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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Tale of Two Libraries...

Hello everyone.
I hope you are all doing well and that life is treating you kindly. Before I go on, I just want to thank all of you for taking the time to comment on my work and a big welcome to all my new followers. I never would of thought so many people would follow my adventures.

This week, I finished the two libraries of the Manor
The Mahogany Library
The Walnut Library
Mahogany Library
First let me start with the Mahogany Library. Here is a picture of what it used to look like

 You may remember the carpet, a piece of red velvet I glued down with spray adhesive, came undone. This was not a bad thing because while I loved the red the carpet was boring and not what I really wanted. The other thing that bothered me, just like in the Ballroom, is that the paper, which I love, was so busy things got lost in the room. I decided to add some panelling to help balance the room...but first, the floor

The first step was to make a template using thin cardboard to cut a sub floor in illustration board. This was difficult because the bookcases were permanently attached and could not come off
Once the sub floor was ready, I started by gluing down the Greek key and borders that I wanted to stain black
I stained it by mixing about 3/4 black oil paint to 1/4 liquin, brushed it on, and then let it dry for a week and a half. The next step was to figure out the pattern inside the borders. I decided on a diamond pattern so got to cutting them
I am often asked about the iron on wood. I believe it is used to line real life furniture and counters. It comes in rolls of different sizes and has an adhesive back that is activated when heated with an iron. I used the red thing to cut off the sections of the blade of my utility knife as an angle guide, and a 1/2  inch lumber strip for the size of the piece. You can see the diamond under the small metal square before I cut it. Next I had a test run for the pattern I was thinking about
On the left is my original idea. I would glue down the diamonds, stain them red, then add a small wood strip between it all.. like a lattice design. however I hated the way the red stained squares looked. too much stain and it looked like plastic, and if you put less the yellow of the maple wood showed through and the effect was bad. I was going to use different shade woods and not stain when I accidentally brushed all the tiles together and that is when I saw the star pattern. I liked the idea so I put more down, and before you knew it I was seeing 3d cubes. I loved it, cut many more hundreds of diamonds, and glued them down.
It went pretty fast compared to other floors. I then went over it all with an iron, weighed it down for 48 hours, then added 3 coats of shellac and waxed it
The floor went smoothly and took about 45 hours to make, which was about 2/3 the time the ballroom floor took. The only problem I encountered was about 20 diamonds came loose after I applied the shellac. I glued them back down with wood glue, but the edges absorbed a bit too much shellac
It does not look too bad and I put a table and a plant over looks like a little water damage.

The next step was the wall panels. For some reason I did not take pictures, but they are just faux finished illustration board with baseboard and chair rail added. Then it was time for my mini nemesis...curtains.

After I came up with a design I cut out the top part in double thick illustration board and covered it with fabric
I glued the fabric to the back of the illustration board. Next I took out my Pretty Pleater and pleated the fabric. When it was set I glued on a piece of illustration board so the drapes would keep their shape
Finally I added a little gold braid around the top pieces (same as in the Ballroom) and then I cut out cardboard rectangles and covered them with a yellow/ gold cotton fabric to look like roll down shades. I also added a little braid to them
When all was dry I glued on the wall panels, then the drapes and that was done...I almost killed myself reaching in to attach the drapes in the desk nook, but one must suffer for art.

The gold border in the panelling was an after-thought. Originally this was to be the family library, but now it has become the room where gentlemen would gather during parties. I decided Lord and Lady Dewell  are now the Earl and Countess of Truro. Honestly, I decided this because the Ballroom felt a little grand for an every day family, and countess is one of my favourite words in the English language.
And here are pictures of the finished Mahogany Library with the 2 gold Metropolitan chandeliers from the Getzans. These are my favourite fixtures and I will order the same ones in bronze for the Great Room


Walnut Library

While I was working on the Mahogany Library, I also worked on the Walnut Library. This was originally the Bedroom hall. It was such a big space I felt it a waste not to use it better. Since the Mahogany library became a show off room, I decided a second library outside the bedroom doors would work. The children could have their lessons here, and Lady Dewell could read to them in the evening. Here is the original room

The first thing I did was figure out how big the bookcases could be. The main problem was accessing the room
there is an opening for the attic staircase on the top of the structure and 3bedroom doors. In the picture above you can see my arm through the door. I had to make sure the bookshelves would fit in those door openings.  When I had figured out all the measurements I cut the backs of the bookcases and the fireplace chimney in illustration board. I glued 1 inch wood strips for the sides of the bookcases and had a test run to figure out how to design the bookcases
This is the test run. I placed them the exact way and distance they would fit in the can see it was a big space to waist. Here is how I made the bookcases

