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Tuesday 5 January 2016

Progress: staircase, fireplace, archway and windows

Hello my friends,

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Mine was great! We spent time with family, had wonderful food, saw great movies, and I spent a fair bit of time on my minis. I did not comment on your blogs over the holidays. I make it a point to stay away from my computer during the holidays, but I am back at it now. Thank you for your comments on my last post. I was asked 2 question on my last post. The animal in front of the fireplace is a Pharaoh hound I purchased at the Montreal Miniature show last year from Karl Blindheim. secondly, I speak English, french and Italian...but I use Google Translate to leave comments on your blogs. I like answering in the language the post was written.

I had planned on spending the holiday break painting, but as I looked at that huge pile of lumber I decided it would be easier to assemble as much as I can before painting. Individual lumber strips are tiresome to paint and hard to manoeuvre. So, I spent my holidays building the elements for the library floor. Here is what got done. I have already covered most of these items, so feel free to skip anything repetitive.

View from the front of the structure

The staircase:

Staircases seem to worry many. The manor has 3 staircases built from scratch and while they are time consuming, they are not difficult at all. There are many ways to build the steps. For this staircase I cut 22 pieces of MDF to 4" x 5/8" x 3/4". Each one of these will be a 5/8 inch step. As I mentioned in my last post, I glued them together using a spacer I made a long time ago.

The spacer keeps the steps consistent and speed up the process immensely. I use carpenters glue to join the pieces with a drop of gel super glue on each end. I repeat, the super glue is just to keep the pieces together while the carpenter's glue sets. Sometimes the MDF drinks the super glue, so I just add a drop more.

The next step is normally to add nosing on the top of each piece. However, the saw I used left marks and I really did not feel like sanding each piece, so I glued a 1/16" x 5/8" x 4"riser on the front of each piece, then glued on the nosing over that, always with the 2 glues.

I used a small cove molding this time, but in the past quarter round moulding has worked well. These steps will be glued to the wall, but it will be difficult for me to make sure they go on straight because of the tight space. To help keep the staircase level, I used leftover lumber to make a support for the lower section of the staircase.

When this is dry the next step is to glue on the newel posts at each end and the banister. To do this, I start by gluing 2 balusters (spindles) in place

You can see one on the 3d and 14th steps. this enables me to make sure the banister follows the angle of the staircase. The next step is to glue the top and bottom newel posts. I made these from a piece of 1/2" x 1/2" lumber, but you can buy some already made. When the 2 balusters and the newel posts are solid, then I cut and glue the banister in place.

My staircase has 4 newel posts. The top and bottom ones are covered in fluted molding, the 2 middle ones will be left simple, at least until the staircase is permanently glued in place.

I applied the fluted molding onto the newel post after the banister was glued and solid. The banister being solid is the most important part of the build.

I use a porch banister with a groove that goes over the tops of the balusters. If you purchase round balusters, the banister will be thinner. If you use the traditional square based ones you need to make sure your banister is the larger kind. I always ask the shop I'm buying from to double check the fit before they ship them to me.

Each step will get 2 balusters. I will cut the tops of each one at an angle that matches that of the banister and paint them. When the time comes, I will put a bit of Ultimate Glue on the top and bottom of each painted baluster, slip it into the cavity of the banister, then hold them down on the step and line them up to dry. If any of this is unclear, let me know. I will try to show pictures when the time comes to finish the stairs.

With the banisters done, it was time for a test fit. I added 2 pieces of lumber to support the landing of the staircase.

These will be used to glue the landing in place securely when the time comes. I then put the 2 other parts of the staircase in place, one under the landing and the other one over, to see the full effect.

The top section of  the staircase is not properly installed, but it gives you an idea of the final effect
 Originally, the landing was going to be 4 inches deep. However, since I decided to make a bathroom underneath it the space is now closer to 6 inches. I will create a built in bench that runs along the staircase window which should fix it. And here is a glimpse of the staircase from the front.

I think reaching in to faux walnut the structure which will show through the paneling will be difficult, so I am considering filling the panels with a painting to look like a mural

And the above picture brings me to project # 2...

The Archway:

The archway was inspired by a Thorne Room I like. I thought it would be a nice way to separate the areas. I started by making the columns to support the arch. This was done with 1/2" x 1/2" lumber, once again covered with molding.

