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Wednesday 17 February 2016

Bookcase doors, balusters, marble floors, and test runs

Hello my friends,

I hope you are all doing well and surviving the winter months. Overall we've been quite lucky in Montreal, except for the past week. As many of you have noticed, blogger is acting up again and people seem to be losing followers. If I am no longer following you, please let me know.

The past few weeks have been spent on preparatory work, but I am starting to get a good sense of what the rooms will look like.

Bookcase doors

As you can see I decided to make doors for the bookcases in the library. Doors are simple: you build a frame thick enough to accommodate the "glass" and cover it with molding. However, I try not to use hinges whenever possible. People just love playing with opening doors which often leads to breakage. I decided to make the doors non opening, but removable.

When the doors were done I glued them to a piece of lumber that would sit on the top of the bookcase. In the picture above you see me adding lumber to cover up the different levels of construction for the doors. It just looks more realistic when painted. Next, I drilled a hole through the door piece and bookcase. I took a dowel, cut it just long enough to hold the door piece in place, and glued it to the top of the door structure.

This permits the dowel and the hole to line up perfectly and slide into each other.

And this is what the finished bookcases look like.

The doors for the library were just pieces of 2 inch basewood with simple lumber strips to create the paneling. When painted I will add quarter round trim.

Faux wood graining

The next step was one I have been dreading...painting! I really do not enjoy painting. It took 1 weekend to paint an antique gold acrylic paint base to the 33 assembled part and about 200 strips of molding and architectural details...

...then it took me another 3 weekend to apply the walnut finish. This is made by mixing liquin (a quick drying medium for oil paint) and burnt sienna oil paint. I usually mix the 2 about 50/50 then adjust the mix until it coats the way I want it to.

You apply it using an old angle brush. I dip the brush in the mix, dab a little off, then paint lines in the direction I want the wood grain to go. You can make your hand shake, wiggle, drag the brush, swirl it a just practice until you get the look of wood you want. This is a technique from
Ray Whitledge and I just love it. Normally you also use a bit of liquin mixed with burnt umber to give it the richness of walnut, but I wanted the graining to be very subtle so I opted to use just one shade of paint.

I want the earl's study to be impressive and I had an amazing doorframe for the bathroom that would be so far back it would be hard to see, so I decided to highlight some details with gold oil paint.

The walnut is dry to the touch after 48 hours at most because of the liquin. The gold was just oil paint and took 10 days to dry. How I wish I had more patience! All the elements were now painted and I could move onto the next step...literally.

Staircase balusters

Last post, I explained my method for building stairs and gluing on newel posts and banisters. When the glue has cured completely and the banister is solid, you can install the balusters which have been pre painted. Each step of my staircase has 2 balusters so I had to cut off about 1/4 inch from the front balusters. The angle of the banister means they have to be shorter to fit. The next step is cutting the tops of each baluster at an angle that fits under the banister.

Put each one against the banister, mark the angle, and cut. In the picture above I just cut off the painted layer so you can see how high to cut it. It has to be just high enough to sit in the groove of the banister. When the angle is cut you slide the top under the banister, in the groove, and then position it on the step.

I like to cut all the balusters and see what they look like in place.

I was happy with the result so I removed them, keeping them in the order they fit, and glued them by applying The Ultimate crafters glue to the top sides of the baluster and to the bottom. Just make sure the glue holds onto the banister.

- It is tempting to cut all the balusters before fitting them, but you never know when there might be a slight difference in the depth of a step so I like to cut them one at a time.

-Paint the balusters before you install them. It is so much easier then trying to get a brush in the tight spaces. It also permits you to have fun with the colors. In this case I painted the step and banister with the dark umber, so the lighter dark sienna balusters and risers will stand out more.

-When fitting balusters do not force... ever! Some of my balusters (which were all from the same manufacturer) were a bit thicker so I sanded and shaved off the thickness that needed to go. If you force them in too tight you risk disassembling the banister which is a big pain in the butt!

Marble Floors

I decided the earl's study and the staircase area would look very grand with marble floors. There are many methods for making miniature marble. Ive tried several and here is the way I prefer to do it.

