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Tuesday 29 July 2014

Great Dining Room: renovations complete

Hello my dear friends,
I hope you are all doing great and that you had a lovely month of July. Once again I thank you very much for your wonderful feedback on my last post. I appreciate it very much. I wanted to post sooner but as you know love testing my limits. Sorry, this will be a long post...again! Today I am glad to unveil the renovated Great Dining Room:
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the great Dining Room of Dewell Manor

I actually was happy with the original dining room design. It was a good dining room for a well to do middle class family. However, since I decided Lord Dewel was to be an earl, I wanted a more elegant room. Also, I felt that the Breakfast Room of the manor was grander then the formal dining room which made no sense to me at all.

At first I thought of just changing the floor and adding a little gold trim here and there but soon decided a renovation was in order. So here is the old dining room:

The room was just not fit for an Earl!

 And here is the new Great Dining Room:

Sorry, I will not put back the carpet

The chandelier is the Tiffany by the Getzans, as well as matching sconces

The Parquet Floor
The one detail I most disliked in the original room was the floor

It was okay, but it did not go with the rest of the floors I made from scratch and you could see white lines between the tiles. I removed the baseboards and prayed the floor would come off easily...luckily, I had not glued it down but used double sided tape. It came off in 1 piece very easily and I was able to use it as a template for the new floor.

I can honestly say, the grapevine floor was my biggest challenge to date! I don't know why but I had a grapevine border in mind. I had a test run to try out making grapevines and I was not too happy with it

It wasn't right and I was not sure I wanted to invest that much time in such a complicated pattern. I was about to give up when Ray emailed me and said he thought the grapevine idea was a good one and worth working at. I went back to the drawing board. After a while I figured out there were not enough grape clusters in the border, so I set to cutting many more and of different shapes and sizes

It was a time consuming project but fun. I traced each cluster onto the cardboard floor template I made, cut them out and then used them as cutting guides for the iron on wood veneer. So far so good. I then  glued them down on the subfloor

I then painted the grapes purple and the vines green

Then the nightmare began. I had to fill in the space between the grape clusters. Every piece had to be cut to fit a cluster at each end. It took forever but in the end I was really happy with it

Contrary to my original test run I decided to paint on the vines because I could not get the wood cut thin enough. I also added some veins to the leaves

With that done the next step was creating a fan design around the central medallion

I had drawn out each section on cardboard and used that as a cutting template making sure each piece was in the right sequence. I only ironed on about 1/3 of each piece near the medallion so I could lift the top edge, slip a different piece of wood underneath and used the partially glued down piece as a guide to cut the rounded end piece (I hope it is clear in the above picture). After they ends were all cut and glued down...

...I took a different wood veneer and cut out the 1/4 inch border that went around the fan, placed it over the edges and used it as a cutting guide to remove the excess wood, then I ironed the border down

In the above picture you see the border in place, then the excruciatingly long step of filling in the rest of the space. I decided I would make a lattice pattern. Why take the easy way out? It was a long process, but an enjoyable one that I found very relaxing. The pieces were really small so they had to be held with tweezers against the iron to heat up and activate the glue. I dulled and threw out 25 scalpel blades to make this floor. they are sharp on skin, but dull very fast on the wood veneer.

When the space between the central fan and the grapevine border was done I added fan details in each corner of the room. It just looked right

Then more filling in with rounded ends and lattice work. Finally it was done

Normally I use an electric sander to smooth the floor before I finish it, but since parts of the floor were painted I had to sand by hand using 600 grit sandpaper...I hate sanding! The last step before installing it was coating it with 3 coats of Shellac (I used 2 ounces of amber colored shellac flakes dissolved in 8 ounces of isopropanol). When that was dry I added a coat of clear wax and in it went.
 I know I wrote a lot about this floor, but it did take just over 50 hours which is also why it took me so long to post...everything else took 2 weeks to make.

