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Saturday 31 May 2014

Breakfast Room

Hello my friends,

I hope you are all doing well and that life is treating you kindly. Yesterday I finally finished the Breakfast Room. It is one of the smaller rooms of the Manor, but the finishes were a lot of work. So without further ado, here it is





You may remember this room was originally going to be a loggia, but I had a really hard time visualising the space. I went from a very Tudor brick and wood beam design, to an Alhambra inspired design, then a mosaic Loggia as per the Breakers. I decided to stop thinking about it as an open space and thought of the breakfast room in the Elms, my favourite mansion in Newport, and I fell in love with the idea and it all came together.

Here is what the structure looked like when I started,

The first step was to design the space. The space measures about 13 x 13 inches and I knew I wanted a fireplace and large arched windows between the columns,
 I cut all the wall sections I needed out of double thick illustration board and used basswood strips to frame them properly.
Building the elements of the room was simple enough, but there were many so I'll go over them one at a time (sorry, it might be a long post) ;)

Fireplace and Overmantel

The focal point of many rooms for me is the fireplace. I love fireplaces! Like most of what I do it started with a simple structure made from illustration board, basswood framing, and basswood molding,

This is the wall section which is removable. The cutouts on the left are for the chinoiserie panels, and the ones on the right are for the firebox and the overmantel.
The fireplace is pretty straight forward. The front is illustration board, the sided and frame are basswood, and the curved top part is made from cardboard shipping tubes. It took a bit of fiddling to cut the 3 pieces to fit, but I love the look of it.

To fill the void between the arched top of the front piece and the curved tube section I used regular spackle. The resin corbels are from Unique miniatures. I found some circle jewelry bits and used them to add a little detail to the front piece. I just sanded them lightly and glues them on. When it was assembled I put on several coats of gesso, sanding between each to make the mantel look like one big carved piece.

Originally, as per my drawings, I wanted a chinoiserie panel over the mantel. Since the chimney was really deep I decided to use the space and make shelves. Again, the back of the unit is illustration board, the sides are cardboard tubes, and the shelves and back frame are basswood.

At this point it was time for a dry run to make sure I was happy with the design.

To cover the gaps between the cardboard tube and illustration board of the shelf unit I used a piece of thin cardboard cut to the height of each shelf section. Actually I used the back of a workbook. the cardboard was thin enough that it could be curved without bending.

To finish the fireplace I made a simple firebox with illustration board and some leftover plastic brick sheet I had. I love yellow and black as a colour combination so I painted the mantel to look like giallo sienna marble and used jewelry bits and leftover materials to make the black insert. I glued it together, painted it with black paint, and sprayed on several coats of clear glaze to make it shiny.

The next step was to faux finish all the structural elements and let them dry. I decided to put marble columns between the window section so the fireplace would not stand out too much...but I must say I am very proud of this mantel.

Chinoiserie Panels

The next element was the chinoiserie panels. you may remember the Chinese tea room which already had this look. I love chinoiserie and have no problem using the same trick twice. However I decided the panels in the breakfast Room would be only black and gold.
I make a lot of detailed drawings, but when the time comes to paint them I never try to copy exactly but just go with the flow. These panels are much bigger then the ones in the other room so I tried to paint more detailed buildings.
And here are the finished panels. I asked an artist at the art supply store what to use to get the smoothest black base and he suggested a sponge roller. It looks okay, but I think I got a smoother finish using a fine brush and watering down the paint a little.

Here is a close up of one of one panel. I could have added more detail and people, but as I have said many times I am not incredibly gifted at painting and I do not enjoy it. I am one of those people who's hands shake a lot when I am doing fine detail work so I decided to stop before I messed up ...but I do like the effect.
The Floor
As mentioned in my last post I originally planed on making a simple square pattern on the floor, mainly because the room was already taking so long and I was at a standstill until the floor was installed. My husband told me, very diplomatically, that I could do better and 2 of my dearest friends told me my signature in miniatures are my floors, so I went back to the drawing board.
First I made a template of the room and cut it out of illustration board
I drew on guidelines for the wood pieces
Next I drew up the pattern of the floor design and numbered each piece. I started by gluing down the centre of the medallions...