The first thing I do is find pictures of the marble I like, then make a sample board of the colors I think I see in the marble.

I love the colors, but I don't have the skill, or patience, to replicate the pattern

I noticed quickly that the coral color (second on the board) was way too pink. It is sometimes hard to know exactly what colors will give the right effect, and this step helps me figure it out.

When the colors are chosen you need to put down a base coat. Some people start with the darkest color, other start with the palest. In my opinion, it depends. In the case of this red marble, when I looked at the picture it seems to me that the darker colors are layered over the paler ones, so I started with the paler orange color as a base. When I make dark green marble, it seems to me in the picture that the paler greens are layered on the darker ones, so I started with a green that was almost black. Just look at the pictures and try to figure out what works best. There is no wrong way to do it.

I use the flat side of the sponge brush

I apply the base coat with a sponge brush as it leaves the least amount of strokes. I've used hair brushes in the past and the texture kind of makes it look like painted wood. Some people sand between coats, I do not. Every time I try to san, I rub off too much paint.

The next step is to sponge on the next colors. I like to use 2 to 4 additional colors for my marble. I've tried using regular inexpensive kitchen sponges and sea sponges. Both can work, but I prefer the sea sponge because I can control the amount of paint I apply better. I encourage you to try both and see what you prefer. Either way, take the sponge, wet it thoroughly, and squeeze out as much water as possible.

As you can see above, I take the sea sponge, dip it in a little bit of paint (the dab of yellow on the right), and dab most of it off on paper towels. If you look on the left of the sponge you can see the yellow paint sponged over the red color. That is how much paint you want the sponge to deposit. Just keep dabbing the sponge over the base coats, but rotate the sponge so the pattern is natural. Wait for each color to dry before applying the next one. When I was happy with the look, I spray on about 4 coats of triple thick crystal clear glaze, then buff it with an 0000 steal wool. The last step is to make the veins. I usually put a little drop of 2 colors on the paper towel, dip my 20/0 brush in both, dab it on the paper to remove excess paint, then very gently create the veins (I hate this part)! When the veins are done, spray on another 2 layers of triple thick glaze and buff with a 0000 steel wool.

these were painted on single ply illustration board

Here are the 4 marbles I created for my floor. I plan on using the black for a boarder around the rooms and cutting the other 3 to create a cube pattern on the floor. Faux marble is tricky, so if I'm not happy with the look, then I will just make a wood floor.

Panel trim

The step I'm currently working on is adding the trim to all the panels of the walls.

I cut the pieces using an x-acto knife and the grid on the cutting board. I have angle cutters, but I've noticed they often crush the small molding strips, so the x-acto gives better results.

And that is all my friends. I'm not sure when my next post will be, but I think it will be the finished library, study, staircase and the bathroom. I leave you with pictures of the many test runs and dry fits I've been having.

Library wall with door to staircase

staircase and bathroom door


The earl's study. The stained glass at the back of the structure is a window in the bathroom

murals in the staircase area

elements from the study staircase and bathroom

Until next time. I wish you all the best and thank you for your friendly support. It means a lot to me.

Big hugs


  1. Absolutely beautiful, as always, Giac. I am constantly awed by your talent. I can't wait to see this whole project when it's completed!

  2. Hello Giac:)

    Oh my God you have been busy and diligent and you say, that you dont have patience! You have made huge work and everything look so realistic and higly detailet. My next project is staircase with something extra, but still dont know, what that extra is? Maybe paneling...those panels you made look so awsome!

    Big hugs

  3. You are so talented! The finished house will be marvelous.

  4. Hi Giac!
    Oh I love the way this is all coming along. The staircase obviously needs some patience to complete, I am glad it's you and not me, I am hopelessly impatient. Love the marble finishes, it's a very similar process to what we did on our benches when we renovated our kitchen. :)
    This will so grand when it's finished.

  5. Hi Giac!
    I always admire your work, your extremely professional and talent. Excellent! as always. Thank you very much for sharing pictures of the progress.
    Warm hugs!