The Doorframes and molding:
The doorframes were inspired by my favorite English country house, Chatsworth. The Great dining room at Chatsworth is spectacular and has gorgeous marble doorframes and over doors, so I decided to make my own version of them.

I apologize but I did not take as many pictures as I should. Here was the original test using bits of wood:

I liked the weight they gave the room. Luckily, I was able to remove the old doorframes I had made, which were only simple doorframe molding. I was thrilled because I originally thought I would have to work around them. My main concern was that Les Chinoiseries discontinued this wallpaper in green and I did not want to damage it. So here are the new doorframes

On the left you see that the inner frame is just 2 vertical pieces and 2 horizontal ones to make the frame sturdy. The bottom horizontal piece is 8 inches from the floor. On the right side you can see I covered that frame with simple 3/4 inch wide basewood, glued on 3/4 x 3/4 inch lumber strips to act as the column base, and in the space over the door opening I used basewood and illustration board to create a frame detail. Then I made the over doors:

On the left you  can see the back of the over doors were made using the same 3/4 x 3/4 lumber strip with basewood added on to support the molding trim. On the right you see the front of the piece, covered in 3 strips of molding and covered in gesso. the final step was faux painting them to look like marble.

To make the marble I paint on a basecoat, spray on glaze, sponge on a second color, spray on glaze. then a third color, then spray again, then paint on the veins.
The white marble was made using, in order, rain Grey, off white, pure white and the veins in grey. the green marble for the column was made using black, antique gold, dark green, medium green, then antique gold veins.

When the doorframes were in I replaced the chair rail molding with a wider window frame molding also painted to look like white marble.

I loved the original blue, white and gold fireplace, but it made no sense to have a painted fireplace with all the marble in the room. I removed it carefully but it broke, so I ordered the same model from Braxton Payne and marbled it

Pepper, I hope you approve of the candlestick's new home

I was going to paint the swag detail on the mantel gold, but I actually liked it plain so I left it as is. The final step was the baseboard molding. I wanted a grander baseboard so I used 2 different styles.

In the above picture you can see I glued down a spacer strip over which I glued the larger baseboard, and then I glued a smaller baseboard molding to cover the spacer.

The ceiling:

I did not plan on changing the ceiling, just adding some gold paint to highlight detail. At this time I emailed Ray and sent him a picture of the Dining room at Chatsworth to show him what I was planning for the doorframes. He emailed back that he had grids that looked very much like the ceiling in Chatsworth and offered to send them to me. I accepted Ray's generous offer and he mailed me the grids. Thank you so much my dear friend.

The first step was removing the textured ceiling in the room:

The textured vinyl part came right off. the paper base stayed glued on perfectly so I sanded it and cut a sub ceiling template and got to work. the first step was cutting the grids to fit. I did not have enough fot the entire ceiling so I came up with a design I liked. after the grids were cute I had to paint them

Again Mr. fancy Giac here decided the surface of the grids should be simple white, but the inner sided of the octagon and diamond cut-outs had to be gold...why does gold paint always need 2 or 3 coats. I then painted the sub ceiling and glued on the grids

The sub ceiling is a different shade of off white then the grids to add interest. In the above picture you can see the gaps between the grids. I filled the gaps with gesso and did and then touched up with paint. And here is the installed ceiling

I think it was worth the effort. I just love it. I plan on adding gold medallions in each octagon, but I have not yet decided on a size or style, and since I need 76 of them I will wait until my budget permits the purchase. Another addition are the 2 gold borders that line the crown molding between the ceiling and the frieze. The plain white crown molding just looked odd. The medallion in the center is just to show you where the chandelier goes. I will not install the chandelier permanently until the structure of the house is finished and does not need to be moved.

And here are some no flash picture of the room.