Here you see the bottom part of the bookshelf wich has faux doors. I just glued on the shelves and added a few leftover bits for extra support for the bottom section
I decided to go with a Gothic arch design. I cut out the arch shapes, then I used quarter bead molding which I scored about 3/4 of the way down every 1/8 of an inch. this is how I was able to bend the molding. In the picture above you see pieces with the molding covered in gesso to fill in gaps, and on the left the base colour painted pieces. At this point I faux painted the bookshelf structures, the arched tops, and all the lumber and molding I would need. Then it was just a question of gluing on molding. They are easy to make.
I also worked on the fireplace. Again I used basswood trim molding. I added a mirror to reflect the bookcase that would be facing the fireplace. I added a family crest over the mirror. At first I painted it to look like walnut, but then I added the gold...they are a noble family after all
The firebox is just cardboard and some plastic 1/4 inch brick sheet I had left over. I also assembled the crown molding because I knew it was going to be hell to assemble from those small opening...not to mention it had to fit around the existing crown molding on the room
Finally I added ogee molding, fake doors, jewelry bit key holes, and some thin lumber strips on the sided of the bookcases just for detail

Now I do not have any good picture of this room because you can only see it through the doors. The bookcases are not glued in. I want to first fill them with books, permanently glued down, before I glue them into place. So here are all the views:

View from the Young Master's Bedroom door

View from the Young Lady's Bedroom door

View from the My Lady's Dressing Room

And a view from the Gallery, which can only be seen with a camera...but I love this shot

I agree, you cannot see this room well, but it really adds to the realism of the house, and besides, I've done crazier things...

And there you have it my friends, the opulent Mahogany Library and the family Walnut Library. Mu next project is the painted fresco dome over the Grand Staircase and last Sunday I placed a large order for lumber for...yes, finally, the front windows and doors. I should be working on the exterior of the Manor by August.

Thank you all once again. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoy and learn from all your wonderful blogs. Now I am off to bed as tomorrow is a very special day... tomorrow Ozzy turns 8.

 I send you all a great big hug and much love,


  1. Happy birthday, Ozzy! Giac, I hope you didn't have to suffer too much for your art. ;-) I always enjoy watching your process. Both rooms have wonderful new additions that are astoundingly gorgeous--great job! Big hugs and much love back. :-) xo Jennifer

  2. Giac, мне очень нравится ваш блог, ваши посты. Библиотеки настолько реалистичны, что хочется побывать там. Фантастика!
    Поздравляю Оззи с Днём рождения!
    С наилучшими пожеланиями из России. Елена.

  3. Parabéns!!!
    Sua casa ou melhor seu palacete está ficando lindo e parece até real,fico aqui olhando várias vezes pois tudo está perfeito.
    Um abraço de Fernanda.

  4. Hello Giac! I am very happy to be here and see your amazing work again. You are an excellent artist, your work looks very real and beautiful. The changes are perfect. Thanks for sharing!
    A big hug for you!

  5. Everything you touch has turned out absolutely exquisite! You are creating museum quality work here, I think you might consider lending it for display ;)


  6. Hello Giac my friend! Your improvements have Surpassed my wildest expectations! Your new floor in the Mahogany library has made this room worthy of a King and Queen! Everything that you have done has made a Good room become full of GRANDEUR and has completely changed the character of it. The colors within the floor is echoed in the ceiling and funny enough the floor is busier and yet it has made the room calmer and more elegant! Your panelling is a terrific addition and the red drapes and the fabulous yellow blinds are the kind of color that makes the space look richer and more sumptuous! This is also due to the Metropolitan chandeliers that you have chosen. This is my favorite model too Giac so I am glad that we are on the same page! ( great minds think alike) This is one very Impressive make-over and you have made an equally good job of the Walnut Library! The quality of your work never fails to Wow me and I am sure that I am not the only one.
    Well done my friend, I am sure that the Count and the Countess will approve your choices too!
    BiG hug back!


  7. Beautiful!! Your work looks so excellent. Thank you for showing how you did it. Thanks and a hug for you too.

  8. Giac you should not be surprised by your followers - your work is exquisite and it is so wonderful to follow your progress. It gives me a level to aspire to. Your floors just amaze me. You must have so much patience. Hope Ozzy has a great birthday.

