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Sunday 10 March 2013

Dewell Manor Plans, and my Holiday in the Canary Islands

Hello my dear friends,
I hope you are all doing well. We have been back from holiday for 2 weeks now, but I am afraid work and computer problems (I keep getting was is referred to as the blue screen of death) have  kept me from commenting on your blogs. I have been following your new posts and will start commenting this week. It is amazing to see what you have been up to! I just thought I would write a post about our holiday in the Canary Islands. First of all, since this is a blog about miniatures, I had time to draw and plan a few things for the Manor.

Front of the Manor...again
I have been working on the exterior as that step in construction is fast approaching. Originally the Manor had one angled bay on the far right section of the house (master bedrrom and Dining Room). I decided to add a rectangular bay to the left section also (Music Room and Library).

chimneys and new bay
The reason I did is because those 2 sections will be 21 inches wide and about 40 inches tall. It is a lot of weight on the hinges so by making big windowed bays it will take off some pressure, and I also love rectangular bays on Tudor buildings. I might add one on the side of the house as well. I also thought about chimneys and flues. When I was a kid I used to laugh at houses with dozens of chimneys because they looked odd to me...I am not laughing anymore.

Another thing I worked on was the music room. the floors are well under way and I mentioned that I wanted to add panelling on the bottom half of the walls. the panelling will be white with gold frames, and in the centre I will paint gold peacocks. I tested with the paint and thing it will be great, but on the trip I worked on how to make the peacocks.

Music Room Peacocks
It will be a lot of "dot" painting, but you will see the results int he next post. I also started to think about drapery since it will be a big part of the room.

Library and Music Room Curtains
 Sorry, my computer decided the picture should be on its side. I also worked on the Loggia, but more ont hat later.

Our holiday started in Barcelona. All I can say is Barcelona is my first pic if I can ever afford an apartment in Europe. Before I left Eva contacted me. She, along with Isabel, met up with me at Drap, a miniature store that was close to out hotel.

Isabel, myself and Eva

 Meeting them in person was one of highlights of my trip. they are both such wonderful ladies and even though we were only together for a short while we had a great time. I also spent some time with Paco and Alex, owners of Drap, and they were so friendly and helpful.

Myself, Paco and Alex
 I actually got confirmation on an idea I had for the opening panels of the house, but you'll see that in a  later post. Eva and Isabel brought me some lovely presents.

presents from my friends
 Thank you my dear friends, I will treasure these always.
 I also purchased some great minis from Drap and a few from another shop called Ananda

 Drap had some wonderful unique miniatures and I had a great time there. Ananda was also beautiful and had great dolls. Since I am still buying chandeliers my spending budget was limited...sadness...

And now for the trip itself. We took about 1500 pictures, so I decided on one or 2 for each stop


Lava fields, Tenerife


Los Hervidos

 Each stop was wonderful, but for me, the best part of the trip was visiting the Alhambra palace. From the exterior, it was a simple smooth building

But on the inside, every square inch was carved and detailed to perfection

 It was one of the most beautiful buildings i have ever seen and it took my breath away...and gave me an idea for the loggia. You all know I love a challenge...

Loggia (just a very fast sketch to get an idea)

 I have an idea how to make it,I think it will work, but I will save all the explanations for the Loggia post, which I hope will be soon.

So that was my holiday! Even far from home I am always thinking and concentrating on Dewell Manor

Thinking, thinking...
I was all ready to start work, but this past week was spent designing and making a cake for our goddaughters first birthday. I thought a story book come to life was appropriate for the occasion...

Livia's 1st birthday cake.

 I baked and sculpted all day yesterday...I never want to see fondant, butter cream or Rice Krispies squares again!!! I would of liked to put in a bit more detail in this post. but the entire time I wrote I was afraid my computer would "blue screen crash". I look forward to start commenting on your blogs again and apologise to have stayed away so long. I hope you all have a wonderful week,and I will be back in a few weeks with the new and improved music room. It's good to be back.
Big hug to all,


  1. Nice to see you back, Giac! My advice to you is to get yourself a new computer, that's what I did. No more stress after that. No more blue screen crashes. My goodness, Giac, you're so handsome! Wow! You should change your profile photo. Bring it up to date, you know. Well, anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing all your dreams for Dewell Manor become reality. A la prochaine, dear boy! Oh, and your cake is fabulous! Happy Belated Birthday to your little goddaughter. And, fabulous gifts from those ladies!