  6. wow Giac, that's looking awesome! and I can only imagine you dreading the painting with so much of it.. ;). It's great to see it all coming together, I love the doors for the bookcases, it finishes them of so nicely and the colour differences on the stairs make it more interesting, good choice! The gold details are a smart way for the not so visible doors not to get lost, nice touch. There's so much more, but to summarize: good work Giac, looking forward to your next post. I always do, but when it will be a finished room (or rooms in this case) even more so! Bye!

  7. Dear Giac, I don't think I have ever "met" a more patient person. I never stop being amazed at the intricate detail of your beautiful work. I am taken back by the picture of the staircase and bathroom door. The feeling of rich wood combined with fine gold detail is really stunning. Blessings, Pam in Norway xx

  8. That is an incredible amount of work, but your well planned intricacy always comes together so beautifully, creating such realistic rooms. I'm in awe.

  9. Yesss! A new post! And it's gorgeous! I can't wait to see the floor finished - yours are things of beauty. And on the whole, it's a marvel. So much patience, skill, precision! It's getting a really cosy feel, grand, yet something where one would like to retreat from the world and snuggle up with a book in front of the fire...

  10. Estoy impresionada con la cantidad de trabajo que has adelantado y la exquisitez que pones en cada detalle!!! De acuerdo contigo en que poner bisagras es una auténtica tortura,por lo que tus puertas extraíbles me parecen muy ingeniosas!
    El color madera es perfecto con la adición del tono oro!! y la técnica de mármol de un realismo que raya lo imposible a esa escala!!
    Deseando ver más avances,no puedo esperar a imaginar cómo quedará ese suelo!!!
    Aquí también el invierno ha sido benigno,a excepción de ésta semana que parece haber llegado todo junto,el frío,la lluvia y la nieve.

  11. O seu trabalho minuncioso e perfeito me deixa sem palavras......tudo maravilhoso meu amigo.

  12. Hi Giac! As usual, your work is absolutely awesome and I can't imagine that you're not patient......look at this huge amount of work you've already done: no, you must be the most patient man there is ;)! Thank you for sharing your exquisite, fabulous work and all the tips, it's much appreciated by many of us! I can't wait to see more of your library.
    Hugs, Ilona

  13. Buongiorno! Il tuo marmo è meraviglioso....e meno male che non ami la pittura! Adoro anche gli armadi per i libri...mi fanno volare con la fantasia! A presto

  14. Hi Giac,
    what a lovely staircase and bathroom door. Marble works well!
    Blogger may be sometimes unstable, but here we are :)
    Have a great week!!! xoxoxox

  15. So beautiful, the staircase is a
    jewel in the hall. And your work
    in the library is great.
    Warm hug/AM

  16. Everything looks so elegant!

  17. I love your work and how you describe what you do, like you I hate the painting and waiting, but well worth it in the end,

  18. Giac, you are extremely accurate, your works are full of charm Your visions are beautiful, not exaggerated and legible You show us the way you create, letting us from the "base"
    I'm glad that I can participate in the process of Creation, watching your actions
    I like people with imagination as powerful as yours (I do not miss it too ;-)
    I have a question- I can not find anywhere stucco for the dollhouse,can you give me links where you buy a variety of decorative elements?
    My e-mail is
    I can not wait for the final result, although I am sure it will be breathtaking :)
    Big hugs

  19. Bonjour Giac, comme toujours, c'est avec admiration et beaucoup de plaisir,que je découvre vos fantastiques travaux.

  20. A new post! Brilliant!! As always, Giac, you don't disappoint. The wood panelling and murals are wonderful and the door to the bathroom....well, it's just superb. The floor is something I'm looking forward to seeing too, the marbles are such a tempting glimpse of what's to come. Keep up the good work, Giac, for you'll never know how much of an inspiration you are to everyone.
    All the best and take care,

  21. Un gran trabajo, impresionante la paciencia que tienes para hacer todo con tanto detalle y tan cuidado. Las puertas extraíbles es una idea muy original. Gracias por compartir el paso a paso es un tutorial estupendo como siempre. Un fuerte abrazo y que pases un muy buen invierno.

