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Saturday 15 June 2013

Coming Soon

Hello my friends,
I hope you are all doing well. This is a very short, no explanations, faux-post.  Work on the Mahogany Library renovation and the new Walnut Library (former Bedroom Hall) are taking longer then expected so here are a few pictures.

Mahogany Library new floor
The next floor I make will be simple planks so help me!

waiting for the stain to dry...

Walnut Library
the creative process...
...the creative process continues...
...test Run...

...and more creative process...
I hope to have both rooms finished and a new post in 2 weeks. Both rooms involve waiting for oil paint to dry and a lot of things to "figure out".

Welcome to my new followers, it is great to have you onboard to follow my adventures. To all my friends who have been with me for a while, thank you so much for your support and kindness, especially these last few difficult months. A few weeks ago I found out that I am keeping my job and this week my mother got some "good" news about her health, so that was a big  weight off my shoulders.

I wish you all the best and send you all a great big hug. I'll be back in 2 weeks...I hope!



  1. Wel heel veel werk,maar de vloer word geweldig.
    groetjes doortje

  2. Ciao Giac, innanzitutto sono molto contenta che hai mantenuto il tuo lavoro e che la tua mamma stia meglio. Passando al tuo progetto non vedo l'ora di vedere i progressi, io adoro le biblioteche specie quelle antiche con tutti quei tomi rilegati in pelle e oro. Ho ancora l'immagine nei miei occhi di quando entrai nella famosa biblioteca dell'Abbazia di Melk...Un carissimo abbraccio, Manu

  3. Hello Giac,

    I am so glad to hear that you had good news about your Mom and your job :-)

    I will patiently wait for you to complete your latest reno…Good Things are worth waiting for :-) From this "faux post" I can see that as with all your projects this one will be fabulous when finished.

    Take care and say "Hi!" to Jo and Ozzy.

  4. Good to read such great news, Giac!:)
    The floor looks like it is a lot of work but it is easy to see how beautiful it's gonna be! :)Can't wait to see library fully done!
    Big hug

  5. Hallo Giac, welch eine großartige Arbeit - Respekt.
    Ich bin gespannt auf das fertige Ergebnis. Grüß deine Mutter von mir :-))

    Herzlichst Britta

  6. Hey Giac!

    These are wonderfu news... great to hear that your mother is fine and that you can keep your job!!!!!

    The floor is unbelievable perfect!!!!!!
    You are such a talented artist... thanks for sharing your work with us!

    Have a nice day,
    Hugs, Lina

  7. I tuoi lavori mi incantano tanto...Hai veramente un'arte caro Giac. Sono felice che tua mamma stia meglio...
    E così buona creatività:)
    Baci e buona domenica amico mio.

  8. Hey my friend,
    This is wonderful job! i love that floor!
    An im so relief and happy to hear those good news!
    This is the starting point to everything good.

  9. Giac, great news about your mother and the job! That floor just floors me! Pardon the pun. Please don't go back to the boring plank kind. You are so good at parquet! Your floors just keep getting better and better.

  10. Hi Giac-
    Blogger really needs a 'love' button because your work is amazing!



  11. I am so glad to hear you have such good news about your mother and your job. That is a good reason to celebrate. :-))

    This new floor is so beautiful. Obviously a lot of hours of work go into making such an intricate design but so worth the time it takes.

    I look forward to seeing the rest of the renovations in a couple of weeks.

    HUGS!!!! Catherine

  12. WOWOW! that floor is fantastic! Amazing work, and great news about your job, and mom ---

  13. As I understand it, these will be two weeks with a lot of work!
    The floor is getting wonderful. I'm always delighted with your posts by refined details.
    I'm your fan! =)

  14. It will be interesting to follow this project. Your work is allways so facinating. Looks very good so far, like it usually do.
    Happy to hear that your life is getting easier for you and your mother and that you still have your job.

    Hugs from Lil on Lilsdolls

  15. Hi Giac: So Wonderful news! I am so Happy for you!
    The Floor is going to be stunning!Your creative process is fabulous with the details you have chosen!

  16. Hi Giac! The floor will be absolutely stunning when it's finished, all the effort involved will be worth it! I'm glad you have some good news, it's always welcome! Kind regards, Brian.