  2. GIAC!! Welcome back. I have missed you and your amazing talent and posts.

    Your pictures are wonderful and I'm loving the sketches of ideas. Keep them coming.


  3. Wow, Giac! Welcome Back!!! You have been missed! But obviously you have been having a Fantastic time Traveling! The ideas for the Loggia are Incredible... I am adding the Alhambra to my list of Destinations!!! I Love your sketches of Dewell Manor... it makes it easier to see the Whole House when it is reduced to a sketch...LOL! Those minis you got are Lovely... and isn't it amazing to meet up with Blog Friends on the other side of the World? I look forward to your next update....!

  4. Your trip sounds wonderful, love the minis you got :) And your ideas, love the peacocks. Welcome back---

  5. Oh WOW where do I begin...

    I have been wondering where you were. :-)

    It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. How could you help it visiting such beautiful places. How nice that you found a miniature shop so close to where you were staying and to meet fellow miniature friends had to have been lots of fun too.

    I look forward to watching you build the exterior of the house. It is going to be magnificent!

    That cake is amazing! I bet that was a huge hit!

  6. Giac: Welcome back!
    Glad you had a fine Holiday! Love your photos! Alhambra palace must have been exciting to see. It seems to be so beautiful inside.
    It will be interesting to see what becomes of your ideas for your Manor house. I know it will be somehing fantastic!

    Hugs from Lil in Sweden

  7. Big hugs back, Giac! Thanks for all of the drawings, photos, and stories. It was fun to hear about your trip and your miniature plans. I've got a new story on my blog and look forward to your visit. xo Jennifer

  8. Welcome back. Thanks for sharing your lovely trip with us :) That is some gorgeous architecture, I can't wait to see you shrink it down!

  9. Welcome back to blog land.
    In the old days meant the number of chimneys on farms, anselse, respect and wealth. So your Manor house must have a lot of chimneys. I look so much forward to see your music room.
    Lucky you to meet other blogger. I hope one day I succeeded.
    It has some lovely gifts you have received, the blue pitcher looks so beautiful.

    It looks as if it has been a wonderful vacation. If one day I would be able to afford an apartment in Europe, it would be in Berlin. (I'm to city holidays) Berlin is an amazing city, it is seen as Europe's New York.

  10. Dear Giac,
    welcome back! You had a great Holiday! Many thanks for your photos and words. So many inspirations. You are a great man. Nicely, creatively, wisely.....

  11. Hi Giac!
    I can just see those peacocks in a lovely blue! Your trip pictures are awesome! I can't believe the cakes you make. You are so talented. Maybe that is why you are so tall! So you can house all of that talent. LOL
    You make everyone else look like a mini! hahaha

  12. Hallo Giac!

    The concept for the Dewell Manor is fantastic! I'm really looking forward to the the building progress... I'm intent to see the first pictures :)

    The pictures of the Canary Islands are lovely. I spend one week in Fuerteventura last August and I loved it. Unfortunatelly the vegetation is some kind of "not existing" and you feel like you're on Mars (especially on Lanzarote)! However, I'm sure that you enjoyed your hollidays :)

    See you soon,
    Hugs Lina

  13. Hola Giac!!! Por tu post noto que has venido con las pilas recargadas,lo cual me alegra mucho,disfrutaste en Barcelona con las minis y has traído nuevos planes y alguna miniatura que pronto formarán parte de alguna de tus bellas creaciones!!!
    Los planos que has hecho son impresionantes,tengo ganas de verlos hechos realidad en tus manos!!!
    El viaje ya veo que fue maravilloso y lo has pasado genial.
    Menuda tarta tan bonita para tu ahijada,habrá sido una pena comerla!!!!!

  14. Hi Giac! nice to see you back!thank you for wonderful photos, I love your drawings, your new project is amazing! I know you are very hardworking and I will see your new beautiful project soon.
    Warm hugs!

  15. Nice to see you back Giac. You have had a lovely trip! I have always wanted to visit the Alhambra, which for some strange reason I still have not seen. I love the way the inside and outside spaces are connected, as with the Loggia. What a great challenge!