I am really happy with this room now and think it is perfect for Lord and Lady Dewell. I love the furnished room, but here are a few pictures of the empty room which showcase the changes I made:

My next post should not be too far off. I have a few small renovations to do, mainly new doorframes for the main floor of the Manor and an update of the floor sections of the Great Room...however I am not even thinking about the new floor section for at least a few weeks. Oh, and another little thing I plan on starting soon...the exterior panels...Finally! But more on those projects next time.

Thank you all my old and new friends for following my adventures. I wish you all the best and look forward to catching up with all your projects. You constantly supply me with great ideas, fantastic inspiration, and valued friendship

Big hug to all,


  1. Giac, the floor and ceiling in the dining room are spectacular now... As is everything in between!!! Outstanding work.

  2. This room is amazing! Absolutely incredible details - I love the floor. It's all just beautiful.

  3. Mind boggling!! This is such perfection. The details are amazing.

  4. I have no words, it's amazing! Every detail is perfect

  5. Just incredible ! You're a great artist.

  6. ¡Guau! Menudo cambio! Me encanta el suelo de marquetería, te estás haciendo todo un experto en esta técnica.

    ¡Un abrazo enorme y enhorabuena!

  7. The floor and the ceiling are both stunning Giac, honestly don't know how you manage all those fiddly bits, you must have the patience of a Saint!!

  8. The floor and the ceiling are both stunning Giac, honestly don't know how you manage all those fiddly bits, you must have the patience of a Saint!!

  9. Now I am sure I know who I would be asking for help with the floor if I ever want to build a manor! Giac, the floor is splendid!
    All the changes are fantastic and gave this pretty room more character!
    And I just love the first photo, the room looks like RL one!
    Big hug,

  10. I'm running out of superlatives to describe your work. It's not just the skill you employ to make everything, but the fact that every single detail is painstakingly devised and included. Beautiful work Giac =0)

  11. Stunning....simply astounding never cease to amaze!

  12. Hi Giac
    I think this floor is just superb, my favourite of all (if I had to pick a favourite!). Your skill and patience know no bounds...:) You are quite right, the previous room was beautiful, no doubt, but you have catapulted it right up there with all those beautiful and famous mansions you love. Really great job, I love it.
    All the best

  13. Oh geez Giac - I am at a loss for words, this is some incredible work, and well worth the wait- you have been working phenomenally hard, and it is just absolutely perfect... the effort you put into the tiniest details, the care and attention, this really is a labour of love, and I can't tell you how high you have raised the bar for miniature work, while also being possibly the most kind and encouraging miniaturist out there.... Okayy, think I might have to stop gushing now!

    You should think about writing a book, there is nothing available out there that has this standard of work, I know it would be a best seller!

    Much love,


  14. Bonjour Giac,
    avant tout merci pour vos gentils commentaires laissés sur mon blog, cela m'a fait grand plaisir, Je me rends compte de l'enfer que cela a du être de remplir votre parquet autour des motifs de vignes: vous êtes un magicien. Le reste de la salle est simplement grandiose. Le motif de Ray pour le plafond est parfait. Les portes en marbre donnent un cachet grandiose à la pièce, une seule petite remarque si je peux me permettre: je trouve les veines gris foncé un peu longues et trop rectilignes (idem sur la cheminée) Enfin vous m'avez fait rire en décrivant l'ancienne version comme une salle pour "classe moyenne" je dirais "classe moyenne" supérieure ;-) Maintenant Lord et Lady Dewell peuvent recevoir à dîner un membre de la famille royale sans rougir ;-)

  15. You did a wonderful inlay work, Giac! The room is quite different now with the elements you've added, even if it always has the same dimensions, it appears larger and this is surely the goal you wanted to achieve. The bet is quite successful.
    (I must also say that I loved the first version, more "simple", but also very charming.)

  16. Amazing work Giac. I'm speechless!! Magnificent!! Bravo!!

  17. Dear Giac, It's you who should display your work at museums! Both floor and ceiling are a work of art. I loved the room before but I love it to bits now. The chandelier and wall scones are so perfect for the room. Bravo!
    Hugs, Drora

  18. The original dining room was beautiful, but the renovations took it to a whole new level. Gorgeous and yes indeed, fit for an earl!