Then all the dark wood frame...

next I filled in all the sections

And finally I put 2 coats of shellac and waxed the floor, then glued it down.

For friends who are new, I use shellac flakes dissolved in 99% Isopropanol. The flakes come in different colours and I think it makes a really beautiful finish. I used regular dark floor wax to finish it because it fills any holes or cracks nicely and adds to the "old floor" look. The marble is a piece of illustration board I painted leftover from the Entrance hall floor.

The Ceiling

The ceiling was a cast piece I used in the Chinese Tea Room and the Prayer room. Because it is about 1/2 inch thick I put down a basswood strip spacer all around the room to hold the crown molding. I then painted it off white.

Next I made a template of the ceiling and cut it out on the cast pieces. It chipped a lot when I was cutting it but I was able to camouflage a lot when it was painted. Since there is a lot of light in the room I decided to paint the ceiling blue to mimic the sky. I painted it off white, then filled in the blue section, did touch ups, then painted the gold detail. I glued it down and then installed the pre-painted crown molding.

Here is a look at it right side up against the wall sections.


The first step was to take the wall sections and glue in a structural frame for the windows the same thickness as the acrylic pane I used.

I then cut my window molding and assembled the individual frames

I glued them onto the spacer frame. The window frame was just a bit wider then the spacer so I turned it over and glued down the horizontal mullion strips which were the same thickness as the spacers.

The last step was to install vertical mullions strips. I just cut one long length and glued it over the horizontal ones. The illusion works well and then I glued down the acrylic pane. I originally planned on carving sea shells to put over each window and panel section, but I found some jewelry bits in the shape of suns at my mom's house and thought it would be appropriate for the Breakfast Room. I sanded them, painted them and glued them down.

I wanted proper Victorian curtains to finish the room but was worried that it would block the windows since that is the only way to see this room. I tried making just 2 or 3 pleats but it was just too much with the windows and the columns so I decided to make wood shutters. I cut all the lumber I needed, put a few together and when I had a test fit those also took away from the room so I decided not to put anything at all. I actually like the room as is. This room faces north and the rose gardens, so I don't think drapes would be necessary to protect the furniture.

Ray Whitledge showed me how to make the tablecloth and I think it adds just enough yellow to the room to balance it out.
And that is all my loyal friends. Here are a few pictures of the finished project:

shots of the empty room

Jo commented that the black column base looked wrong, so I added white veining to make them look like marble.

This is what it looks like for the exterior. The window section are glued down, but the door section comes off so you can get a better view. I am not sure if the top will remain a balcony, or if I want to build an iron and "glass" conservatory.

I made the fireplace wall removable so I could get into the room to place furniture and accessories and also do any repairs that might be needed. The thickness of the floor and the crown molding act as stopper to keep the section in place.

The chandelier goes in the countess's bedroom. I plan on purchasing the Antoinette chandelier from the Getzans for this room.


And that my dear friends is all. It was a long room to make, but I must admit it is one of my favourites in the Manor. My next project will be renovations to finished rooms. I will try to post in 2 or 3 weeks with updates.
Thank you all once again for all your support and kindness throughout my mini adventures. I feel very privileged to have you all as followers and am always inspired by your work.
I send you all a great big hug,


  1. Hello Giac,

    The breakfast room is drop-dead, gorgeous, to die for!! You have out-done yourself!

    Everything is fabulous, especially the floor but, I am especially impressed with the chinoiserie :-)

    I am so looking forward to seeing this wonderful addition to the Manor in person :-)

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful room!

    Hugs & Cheers,

  2. OH MY !!!! That is absolutely beautiful. You are such an incredible artist and designer. You skills just keep growing and getting more imaginative. The marbleizing is perfect on the fireplace. The floor and ceiling are gorgeous. I could go on and on Giac.

    I can see why it is one, if not your favorite room in the house so far. I think it is my favorite too. I would love to sit in that room and have breakfast. :-)

  3. Hello my friend!
    This is an exquisite room. You have done a huge amount of work and it shows. As with all the other rooms in the Manor you did a superb job of designing and creating the space. Congratulations on another shining success!
    Big Hug from your biggest Fan,

  4. That's a fabulous job from floor to ceiling ! I'm so impressed by the precision of the work, especially on the floor. It's so gorgeous ! And the painting..., and the ceiling, and the fireplace ! Do you plan to add some breakfast in the Breakfast Room ?
    I'm a fan even if I don't comment often.