  22. Your marble looks very realistic. I love all the wood work. You do beautiful work!

  23. What patience and talent!!! Your work never stops amazing me.

  24. Humbled by your craftsmanship. X

  25. Your work is absolutely awesome. The marble looks real. And the whole is very elegant.

  26. Impresionante trabajo y muy meticuloso. Gracias por los tips. Un saludo

  27. Es impresionante tu trabajo, me encanta y sobre todo cómo y lo bien que explicas cada detalle. Repito es IMPRESIONANTE de buen trabajo y bonito, ¿ Me encanta !. Besos

  28. Hola Giac como siempre un trabajo impresionante y
    absolutamente real.

  29. Resulta fascinante seguir tus progresos, una siente que está presenciando un milagro :) Es realmente hermoso, aún sin hacer, es hermoso. Espectacular la profundidad de las habitaciones, las puertas que dejan ver otras puertas al fondo, maravilloso! Ay, Giac! Ni encuentro las palabras! Admirable! :)

  30. Thanks for the great tutorials and insight into your techniques. The stairs look really good. I like how the stretchers extend out and under the one above. Your marble looks really great too! It is always a joy and inspiration to see your progress and study your work.

  31. Votre travail est incroyable! Vos marbres sont impressionnants de réalisme ! Et vos décors sont si réalistes, si précis, que je me sens tout petit à côté de votre talent et de votre savoir faire!
    Merci pour ce post passionnant et fascinant!
    A bientôt, j'ai hâte de découvrir la suite!

  32. Hello Giac Wow you have done a lot of work. I totally love the bathroom door it is gorgeous. The staircase is very elegant. You really put your heart and soul into your work and it shows. I love your work and am looking forward to seeing more.
    Warm Hugs Maria

  33. Hi Giac!
    It is fantastic pieces you have made! The colour is so beautiful and the floor Whaou!
    Love to see more of this! Thanks for all pictures
    Hugs Titti

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  36. Hi Giac,

    Wat een enorm veel werk heb je al weer
    verricht de afgelopen tijd. Geweldig om alles
    te bekijken, en fantastisch hoe je altijd vol
    overgave alles uitlegt voor medebloggers met
    dezelfde passie.

    Dat trappenhuis is wereklijk een GROOTS
    kunstwerk geworden, enorm veel werk om dit
    allemaal te berekenen en uit te voeren.
    Ook de ingang van de badkamer spreekt mij zeer
    aan en zou er heel graag even gebruikt van
    maken ;-)))
    Ook de vloeren en alle beschilderingen zien
    er zeer fraai uit.Ben heel benieuwd wat je
    ons de volgende keer weer allemaal laat zien.
    Succes met de vorderingen!!!

    Vervelend dat Blogger weer bezig is met vreemde
    zaakjes, ook ik verloor veel volgers.
    Van 492 naar 473, en niet na te gaan wie dat
    dan zijn, uitermate onaangenaam.

    Wens je alvast een heel fijn weekend,

    Veel liefs,

  37. Me impresiona la detallista y meticuloso que eres. Me encanta el realismo y la elegancia que tienen tus trabajos. La vista del estudio con el baño al fondo detrás de las escaleras da una gran sensación de profundidad. Me gustan mucho las escaleras y la puerta de baño.

  38. Giac, that looks very impressive already.
    Love the woodwork (doors, stairs, ALL of it) Thanks again for your tutorials, always very useful keeping them at hand.
    Thanks for posting the liquin recipe again, I was searching for it a while ago but could n't find it then.
    I can see you give every room a lot of thought and that sure pays off!
    big hugs,

  39. Love the murals and that is one drop dead gorgeous bathroom door! Thank you so much for sharing! I so enjoy reading your progress!

  40. Love the murals and that is one drop dead gorgeous bathroom door! Thank you so much for sharing! I so enjoy reading your progress!

  41. Everything is looking great! Love the wood grain and marble, an I appreciate you showing your steps and techniques.

  42. Bonjour Giac, c'est très impressionnant de voir toutes les pièces alignées sur votre table. Comme toujours je suis impressionné par votre minutie, votre escalier est incroyable de perfection. Dans un premier temps je trouvais qu'il y avait beaucoup de barreaux mais à revoir des photos d'escaliers anciens c'est ce qui se faisait, tout est parfait. J'ai hâte de voir votre bibliothèque finie, remplie de livres, ce sera SUPERBE! Vos marbre sont très beaux: les couleurs, les détails, je suis curieux de voir ce que vous allez en faire.
    Bonne continuation.