    I smiled when I saw your new drawing of the exterior, all of the chimneys are smoking. Love that! Well with these temperatures you need a good fire in each room ;-)

  16. Oh, I see you had a great holidays! I love Alhambra! Hope to see it one day too.:) Great photos by the way!
    AND your cake is just great! I can't believe you made it yourself! I am sure Livia is going to love it and her guests will surely appreciate it.:)
    A sketch of your loggia looks so interesting I can't wait to see it in the making!:)
    Big hug

  17. Hi Giac! Spain is a good place to recover the energy!!! Your idea for the loggia seems fab! La Alhambra is a marvelous place, each corner is full of stunning details!
    A big hug!!!

  18. Hi! you have been missed!!! :) Had been thinking of your holiday..the weather wasn;t that nice in Europe, but you got to see wonderful places! Yes, Barcelona must be splendid!!! Impatient to see your work coming along, the peacocks..dear me! That will be amazing! Best greetings, Anne

  19. Il est fantastique ce Manoir. Quel projet immense, comme je les aime. Ca va être splendide....
    J'ai été ravie de revoir des photos de l'Alhambra, je l'ai visité il y a plus de 20 ans maintenant et c'est également un très beau souvenir. C'était au mois de Mai et nous avions pu manger quantité de cerises, ça fait partie du souvenir.
    A bientôt.

  20. Hi Giac :). I guess I felt a little nostalgic reading your post as I was in Spain last year. I too have met Eva and she is a lovely bubbly lady. I don't speak Spanish and she doesn't speak English and yet I felt instantly warm to her :). I also have been to Drap and love their minis.

    I look forward to seeing Loggia :).

  21. Hola Giac, me alegra mucho saber que lo has pasado tan bien en tu viaje a España. Has visto cosas bonitas y conocido compañeros de miniaturas.
    Me encantan tus futuros planes, los diseños son preciosos.
    Un abrazo.

  22. Hi Giac, nice to see you´r back!
    Thank you for showing us the wonderful pictures and your lovely drawings, I love peacocks :)
    The cake you made is stunning, it really is a story book come to life !!!
    See you soon.

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  23. Welcome back! that cake is lovely, the photos are wonderful so much to see! dont feel too bad for your computer the blue screen of death got me too but my computer is almost 10 years old

    I'll probably just go to best buy and get a tower to replace it..they run about 250.00..then it's back to the interwebs for fun and frolic

    see on the blogs

    Marisa :)

  24. Che bello!!
    Ben tornato Giac :o))
    You met Isabel and Eva, aren't they the sweetest ladies? I had the privilege of meeting them last July and I loved them. As much as I loved going to Drap lab and talk to Alex who is a gold mine of informations.
    Nw I shall eagerly wait for the news of the manor...cannot wait :o))))

  25. Welcome back, honey badger, glad you had such a wonderful trip. How cool that you could meet with some of your blogger fans. Your revised plans for Dewell Manor are going to be spectacular. Czn't wait to see how they look finished!

  26. Wow I love your sketches I cant wait to see more of your work. I see you had a wonderful holiday thank you for sharing all your wonderful pictures. Isn't it fantastic to meet blog friends Isabel and Eva are lovely ladies. You got some wonderful gifts and great buys. Wow that cake is amazing though I would have a problem lol I would hate to cut it :D. Welcome back :)
    Hugs Maria

  27. Hello Giac,

    Welcome back! I am so glad that you had such a wonderful vacation and returned home with wonderful memories, miniatures and inspiration for Dewell Manor. I am looking forward to hearing all about it when we see you :-)


  28. Hey Giac, Welcome back! First off congratz with the 1st B-day of your goddaughter. It looks and sounds like an amazing vacation. Isn't the Alhambra amazing!? I was in awe when I saw it for the first time. I like all your sketches and idea's. Hug AM

  29. Dear Giac, your project of manor is spectacular ... I'll be interested to follow the work.

    Making peacocks? What a wonderful idea, and the colors of this animal are so beautiful. I'm curious to see more.
    You did a wonderful trip, met nice persones and received great gifts. You make me dream of ocean with your photos.
    See you soon! Léa :)

  30. Dear Giac, We missed you in blog land! Glad to hear you had an interesting trip . The lava fields do make one think about the forces of nature at work under our feet.
    I can see you are feeling recharged and ready to go full forward on the manor. The Alhambra is amazing - the site over the town and the layout of buildings and use of water are spectacular as well as the intricate work in the interiors. Very grateful that it has been restored so well and available for us to visit.regards Janine

  31. Welcome back in blogland Giac!
    The drawings for Manor are excellent. I like the peacocks idea.
    It's fantastic to meet other bloggers.
    I think that you had a lovely holiday.
    Bye Faby

  32. Hi Giac, you were missed, that's quite obvious! :D
    I am happy you had a nice holiday and thank you for giving acount of it; lovely photo's and drawings!