  5. Wow your breakfast room is gorgeous. I love the fireplace it makes the room. I love the ceiling the colours are wonderful. I wish I could shrink and sit in this room all day :)) Fantastic work Giac and congratulations on finishing this amazing room.
    Hugs Maria

  6. Qué gran trabajo!!! La estancia me parece encantadora y muy original y personal a la vez. Esa chimenea de mármol amarillo contrasta perfectamente con el clasicismo de la madera. Y los paneles chinos y el techo son perfectos para completar el conjunto. Me gusta tu estilo! Un gran abrazo.

  7. Once again I am in complete awe of your skill and talent. This is such a beautiful room! You are amazing. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Giac, You are Amazing! To think that you made every piece from "scratch"!!! I am always so impressed with your results! This room Glows!!! The ceiling is Gorgeous and the floor is the perfect counterpoint! Your fireplace is just WOW!!! I would have a hard time leaving this a room I could only see through the windows.... and I think you are going to have to make the upstairs a conservatory! As usual, your work is just incredibly detailed and the results are so beautiful! I really wish I could see it up close and real! Your posts are always so educational.... how you put the parts together from paper and jewelry pieces... and the way you fearlessly construct all your Windows too! What a Wonderful room this is! I would have Breakfast and Tea in there overlooking the rose gardens....

  9. Es una estancia preciosa, mires donde mires. El suelo, el techo, los ventanales, las pinturas, la chimenea, es todo magnifico. El amarillo de la chimenea, columnas y mantel da un toque de color y brillo. Me parece un diseño muy elegante y un trabajo estupendo.No me canso de mirar todos los detalles. Gracias por esas explicaciones.

  10. Beautiful is all I can say

  11. As usual, I have no words! I am amazed and astonished at your patience and meticulousness! I don't have the patience to even sew on a button properly! Bravo, bravo, bravo!

  12. Giac my are amazing. I am like Francesca. I am having a hard time finding words to remark about the room. I have to ask...are you going to keep this work of art, donate it to a museum what? It is certainly museum quality. Bellissimo!

    1. Also, I must say I learn so much from you about the proper names of things and techniques from you. It never fails that I look something up like; chinoiserie, loggia and corbel. When I look them up I also learn a bit about the history of them. I am beginning to feel like a true architect!
      Again, thanks. :-D

  13. Un trabajo muy minucioso, te ha quedado espectacular, el techo y el suelo me encanta. Felicidades por este trabajo, feliz fin de semana:-)

  14. Giac, this room is very impressing. In the moment I saw it I got very warm feelings and want to have a breakfast with kind people.
    I love the colours and the generous spirit.
    You are a conjurer or a juggler ( I don't know the right word !)
    You are a creater !!

  15. I am completely in love with the ceiling! The windows give so much light I would love to eat any meal in such space. The fireplace is such an interesting and unusual piece. Great room and great work, Giac!
    Big hug.

  16. Hi lieve Giac,

    Met veel BEWONDERING bekijk ik het hele
    proces en het ontwerpen van al jou werk.
    Werkelijk FANTASTISCH wat je tot stand hebt

    Prachtige details zo perfect uitgevoerd,
    een streling voor het oog. En dat alles
    op zo'n kleine oppervlakte SCHITTEREND!!!

    Ik heb het al eens eerder geschreven maar je bent
    een GROOT kunstenaar!!!

    Veel succes wens ik je met je nieuwe project.

    Veel liefs,

  17. WOW! I love everything. You have a real talent for miniatures and I am so pleased I get to 'see' you work via your blog. Another exquisite floor.

  18. Bonjour Giac,
    Je suis subjuguée... Comme tout est magnifiquement imaginé et réalisé!! et avec quelle rapidité... J'adore tout. Un grand merci de nous montrer toutes les étapes du projet.