  43. Hola Giac, qué grande eres!! Un supertrabajo tanto en la ejecución como en la perfección, yo no podría hacer puertas o escaleras! Qué pereza! Y además el gran montaje fotográfico. Vas a tener que alquilar u a nueva casa para tus niños! Tienes toda la casa llena, jajaja. Un abrazo

  44. Hey Giac, OKAY!!! I am officially jealous about all the work you alway get done inbetween posts! ;p
    The room is looking grand, the faux bookcase doors are a great idea. Hugs AM

  45. Incredible work and vision - inspirational. For those of us with much less talent it is such a sheer joy to see what can be achieved by an artist. I envy your ability to think in 3D and creature structures that will eventually just fit together seamlessly. Marilyn

  46. Dear Giac, your work is so incredibly well planned and executed!!! ALL hand made!!! It is a wonder that you can bear to hide so much beautiful detail in places that will never be seen!!! I know, the house demands it, and you will know it is there... but still, we want you to construct extra opening panels or windows just so the viewers can see this beautiful work when it is all constructed!!! I will want to walk into that bathroom... just to have a look, mind you! LOL!!! I applaud your methods with the doors for the library... but you know me... I do LOVE hinges.... so I am sure that I would have used them.... and would not end up with as purely beautiful a design as you have made!!! Your work is so inspiring! And now I know why my "marbling" is so ... incomplete.... I need to add the layers of glaze between the layers of paint!!! (I had suspected as much!) I learn so much from your informative posts! Thank you for sharing... and Thank you for having the courage to construct the Manor in such a Grand way!

  47. I think your door solution is great! You have been very hard at work and worked with so many things! <3 That marble work is amazing. : D And gotta love the bathroom door, so pretty!

  48. Me encanta venir a tu blog dónde puedo aprender un montón de cosas. Eres tan minucioso y cuidas tanto los detalles que es lógico que te quede perfecto.
    Enhorabuena por ese maravilloso trabajo.
    Un abrazo

  49. Wow, you are not any miniaturist, you are an artist and a pro. I can´t begin to imagine the amount of work and real talent needed to do what you have done. I am very impress. When your mansion is finished it will be extraordinary. It is already!

  50. Brilliant job, buddy! And perfect timing - I am just considering panelling for a house I am working on.
    Hope you and Joe are well

  51. Great work Giac, the bookcases look amazing. Thanks for the instructions on painting marble - this makes it look pretty simple with great results. I'm sure when you've made it all into your floor, it will look great. It was also interesting reading about your faux bois technique. I always dry brush gold lightly over my painted wood items, never as a base coat. Might try that next time. Look forward to seeing the next installment!

  52. Hello Giac, I hope you are well, you've been working a lot. Every thing looks with a lot of detail,like usually.
    Big hugs

  53. Hi Giac, i can imaging that the painting of the wood is something you kind of want to put off. But what a result! It looks wunderfull.
    And your marble looks so real, thanks for showing us how you do it. You are a real craftsman en I can't wait to see the progress.

  54. Hello Giac. It`s amazing you`ve made this all by your self... Beautiful.

    Hug from Xandra

  55. Stunning Giac, oh my so beautiful! The murals in the space with the shade of wood tone makes them feel like such a rich elegant space!

    Your attention to detail in trim and finishing is always top notch, the shots with your hands in there look like a giant is playing with a real mansion! :)

    I think the marble is perfect and it just shows how amazing your artistry skill truly are!

  56. You are amazing Giac--I always thought so, but I particularly think so now that I am trying to do some of these things myself!!

  57. Bonjour Giac,
    C'est absolument fantastique!!! C'est incroyable comme tu travailles vite. Merci beaucoup pour toutes ces photos et toutes ces explications. J'adore ton travail.