  9. Impresionante el trabajo de los suelos,vale la pena ya que las bibliotecas tienen un aspecto tan real y señorial!!!!
    Muchas gracias por mostrarnos el paso a paso,el uso de los materiales que utilizas,esto abre nuevos intereses y capacidades para utilizarlos nosotros también.
    Todos los cambios han embellecido,si cabe,aún más esas perfectas bibliotecas!!!!!
    Tus seguidores seguirán aumentando porque tu trabajo es excepcional!!!!!!
    Felicidades a Ozzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Bonjour Giac,
    Quel bonheur de pouvoir suivre des travaux aussi remarquables. C'est absolument fantastique. Je suis spécialement en admiration devant le plancher.
    A bientôt.

  11. Your floor is absolutely fantastic, there's something three dimensional above the floor. The ceiling is so awesome too. Perhaps it is meant to be, that some of the floor got a little more shellac something so beautiful and implemented may also have a little edge. Then it get even, more perfect.
    Very nice bookshelves and your fireplace is so beautiful to.
    I love seeing your work. It is so complete and so beautiful. You get a lot of respect from me.
    Lovely with favorite words.
    Congratulations whit your dog's birthday.

  12. I have to write what I've already writen on John's blog - your work and his, your houses make me thinking of building at least a roombox which would be as elegant and classy as your rooms. Okay I know it could be only maybe as half as good as yours...
    I love both libraries and your care to details. This is no surprise you have new followers, Giac, as it is pure pleasure to watch your pretty work.:)
    Happy Birthdays to Ozzy!
    Big hug

  13. Hello Giac.

    I enjoyed again all your photos. What a beautiful furniture in your libraries. Your floor is incredibly beautiful .... just like the rest. Happy birthday tomorrow.

    Dear greetings from Xandra

  14. How I envy the imaginary aristocrats who live in your manor house...what gorgeous libraries, both of them. If I were five inches tall I'd never want to leave.

    Re: the "water damage" mark from shellac...I'm sure it only adds to the realism, since real houses, including the occasional grand manor, do sustain water damage here and there as the house ages. (I don't think I've ever lived in a house or apartment that didn't have some kind of damage somewhere.)

    Happy birthday to Ozzy!

  15. Oh, you are a true artist and an amazing craftsman. I really admire your work. It is fantastic to see. Everything is so magnificent, so I can not pick any favorites of your work. Love everything. Have a nice day.

    Many hugs from Lil on Lilsdolls

  16. Your craftsmanship is so amazing, it literally brings tears to my eyes! I am just in astonishment over the things you have done. You should turn this into a book when you are finished.

  17. morning Giac,
    its amazing like always the first library i love it and the second too but the fireplace its wonderful, very good job Giac, congratulations.
    best regards,

  18. Happy birthday Ozzy. Hope you have a wonderful day with lots of treats.

    The floor is amazing, no I'm serious its fabulous. Hours and Hours of work I expect.

    The library ladder is a great addition. Ive always wanted one in real life.

  19. Wow as usual! I am always in awe of the amount of work you get done, 45 hours on a floor is amazing. Your libraries look incredible, I love the gothic arches and the fire place. You know I have those chairs and I'm just dyeing to get to my Drawing Room so that I can use them. I hope to do a post very soon, I am so behind!

    Happy Birthday to Ozzy!

    ML Fi xx

  20. Dear Giac,
    I'm speechless. What A FLOOR in the mahogany library. I love those parquet floors. A real masterpiece and a lot of work! Thank you for sharing.
    The bookcase, the fireplace it all fits together.

    Giac would you please sent me instructions how to work with shellac? Or place instructions on your blog please.
    Hopefully you don't find me too brutal to ask this.

    Happy Birthday to Ozzy and give him a cookie on my behalf.
    I'm looking forward to your next post.
    Big hug Dorien.

  21. !! Quiero ser como tú y hacer esas minis impresionantes y preciosas !!!!.
    Me gusta todo, es tan señorial y elegante.
    Eres un gran artista.