  19. Wow Giac. the breakfast room is STUNNING! You take such care to include so many details, it is a feast for the eyes. I adore those windows. So elegant! Just beautiful work =0)

  20. Che bello osservare questa tua nuova creazione. Con quanta cura fai i particolari. Sono sempre incantata...
    Un grosso bacio caro Giac

  21. This room is absolutely beautiful. So many hours of work, but well worth it for the magnificent results. I love the detail on the ceiling. I like the shelf above the fireplace. I have heaps of room in my victorian house for a detail like that so thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Giac, where did you get the paneling from for the ceiling?

  22. Giac, just take all of the above comments and double them for mine! You just keep getting better and better! I love the fireplace!

  23. Oh Giac,
    Where do I start. Your Breakfast Room was worth the wait. You always seem to 'up the ante' on each room you do. This is amazing. The ceiling, floor, fireplace, I just don't know where to start. Everything compliments each other, and I would just love to be sitting down to my breakfast in there each morning. Wonderful, and thank you for your kind comments on my blog, it's really appreciated. You are a master miniaturist by far. Brilliant.
    All the best,

  24. Dear Giac, your work is extraordinary, absolutely amazing. What a huge work. You have my unconditional admiration
    Warm hug

  25. No salgo de mi asombro,cada vez que veo un trabajo tuyo terminado me gusta más que el anterior,cuando creo que es imposible!!!!
    Eres un maestro de todas las artes plásticas,capaz de transformar cualquier material en una obra de arte.Me gusta el suelo,la chimenea,el trabajo del techo......y así hasta no dejar ningún detalle!!!!!
    Un trabajo impresionante!!!!!!!!

  26. THIS IS MY FAVORITE ROOM!:D I loved the look of the fireplace even when in its raw state and Now I love it even More! The yellow is STUNNING and the marbling is SUPERB!! The color is such a bold choice but so is the shape of the surround. The iron insert is Brilliantly executed and the results are TOP DRAWER! The recessed display shelves above provide a great counterpoint to the mantle; visually the perfect balance on both top and bottom. The floor and the ceiling are the same wonderful compliments to each other. I especially like the blue that you chose for the ceiling Giac, as it really does look like sky and gives the Breakfast room a fresh and airy atmosphere. The windows are Beautiful, the wall panels are Beautiful, the lighting , the furniture and accessories are ALL BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, and I repeat... this is my VERY FAVORITE ROOM! :D
    Big hugs to you Giac!


  27. Hi Giac!
    What can I say that the others before me haven't? It's just a beautiful room and I love the fireplace and those marble columns. It's so refreshing to see such excellence.
    Big hugs,

  28. Giac, this room is very impressive. What a tremendous job. You have a real talent for making miniatures
    big hugs

  29. So beutiful room! I love the fireplace, the ceiling, the floor and the whole room is just so perfect as you always do.

  30. Hi Giac! Wow, that is an epic room!! So much detail in everything, it really is a treat to see! Your explanations add so much more enjoyment to seeing the end results, knowing the time and effort spent on each part and with the skill needed to produce such fine pieces. It truly is a masterpiece! I just hope your mom knows you've been taking some of her jewelry for your miniatures!!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  31. Quel résultat époustouflant,c'est somptueux!!!

  32. Amazing, Giac, absolutely fabulous! Every detail is just perfect: the ceiling, the flooring, the windows, the fireplace/shelf unit, absolutely everything!


  33. It's really great what you have created.
    the ceiling, the doors and the chinese impression on the wall.It all looks so professional and real.
    Very very beautiful.


  34. WOW! Giac, I just popped by to see what you've been up to & AMAZING! You have done a beautiful job, once again! And I love to see the progress photos. Thank you for sharing and being some one to admire! Hugs, Jaime

  35. Hi sweet Giac!
    I don't get to blogs a lot anymore, so haven't seen yours in a while either (and will look some other time to see what you've been up to the past months), but just now look at your last post and: you've done a great job (as always, but I'm always impressed by your work, it's a great pleasure to see what you've done and how you write about it, I love that!)! And you may not like painting, but you have done a great job, again! I also very much like the way you bring everything together, colourwise and such, you have a good eye for that. And the way you draw your plans, work everything out the way you do (sketching and buildingwise), it enjoys me a lot and I think you are great at what you do! The windows without dressing (curtains or shutters): perfect, it's the way it should be and looks right, like everything else. It is always a great pleasure to look at your work, thanks!