    As much of a hassle as the floor must have been, I say it's time well spent!

  19. Que maravilla Giac!!
    Consigues en tus trabajos dar tanta realidad a las estancias.
    Me gustaba la sala antes, pero reconozco que con los cambios ha ganado mucho más, es más señorial.
    El cambio del suelo es espectacular, además me gusta más sin la alfombra y el resto igual, las puertas, el techo, las lámparas,....todo es fantástico.
    Enhorabuena una vez más. Tu trabajo es increible !! Besos

  20. Hello Giac, i hope you are well.
    waw its amazing, i love the ceiling the floor its wonderful job all the details are fet well. great job congratulations

  21. WOW! Such exquisite, detailed craftsmanship in this dining room, Giac! It is certainly fit for a Lord, maybe even a King or Queen!
    Thank you for sharing your process. You have so many skills and patience to apply them to your craft.

  22. The new floor is a triumph! It's absolutely perfect. I wouldn't know where to start, never mind the process and skill, the fact that you had the drive to do that, is impressive. I can imagine the difficulty fitting the veneer around the grapes, but you've done it perfectly. It's great to see the timeline photographs as well, everything has such humble beginnings. Yes, do NOT put back the carpet and hide that achievement! :D Whilst it was impressive before, Lord Dewel is really showing off his wealth now :D

    Sarah x

  23. Hello my friend,
    Thank you for allowing me to watch as you transformed a beautiful room into one that is stunningly beautiful!
    There is nothing you cannot figure out how to do in miniature.
    I applaud your courage at taking on difficult tasks and executing them so well! Bravo my friend!
    A big hug from Ray

  24. creo que acertó con las reformas ese magnifico suelo es el sueño de cualquiera, y le quedo un salón super elegante, lo felicito
    un abrazo

  25. Hi Giac,
    I've been a fan of your website for sometime now. This is the first time I've posted a comment, but I had to tell you how much I admire your work, you are such an inspiration for the miniature world. I love your dinning room floor and the effect of the ceiling is amazing. In fact all your work is amazing.


  26. Before it was a beautiful room, but now it is spectacular! I love the new door frames with green columns, and the floor is magnificent! The lamp is the icing on the cake. Again, my compliments for your great work Giac. Hugs.

  27. Me asombra tu trabajo, tiene siempre un resultado maravilloso. Estaría mirando cada foto mucho tiempo. Gracias por tener el blog y darnos la oportunidad de seguir tu trabajo. Un abrazo Arantza.

  28. Someone suggested that you write a book on the subject of very detailed miniature making. I couldn't agree more - I'd be first to buy a copy just for the photos! Autographed by the author, of course!!! Well done once again Giac, your room is suberb!!!

    1. I think we would all buy it and I want mine autographed lol!

  29. Sencillamente fantástico Giac.

    Besos, Narán

  30. Hi Giac,
    This latest renovation is a work of art, the room is now worthy of royalty!
    You never cease to amaze me!

  31. Giac Im screaming over here and I bet you can hear it!!
    I love it I love it! I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life! thank you for sharing your talent with me I appreciate it so very much


  32. Hello Giac,

    Wonderful, simply wonderful!!! The dining room was beautiful before, but now, it really does look fit for an earl. I am incredibly impressed with all that you have done and I applaud your talent and creativity.

    Thank you for sharing Dewell Manor with us :-)

    Hugs & Cheers,

  33. How gorgeous, I am in awe of your talent.

  34. Bonjour Giac, les changements apportés dans cette pièce sont bénéfiques, le parquet est une oeuvre d'art à lui seul.
    Cette salle est tout simplement ... Somptueuse !
    Amicalement. rosethé

  35. Hoi Giac,
    What have you again great job. It all looks so beautiful and perfect, really the work of a true professional.
    That you have been able to muster up the courage to make a whole other floor.
    He is truly beautiful become.
    My compliments.