  33. GIAC!!!!! How you have been missed, my friend! I am delighted that you had a wonderful holiday and that you have come back recharged. Your holiday photos are so interesting. I am re-reading a book by Nora Lofts entitled " Crown of Aloes". It is "memoir" of Queen Isabella of Spain, which speaks of Alhambra at length, so it is good to see what is being referenced. Your peacocks and the way you are thinking of painting them, reminds me of the style of artist, Aubrey Beardsley, with the usage of the dots and the delicacy of the single line, very pretty, by the look of the sketches. And the idea for a Loggia sounds marvelous! OH, there is sooo much catching up to do and I tend to chatter, so I shall end by saying that I along with everyone else, welcome home; I am SO GLAD that you are back!
    Big Hugs


  34. See how you've been missed in blogland - my fingers hurt from scrolling down to reach the comment form... ;O) I'm really glad to have you back, full with all these impressions of a fantastic journey, meeting friends and places and one of the most beautiful buildings ever - and above all with loads of sketches, visions and plans. Great, I can't wait to see what comes next, and maybe that's why I liked the pic of you heavily thinking most... *wink* Not to forget, the target is extremely high now for the second birthday of your Goddaughter. What a cake - would have been a good riddle: How many fairytales or Disney movies can you discover? Too sad you had to cut that masterpiece in pieces...


  35. Que grande sorte poder encontrar os amigos que fazemos nesse mundo em miniatura, acredito que foi muito divertido esse encontro.
    Estou encantada com seus lindos desenhos, então é assim que você consegue trabalhos tão perfeitos, um bom projeto.
    As fotos são maravilhosas, agradeço à você por compartilhar.
    Posso imaginar a carinha da Livia ao ver um bolo de aniversário tão lindo. ;)
    Um grande abraço.

  36. Hi Giac,

    welcome back!! I'm so happy to see your comments in blogland and now i find you have left a wonderful post. Your plans for your manor look spectacular and those peacocks will be fantastic.

    How wonderful to catch up with friends, it's so nice to see photos of you all. It looks like you had so much fun and I like the long haired look!!
    That is so sweet of you to make a cake for your god daughter, she must have been thrilled with it.

    Wonderful to have you back!!

    ML Fi xx

  37. Welcome back Giac! I, like all the the others missed you but am very happy that you had a wonderful holiday and came back with ideas and new energy. The Alhambra is really impressive. We stood in line hours to get in but it was worth every moment.
    Your cake for you Goddaughter is a piece of art.
    Hugs, Drora

  38. ¡Que maravilla de viaje! se ve que has disfrutado mucho,y tus proyectos en dibujo ya son espectaculares, esa casa con esos tejados y chimeneas increíbles, estaré deseosa de verlo plasmado en miniatura.
    La tarta de tu ahijada preciosa, habrá sido una niña muy feliz.
    Feliz regreso:)

  39. Bentornato carissimo Giac! Che bel viaggio che hai fatto, aspetto di vedere il seguito. Sei infaticabile anche in vacanza, ho visto quanti bei progetti hai realizzato. Complimenti per tutto, a presto

  40. Hi Giac,
    Your holiday/trip sounds wonderfull...and even meeting up with other Bloggers is a lovely extra. Looking forward to see your paintingskills on the peacocks....really like them and Veronique Cornish makes beautifull porcelain miniature sculptures of them. The loggia...all I can say.....I see the amount of work.....but it will be worth it I'm sure!

  41. Feliz regreso de ese viaje tan fantástico, el proyecto es una maravilla. Me encantará seguir su evolución. Besos

  42. Oh you made me jealous with those wonderful pics of your trip, Giac!! Glad to see you back! I hope, while you were thinking all the time on your trip, you have enjoyed it ;)!!
    So good to see you have met other bloggers too, lovely gifts and purchases.
    I am curious to see the project that will come alive, it looks fantastic so far on the drawings, good luck!
    Congratulations to your goddaughter, she will be delighted with that wonderful and tasty cake of you, well done!
    Hugs, Ilona