  22. Hi Giac, WOW!!!!!!! There is only one word for your work-STUNNING!
    I love those floors and the libraries are fabulous!
    I really enjoy looking at all of your photos. You are so talented!
    Happy birthday to your cute, furry companion, Ozzy! Eight years old and looking good!
    Hugs from Isabelle and Sam

  23. while commenting with your lovely way on our have been ever so busy! :) Your perfect work always makes me sit at the pc with open mouth and full of admiration! I love the floor, the whole composition and the idea of having that library outside the family's rooms! Even if it is a bit hidden, as you say, one knows it is there and it is a perfect thought to put it there! Just keep in mind :) ...this noble inhabitants seem to be quite demanding!!! :) Well, i know by now, how strongminded our little dollhouse-inhabitants can be! :) All the best to you and thank you again for sharing all the process, the ups and downs, the difficulties and the happiness! Anne

  24. Hallo Giac, ich bin sprachlos, eine fantastische Arbeit.
    Du bist ein wahrer Künstler. Ich bewundere so sehr deine Arbeiten.
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag Ozzy, du siehst gut aus für dein Alter.
    Liebe Grüße Britta

  25. Complimenti Giac per i tuoi splendidi lavori!
    Mi piace anche la spiegazione che dai dei diversi passaggi per arrivare al completamento delle tue opere. Le biblioteche sono molto raffinate ed eleganti e offrono ala vista una sensazione di tranquillità, qualità che deve essere presente per immergersi nella gradevole lettura di un libro.
    Un caro abbraccio, Manu

  26. Giac, siempre me dejas impresionada con tu trabajo, tanto por las dimensiones como por la perfección en los detalles y ambientación.
    En ese tipo de suelo se invierten muchas horas, pero quedan impresionates. Creo que ha dado brillo y elegancia al salón. En cuanto a la 2ª biblioteca has realizado unas preciosas estanterias. El detalle de la escalera magnífico y la zona de la chimenea muy elegante y ofrece una estupenda vista desde ambas puertas.

  27. I will be born as Lady Dewell in my next life. :-)

  28. Rimango incantata non solo dalla libreria ma anche da come hai realizzato il pavimento! Bravissimo!
    Ciao Giac un abbraccio!!!

  29. Cada novo post que fala sobre suas reformas nos salões demonstra que ótimo artista você está se tornando!! Esse foi surpreendente! Ansioso pelo afresco!

  30. Ahhhh, Giac tu mi fai sognare!
    Sei incredibilmente bravo!!!!

  31. I don't know what to say! MAGNIFICENT!!!
    So many tiny precious pieces. It's hard to believe that you are working in miniature Giac. The deep rich colors work well together. The details!!! So much goes into each piece. Most people wouldn't understand this labor of love.
    I really enjoy following along and watching your work develop. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us and teaching us along the way.
    I look forward to seeing more,soon.
    Happy Birthday to you sweet Ozzy! I wish you many happy years with your wonderful family.

  32. Beautiful work as always, Giac! Everything looks so opulent, fit for an earl and countess! You are an extremely patient person who never hesitates to change something that does not quite meet your standards of excellence! Thank you for taking the time to share your procedures. Happy Birthday to Ozzy! Until next time!

  33. Oh, my dear friend, you have out-done yourself! The libraries are fantastic! Your floor is simply splendid and adds so much to the ambience of the room. The library was wonderful before, it is magnificent now :-) Well done!

    Brian and I hope you and your family are well and we wish Ozzy a very happy birthday :-)


  34. Giac, you are Amazing! You rattle off words like "easy to make" and "Just iron them down" and "I just cut a few boards" or "I added jewelry findings" and you make it sound so Effortless! But we all know this Project is Huge and AWESOME and Gorgeous and Packed with Detail and Incredible Elaborate Designs!!! ALL hand made by you!!! I am Always in Awe of your processes and the Results! This Manor is Surely fit for an Earl and his Countess and their family and friends!!! I Love the changes you made to the Library floor... it is Perfect with the "cube" pattern you use....(that is a common pattern in patchwork quilts, btw!)and the wainscoting is just right to balance the wallpaper. But those curtains.... I cringe at the idea of making curtains! You are fearless and Glue everything down and it just looks Gorgeous!!! But the Almost hidden Walnut Library is my Favorite! Bravo for tackling that job!!! Most of us would have shrugged and said "too bad I didn't think of that Before..." Not Giac! You find a way to reach in and make Gorgeous shelves that will fit through the doors... but who would ever know you had to plan them for that? They look as though they were part of the original plan... so functional but Beautiful!!! You are just an Amazingly Creative miniaturist and I always learn so much from your posts! Thank you for sharing your methods and for being so fearless with this project!!!