The bottom section is made with basewood lumber strips, this is capped off with a chair rail molding, over that is fluted molding, and just under the arch is some ogee molding

The left shows the base of the column, and the right side shows the top of the ogee molding which the arch will sit on.

The arch is made from 2 pieces of double thick illustration board into which I cut out the arch shape. I used leftover 1/2" lumber to join the 2 sides, and then I cut a half inch strip of single ply illustration board which I scored on the back to help it follow the curve (I show this better when I talk about the fireplace in the earl's office).

In the above picture you can see I built the arch piece to fit over the column. This will make it easy to glue on. This will not be visible to anybody. And here is what the front of the archway looks like...

...and here is what it looks like in place.

The bottom of the left column was notched to fit over the first step. This will make it look like one big structure...I hope.

The fireplace and chimney breast of the earl's office

This always happens with the small rooms of the manor! I think I subconsciously make up for their lack of size by making them more ornate. In this case the earl's office is  inspired by the dining room at my favorite house in Newport, The Elms. Here is what the chimney and fireplace look like

The chimney breast is a piece of 2 ply illustration board front with 2 1" x 1/8 inch basewood strips for the sides. To create the column effect on each side, I again used 1/2" x 1/2" lumber and covered it in fluted molding.

By the way, the 1/2" x 1/2" lumber is joint pine from the hardware store, and the fluted molding is actually miniature window frame molding. I used leftover pieces of basewood to make the back of the chimney solid

I used more joint pine, basewood and ogee molding to finish off the top of the columns

The arched pieces are made from basewood and topped with 2 layers of single ply illustration board, the top one being a bit larger then the first to create detail. In the picture above you can see how I scored the back of the cardboard to curve easier, and in the picture below you can see the structure embellished with and over door and a frieze molding from Sue Cook.

The longest step was the fireplace. I made it and the over mantel out of the 2 ply illustration board. It was again inspired b the one in the elms dining room and it took hours to cut out the details...but is was worth it. In the first picture of the fireplace you can see the fireplace was a flat piece of illustration board with several basewood molding strips.

I painted them to look like marble. The red "stone" goes behind the black. Yet again, leftover pieces of wood help make the fireplace sturdy and helps keep the red marble insert in place.

I had another dry run to see the full effect of the office fireplace...

The niche and cornice are from Sue Cook as well. The niche will remain a pale off white color. I am not sure if the cornice will remain white or will be faux painted, but everything else will be walnut. The paintings I used as "murals" are not final. I will definitely use works by Nicolas Poussin though. It will be a small room, but a bold room.

Yes, maybe we will barely see the archway through the office door, but I don't care...I'll know it's there.

Library windows:

I know I took pictures as I was building these, but I just can't find them. I will try to explain as clearly as I can. I have made every window in the manor because the ones on the market are just too small.

The first step is to build a frame with 1/4 inch basewood. In the past I built them free standing, but this time around I was lucky enough to be able to built them right onto the illustration board inner wall.

They are held onto the illustration board by the window frame molding on the inside of the room. In the library, I tried to create the illusion of double hung sash windows. these consist of a smaller pane on the bottom and a larger one on the top. each pane is made of 1/8'' x 1/16'' inch basewood strips.

It can be hard to get all the pieces to align properly, so I use the 1/8'' x 1/16'' as supports for each sash...

You can see my finger holding 2 strips of the basewood. The bottom ones goes all the way the the frame, and the top one does not. I hope the next picture shows how these strips glued on the side create supports for the window panes.

I will try to take better pictures next time...and there will be a next time. So far the manor has 33 windows and there are at least another 45 to go.

So, as I said, no painting got done over the holidays. I was a bit disappointed at first because I am dying to see the elements I've made so far finished, but I am thrilled because my pile of lumber that needs to be painted has gone down by about 30%

It's not that bad...really...

Christmas present:

And to finish off this post, my Christmas present. As usual, Jo got both families together to get me something in miniature. They got me one of Randall Zadar's newest pieces called Porcelain Set

It is 1'' tall and while you can get the 5 figurines on the top separately (the lady, the peacock and the 3 cupids) only 50 sets were made with the base so I am thrilled to have one.  The picture does not do it justice. I can't wait to finish the new wing and put it in place...either in the gallery or the new library.