  36. This is incredible! The ceiling is breathtaking!

  37. Giac your skill and inventiveness always amaze me, what a beautiful room and so much effort put into making it. Thank you for showing how you went about building it too.

  38. It's gorgeous!
    I like the fireplace and the ceiling; but everything is perfect.

  39. Glorious! Many thanks for sharing

  40. It's never easy being late to comment when you have a new post... because the others already used any superlative I could think of... It's the most beautiful room and breathtaking as all your work! I can only say it would be a shame to use this room only for having breatkfast! *LOL* Wonderful, wonderful work on everything... thank you for showing me what can be possible in miniature - and btw for giving me a good laugh! I may quote: "I am not incredibly gifted at painting"... sorry, Giac... but... *buaaaahaaaahaaaaaa* This is really a good one with laughter guarantee included. ;O)

    Birgit (who leaves your blog a few mm taller because she spotted a tiny detail that made her very proud *blush*)

  41. Giac, sono senza parole, il tuo lavoro è incredibile. Non riesco neppure ad immaginare come potrei cominciare qualcosa del genere.

  42. C'est une pièce très réussie . C'est ma pièce préférée . Il y a une très jolie harmonie . Les peintures chinoises sont très réussies . Je suis toujours aussi impressionnée par le travail du sol . Vous pouvez être très très fière de vous . Je vous embrasse .

  43. Wow, your work looks so REAL!! Gorgeous, just gorgeous. I am in awe looking at your work. Thank you for sharing so many detailed photos, it's a huge help. My goodness, that floor and ceiling are incredible.

    May I ask what type of gesso and paint you use, please? I'm a total newbie, but I'd like to try my hand at building a very simple room box. Since you mention using multiple materials on your fireplace (illustration board, basswood, cardboard) I'm wondering what you use to make the surface look so uniform and accept paint so nicely?

    Also, any chance you could give us a tip or two on how make those tablecloths drape so beautifully?

    Thank you again for a great blog!

  44. Hi Giac! I think I can't say anymore than the others already have commented......
    You have done a huge amount of work and it shows: this is an exquisite room!! My sincere compliments, Giac!
    Hugs, Ilona

  45. Hoi Giac, ik zit met open mond te kijken, wat is dit een schitterende ruimte, geweldig. mijn complimenten.

    liefs van Emma

  46. Un trabajo extraordinario, muy cuidado y escrupuloso. Al igual que las otras estancias esta te ha quedado envidiable. Comentas que la realización ha sido duradera pero ¿no crees que aunque estamos deseando ver el trabajo terminado lo mejor es cuando estas realizando la obra?. Para mi son los momentos más satisfactorios.
    Un saludo, Eva

  47. Caro Giac,
    un ottimo lavoro come sempre!
    mi piace molto questa stanza è molto armoniosa e piena di luce.
    La combinazione del giallo ed il bordeaux è molto elegante. bellissimo il pannello cinese ed il è pavimento ed il soffitto sono incantevoli.
    Un abbraccio.Manu

  48. Hello Giac,
    I really did not expect this combination of colors but it works really well for this room.
    The yellow does look good in combination with black and the wood.
    Inventive, the way how you've made the fireplace and the huge windows also add a lot extra.
    Overall another splendid job!

  49. Wow Giac, this is absolutely outstanding! I am so impressed. Thanks for sharing your work.

  50. Hi Giac! The room is perfect and I love everything about it! Beautiful work! You are so very, very talented and dedicated. I admire you tremendously for your perseverance in achieving what you set out to do.

  51. Beautiful! You are so creative and innovative :)

  52. Utterly fantastic!! I love it

  53. Dear Giac, I think it is my favourite room also. T he space is perfect and all drawn together with the colour of the centered table cloth. Yellow was a brave choice but you showed great restraint with the black and gold chinoiserie . In all a most refined space.
    Thank you also foe detailing how you created it ... Especially clever fireplace!
    Warm regards Janine

    Presently deep into real,life renovation . Removed a million staples from the wooden floors today plus we primed and reprinted most rooms. Reduced the bathroom as kitchen sink as we have stripped everything out. Hurrah, new floors begin to be laid tomorrow!