  58. Maybe the best part among all the stunning things you've shown was your cry for more patience - thanks for a good ROFLing... I bet when I'd look up "patience" in wikipedia they would show a picture of you and the Manor there... *LOL* You've been very productive as well as creative for sure - the progress you've made having in mind how much attention you're paying to the tiniest detail leaves me in awe as always. It was so much fun to have a glimpse into the future when everything will come together and I must once more make you the highest compliment not only for your wonderful building but also for your skills of showing and explaining.

    Birgit (btw nice colors of your marble sheets... gave me somehow a very patriotic feeling *grin*)

  59. Che gran lavoro Giac, sei bravissimo e molto pignolo e il risultato si vede. In Italia quest'anno l'inverno non si è visto, io abito a Perugia, nel centro Italia, e posso dirti che non ho visto un fiocco di neve, mentre la primavera è in anticipo. Ti abbraccio e ti auguro un buon lavoro

  60. Un trabajo perfecto, Giac, y muchas gracias por las explicaciones. Eres un artista! Un beso

  61. Well done on yet another fascinating and inspiring post Giac. It is all looking fabulous as always! I was particularly interested in your painting techniques....I have tried several different techniques of painting a wood effect, but your technique above is different again. Also with marbling, like you, I find the sea sponge gives more control than the ordinary kitchen sponge. Keep up the good work! Am looking forward to seeing what you do next. Celia

  62. Hallo Giac,
    es ist einfach toll zu sehen, wie sie ihre Ideen in die Tat umsetzen. Danke für die Inspiration, für die Anleitung zum Mamorieren und Tipps zum Bau des Treppengeländers. Es ist sicher eine kluge Entscheidung gewesen, die Türen der Bücherschränke abnehmbar zu machen. Ich habe auch immer Bedenken, wenn meine erwachsene Tochter am Veilchenhaus herumspielt :-).
    Liebe Grüße Veilchen

  63. Hi Giac
    You want the Earl's study to be impressive??? It is that and more, as is the whole Manor House! Your work is exquisite and leaves me in awe.
    Thanks for sharing. And I think you have more patience that many of us.
    Cheers, Linda

  64. I get so exciting when I see a new post from you as I just know it's going to be full of new, detailed and interesting things.

  65. Hallo Giac, Sie haben wieder eine super Arbeit geleistet, ganz großes Lob!!!!! Und toll, dass Sie jeden Ihrer Arbeitsschritte so ausführlich und verständlich beschreiben, ich bin wieder ganz begeistert!!!! Ich freue mich schon auf Ihre nächsten Posts!!!!

    Big Hugs


  66. Hello, Giac - You're doing wonderful work, as always, and as always I'm impressed and inspired by the results. The staircase is
    a masterpiece of precision; you cannot know how much I admire that! The library bookcases were beautiful before, but I think that the doors definitely make them much grander. I also like that you highlighted the distant bathroom door in the gold oil paint - a great idea to bring it into closer view. Your marbling technique for the floors is beautiful, and your instructions are so clear that it looks (deceptively, I'm sure) simple. I'm excited to see your next post; you're making such progress with this complex project.

  67. Hola Giac, que ingenioso eres, me encanta la manera en que explicas todo, las puertas extraíbles es una idea estupenda, es verdad que hace ilusión abrirlas, pero a veces terminan rompiéndose. La puerta del baño me parece una verdadera obra de arte, como la escalera, los mármoles...todo lo haces con tan buen gusto, tan bonito y tan perfecto, que solo puedo decirte que eres un gran artista!! Espero tus siguientes avances, y como te digo siempre, es un placer visitar tu blog.
    Un abrazo

  68. Cuanto detalle tienen tus trabajos en miniatura, siempre me sorprendes!!

  69. Hi Giac,
    The studyroom looks Grand! Funny to read/see that you use same kind of technics. Looking forward to see the marble do you find the time to do so much work every time ;)

  70. Hi Giac,

    Wonderful work you are doing and I loved seeing how you go about all the techniques with building it all. The library, staircase and the marbling effect are all so very exquisitely done.
    Thanks for showing us.
    Have a happy weekend

  71. Hola Giac, su trabajo es exquisito y de gran realismo. Felicidades! un abrazo, Marisa

  72. Oh my Giac, such attention to detail crafted with amazing skill and patience. Really stunning work being done here, i have read through this blog twice to ensure I have not missed a detail. Truly inspiring and thank you for sharing so many different ideas.