And that is all for this time my friends. The next time I post, I hope to have finished the painting and started assembly. Until then, I will be reading and commenting on your blogs.

Big hug to all


  1. Happy New Year to you as well. This post is chalk full of great things. You have been busy! The new stairs look wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing the room(s) complete. The faux marble is pretty awesome too. Congrats on the great Christmas present. Keep up the good work.

  2. Happy New Year Giac, Great progress on your build. So nice to have mini time over the holidays .... Such a luxury.
    So considerate of Jo and the Family to buy you something so special.
    Regards and thanks for the instruction on the steps.
    You make is sound so simple!

  3. Hello Giac

    Nice work as always and happy new year to you:)

  4. Happy New Year Giac~!
    Thank you for the explanation and I loved watching your detailed progress. Best wishes for painting and assembling! Your Christmas present is very amazing, such a rare and pretty miniature! : >

  5. Oh my, may I congratulate you on your Christmas present? It looks amazing, so detailed! Great job on all of this, though I especially love the staircase somehow - so much patience and skill! You rock:-)
    Happy New Year:-)

  6. Very interesting to see the staircase and how you buildt it. The accuracy is very impressive, detail likewise. Pam in Norway xx

  7. Un post muy interesante,ver la construcción de la escalera ha sido maravilloso,en tus manos se hace tan fácil,pero no lo es tanto!!! Me encanta ver lo avanzado que vas,has trabajado mucho estas navidades,te has mantenido muy ocupado,pero todo va tomando forma de manera prodigiosa ante nuestros ojos.
    El arco y la chimenea son fabulosos!!!!
    Hasta la próxima en que veremos los tonos ya dados!!

  8. Ah!! se me olvidó decirte que la pieza de Randall Zadar es una auténtica maravilla!!!

  9. Oh you have been a busy boy Giac. :) I'm pleased you showed so much detail with the stairs, it will help me when the time comes that I need to make some myself...thank you.

  10. Thank you for sharing your work, its such an inspiration!

  11. Precioso trabajo....tus tecnicas y explicaciones son estupendas.
    Un abrazo

  12. Hi Giac! Happy New Year to you and Jo!
    Thank you for so generously sharing your work with us, for taking all the efforts to make clear pictures and your explanation of how you make your miniature builds!
    I loved to see how you've made your grand staircase, I bet it will be wonderful when finished. I can imagine for seeing someone (beautifully dressed), who is solemnly striding of this beautiful staircase.......
    Your Christmas present is really breathtaking, what an awesome and rare beauty, you lucky bird ;)! Enjoy!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  13. You're a magician, Giac? I think you're a magician !!!! If you're not, your palace itself is pure magic! Someone should start thinking about a museum to expose it when it's finished! I feel fortunate to be able to see how it is taking shape. Absolutely wonderful !!! Happy New Year!!! A hug! :)
    I also will write to the translator; I hope you get it right! :)

  14. Hi Giac and Happy New year to you and your loved ones!First: the Christmaspresen you have got is amazing and beautiful!
    Thank you for showing how you made that gorgeous staircase! It will be so beautiful when finished!

  15. Hello! The staircase is very nice. Happy New Year!

  16. Happy New Year, Giac! Your detailed work is an inspiration to me. How did you know I needed help with the banister on my stairway? LOL! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your excellent description and pictures!
    Hugs, Karen

  17. Cet escalier est superbe, comme le reste d'ailleurs !
    *Belle et Heureuse Année* Giac ! Joce

  18. Cet escalier est superbe, comme le reste d'ailleurs !
    *Belle et Heureuse Année* Giac ! Joce

  19. Hi Giac,
    Happy New Year to you as well! All I can say is "wow" about this post. I can't believe you did this all from scratch. It's truly an amazing work of art. The new mini angel figure is stunning. It's always a pleasure to read your blog and see your updates.
    xo Farrah

  20. ¡Feliz año 2016!
    Parece fácil hacer la escalera tal como lo cuentas , pero has debido hacer un molde muy bueno y tener mucha paciencia para que quede perfecta. Me encanta ver los progresos, Tu regalo es una maravilla.