    A hearty hug of Willy and me,

  36. The floor and ceiling are perfect. This is a very elegant room. I really like the small details.

  37. The room was gorgeous before, now it's absolutely stunning. Your details are fantastic!

  38. I'm in awe with your work. I'm sure if you showed your photos to people they wouldn't think it's a miniature room. The room in itself is stunning, no need for a carpet with such a beautiful floor. Perfect for a Lord and Lady.

  39. You've made a room that was already breathtaking beautiful even better... every change you made was just the right thing. Even in German I would run out of superlatives to describe how stunning this is. The floor is unbelievable, so much work - but worth every single second of the about 50 hours it took you. And the ceiling - so good Ray gave you this template... it's the perfect addition. Everyone just looking at the photos of the finished room would never expect this to be miniature... everyone would think these are pictures taken in a real manor or castle. Wonderful work - although I'm not able to do anything alike you are always an inspiration for me.


  40. A very beautiful and meticulous work. Congratulations! a hug, Marisa

  41. The Great Dining Room is incredible! All details are really beautiful. I can only admire your work. Many hugs Kati

  42. The room is so incredibly beautiful .. magnificently. You really are a true artist ..

  43. Wow Giac,
    ......this is a real masterpiece!!! I love that floor that's treated with shellac! Brings back old memories.
    Hugs Dorine

  44. Giac,
    You may even have outdone yourself on this one!!! I love, love, love the grapevines in your floor - stunning!
    Huge hugs,

  45. Oh Giac! The only phrase I can find that barely covers everything in my head is…
    Tour de force!!
    I am in total love with this room. That's not to say I didn't like it before but it really stands out as destination room of it's own now and has the presence it deserves. The floor is incredible and the pillars give so much more depth to the room, plus so much interest. This looks like a totally real room!!
    Well done buddy, you have really out-done yourself this time.
    Si x

  46. Amazing, stunning work, Giac! There is no way to tell that this is miniature and not a RL room! You blow me away! xo Jennifer

  47. Wow I loved this room before but now I love and adore it. It is stunning. The floor and ceiling is amazing. I admire your hard work and attention to detail. Words fail to describe how beautiful this room is.
    Hugs Maria

  48. Hello Giac,

    Alvorens ik begin met mijn reactie te schrijven ben ik
    al lange tijd alles met veel plezier aan het bekijken.
    het is werkelijk ongelooflijk hoe perfect jij alles ontwerpt
    en tot werkelijkheid transformeert. En dat alles op zo'n
    kleine schaal, je bent een GROOT Artist, ik schreef het
    vaker en blijf het ook schrijven. Werkelijk bewonderingswaardig!!!

    Wat ik zo mooi vind in jou karakter is dat je net zo lang
    doorgaat tot het voor 1000 % naar tevredenheid is geslaagd.
    En wat is het resultaat van de renovatie FANTASTISCH
    geworden. Zoveel verfijnde details, het is telkens weer
    een lust om alles te bekijken. En bovendien geniet ik volop
    van jou verslag van de vorderingen die heel mooi
    beschreven staan. Je bent een perfectionist!!!

    Veel succes met alle nieuwe ontwikkelingen.....

    Veel liefs van

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  50. Hola Giac!! Visitar tu blog es tener asegurado pasar un rato maravilloso, por larga que hagas las entradas siempre me saben a poco. El suelo me encanta, se ve muy señorial, aunque reconozco que el anterior también era una belleza. Los marcos nuevos con las columnas me parecen sencillamente divinos!! Como puedes conseguir hacer el mármol tan real? Admiro tu trabajo y te felicito por tanto arte como tienes.
    Deseo que estés pasando un buen verano.

  51. Oh Giac! Your work is just amazingly detailed and so exquisite. The flooring is beyond beautiful you have such a artistic hand at the woodwork I am stunned at its perfection!.