  35. Once again I'm left without words to say how wonderful your job. The library is awesome, and the books, made one by one, a great work. The floor looks perfect, wonderful curtains, fireplace incredible and I find beautiful, and the other library, I love the style of the shelf, I really like the arches. Above all, a very very realistic and a flawless finish. Giac Congratulate again and thank you for once again delight with your work. Hugs.

  36. Giac,
    This is the second time I looked at this post. The first time I was so overwhelmed I could not comment. Nothing is simple with you. Everything is richly detailed and realistic. You are my inspiration! Your work is exquisite! Yet, your photos and explanations are so clear. It makes me stretch my thinking about my own work. For instance, I have that flooring tape you used. For me it was something I might use one day. For you it is an elaborate floor pattern. I love your use of columns and other structures that make a room go from flat to fully alive.
    Please continue to share with us. Anything you do is truly a model for perfection.
    Major hugs,


  37. I actually came to think about you today =) (I think you are well known in the miniworld even here in Sweden :) ) I was doing my floors and they did NOT turn out the way I want.. I can't believe how talented you are! Your floor is stunning and the whole room looks fantastic, everything is so flawless =) Great work! I'm really impressed =)

  38. This is also my second time back to see this post. That new floor is nothing short of magnificent. You have the patience if a saint to cut all those tiny pieces and it is perfect!! I love the design. Both libraries demonstrate all the opulence of the Victorian era. Well done Gaic, everything you have done is beautiful!!!


  39. You are so talented! The Mahogany Library is stunning and the floor is so beautiful. I love visiting your blog and seeing the wonderful things you create. I think the idea of a family library and a formal library is great. I can't wait to see what you do next.


  40. Happy Birthday Ozzie! I hope they give you a big steak for your Birthday.. maybe some hamburger and hot dogs since it's summer ;)

    Giac those rooms...I have no words! Im just blown away by everything! I can't wait for the books post

    Marisa :)

  41. Bueno, sin palabras, esto es artesanía de la buena, el trabajo en los suelos es impresionante y los estantes para los libros a medida están elaborados fantásticamente (ahora hay que llenar todas esas estanterías de libros, muchos... muchos... libros...), Siempre me gusta ver tu trabajo, no dejas nada al azar y todo esta perfectamente calculado y en su lugar ideal, sencillamente maravilloso.
    Un abrazo.

  42. Wow! You have done such an amazing job! I love that floor! I think I need to go back and have another look ;o)

    Happy Birthday Ozzy!


  43. Hello Giac,

    Comment dire ? Ta bibliothèque est à présent une véritable œuvre d'art, c'est magnifique, et tu as bien fait de refaire le sol. Ton parquet est une merveille de patience et de précision. Mille bravos !

    Très joyeux anniversaire à Ozzy, il a un regard tellement doux… ♥

  44. Hi Giac!
    Wow, yes, you have done wonderful, gorgeous and stunning work again!
    The floor is so beautiful with "the Greek key and the diamonts.." 45hours work!!! The whole Mahogany Library is amazing with all the details...
    And Happy Birthday Ozzy!
    Big Hugs

  45. And then there was the tale of Birgit... a woman from far away Germany dropping by like so many other blogfriends from all over the world to read your tale of the two libraries... Well, the story of this tale is about Birgit sitting overwhelmed and breathless in front of her computer reading about the work of an extremely talented guy who can work miracles... You're a true magician to me and I enjoy following every step you do, knowing I would never be able to do anything like this myself - but why should I? You do it and you do it perfect and I am invited to have a look at every how-to and at the results. Oh, and the tale of the visiting Birgit ends with "she left Giac's blog with a smile on her face".

    Hugs and not to forget best wishes to darling Ozzy!

  46. Adorei seu comentário lá em casa.
    Abraço, Fernanda.

  47. Wow Giac! This is real ART! Your work is museum masterpieces. These two libraries take my breath away. I am awed. Thanks for sharing the way you created the exquisite floor. The book cases are amazing.
    Hugs, Drora

  48. Your work is always astonishing and I never cease to be awestruck when I see what you've created! :)

  49. É tão difícil encontrar adjetivos para seu trabalho, querido Giac. Maravilhoso? Magnífico? Não, isso é pouco.
    O que você faz é uma mistura de arte e técnica tão refinada que me deixa completamente encantada.
    Parabéns por sua arte; as bibliotecas são miniaturas de qualidade ímpar.