  21. Happy New Year 2016!
    You're a great artist. Everything is perfect. The staircase is fantastic.

  22. Dear Giac, I can hardly believe you could do something else, besides building this fabulous staircase ... And yet, it seems, you have also found time to celebrate Christmas in the best way, something for which I am of course very happy :-)
    You are always more for me an example of how you can develop a project too ambitious calmly and methodically, without being swallowed up by it but also not neglect it. I'm pretty deficient in this ... Or I throw myself into or abandon it altogether :-(
    Pending further prodigious developments, I take this opportunity to send a warm hug to share with your loved ones :-)

  23. Hello Giac...and Happy Belated Holidays to you with warm wishes for a wonderful 2016 ahead. I absolutely admire, adore, and love that you share your work on this blog. I don't blog often as my time is limited but I just had to stop by and let you know that I do stop by a lot so please continue with your wonderful work. (fats)

  24. First of all: Happy New Year to you and Jo! And congrats on this stunning Christmas gift... it's beyond my imagination how this is done - in that size with all those details looking no different than a real sized one. You've made a lot of progress and as always it was fun to follow you on your "journey" - btw you're superb in explaining what you do both with words and exquisite photos. Sometimes even I get a feeling I could do this when you explain it... okay, just for one or two seconds because then my good senses start to shout "Who are you going to fool with this?!" *LOL* But in all honesty, it's always an inspiration to see what you do and how you do it. And because I'm coming right away from Betsy's blog I now declare both of you the king and queen of "It might not be visible but I'll know it's there!" Your stairs and the archway are breathtaking for sure!


  25. Again, your miniature artistry astounds me! You do everything so beautifully and precise. Although the staircase is beautifully constructed, it is the fireplace that is my favourite here... I love the effect the marbling has - it is just so perfect.

  26. Well, you have done a lot in my opinion. Thank you for almost step by step how to do's. :) Although not painted they all already look great, yet I have to say I can't wait to see the fireplace painted most. Well of course I can't wait to see the stairs and archway and windows painted and on place too.
    The gift looks precious and so tiny - good to have such family around.:)
    Big hug,

  27. I'm a beginner at this craft ! I have put my house together and I'm now doing as much research as possible . I would just like to say what an inspiration you are . Thank you. Lizzie

  28. Hola Giac, me encanta la escalera, es perfecta, y el resto de tus trabajos geniales.
    Felicidades por esa preciosa figura

  29. Happy New Year! Wow, you did a lot! And what a lovely, lovely gift you got!!! It's so precious! I wish you happy painting, and as always look forward to your next post! xxx

  30. Lo tuyo es pura arquitectura! Feliz año nuevo

  31. The stairs and the arch are already gorgeous. I love the fireplace and the painting you have done on it. What a treasure the Randall Zadar's piece is. I bet you were thrilled to bits!

  32. Hi Giac,

    Met veel bewondering heb ik weer al je
    bezigheden zitten bekijken en gelezen.
    Zo FANTASTISCH hoe jij alles stap voor stap
    kan uitleggen.

    De trappen worden ongelooflijk mooi,
    en zo leuk om op een paar foto's jou hand
    erbij te zien, dan zie je pas goed hoe klein
    alles wordt vervaardigd, een war KUNSTENAAR
    ben je!!!!!

    Fijn te lezen dat jullie allen genoten hebben
    met de feestdagen, en wat een GEWELDIG cadeau
    heb je gekregen. Kan me goed voorstellen dat je bijna niet kan wachten om het neer te zetten
    t.z.t als alles voltooid is.

    Veel succes met de vorderingen............


  33. These are fantastic tutorials (as always) and I think this is the best of your stair tutorials. I just tackled making my first flight of stairs using your virtual help. I never would have tried it if I hadn't been able to say "Giac does it so give it a try!"

  34. I do so love that you show in detail how to accomplish the construction of elements. What a grand banquet of building time you made with your holiday. Some people just bake cookies :)

  35. Hi Giac! Happy New Year! it is great to know you had such a good Holiday with your family! And that you accomplished so much in your mini Construction! You are Fearless when it comes to making the structures yourself! And your end results are always just Jaw-droppingly awesome!!! I think the library mantelpiece is stunning.... and love the art you have used, even if it is not the final art! It is Bold and Beautiful! Your steps for building the stairs are very helpful.... it is so easy to get confused with the measurements... the right number of steps between floors, etc. You have broken it down to a simple formula! The balusters are always so tricky to cut at the right length in order to space them right..... I am sure you have a system for that too! As usual, you have accomplished so much and with such style! I can't wait to see more!!!