  17. Dear Giac,

    Nice to read about your progress. It's a wonderful floor!!I'm glad to read about your job and your mother.
    Good luck and I like to read your blog.
    Hugs Dorien

  18. Hi Giac,
    Relieved to read both you and your mother got good news; it's nice when you all can relax.
    I can see you are up to your ears in work, and what you show us is very promising.
    What a monks' work that first floor is!
    Thanks for the update; I'm fond of updates :)

  19. Hello Giac, I am so glad to hear that you had good news about your Mom and your job!
    Your floor is fantastic work! Take all the time you'll need and take care :D!
    Big hug, Ilona

  20. So pleased to hear things are picking up for you. Your floor is just amazing. I don't know how you manage to cut and piece everything so beautifully. I look forward to seeing progress in your next post.

  21. I notice you use oil paint, I also have a hard time getting my acrylic paint to run properly together.

    Nice to hear good news from you. I have often thought about you and your work situation. It is also great for you that your mother is feeling better.
    Good luck with the floor.

  22. That floor is GORGEOUS! And so happy you have good news!


  23. Deux semaines a attendre !!! Nous ne méritons pas d attendre aussi longtemps pour en savoir plus ...c est trop long !
    Le début est très prometteur . On attends la suite avec impatience .

  24. Hi Giac,

    Glad to hear that you have good news in your life. I hope more comes your way. The floor is looking wonderful and I'm impressed with the amount of detail you are able to accomplished.

    I've been stalling on my project for a month, but am now back at it. Your blog is inspiring me to keep pushing forward!

    All best,

  25. That's really good news - I really share your happiness! And you've worked more miracles, that floor looks fantastic so far and the library... can't wait to see it finished. Hope you'll find time soon to continue and show us more!


  26. El suelo tiene un aspecto impresionante.
    Espero que tu situación y la de tu madre terminen de arreglarse con prontitud.

  27. Gorgeous work! Best of luck to you in your life sized adventure ;)

  28. Estupendas noticias, me alegro mucho por ti y tu madre.
    El suelo es espectacular, muy laborioso, pero ya se ve que será fantástico.
    Feliz fin de semana, besos:-)

  29. This floor will be amazing and the room stunning!

  30. It's great to hear from you anytime, Giac! Finished or not finished, I always enjoy your posts and comments, my friend. xo Jennifer

  31. Good luck with that floor.
    (and I'm glad to hear about your good news too)


  32. WOW! Giac, it is easy to see why it is taking so long.... Obviously it would be hard to get MORE Complex and Intricate with your floors!!! What you are making is STUNNING!!! You have the Patience of a Saint and the Vision of a True Artist!!! I hope there will be No Carpets anywhere in this room!!!
    And the Walnut Library looks Grand as well... you always Amaze me with the Scale of your Projects!!!
    It is Wonderful to hear your Mother is well and the Job Secure... Life can be Rosy again!!! I look forward to the next Awesome Update!!!

  33. Hi Giac! To begin with, I am very happy that you are getting to keep your job. That is such a great blessing and another great blessing is your that Mother's health is better. Now for your work, I have enlarged and examined those tiny pieces you have cut with such precision and I'm telling you, Giac, this is insane! How do you ever manage to be so accurate. This is such beautiful work. Believe me, I know what you went through because I have been cutting bricks and anyone who has cut bricks can tell what you have gone through. Take care! Hang in there! Keep your sanity! This too will end and end beautifully, I am sure!

  34. So happy to hear good news!
    That floor - WOW! That is brilliant!
    You have incredible talent, patience and skills! I love looking at your work.

  35. Your work is magnificent and inspiring as always. Glad that things have turned around a little for you. Look after yourself. Celia

  36. Que gran trabajo el del suelo de láminas de madera,está quedando impresionante!!! Y esa librería tiene una estructura genial!! Me encantará verla acabada y las dos habitaciones!!!!!!!!

  37. Hello Giac,

    Glad to read that you had good news about your mother and you keep your job in this difficult time.

    Your floor looks beautiful. 'm Curious about the end result.

    Have a nice Sunday and greetings Xandra

  38. That floor has a tremendous job! It will be wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing the two finished rooms.
    I'm happy for the good news about your job and your mother.
    A big hug

  39. Dear Giac, I am so happy to hear you will keep your employment and your mother has had good news about her health. You must feel so relieved, for I think you have been working on your miniatures with a dark cloud above your head, lately....
    Enjoy working on your floor; it's going to be splendid again, I am sure!!!