    Um Feliz Aniversário para o Ozzy!

  50. Happy day Ozzy!
    WOW Giac! You are just amazing! I am floored! lol, ok really the floors and both the rooms are just amazing!Thank you for sharing and I have to find some of the iron on wood! Just beautiful!

  51. Giac, what can I say? It is clear that I can't tell you anything new ;)!! Your work is amazing and exceptional! The floor is stunning and the little water damage too, because it even looks more realistic.
    It is an honor to visit your blog and to read what you are sharing with us all, thank you!
    Big hug, Ilona

  52. absolutely beautiful work!!! it's amazing!!
    happy birthday to Ozzy!

  53. Lots of renos at your place Giac, you must be the renovation king, and everything looks amazing. Love that library floor and adoooore Ozzy, hope he has a scrumptious day.

  54. Giac I am in awe of what you do. I'm just blown away. I look forward, as always, to more posts of your incredible art and talent. A happy birthday to Ozzie!! Carriexx

  55. Well a happy birthday to Ozzy, sweet little guy!
    These two libraries are so beautiful, the floor you made is mind boggling :) I LOVE it, so gorgeous. Everything...your work is incredible---

  56. Hi Giac, What can I say that hasn't already been said? Your rooms are pure works of art, stunningly beautiful! Your passion really shows through and the results are amazing! Kind regards, Brian.

  57. Sprakeloos, zo mooi, wat leuk dat je alles zo uitgebreid laat zien.
    Ozzy gefeliciteerd.

    je bent verbaasd dat je zoveel volgers hebt, maar zo een lieve man verdient dat.
    dikke knuffel

    groetjes Willy

  58. Happy birthday Ozzy!
    Your libraries are incredible. The first one is sober and elegant and the floor is a masterpiece.
    Greetings, Faby

  59. Hi Giac,

    This is like, two posts in one! I can't believe you're already 'redecorating' but the results add a whole new layer of eleganza extravaganza! The new floor design is a masterpiece. And I liked how the new wainscot tones down the wallpaper --good call. So cool that you made the second library, even though you only get enticing glimpses of it through m'lady's chamber door. What impeccable detail!You out-do yourself every time, Giac and as always, you never fail to impress.

    Happy Birthday, Ozzy!

  60. Hello Giac!
    Surprise! a note from Ray..........
    You know how I feel about your work and each new thing you attempt surpasses the last.
    Congratulations on the stunning transformation of the previously exquisite rooms.
    Happy Birthday Ozzie!
    A big hug from Ray

  61. Dear Giac, first of all; give your sweet Ozzy a big hug from me and wish him a happy birthday on my behalf. The look in his eyes made me feel instantly in love! Secondly; your work is not only splendid but it is also very interesting to read about your workingproces; your idea's, the way you plan and investigate things, how you learn in the making....thank you so much for sharing it with us. Hugs, Liduina.

  62. Happy Birthday Ozzie :) Wow Giac what can I say everyone else has said it before me :)) I can just echo them. Amazing jaw dropping stunning work on both libraries. I love your floor. Your posts are always a pleasure.
    Hugs Maria

  63. Felicidades nuevamente por la calidad de tu trabajo y muchas gracias por compartir con nosotros la forma de realizarlo. Un saludo, Eva

  64. Hi Giac!
    Wowwowwow what a beeee-auuuu-tiful floor!
    Every minute of work on it paid off.
    And I too kinda like the 'water damage', it adds realism to the room.
    The walnut library is an unexpected hidden treat and I love the bookcases.
    Your chandeliers look great too!
    It is all really overwhelming, so much to see all at once.
    A belated happy birthday and a big hug to Ozzie; I wish Ozzie many healthy, happy years to come.


  65. Giac, whenever your posts show up in my Blogger feed I look at the room you're working on thinking it's a real place, and then realize that I'm reading your blog-it's a 1/12 dollhouse I'm looking at. XD Honestly I don't know how you do it.

    Best wishes,

  66. Hola Giac. Seria sencillo decir que bonito es su trabajo, o me gusta su trabajo, pero es mucho más que eso...
    Su trabajo es exuberante, detallado, realista, magnifico.
    Es usted un ARTISTA!!.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  67. Ciao Giac, la biblioteca è bellissima, hai creato un ambiente straordinario, non mi stanco di ammirarla! Felice compleanno ad Ozzy, dagli un bacio per me!!