  36. Hi Giac!
    Your Christmas gift is exquisite! I love how you take care to make everything authentic! 78 windows! Image how awesome it will look with natural lighting through out !

  37. Just wondrous! Turning simple things into beautiful works of "butterflies in my belly" art! Please keep the photos coming! They make me sooooo Happpppppyyyyyyy!!!!!

  38. Bonjour Giac,
    tous mes vœux de bonne année. Votre travail est comme toujours, parfait!! Merci de nous expliquer la construction de votre escalier (et du reste), c'est très intéressant. J'adore particulièrement les 2 couleurs de marbre et le modèle de votre cheminée, l'ensemble est vraiment beau. Votre chien pharaon est très sympathique;-)
    A bientôt

  39. Giac,
    What great progress on the new addition! Love the Artwork Wall Panels and that Fireplace is a great version of the one we saw in Newport......well done!

  40. I'm back with happy new year! phew ... what wonderful to see what you make.
    The staircase is gorgeous! and what a wonderful decoration (the lady, the peacock and the three cupids) I'm jealous, ha, ha.

  41. I'm back with happy new year! phew ... what wonderful to see what you make.
    The staircase is gorgeous! and what a wonderful decoration (the lady, the peacock and the three cupids) I'm jealous, ha, ha.

  42. Giac,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful, detailed work and sharing it so generously. The fireplace is amazing as are the windows, etc, etc. Hope 2016 is a great year for you. Can't wait to see more of your incredible work.

  43. Feliz Año Giac!!!

    Parece tan sencillo...has trabajado muchísimo,es un placer admirar la creación de esa escalera a través de las fotos,la chimenea, los paneles, espectaculares!!!

    Como siempre, cada vez que veo tus trabajos, me quedo maravillada
    Un besin

  44. Happy New Year to you Giac. There are so many ways to make a staircase and your method is different make it all look so easy! Really love your red "marble" fireplace too and it looks stunning against the black. So looking forward to seeing what you are up to next! Celia

  45. Hallo Giac,
    ein gesundes neues Jahr, für sie und ihre Familie.
    Sie waren wieder unheimlich fleißig. Der Holzstapel ist ja gigantisch und die Anzahl der Fenster würde mich an den Rand der Verzweiflung bringen. Vielen Dank für die detaillierten Schritte ihrer Treppenfertigung. Ich habe viel gelernt.
    Liebe Grüße Veilchen

  46. Your windows are looking great, very effective! Thanks for all the steps HA a pun, no not stair steps, progress steps :) Your staircases are awesome. And what wonderful Christmas present, lucky you---

  47. A great work !! Happy New Year. a hug, Marisa

  48. Hello Giac.
    I will follow your example and comment in your language using the Google translator. I hope to be kind and leave something coherent.
    Whenever I visit your blog, I go with the feeling of having attended a master class architecture, decoration and perpectiva. Besides a lesson in good taste.
    Your works are meticulous and done with care and dedication attention to detail. Your results are spectacular.
    I congratulate you, and look forward to welcoming another class. You enrich me. Thank you.
    Your Christmas gift is wonderful. A treasure that will look beautiful in your grand mansion.
    All the best for 2016.
    A hug.

  49. Giac you are a wonder. Thank you so very much for sharing your amazing work!!! All the best for the New Year!! Carriexx

  50. Hello Giac,

    I wish you a good 2016. After nearly a year's absence, I am pleased to have again time and energy for my hobbies and to be able to enjoy your beautiful building arts.

    Kind regards Xandra

  51. Happy new year Giac!
    Thanks for sharing this post. It is amazing!!
    See forward for the rest.
    Hugs Titti

  52. Happy New Year to you and yours too!!!
    Thank you for showing us your great work!

  53. Happy New year,Giac! Quel travail magnifique! Merci pour ce beau partage. L'escalier est superbe, la construction de l'arche est très réussie, et j'adore la cheminée aussi!!! Je vais souvent venir admirer l'avancée de cette stupéfiante réalisation!!!