  43. Barcelona y Granada, qué maravilla!. El próximo viaje Madrid, que le va a encantar. La primera vez que ví la Alambra me pasó lo mismo, me fascinó, además mi abuelo materno era de Granada, asi que le llevo un poco en la sangre.Sin duda es una gran fuente de inspiración en todos los sentidos. Muy bonitas ideas en tus bocetos. Abrazos

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hola Giac, que bien verte de nuevo por aquí. Siento lo de tu ordenador, dan rabia estas cosas.
      Cuanto me alegro de tu viaje, ha sido una maravilla y has visitado sitios preciosos. Estoy de acuerdo contigo, en que la Alhambra es espectacular, cada rincón es mágico y todo hecho a la perfección con mucho detalle.
      Tus compras son divinas, pocas, pero exquisitas.
      Fui feliz de poder conocerte y darte ese super abrazo tan cariñoso.
      Que pequeñas se nos ve en la foto a Isabel y a mi, pero es que tu eres un gran tipo, en todos los sentidos, grande por tu altura y grande de corazón.
      Te envio un beso enorme y otro para tu ahijada por su primer cumpleaños.
      ¿No os dió pena comeros ese pastel? ¡Si es una obra de arte!
      ¡Hasta pronto!

  45. Tienes un gran proyecto ante ti, estoy deseando verlo.
    Espero que tus vacaciones en España hayan sido muy agradables y creo que has conocido a las mejores representantes de las miniaturas aquí en España, a Isabel y Eva que son dos personas encantadoras.
    Y por último, muchas felicidades a la nena.
    Un saludo, Eva

  46. Hi Giac,

    Welcome back! It's great to see your post.

    Your sketches look terrific and I'm very excited to see them come to fruition. What an amazing vacation and how wonderful to meet up with some friends too. I love the little vases you purchased from Drap. They are beautiful and the detail is superb. Wow. Your cakes are terrific. Where do you find the energy?

    Hope all is well with you.

    All best,

  47. Hola Giac! feliz regreso a casa, eres muy afortunado en haber hecho ese viaje, las fotos son estupendas.
    Un abrazo

  48. Glad you had a good trip and thnx for posting the pics.
    The sketches you made are great but they seem very difficult to realize as well, so I can't wait to see your next posts.

  49. Hi Giac!
    Your sketches look so wonderful again, I have to say they just need to be framed !
    Your vacation has been very enjoyable with meeting friends and finding super miniature shops and gorgeous scenes! The Alhambra is something we ( with my husband) dream forward to see some day.. The Loggia will be fantastic!

    And the cake: must have been fun to make, gorgeous to look at and very tasty to eat!

  50. welcome back! I have had the blue screen problems also- they are horrible! Hope it gets fixed soon. I cannot wait to see your peacock panels come to life- I can almost see them in my head already- they are going to be amazing! Beautiful pictures of your trip- I imagine pictures cannot even begin to convey how beautiful the Alhambra Palace was!

  51. So many great and interesting things in your post. Your drawings are beautiful, I admire your gift, I'm so bad at drawing. Your holiday seems wonderful and having the opportunity to meet miniaturists was fantastic.

  52. Welcome back!
    Love your pictures about all your trip and Eva, Isabel, Paco and Alex look so nice. All of them are great people.
    And you!! Nice to see you! you looks different from the picture of your profile probably due to the hair :)
    Really happy that you had a wonderful time in our country. Alhambra is one of the most awesome building indeed, but also Lanzarote is amazing with its volcanic landscape.
    AH and last but not least! your drawings are really good, you are so talented
    Un beso (a kiss in Spanish)

  53. Hi buddy
    Sorry for my unforgivable lateness.
    It was so great to see your holiday photos - all those wonderful places, and, as it turned out, very inspiring places too!
    Your plans for the manor are as always very exciting. I cant wait for work to start.
    It's good to have you home...
    Si x

  54. How nice to see you in your pics - complete with whiskers too!

    I can't wait to see all the plans you have for the Manor - especially the Loggia and your cake looks marvellous, she's a lucky little lady!

  55. Glad to have you back in the blog community :) The Alhambra Palace is really breathtaking! I wonder how they'll apply what you see there. The peacock motif is also good in the sketch stage. The cake is very appetizing, congratulations to him!