    Every time you create pieces they are just wondrous!

    I must say you certainly should think on bringing this wondrous creation to the masses, I think museum quality whenever I see your work. Maybe print? I could see, of course after you have played with this beauty ;) To have a large photo laden coffee table book as its final result!

    Amazingly well done my friend!

  52. Dear Giac, You have outdone yourself! This room is now Just Incredibly Perfect! That floor is Stunning!!! I can appreciate all the work of individual pieces cut to go around the grapes! You have the Vision of and artist and the patience of a Saint and the Courage of a Master! To undo all the parts you had already done because you were not quite satisfied takes a great deal of courage! But you were so right! And the new details and the overall effect are Truly Grand and Beautifully compatible! I LOVE the whole effect together... I can't say any one piece is my favorite... but maybe that floor beats everything! It is truly Inspired and Gorgeous beyond belief!!! Your recent upgrades have taken Dewell Manor to a whole new level of grandeur! Keep up the Great work! You are an inspiration to the rest of us!!!

  53. How POSH! I think that your earl should become a DUKE or even a PRINCE! The Magnificence of your manor is Unbelievable and you really have taken it to an even Higher level than it already was, ( if that's even possible? ) Your adjustments to the door surround and the baseboards is sooo impressive and the marbling is sooooo Professional! I can't get over the beauty and complexity of the floor and ceiling....!!! What you think- YOU DO! and you do it all so well! Your 1st photo shows a truly SPECTACULAR dining room that just happens to be in miniature! :D


  54. OH MY!!! My jaw dropped when the pictures opened up on my monitor - and you did this in only one month?? WOW. Giac, you have outdone yourself and that is saying something!

    I think the wallpaper is actually shown off even better now, against the green columns and with the green accents on the new floor (and what a magnificent floor!). And the ceiling - wow! So gorgeous.

    Thank you so much for sharing so many pictures and information with us. This looks amazing!!!

  55. Hi Giac, I've not posted before, but I have been following your blog since about January, and I really love it. Among my favorites.

    If there is anything that truly distinguishes your work from others it is your absolutely over the top floors. The exquisite detail you create, the time you spend, and the incredible creative eye you have set you apart. This newer version of the Dining Room is even better than the first...I'll tell you when you started "remodeling" the dining room I thought "WHY!?!" I thought it was excellent. But you were made it even better. Thanks for continuing to share your talents and friendly web presence with all of us!

  56. Who would have thought it could be better - Giac! It is certainly a Grand dining room now, the floor is amazing, I felt tired thinking about how much work went into it, LOL. And the marble effects really make a statement, also the new ceiling and lovely chandelier. Fabulous work!

  57. Just when I think you be any better, you top yourself! This room is exquisite! You need to video tape yourself so we can see a master at work sometimes!
    The ceiling is awesome the floor unbelievable! You did it in cardboard first. I wouldn't have made it that far or it would maybe just end up with a cardboard floor LOL!
    Actually, I wanted to put columns in one of my houses. You inspire me to try then like yours.
    You are such a precious jewel to share, which is enjoyable, and inspire us so. Thanks! :-D

  58. Giac, that floor is a work of art. You always amaze me with the quality of your work. It has given the dining room a whole different life and those wonderful table and chairs sit perfectly on the floor design. The chandelier is beautiful and the ceiling is stunning.

  59. Hi Giac!
    Now this room looks like the rooms from the RealWorld!
    You have done amazing work again! The floor is a piece of ART and so is the ceiling...All the furniture and the chandelier are perfect and so beautiful for this room! Congratulations for the fine and stunning work!

  60. Wow, wow, wow and WOW!! The floor is magnificent! Amazing. Definitely ditch the rug...I want to see more of the floor.

  61. Fantastic! I can see why you don`t put the rug back in, the floor is soooo beautiful!!!! And so are the rest of this room. It was beautiful before too, but you have made it fantastic!