  54. wow this is definitely a lovely place to spend hours relaxing.

  55. Giac I love how the room turned out and in yellow! great job I think this will be your signature room *I just cant stop staring at it*

    well done

    Marisa :)

  56. Bonjour Giac,
    je vous croise régulièrement dans les pages des commentaires de blogs de miniaturistes européens et enfin, je me suis décidé à m'inscrire sur votre blog (merci pour la réciproque;-) Comme le dit un de vos admirateurs difficiles de trouver de nouveaux mots pour exprimer notre admiration pour votre travail. Alors BRAVO, BRAVO et encore BRAVO (comme vous j'adore les cheminées;-)

  57. Giac!!!!!!! Ma come sei????????? Fantantastico + che fantastico, tu sei un mago? No, sei un grandissimo artista!!!!!!!!!Tanti complimenti caro amico e un grosso grosso abbraccio

  58. Un trabajo impresionante y perfecto en su realización, muy elegante.
    Gracias por enseñarnos esas maravillas que haces.
    Un abrazo.

  59. Giac, this is stunning and beautiful. Have enjoyed seeing all the pics and reading the info on how it all came together. Well done. Celia

  60. Ciao giac, questa stanza è semplicemente incantevole, ogni dettaglio è perfetto, bellissimo, ed è molto molto elegante. Complimenti,

  61. Así explicado por ti , parece hasta fácil, pero la de horas de trabajo que hay invertidas en cada uno de tus proyectos. Me parece maravilloso todo lo que haces, ya sabes que me quedo atónita cada vez que los veo.
    Enhorabuena una vez más, es una sala fantástica , llena de detalles únicos y con un gusto exquisito en la decoración.
    Besos y que tengas una muy feliz semana

  62. creo que le a quedado espectacular y se ve todo el trabajo que a realizado, lo felicito porque realmente es una sala impresionante
    un abrazo

  63. wow,!!!! its amazing room, small measures but big detail congratulations its a cosy room.

  64. The marquetry floor I love it! The fireplace is the yellow-black characters. I love the way this color of the tablecloth and the columns are repeated. Not only miniature artist, but also a great interior designer!
    The breakfast room beautiful, Giac!!
    Thank you for sharing the progress of the work.

  65. Giac tu es le roi du parquet et des chinoiseries WOUA tu m'impressionnes .

  66. cette pièce est MERVEILLEUSE ! Tout n'est qu'harmonie et élégance !
    Un impressionnant travail.
    Chapeau ;-) Amicalement. rosethé

  67. Giac....what a wonderful room you have created. Very special. I just finished a very simple parquet for one of the room in the "Garfield". I enjoy working with wood and truly admire your woodwork. Awesome! Feeling a bit like I took the easy way out at the moment, although my house is not really a "manor"style so I will use that as an excuse for now until I rethink it. Thank you for showing your amazing work.

  68. Congratulations, a great work!! hug, Marisa

  69. It's so dramatic and wonderful, Giac! I adore the fireplace and sky blue ceiling! Everything came together so well. It reminds me of a private room in a really posh restaurant. I'd like to sit there for a while for high tea or something. It's so realistic, I feel like I could just slip in there in my finest attire. :-) Thanks for sharing your magnificent work with us--too fun! xo Jennifer

  70. I think I appreciate the floor and ceiling most. Great work and another great post. I would like to know how you did the cast pieces for the ceiling?

  71. What a wonderful job you've done Giac in the breakfast room. Everything is taken care of to perfection. Nice to see step by step to this wonderful result My compliments to the end result.

    Dear greetings Xandra

  72. I love the floor, the chinoiserie, the woodwork...I love it all!

  73. This has become a wonderful room for breakfast,You did a good job!
    Every detail is brilliant, you are a great artist, greetings Gonda.

  74. Lavori assolutamente ECCEZIONALI Giac, FAVOLOSI!!! Buon fine settimana. NI

  75. Absolutamente perfecto!! porque nosotros sabemos que es en miniatura sino nadie lo diria. Te transmito mi admiración por tu trabajo. Un abrazo. Arantza.