  56. Welcome back - I have missed your inspirational posts! Good luck with the computer problems. We are slowly settling into our new home so my miniature projects are at the very back of the shelf. :(
    It looks like a very productive and fun trip. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  57. Hola Giac, cuanto me alegro de volver a verte por aquí. Que estupendo viaje has hecho, las fotos son fantásticas y ya veo que traes nuevos proyectos para hacer, seguro que los conviertes en maravillas. Me encantó conocerte, me parecías una gran persona a través del blog y he podido comprobar que estaba en lo cierto, eres encantador en persona, nuestro encuentro fue breve pero lo recordaré siempre con cariño. El pastel de tu ahijada es una obra de es que todo se te da genial!! Felicidades para ella por su primer añito. Te mando un fuerte abrazo, como el que tu me das en la foto jaja.

  58. Wow, has realizado un precioso viaje y has pasado muy cerquita de mi casa ya que yo vivo pegada a Granada. Tus nuevos proyectos son fantásticos y cuando los termines serán realmente perfectos. Besitos y felicidades por tu maravilloso trabajo.

  59. Welcome to your blog again.
    Me encantan esos bosquejos que has realizado en tus vacaciones, sobre todo el de la galeria ambientado en la Alhambra. Estoy deseando que trabajes rápido para ver esa obra de arte.
    Próximo viaje a España por el norte, la Catedral de Burgos también es bellisima.
    Felicidades a tu ahijada, seguro que esta encantada con su padrino. JIJIJI ...y su tarta.
    Un abrazo.

  60. Giac, I think that this is the first pictures of the outside of the house and the way it will look when you finish. It is going to be amazing! I really enjoyed the naritive and photos of your trip also. Thanks for sharing.

    Mini hugs, Casey

  61. Ciao Giac, quanto tempo!! Bellisimi i tuoi progetti...e anche la torta...peccato dal blog non si possa assaggiare!!!
    Un bacio

  62. Hola!! acabo de conocer tu blog y me encuentro con la sorpresa de tu viaje por España. Me alegro que te haya gustado y disfrutado .
    Tienes unas miniaturas maravillosas y seguiré tus proyectos.
    la tarta...estaba riquisima!! no???

  63. welcome back Giac, great you've had such a great time, it looks fantastic! And I'm looking forward to working out your plans, the drawings already show great promise! And that loggia: the challenge will become a new wonderful accomplishment, I'm sure!

  64. Welcome back Giacomino :-)
    I do not know which part I find most exciting, if the new projects for the Manor or the fantastic cake, since I am a passionate cook and miniaturist :-)
    As always, you can fill my heart with joy.
    I embrace you with love and follow your progress with enthusiasm
    P.S. Oh, compared to your avatar, you have become a bohemian hippie ;-)

  65. hello Giac!
    wonderful peacocks and what a lovely trip! all those houses in the shelf and your illustrated sheets are wonderful inspiration. Alhambra palace looks lovely!!!
    hopefully your computer will be okey as well.

  66. big will the Manor be? It looks allready amazing on paper...I stay tuned with a lot of interrest!

  67. Bienvenido de nuevo, me alegra que te hayas divertido en tu viaje y hayas visto la impresionante Alambra.
    La fachada con la incorporación de los bahías te va a quedar espectacular, deseando estoy de verlas. Los pavos reales te van a quedar de ensueño. ¡Qué gran artista eres! El pastel dan ganas de está entrando hambre. Bueno, ya estás aquí y ahora a seguir con tu gran Mansión. Besos

  68. Dear Giac, I found your blog via Eva's latest post. I am speechless! Your talent is so freaking amazing!!! The cake - super awesome, I'll bet your goddaughter LOVED it! And your drawings and design of that amazing dollhouse project you are working on - simply stupendous!! Thank you for sharing, the photos are incredible!

    Many mini hugs,

  69. ¡Hola Giac!!!
    Siempre que vengo a tu blog , quedo con la boca abierta ÖÖÖ Es admirable todo lo que haces!!
    Que maravilla de viaje has tenido ¡ Felicidades!!! Y que increíble estar con Isabel y Eva :)
    Y como si fuera poco ¡ También haces pasteles!!! Wooooow!!! Pues me voy y sigo con la boca abierta ÖÖÖ ;)
    Un gran abrazo

  70. Hallo Giac,

    Fijn om te lezen dat je hebt genoten van je vakantie. Ik vond Alhambra ook erg mooi om te zien. Complete kunstwerken in het steen. Leuk dat je in Spanje andere miniaturisten hebt ontmoet. Je taart is ook weer een waar kunstwerk geworden.