  62. Giac the floor is an artistic masterpiece. That you pulled it off in such a short time is a miracle. Do you actually have a life outside miniatures? Just kidding! The entire room is inspiring and the decor is stunning. That chandeleir is elegant. Can't wait to see the next installment! Baci!

  63. Hi Giac! Thank you for another amazing post! I don't care how long they are, they're fascinating!
    Firstly well done on the renovation, the floor is so perfectly made, all the time and effort really show in the end result! I bet your local craft shop love you, and wonder what you're using all the blades for!
    The door frames and fire place look spot-on with the marble effect, anything less wouldn't befit an Earl! The ceiling looks as grand as the rest of the room!
    The end result is a gorgeous, elegant room that I'm sure royalty would be happy to dine in! Stunning!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  64. Una reforma increible. El trabajo del techo es bueno, pero lo que has hecho en el suelo es maravilloso. Es que miras el conjunto y directamente te trasladas a esa época. PRECIOSO

  65. You are amazing and I love all your work. It is great that you explain in detail how you do things. A true artist.

  66. I love your floor! Grape vines, great idea. I really think it turned out perfect. And the ceiling, you are so creative :) The fireplace is awesome as is everything---

  67. Que trabajo tan precioso my dear friend,me encantan todos los detalles .Perfect.hugs.

  68. Is absolutely stunning and beautiful Giac. Celia

  69. Absolutamente fantastico como ya te dije por face.
    Si el techo me gustó mucho, hoy el suelo me ha fascinado.
    Felicidades. Un saludo.

  70. Oh Giac! I liked the room before the change, but now it is even more glorious. Yes, more fitting for an earl ;-)
    And that floor! You have outdone yourself, fan-tas-tic! Such incredible work and what perseverance you have! All the other changes are wonderful as well. The ceiling, the fireplace, the door surrounds, the colours...Congratulations, beautiful work.

    1. Ciao caro Giac non potevo perdermi questa belle opera,,,come sempre mi sembra di vivere in un mondo di favole, Sempre bravo!
      Mi allontano un po' dal blog a risentirci a settembre!

  71. Giac, you have made an amazing room, and your work is fantastic down to the smallest detail. Fit for an Earl indeed. I really love the marble and that incredible floorwork. I love it all! Pam xx

  72. Geweldig Giac!!!!
    Je gaat net zolang door tot je tevreden bent.
    Ik bewonder je werk al jaren, maar je overtreft jezelf steeds weer keer op keer. Prachtig al je houtsnijwerk, en het klopt deze vloer overtreft alles.!!! Wat ik het allermooiste vind van onze hobby, is dat bv.deze eetkamer als origineel 1op1 overkomt. Je zou er zo inlopen net een MUSEUM !!!

    groet uit Nederland xxxx Conny.

  73. Hello Giac,

    Wow... what an amazing room you have made - it was great before but even more grander with all the new work you have done.
    From the incredible parquet floors, the fireplace to the chandeliers, I love it all.
    A perfect place for Lord and lady Dewell. Thanks for showing us and also for visiting me.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend

  74. Enormous work Giac! I always admire your perseverance and patience with the meticulous works!
    The beautiful inlaid floor! The door frames are phenomenal! The dining room of the prince!I love every detail!

  75. All hail the Prince of Parquet! I think you've outdone yourself with this one Giac. It would never, ever occur to me to add the amount of detail as you do to your floors - you must have the patience of a saint and a very steady hand. You have surpassed yourself with the update to this room. Fantastic. I'm going to take myself back to the beginning of your blog and read it all again.

  76. Incredible! An amazing floor, the door frames look great, and that ceiling idea might be something I follow in a future project myself! Great work as ever Giac, congratulations!

  77. What an amazing job you have done Giac. It`s a beautiful room. Compliments for your work.

    Kind regards Xandra

  78. what an elegant floor! still in awe....