  40. Hi Giac, glad to hear good news about your job and your mother :)

    Your floor is fantastic. As is the creative process. Seeing how everything started off, makes you really appreciate the finished piece. And appreciate that you stay sane whilst doing it.

    p.s. If you start seeing that floor pattern everywhere you look, even when you close your eyes, its time for a break, ok :D

  41. Sending greetings and joining all others in good wishes and happiness about the good news!

  42. Hi Giac,
    Soooo happy to hear of your good news. Yeay for you!
    Love seeing the progression of your miniature rooms. Such a treat!!! Yeay for us!
    You have such patience,my goodness.
    I can hardly wait for your next post.

  43. So pleased to hear you have better news. I hope this is the start of better things for you.
    I adore the floor and feel your pain. It is a pain in the bum to do it but it looks so beautiful when it's done =0)

  44. I'm so glad to hear good news about your mother and your job.
    The floor is fabulous and I'm curious to see it finished.
    Greetings, Faby

  45. Hoi Giac,

    wat geweldig nieuws met betrekking tot je moeder, zo blij voor je,
    Je werk is weer zo mooi.

    liefs willy

  46. I am so happy to hear your good news about your job and your Mother what a relief :) Your floor is amazing you have sooo much patience :O I can't wait for your next post.
    Hugs Maria

  47. Hello Giac, my dear friend! The worry about your job is finally over and the good news about your mom's health is another Answered Prayer for you! You are such an Inspiration and you have such a GREAT BIG HEART, Giac! You will never be alone in your worries because there are soooo many of us who value and appreciate the essence of love and kindness and encouragement that you are constantly giving to us all and so it will Always naturally come right back to you! The only thing that I would worry about is the multitude of cuts to that parquet floor! How you will manage to keep your eyesight and your sanity as you make all those percision cuts one after another and then placing them one at a time, over and over and over ?...... It would drive ME BONKERS!!!! You are FEARLESS and a real SUPERMAN for taking on the challenge of re-doing something already well- done and really making it FLY!
    A Great Big Hug!


  48. The floor looks amazing! And I looked at previous posts and these floors are beautiful too! You are very talented! Hannah

  49. Hi Giac,

    I am so pleased to hear that your mother is well, and that you are secure in your job, that must be a huge weight off your mind!

    The floor is amazing! keep going, it will look splendid once it's all finished!

    Andy xx

  50. Me alegra saber que todo se va arreglando.
    El suelo es impresionante, mucho trabajo pero el resultado es genial.

  51. A pesar de no tener últimamente mucho tiempo para visitar los blog cuando lo hago me gusta ver las últimas novedades que publican. Por esa razón no sabía las dificultades por las que ha pasado. Siento mucho la pérdida de su padrino y transmita mi pésame a su familia. Por otra parte me alegro que la salud de su madre mejore y pueda conservar su trabajo, aquí en España estamos muy sensibilizados con este tema.
    Por último, felicitarle por este magnífico trabajo que esta realizando.
    Un saludo, Eva

  52. Me maravilla su destreza con los suelos, haces un trabajo impresionante.

  53. Your floor looks like it will be spectacular Giac, I don't think I could even attempt one, well maybe someday.

  54. Je sens que cela va être sublime. Un grand BRAVO pour le parquet.

  55. Hi Giac,
    I am happy for you that your mother has had good news about her health, she must be very proud of you!
    I am glad that you still have your job, but you can always become a professional builder of miniature homes!
    x Margot

  56. Your floor already looks amazing, this house is going to be magnificent when its all finished. Keep doing what you're doing because it is great!

  57. Grandissimi progressi Giac! Adoro i tuoi pavimenti, sono sempre più belli ed elaborati, sei un grande!!

  58. ¡Gran trabajo! Va a quedar realmente espectacular, no me cabe duda.
    Me alegro que las cosas vayan mejor
    Un beso grande

  59. oh that's wonderful news!

    Marisa :)

  60. Hello Giac- such wonderful news that you are keeping your job and that your Mother is doing better- I am so happy for you! Your progress is looking wonderful- your floor are certainly worth all the work because they are gorgeous! I can't imagine the patience they take. Looking forward to seeing more :) hugs!

  61. C'est très intéressant de voir la progression du travail.
    Je suis contente de lire que vous avez eu des bonnes nouvelles dans votre vie.

  62. Tu trabajo con los suelos es una superación
    constante , lo admiro!!. un saludo, Carmen.

  63. Your woodwork is just amazing. The patience you must have!

  64. Hi Giac. Lots of work and patience but the effects are definitely worth it. Looking forward to seeing more. Hugs, Gosia.