  54. Happy New Year Giac to you and your loved ones. Wow as always your work is awesome. I love your fireplace it is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing so much of your work with us.
    Hugs Maria

  55. Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you Giac. What wonderful staircases and archway! So kind of you to always share your straightforward techniques. Great you had a break for Christmas, it is such a wonderful time of the year. I took December off from selling so I could spend more time designing, organizing, baking and cooking. Mini Hugs, Jean

  56. The stairs are so grand looking, of course its your use of molding and trim along the posts and edges make them look regal! The fireplace is a beautiful piece as all your work is.

    I hope your new year is inspired and life is good!

  57. Happy New Year Giac, to you and your family and glad you had a great Christmas. Wise to shut off the computer for the holidays.
    The work you are doing is amazing, love the staircase, the fire mantle and the arches - I want to go and live there.
    Best wishes for a wonderful 2016

  58. Hello Giac, Happy New Year to you and Jo. What a fabulous start to 2016! Your ideas and dedication are an inspiration to us all.
    All the best

  59. Hello Giac,
    My days have been very busy this week, but I finally managed to read your blog post. Then I re-read it, then I studied it. I wish I could memorize it, because there is so much helpful information. I appreciate your sharing some of the critical measurements for the stairway, and I think the spacer for the steps is ingenious. Thank you for that idea. I loved seeing your archway (what beautiful, even, smoothly-flowing arches you made!) and the amazing red and black marble fireplace. Those colors are perfect, and the murals, whatever you decide on, will set it off beautifully. I'm already in love with that room. It's easy to understand why you accomplished no painting over the holidays, as you had planned! Your porcelain figurine Christmas gift is wonderful.
    I had such a good time reading this post; thank you!

  60. Sono contenta di sapere che hai trascorso un bel Natale. La nostra vigilia di Natale purtroppo è stata orribile, ci hanno fatto visita i ladri, fra le altre cose, hanno rubato l'auto che mio marito aveva acquistato appena un anno fa al momento dell'andata in pensione, doveva servire per i nostri viaggetti. Come se non bastasse anche la mia adorata reflex ha preso il volo.......è stato orribile. Per fortuna a Natale le nostre tre nipotine ci hanno fatto dimenticare almeno per un giorno i nostri guai.
    Complimenti per i tuoi meravigliosi lavori nel castello delle meraviglie. Un abbraccio

  61. ¡Que maravilla de trabajo! Esa escalera es perfecta, gracias por las explicaciones. Y el regalo de Jo ¡que maravilla! Feliz año 2016 para ti y los tuyos, lleno de miniaturas preciosas. Un abrazo

  62. Compliments Giac. Your miniatures are really fantastic. Pretty work!! Have a nice day! Big hugs. NI

  63. Compliments Giac. Your miniatures are really fantastic. Pretty work!! Have a nice day! Big hugs. NI

  64. Amazing to see how it develop, you
    have a awesome instinctive feeling
    for this. Wonderful

  65. Bonjour Giac,
    C'est absolument fantastique!!! Quel bonheur de voir toutes ces photos des détails de la construction. Un grand Merci.

  66. Absolutely breath-taking, as usual! I love reading your updates: they are so inspirational!

  67. That little sculpture is absolutely lovely. So elegant and delicate! Looks like you have gotten a lot done over the past few weeks. Looking forward (as always) to see what you accomplish next! Wish I could see your dollhouse and work space in real life. :)

  68. Cada vez que veo lo que haces me maravilla la perfección y el buen gusto que tienes. La escalera es perfecta, como todo. Te deseo un Feliz Año y que sigas haciendo esas preciosas obras de arte .

  69. Hello Giac, your staircase is amazing and your figurine is absolutely exquisite. The murals are a beautiful work of art x

  70. I think it's very smart to assemble and paint along the way, makes it less daunting I can imagine. It looks so good and I always enjoy your thinking and how you make things, I think the arch will look as one with the stairs, it adds great interest (even if you don't see it very well with the doorway in front, I can understand your choice well!). It's so sweet of Jo to always make sure you get something awesome and one of 50, that's something special indeed! And that pile of lumber does look a little less massive, but still lots to go, enjoy and you'll hopefully be able to proceed soon!

  71. Hola, me encanta ver el paso a paso de tu costrucción, eres increible, me gusta como trabajas, la escalera me parece maravillosa, felicidades.Inma

  72. Exellent and delicate work! :)
    you have endless inspiration and style when you do these miniatures :)
    have a lovely days

  73. What a great blogpost al those details wow I love it!
    groetjes van Marijke

  74. I am always fascinated by your work dear friend, and, as in this case, I can not avoid save photos on my pc and observe them carefully in all details. Your job is unique!

