningroom is perfect!
    Hugs Titti

  57. The new wallpaper and bed are exquisite! :) Congrats on your brother's wedding/marriage! Also, I can't wait to see more of the dining room renovations!

  58. Hi Giac,

    Beautiful work you are doing - love the bed and the wallpaper.
    So wonderful to see the brilliant and exquisite detail that goes into a project like this.

  59. Your work never ceases to amaze me! I adore the twins room and the wallpaper is absolutely perfect!

  60. The bed is fabulous , lucky you.
    The renovation is very nice :)

  61. Hi Giac,
    The bed is a wonderfull gift, the detail on it is just perfect. The bedroom with the new wallpaper on it and the twinbed in it is just stunning! Great choice! Looking forward to see the progress on your diningroom.

  62. Hola amigo Giac

    Cada vez que te visito me sorprendes con tus maravillosos trabajos!!!Bellisimos y muy finos a la ves!!!No le falta detalle a cada uno de ellos y eso es muy dificil pero tu lo consigues!!!

    Felicitaciones amigo


  63. I love it! It is so detailed and exquisite, almost dreamy.

  64. Bellissimo il letto con il baldacchino, veramente straordinario! Bellissimi anche gli affreschi alle pareti, la camera è molto elegante!

  65. Oi amigo Giac =)
    Você é um artista incrível, aposto que os gêmeos se surpreenderam com o papel de parede e a nova cama, um quarto quentinho, elegante e acolhedor.
    Fico sempre admirada com seu talento e elegância estrutural em seus trabalhos. Amo isso tudo, obrigada por compartilhar seus trabalhos em miniatura pois parecem da vida real.
    Grande abraço, Fernanda Maria ;)

  66. Ei Giac, você é um amor de pessoa, adorei ler agora mesmo seu comentário.
    Obrigada amigo, sim o Luka é muito legal.
    Abraço e lembrança a Jô e ao seu dog.
    Carinho Fernanda Maria =)

  67. Wow a spectacular job! Happy holidays. hugs, Marisa

  68. Que trabalho lindo e preciosos detalhes.Tenha um bom dia meu amigo.

  69. Hello Giac, l really really love the new wallpaper. It goes perfectly with that beautiful new bed. It does indeed have something masculine about it. Pam xxx

  70. cuanto tiempo sin pasar por aqui y encuentro uno trabajos magníficos y esa maravillosa cama, felicidades esta haciendo una gran reforma
    un abrazo

  71. Dear Giac, I would love to send you a cannolo but you are too far away, the ricotta would not last that long a trip. I can just imagine you drooling over the pictures:)

  72. Giac, você é um amor de pessoa, delicado, carinhoso, original, ama animais, gosta de viajar e tem um Dom artístico incrível <3
    Muito, muito obrigada por suas mensagens de força para eu voltar a ter saúde novamente.
    Abraço de sua amiga brasileira Fernanda Maria = )

  73. Que maravillosos trabajos Giac, siempre que vengo a visitarte me quedo embobada viendo las fotos.
    La habitación doble es increible, que bonita y el papel es precioso, le va genial al conjunto.
    Te envio un beso y quedo a la espera de ver el fin de la reforma del salón.

  74. Giac, I am very impressed of your experimenting. It looks, that room is perfect, but you change it and it looks even better. This will be a great house one day.

  75. Giac,
    I admire your drive to renovate!! I made so many mistakes in my dollhouse that I would love to redo but the task seems so daunting! Look forward to seeing the dining room redone! Love the twins room!

  76. Giac, you are an inspiration to us all! I admire your willingness to continue to tinker and upgrade each and every room of Dewell Manor. I especially love the twins' room wallpaper and wish I had had the foresight to use a scenic in one of my rooms!


  77. Hey there friend!
    room looks divine: that other postings breakfast room too! its been hectic and i have been lazy during summer to visit internet :D but here we still are :) i hope you had good summer this far and going to have too :)

  78. Hello Giac,

    Love the twins room with the new wallpaper - I am sure any boy or girl would be happy to have such a gorgeous room.
    Will be great to see what you do with the dinning room.
    Many thanks for visiting me and hope you have a lovely week

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  80. Haha, I understand your reluctance, but not to worrie: I always look forward to your always entertaining posts and from what I gather: everyone does! I also thought the former room was just fine, but now I see the transformation I must agree that this is a big improvement! Wow, that bed, that must be a very good friend to give you something so extraordinary! The wallpaper is a very good choice, fits perfect. Again your eye for detail and style make everything work great togehter, job wel done as always!

  81. Hola mi niño he pasado para desearte mucha creatividad en tus próximos trabajos ..Que nos dejes con la boca abierta como con este


  82. Trabajos impresionante,estancias elegantes, felicidades por tanto talento,saludos,Amatista

  83. I have GOT to find a friend who can afford an $1100 miniature bed :-)!