  76. Oh. My. God. Giac, I know I have been out of commission for a while, but it is SO inspiring to come back and get a glimpse of your latest and greatest. You have every right to be proud of your mantle and hell, EVERYTHING in this spectacular room! That floor is so effing gorgeous, it makes me wanna go home and slap my mama.

    You're the honey badger.


  77. You have outdone yourself Giac! Every detail is amazing and it all comes together to make a fantastic whole! I think the panels have just the right amount of detail, works of art. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings, Pam x

  78. Una verdadera obra de arte, digna de un museo. Gracias por compartir la elaboración y por supuesto el resultado. No dejes de crear, las cosas bonitas embellecen la vida.
    Un abrazo

  79. Your room is a real masterpiece. It's amazing what you manage to achieve. I have a lot of admiration for your work.


  80. Giac, every word I thought of to add to my comment has already been used!! You have definitely surpassed yourself this time - the room is beautifully, impressively, fantastically AMAZING!!!

  81. Merci Giac. Tout est merveilleux, comme toujours. Bravo!

  82. Hi Giac, what a fabulous job you have done. Congratulations. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  83. Virgen del amor hermoso!!!Amigo Giac como construyes,,,los diseños despues de haberlos pasadp en tu cabeza y hacerlos realidad
    Bellisimas creaciones que salen de mi imaginación..Eres un craf!!! Chapó por tus hermosas creaciones

    Gracias por compartirlas

    Con todo mi cariño Victoria

  84. Absolutely awesome!! I have no words to describe how I like that room, very elegant, all details very well done, It's always a big pleasure visit your blog and see your wonderful work, congratulations Giac. A big hug.

  85. With all the hard work you do Giac, you deserve TWO plates of pasta alla norma, not just one! :) Hugs, Francesca

  86. Faltan las palabras para describir tu trabajo. Enhorabuena porque es espectacular. Gracias por las fotos de todo el proceso. Besos

  87. Such perfection and exquisite details, everything is so perfect!! I would love to sit down for a very small cup of tea! Mini Hugs, Jean

  88. It looks beautiful, what a harmony and what a workmanship. brilliant!!!
    groetjes Ingrid

  89. WOW! I love how modern you made the space feel, yet it still holds it's traditional and historic theme. The ceiling is absolutely amazing! I am in love with the pattern that you used; it is so geometric. The color scheme is also pretty modern- love the navy, yellow and red together. So perfect in every way!

  90. Hey Giac, ... as ussual I am a litle bit late to the party! ;p
    I always feel like a lazy slacker when I see your work... haha I mean this in a positive way. I am always amazed by all the work you put into a room to get it perfect, all the small details and it always turns out like the sketches you make before starting. I am giving you a standing ovation! Goodluck with the renovation projects, wishing you a great weekend! Hug AM

  91. OMG
    Giac, que coisa mais linda do mundo! Parece tudo real. Estou apaixonada por essa sala, desde a primeira vez que eu vi essa sala no Facebook eu me apaixonei, porém foi uma época que eu sentia tantas dores que não conseguia comentar nos blogs dos meus amigos. Perdão.
    Ficou muito elegante, parabéns por seu grande dom artístico.
    Como vai seu cachorro lindo? Amo os animais.
    Um grande abraço de Fernanda Maria =D

  92. Hi Giac,

    How amazing! I love the breakfast room - such an intimate place to dine and so very elegant. Really enjoyed seeing your exquisite work.
    Many thanks for visiting me and your kind note you left.
    Have a great weekend

  93. mas que trabalho mais maravilhoso!!!

  94. Giac,
    Sorry that I am so late to comment! I absolutely love this room!!!
    Hope you, Jo and Ozzie are having a wonderful summer.
    Huge hugs,

  95. Your breakfast room is so beautiful Giac. I would like to order a full-size version please! Oh, yes, by the way, I've changed the title of my little blog to All the best - David

  96. Hello Giac ..!!! Your work is FANTASTIC!!! Sei bravissimo..!!! Non riesco a credere ai miei occhi ..!! Complimenti!!
    Mini Hugs

  97. Hello Giac, wonderfully talented! Not everyone can do this. Have a nice weekend dear!

  98. What a beautiful fireplace and room. Wonderful work.