  65. Hola Giac, siempre es un placer ver el proceso de tu trabajo y ver como poco a poco se van convirtiendo en verdaderas obras de arte. Todo tu trabajo es maravilloso y perfecto. Saludos.

  66. Hi Giac! Such wonderful news about your mum and that you are keeping your job! I´m a quite new follower but I love your work. This floor is going to be amazing and it is so much more interesting to see work-in-progress pictures than only the finished rooms. I hope that you will enjoy a lot good news in future!

  67. Hello dear friend,

    Sorry for the late comments, I have had my head down and bum up as they say working on my commissions and I have been trying not to distract myself. It looks like you have made some good progress with the floor, the room is going to look beautiful. I am so pleased to hear your good news! I had a feeling your employers wouldn't want to let you go! I'm so happy your Mother has had some good news too, that must be a load off your mind as you say.

    Another couple of weeks and I should be back into miniatures!

    Big hugs, Fi XXX

  68. Your precision and talent always leave me speechless! And I am so glad to read about the good news - congratulations to you, and my best regards and wishes to your mother. I know this has been quite a harsh period for you, and I am so relieved that things are finally getting better!

  69. Hi Giac,
    First congratulations with the good news about the health of your MOM and what great that you can keep your job, what wonderful floor is this, every time I look in amazement at your progress.
    So, do I still have to see a lot of your learning.
    A big hug from Willy and me,

  70. Me alegro mucho por las buenas noticias que tienes,Giac. Seguro que eso te anima mucho más para hacer tus preciosos trabajos. El suelo es divino y estoy segura que la reforma que vas a hacer va a fabulosa. Esperamos esas dos semanas.Un saludo.

  71. Hi Giac,

    Well, your floors are to die for!! You think of the most wonderful patterns. Thanks for giving us a preview--you are such inspiration.

    I am so happy to hear that your mother got some good news about her health -- and you are keeping your job--must be a big weight off of your shoulders.


  72. So glad to see you back on the blog! Also, fantastic to hear good news about your job, your mom and your room box progress! :)

    Can't wait to see the finished result!!!

  73. Me alegro de las buenas noticias.
    Seguro que eso te dara tranquilidad para seguir haciendo tus fantasticos trabajos.
    Seguro que te quedara fantastica esa reforma.
    Me encanta ese suelo.
    besitos ascension

  74. Omg, that floor makes my brain explode, Giac, both because it is so incredibly lavish and GORGEOUS, and also because I could never figure out such a complicated puzzle. I just can't wrap my simple mind around it! So glad to hear some of the pressure is off for you with your family and job. Don't work too hard, HB...enjoy the summer!


  75. Espectacular trabajo!!!
    Me alegro de que haya buenas noticias.

  76. Giac, I'm so happy to know that things are improving in RL.

    And that parquet floor, wow! Love it already!!!

  77. Hola Giac!!
    Cuanto me alegra saber que las cosas van mejor en tu vida.
    En cuanto a tu trabajo, ya sabes que me gusta mucho lo que haces, ese suelo es divino.
    Un beso

  78. I always love what you do with your floors!
    For some reason you aren't on my blog post list. Unless this is when my computer was acting nutty. hmmm

  79. That floor is going to be a masterpiece when it's done, fitting reward for your patience.

    Good to know that RL has been kinder to you lately.

  80. Hi Giac!
    your floor is gorgeous. I see big progress in your room box,
    excellent work!
    I'm so glad to hear good news about your Mom.
    Big hugs:)

  81. Hi Giac,
    You are such a good blogger ! You have no idea how nice it is to see your visits. It makes me smile!Thank you.

    I ((( have))) to make some time and visit you too... not in retribution, but because you are always creating some of the most interesting work in the mini ( net) . I love how your mind expands and you create things out of the blue. It is exciting and I truly look forward to see the process and the end results of course.

    You shoudl consider bringing this pieces for display , as I know you don't sell it, to some shows.... people woudl be marvelous to see at naked eyes... and do do i!smiles~

  82. Hola guapo,
    tus trabajos son encanta mucho .besitos.

  83. Te va a quedar precioso el suelo, me alegro que las cosas van mejor en tu vida. Un abrazo, Arantza.

  84. Congratulations on the fantastic work!

  85. Good news is always good!!! Good for you, and good for your Mom. I'm happy for the both of you.
    The floor looks stunning, knowing you it will turn out superb.