  68. Hello Giac, this post leaves me speechless, the floor especially is so truly are talented. I love the atmosphere of the libraries. Sanne

  69. Hi Giac,

    The Library floor looks beautiful, it is a fantastic!! I am always awe-struck by your floors and this one is one of your best so far!!

    The library has really benefited from its makeover.

    I still can't believe that you were able to create a whole second library, complete with new bookcases and fireplace, by fitting your hands through those tiny doorways!! I don't think I could have done anything like that, amazing!!

    Andy xxx

  70. Querido Giac, es un placer el entrar en tu blog y admirar tu maravilloso trabajo, es increíblemente bello todo lo que haces en tu mansión, los suelos son una preciosidad, las cortinas cuidadas hasta el mas minímo detalle, las bibliotecas parecen de tamaño real, los libritos maravilloso...todo es perfecto!! Muchas gracias por compartir tus conocimientos con todos nosotros, te mando un fuerte abrazo y deseo que pases un feliz verano. Felicidades a Ozzy!!

  71. Hey buddy
    Wonderful work and the floor is incredible!
    I love the bookcases too, you're a genius!
    Happy birthday Ozzy

  72. Giac, that floor is AMAZING! I just love how it turned out. Only 45 hours? LOL. I could spend the rest of my days and still not do a floor that beautiful.

    Love the Gothic bookcases, too. Absolutely right that the space shouldn't be wasted, even if it isn't in a place where it can be seen easily. Children need a schoolroom, and you have outdone yourself.



  73. Oh Giac, as always - I'm speechless. I admire your precision, skills, talent, and above all your knowledge of architecture and interiors. You are the greatest miniatures maker in the world!

  74. No deja de impresionarme cada vez que visito tu blog, son trabajos fantásticos llenos de detalles y muy bien realizados. Felicidades por esta biblioteca.


  75. ¡Espectacular! Es realmente un lujo y un placer ver las cosas que haces. Muchísimas gracias por compartirlas con todos nosotros y mostrarnos todo el arte que llevas dentro. Tu generosidad para enseñarnos a hacer cosas te engrandece.
    Un beso

  76. What a beautiful floor it's become. Thanks that you wanted to share how you've done that. Also the bookcases look very good.
    What I have seen so far, radiates a fine atmosphere.
    You're a great craftsman.

    Greetings from Willem

  77. Relamente maravillosos todos tus trabajos, son tan reales que tienes que verlos con lupa para darte cuenta de que son en mini.
    Gracias por compartir esas maravillas de trabajos que haces y de darnos ideas.
    besitos ascension

  78. köpeğiniz çok güzelmiş :))

  79. Excelente trabajo, Me has dejado impresionada, todo perfecto y digno de un gran artesano con dominio de cualquier tipo de trabajo.
    Las bibliotecas son un lujo, contienen libros que son verdaderas joyas y algunas como yo los leemos entusiasmadas y nos transportan a otros mundos.
    El suelo una preciosidad, es muy bonito y perfecto.
    Un abrazo y gracias por dejarnos disfrutar de tus trabajos.

  80. Wow! Both libraries look totally amazing Giac!!! :)

    I have used spray adhesive before. I found out (like you) that it doesn't stick things together for long. Now let's talk about that flooring... AMAZING that you spent so many tedious hours on it! Your work has definitely paid off... It's gorgeous! I used a similar thin sheet of veneer in my mini spaces however I quickly gave up doing small and ornate shapes to do giant squares, haha.

    As for the Walnut Library, I am totally drooling over that fireplace. I can't believe all the patience you have to ensure that each and every detail is perfect. Just thinking about all the patience you have gives me a headache! :)

  81. Hi Giac and
    Happy birthday to Ozzy! :)
    And your decorations looks amazingly classy! I like!
    Its so wonderful to read about your doings and life there, you are such a bright personality :)

  82. Uau, seus trabalhos são incríveis, tudo tão perfeito. Você nem pode imaginar como eu fiquei feliz com seu comentário lá em Raminhos de Pano sobre a mesa que fiz.Obrigada por suas palavras, fiquei super =D
    Abraço de Fernanda.
    Wow, your work is amazing, all so perfect. You can not imagine how happy I was with your comment there Sprigs of cloth on the table I made. Thank you for your words, I was super = D
    Hug Fernanda.