  73. Hi Giac, I am always amazed at the amount of work you have done each time you post. Your work looks wonderful as always. The solution for the non opening but still accessible bookcases is very clever. And the staircase, well, that is just gorgeous. Reading through your post made me think of Palace Het Loo (no, nothing to do with toilets ;-) ) in the Netherlands where a lot of faux wood and marble is used.

  74. Hi Giac,
    I love the way you made that staircase and thanks for all the instructions. I love staircases, but they certainly can be problematic--and my patience sometimes is short! I love those bookcase doors, also.
    Judith & Iris March

  75. Giac hi! your work is beyond impressive. You're a master architect in miniature scale. *bows*


  76. Hola Giac!! Como siempre un trabajo perfecto!! Es impresionante la precisión y minuciosidad que tienen tus trabajos!! Sencillamente maravilloso!! Un gran abrazo!!

  77. Hello Giac....great your dollhouse!!!

    Greetings from vienna :o)


  78. It is always wonderful to observe the accuracy of your work, the details of each item. I love this house and see the birth of a new work is always nice!

  79. A riqueza de detalhes é o que me faz admirar cada vez mais o teu trabalho...abraços

  80. Another great job! the stairs I find very beautiful, a great WOW!

  81. Amazing work. I really enjoy seeing how you go about making each part of the house - so much more interesting than just being shown the finished product (which by the way is mind blowing). Your eye for detail is remarkable. I can see you have your work cut out for you, but oh how I would love to commission a replica of Willowbrook from you. Perhaps one day!

  82. Hi Giac,
    It's so fun to see how you make everything! I really appreciate your detailed information and photos. It really is amazing for me to see this process and I am blown away by your creativity and attention to detail. I can't wait to see more. :)
    Hugs to you,

  83. Che lavoro minuzioso per fare le scale...sei un genio!
    Un bacione Giac

  84. Hello Giac

    looks like a lot of work but I'm sure its a labor of love very interesting the work you do :)


  85. Your works are amazing and you are so talented.I admire everyting you do!!!

  86. My Dear Sir Giac! Every time I think that your work has reached the pinnacle of PERFECTION, you do something else which adds yet another layer of "WOW" on top of all of the others!!!! You are a MASTER of Miniatures and I am simply in AWE!!!!! :D

    and this is while it is still under construction!?!?!


  87. Thank you Giac!!!!!

    When it comes to your dollhouse next? A lot of work ?

    Hugs from vienna

  88. Hi Giac, What can I say that has not been said?? Awesome work! Congrats��

  89. Wow that great stairs you have so much patience to make something so beautiful. I myself made a staircase thought it was a terrible job also collapsed until she stopped in several times. Knows so well how difficult it is and what you have made a professional job.
    Have a nice day,
    groetjes van Marijke

  90. Ciao Giac, grazie del commento, ti lascio i miei più sinceri AUGURI di Buona Pasqua. A presto. ;) NI

  91. Amigo mio no sé que decirte más--Cada vez que te visito alucino en colores jajaja
    Eres la caña..Creo que no hay nadie que te supere en las miniaturas,,Tus detalles el amor que pones en cada rincón y elemento

    eres FANTASTICO!!

    Gracias por siempre estar y por compartir

  92. The staircase is magnificent! Love the photo snapped of all the various pieces laid out on the dining table. Making small things takes up a lot of space!

  93. Happy May Giac and thanks for the kind visit to my blog.
    Hope you are having fun and as always am amazed at your expertise and skill with all you do with your miniatures.

  94. Sempre que vejo teus trabalhos fico encantada com a riqueza dos detalhes.Voce é um artista meu amigo .

  95. OMG! you often work for each of the parties, certainly at the end the entire set will be impressive, as everything you do always.
    A big hugs :0)

    Quedria enviarte mi blog para que lo mires haved que te parece gracias