  86. Your work is fantastic, the floor is wonderful. Much encouragement and hope to continue. a greeting, Marisa

  87. Good news Giac!!! Trust things do turn around for sure. I love these floors. You always do such amazing things. You are so very talented and you have such patience to do what you do. I look forward to seeing these rooms done.


  88. Your work is magnificent and inspiring as always.
    I am so glad to hear that you had good news :)

    Hug Janne

  89. Estoy deseando ver más de esta otra sala de tu bellisima casa. Espero que todo te vaya mucho mejor. Feliz verano y un fuerte abrazo

  90. Oh, Giac, le sol de cette bibliothèque/librairie est splendide ♥ (je l'imagine déjà terminé, ce sera somptueux). Il y a tant d'éléments à assembler, le résultat sera à la hauteur du temps passé à le réaliser. Il ne faut surtout pas te décourager. Le travaux avancent déjà bien.

    Après la pluie vient le beau temps, il faut profiter des beaux moments de la vie et ne jamais désespérer, je vous souhaite le meilleur pour toi et ta maman. À bientôt, Léa

    1. Les* travaux (bien sûr ^^). Le français est si compliqué, qu'il faut accorder les articles… c'est plus simple en anglais ! LOL

  91. Hola Giac, te deseo que pases unas felices vacaciones de verano y que nos sigas sorprendiendo con tus maravillosos trabajos, dignos de un museo de arte. Saludos.

  92. Absolutely wonderful! I love the floor! I'm sure your library is going to be another perfect work! I'm very happy to see you better... I wish you a great summer... a big hug!

  93. Sono contenta per le tue bellissime notizie caro Giac, molto molto bene. Il parquet che vedo nella prima foto è super stupendo, sei veramente forte, non vedo l'ora di ammirare il lavoro finito. Un grosso abbraccio

  94. The floor is amazing. Your drawings and planning are very interesting to see, I look forward to seeing more of this project. It's good to know that some of you worries have been relieved, I hope things keep getting better.
    A Big Mini Hug

  95. Ciao caro Giac, passo per un saluto e un abbraccio affettuoso. Ma sei in ferie??:):) Aspetto un tuo capolovoro:)

  96. Giac, what a great work, it is so awesome! I have no words. Everything is so perfect, the floors are amazing, the architectural details are so studied and well done ...
    A feast for the eyes.

  97. Giac,
    Your ideas and your workmanship are so inspiring. I really enjoy seeing what you create. Thank you for sharing!

  98. Mi querido amigo

    "Chapó" Es impresionante el trabajo realizado que roza la perfección

    Te admiro por ello

    Gracias por estar y compartir
    Con cariño Victoria

  99. Hello Giac, I have just spent this weekend reading your entire blog starting with 2011 and going to the present. Wow! I have about a million questions for you but I guess the main one is - what kind of tools do you use. I saw the utility knife. I wondered if you had a miniature table saw. I have a dollhouse that I have been working on for many years and have made little progress. I get stuck on the "how to" part. I appreciate you showing us how you do things. I love the idea of using Lego blocks to make sure everything is square. Brilliant! Your floors are beautiful. Ever thought of doing a u-tube teaching video?

    1. Hello Beth,
      Thank you so much for the great compliment, I appreciate it very much. Here is a rundown of the tools I use:

      Dremel and drill: cutting door, window and other openings in the structure

      Utility knife: cutting basewood, wallpaper, iron-on wood strips and cardboard

      Ultimate Easy Cutter: this is a wonderful tool to cut several angles on hobby wood. I have a simpler cutter, but this one is my favorite and one of my most precious tools:

      Xacto knife: same as utility knife but used to cut finer pieces and curves

      Metal Ruler and Mini Metal Square: used as guides for cutting and measuring...the mini square is incredibly helpful.

      Good quality masking tape: for holding together pieces while glue dries

      These are my basic tools. If you ever have any question don't hesitate to contact me at, it would be my pleasure to help if I can.
      Big hug,

  100. that patience you have, my god! is amaizing!! congratulations for your projects...big hug.

  101. Giac, I am amazed by your talent and passion. I actually found you by following other blogs and kept seeing the wonderful encouraging comment you made on others blogs. You have an amazing gift for people. I am so glad to hear your mother is doing better, as a cancer survivor myself I would wish it on my worst enemy. So glad she will not have to go through the treatment and fear it brings. (7 years cancer free for me) I look forward to following your blog very much.

    1. would not wish it ... should have read before I sent sorry.