  83. Happy Birthday to Ozzy! Give him a big hug and a good treat for me, ok? ;)

    Your flooring is amazing, love to see them. And the work you did in the new library, wow! I absolutely love the new bookshelves, kudos!

    If you didn't tell us curtains are your nemesis, we'd never know. The result is perfect and they do give a warm and cozy look to the room. Bravo!

  84. I see Ozzy gives you the same sweet eyes......your work is incredible, I'm in awe of every detail. You my friend are crazy talented! Heidi

  85. Good night Giac.
    Congratulations, it's very, very very beautiful.
    Kiss, kiss.

  86. You have a superb eye for detail Giac. These rooms look astonishingly real, you must have so much patience to complete such beautiful rooms.

    I hope Ozzie had an enjoyable his cheeky look in the photo. :)

  87. When you see the photos it's really difficult to believe that they are miniatures.Your work is so amazing and beautiful, I'm speechless...

  88. Giac, I don't know what say... I admire always your work. When I look for your miniature world and I see how much it's ideal, I understand how difficult to making.
    Have a good time to creativeness,

  89. Your work is some of the most realistic and classic creations that I've ever laid eyes on. Beautiful!

  90. What can I add that hasn't already been said? This was a mega post and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It's certainly one I'll keep popping back to.

  91. Hi Giac, I'm here again.
    Admiring his work and artistic flair.
    Great Sunday, Fernanda

  92. It's a long and hard work,but how...gorgeous! congratulations! Franca

  93. muthis bir calismaaa

  94. woow it's amazing!! you are an artist :)

  95. Gracias. Te has convertido en mi seguidor número 100!!!!!

  96. He estado de vacaciones y no había visto tus maravillas en el nuevo post. Realmente tu trabajo es increible, todo le sale perfecto, es un gran artista. Un gran y fuerte abrazo

  97. Ciao Giac, you are so incredible talented! Your work is impressive, thank you for sharing it with us! Hugs and Happy late bithday to Oz :))

  98. Hello Giac! I was so excited to return from my holiday blog-break and read aboit all your progress!! I am more impressed than ever and fascinated with the pictures of your work in progress. The deatail and presicion you apply is incredible and all the hours and hours of work you have put into it! Thank you so very much for sharing it! I am making drawings and collecting inventory details for my big dolls house project, but have not started anything concrete yet. The small farmhouse is progressing a bit and l have finally found the right boards for the roof, but l am a complete novice in the art of dolls house making. Lovely picture of your dog, looks like a great mate. All the best, Pam xx

  99. Ni inglés, ni castellano ni ninguna palabra que conozca puede expresar mi admiración.
    Simplemente. perfecto

  100. You are just too talented! Books are my passion, I would love to have such libraries! Happy Birthday to your doggie:)

  101. Incredibile sei un genio! Una lavorazione impeccabile, bravissimo :) si respira una atmosfera rilassante. buona giornata!

  102. Great post, so full of information! Thank you for sharing. Please wish Ozzy a Happy Belated Birthday!

  103. Ciao caro Giac passo per un saluto ...spero che va tutto bene e ti auguro buon proseguimento di vacanze.
    Un grosso bacio!

  104. Giac, sempre que vejo você lá em casa (no blog) fico muito feliz com seus comentários pois sou fã de seu trabalho, acho tão perfeita as suas miniaturas! Adoro seu estilo, mas eu ainda não saberia fazer, tenho muito o que aprender.
    Um abraço, Fernanda

  105. Tus trabajos son maravillosos, no tengo palabras para definirlos. Increíbles!! Nadie dice que sea miniatura, muy buenos acabados, todo parece real. Dices que no te imaginabas tener tantos seguidores, pero es que te seguimos porque eres un gran artista. Un abrazo. Arantza.

  106. Dear Giac,
    Thank you very, very much for your answer. I gave a response on my blog.
    Big hugs Dorien

  107. Impresionante tu trabajo, un sueño de casa!
    Te felicito,por tu trabajo tan bien hecho!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  108. Hola mi niño

    He pasado para desearte una linda semana llena de hermosas creaciones como tú solo sabes crear

    Espero que ese dia especial sea ESPECIAL para tí

    Con cariño Victoria

  109. I am really impressed by Your work, what a wonderfull floors, and details, some photos look like real rooms, @WOW@ Your are Great artist

  110. Muy bien hecho los muebles y el suelo.
    Me encanta todo.

  111. So much talent you have, I am speechless!