  75. Hi Giac,

    You must have the patience of a Saint as I know how work must go into all your amazing work.
    Also love the Christmas present you got.
    Many thanks for visiting me and your kind words.
    Hope you are enjoying the week

  76. Hello Giac and regards from Finland! Your work is magnificent! I don't find words to describe my feelings...Good luck with your great peoject and happy new year 2016!

  77. You're just an incredibly clever! Beautiful small house nearing completion.

  78. Buenos días Giac: Sus trabajos y sus avances en las habitaciones son espectaculares, son siempre dignos de admiración con unos resultados bellísimos. Su regalo de Navidad es una preciosidad. Muchas gracias por compartir sus trabajos!! Un abrazo muy fuerte!!

  79. I'm very late with this Giac but a very Happy New Year to you. I just love it when I see a new post from you. I know it's going to be full of wonderful pics and excellent progress - enough to make me feel inadequate! On the other hand, it does inspire me to crack on and create. Keep it up, I'm loving this house!

  80. Amigo Giac nunca dejaras de sorprenderme..Tu meticulosidad en tus trabajos son expectaculares..esas escaleras sin un minimo fallo..todo perfecto..eres un gran artista y te admiro por ello

    Gracias por compartirlos

    Con cariño Victoria

  81. Welcome Giac :)
    Your arrangements are breathtaking, are extraordinary, stunning, beautiful!:):):)
    I fell in love in the blue room with paintings on the walls and white furniture.
    Thank you for visiting and beautiful comments, It`s very nice for me;you create a beautiful world in miniature, your interior is full of historical truth; I started just three months ago my adventure with thumbnails, my furnishings are coming up by me, it is more intuitive than close historical truth...
    Greetings cordially, wishing the same good ideas:)

  82. Sei un grande artista Giac ...rimango sempre incantata...per la perfezione. Bellissime le tue scale
    Un abbraccio caro Giac


  83. I liked very much to see the construction of the ladder. I love how you explain the "step by step" and how advanced it go, I was amazed to see how simple pieces of wood can create something so beautiful and in such detail.
    The bow and the fireplace are simply fabulous ! I would also like to take advantage of free time to make miniatures, but lately I have very little free time .
    A big hug.

  84. Sei un grande artista Giac ...rimango sempre incantata...per la perfezione. Bellissime le tue scale
    Un abbraccio caro Giac

  85. amazing! The detail in the archwork is great.

  86. Ciao Giac! Grazie per il tuo commento di incoraggiamento! Aspiro a costruire stanze realistiche come le tue. Sei un grande artista! A presto Milena

  87. Que trabajos tan hermosos haces Giac, me fascina visitar tu blog, y ver estas maravillosas entradas que además, nos explicas con todo lujo de detalles. La escalera es una belleza, igual que la chimenea y el mármol que has pintado para ella. Todo es precioso y perfecto. El regalo de Jo es un tesoro que aún lucirá más en tu mansión!!

  88. I am always amazed with your work!!!

  89. Aww :-) Wie immer eine super schöne Arbeit, Giac, ich liebe es!!!!!!

    Big Hugs


  90. Hello !! have spent the evening going through your postings !! some wonderful stuff !! I have recently arrived in the miniature world and wondering if I shall ever get out alive !! I can see that you are completely Inside your work, miniature gifts, house taken over etc ,,, I am still studying and testing and buying most books I can find and YT and blogs. There are a lot of really bad stuff out there and some surpisingly good stuff. I have recently discovered Ferd Sobol who totally disheartens me !! I have made some armchairs and miniature glass display cases of eggs and shells and stuffed fish and am still testing materials.The thing is that I wake up with this and go to bed with this and get up to sketch ideas !! I first began some years ago when I was asked to make miniature leather suitcases and trunks for Louis Vuitton and had to find solutions for the tiny handles and the golf bag and folding beds and parasols !! it was a fantastic experience. I have decided to make a miniature of a famous designers home and am researching equivelent furnishings for it whilst mocking up the house in old cardboard for scale and layout. I love you energy and will follow you with passion. Many thanks best wishes Stephanie Murray