  79. I am astonish with your floor! It's amazing your creativity and yours skills. All the room is magnificent

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  81. Mi querido amigo
    Tus trabajos es ARTE con letra mayuscula,,

    Es creación,,complicada y dificil al ser miniatura..Pero tán bella y hermosa

    Siempre tendrás mi admiraciónpor cada detalle que realizas porque es una joya ..

    Gracias por siempre estar y mi cariño

    Besitos mi niño

  82. Thank you for your kind comments on our blog (Mini-Schwaben)
    It honors me more so because I see your beautiful and brilliant work here.
    All the best

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  84. Absolutely Brilliant! Every detail in this room is perfection! You are a true artist!

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  86. Hey Giac,

    I am in awe about the transformation. The ceiling looks amazing, it gives the room Grandeur. Looking forward to your next post.

    Hug AM

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    Mis felicitaciones.
    Seguro que ha costado hacer ese suelo y el techo, pero han quedado envidiables, me encantan.
    Un abrazo

  91. What a room!!! The floor is absolute stunning!!the room looks so amazing,your building skills and crafmanship is fantastic and what an inspiration.wondrful!

  92. Oi Giac,
    Sinto-me privilegiada por ter a sua amizade e seus comentários, quase como conselhos lá em Raminhos de Pano. Por que me sinto privilegiada? Porque você é o melhor artista em miniaturas! Sua sala está majestosa, detalhes finos e tudo na dimensão enquadrada perfeitamente. Parabéns mil x
    Abraço carinhoso de sua amiga de blog,Nanda

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    i love the dining room´s walls and furnitures, but furnitures would be nothing whit out your work whit walls and floors :) wonderful!
    nice days to you hugs hugs

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    It is so beautiful and I would love to see it in reality.

    Hugs and many thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

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  100. Gracias amigo por tu cariñoso comentario en mi blog

    Besitos mi niño

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  102. Ciao Giac. Sei un MAGNIFICO ARTISTA...MAGNIFICO!!! Complimenti Giac! F A N T A S T I C ARTIST!!!! Compliments. Have a great w.e. NI

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    Que perfeição! A Sala ficou digna Lord Dewel.
    Você é incrível, um verdadeiro mestre da arte.
    O piso ficou magnífico e o teto também, eu nem tenho palavras para expressar minha admiração por tal obra de arte. Parabéns, mil parabéns a você.
    Querido Giac, obrigada por suas palavras de força que você sempre me dar lá em Raminhos de Pano. Tenho feito tudo o que consigo fazer para ficar boa.
    Um abraço, Nanda

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    knuffel willy

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    vim retribuir sua visita e lhe dizer que me sinto honrada com sua visita.
    Pois seu trabalho é realmente fantástico!!!
    Você é um verdadeiro artista e isto é uma verdadeira obra prima !!!
    Parabéns e Muitas Felicidades !!!!
    Grande Talento.

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    I greet

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    Una brazo

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  118. Good evening Giac,
    It takes me while to go around visiting but when I do , I bring along a tall cup of coffee or tea because I feel as I am" treating" myself!(((grin)))

    What you create is out of comments, truly. You pay much attention to details......and it pays at the end!!!
    Its very difficult to believe its miniature. I lOVE IT!!((grin))

    warm regards,

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    Thanks for the kind visit and hope you are enjoying your week.

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    Why, yes. Yes, it is!

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  130. I stumbled over a photo of your work while looking at images of dollhouses with my daughter right before her bedtime. I was shocked at the fact I was looking at miniature art and not a room in a full scale estate. Excellent work. If you haven't been already, you should tour the old estates in Newport. Your designs and those estates have much in common architecturally and in design concepts.

  131. I stumbled over a photo of your work while looking at images of dollhouses with my daughter right before her bedtime. I was shocked at the fact I was looking at miniature art and not a room in a full scale estate. Excellent work. If you haven't been already, you should tour the old estates in Newport. Your designs and those estates have much in common architecturally and in design concepts.