    Lieve groeten,


  71. It is nice to see you back. Have missed you. Your sketches are wonderful!!! Am so glad you got to visit with friends and visit such a wonderful place. Love the new ideas and your remarkable talent. Cant wait for more. Hugs, LJ

  72. Hola Giac
    Me alegro de que hayas disfrutado de tus vacaciones.
    Me encanto que conocieses a mis amigas Eva e Isabel, hablan maravillas de ti.
    Has conseguido fantasticas ideas.
    besitos ascension

  73. Sounds like you had a great trip! Isn't it fun to visit mini shops and mini friends while on holiday?

    Welcome back--looking forward to seeing more....


  74. Me alegra que disfrutaras del viaje.
    Barcelona es especial.
    Pero lo que me ha gustado realmente es el proyecto de la casa.
    Dibujas muy bien.
    Otra cosa para admirar en tí

  75. Wow you bake and ice as well as draw and produce the most wonderful miniatures. Talk about multi-talented. Your god-daughter is very lucky. It is nice that you could catch up with other miniaturists on your trip and even managed to find a couple of miniature shops.

  76. Hi Giac,

    Nice to have you back and I am glad your holiday was some much fun.

    I love the sketch of the exterior of the manor--how very elegant with all those bay windows!

    And that cake! What a lucky goddaughter and you are a wonderful godfather.

    Many regards,

  77. What an amazing trip! Thank you for sharing the pictures. I can't wait to see how your sketches come to life in the manor.

  78. hola Giac ¡¡ veo que has conocido a Isabel y a Eva ( a esta última yo la conozco y es una bellisima persona ) tambien veo que has hecho un viaje por España ....bonita verdad ? y en cuanto a mi proyecto de la casa del mago......mucha será de esa cosa que van poco a poco . Me alegra que hayas pasado por mi precioso pais y que lo hayas disfrutado, para mi es una maravilla ..un poco ristico y antiguo .pero al fin y al cbo mi tierra ¡¡ un bso ¡¡ Angeles.. Sigue con tus proyectos ...son los mejores ¡¡

  79. Eu adoro bolo, e esse deve ter ficado maravilhoso!
    Pena que em minha cidade não há uma loja de miniaturas. Aqui é no improviso e criatividade na arte de reaproveitamento.

  80. Ciao e scusa Jack mi e' sfuggito questo post...:) Complimenti per il tuo progetto e per le foto postate sulla lava di Tenerife...mi interessa...sono geologa:)
    Sei sempre un grande...
    Ti abbraccio e auguri di buona Pasqua!

  81. Hi Giac! Awesome sketches and work as usual. Can't wait to see more...keep up the amazing work!

  82. Hola Giac, no habia visto tus ultimas actualizaciones, no hay nada que se te resista, impresionante la caja escena. Y el dibujo de la casa es colosal

  83. Hola Giac, The pictures from the holiday look great. And visiting dollshouse shops and meeting friends must be nice. The drawings you made for your manor are so beautifull, it must be great to be able to draw such lovely pictures. I can hardly draw a straight line so your pictures are magical to me.
    Hope the computerproblems are sorted soon.
    Miniature greetings Aurora

  84. Hello Giac,

    What a great post! Your sketches are amazing and I enjoyed hearing about your trip.
    My husband and I travelled to Barcelona from Canada last summer, and we visited Drap also. It is located in such a charming part of the city. We had the most amazing chocolate pastries and fresh squeezed orange juice just around the corner. Your pictures brought back memories...


  85. Hallo Giac, ab heute bin ich dein neues Mitglied und ich bin froh deinen Blog gefunden zu haben. Du bist ein Künstler meinen ganz großen Respekt. Du solltest einmal zu uns nach Köln kommen und dir den Dom ansehen. Das würde dir bestimmt gefallen. Ich würde mich aber auch freuen wenn du mich einmal auf meinem Blog besuchst.
    Bis bald einen schönen Tag und herzliche Grüße Britta

  86. Hello
    Hope you had a wonderful hollyday and you are well.
    Thank you for Your good comments on my blog. It mean a lot to me.
    You are a very talented and a perfectionist, a pleasure to see Your work.

  87. Hello Giac, l still can't believe my computer is working l can appreciate the feeling :-). I am very impressed with your work and find reading young blog so inspiring. This time l thought: wow he can draw too!! I love your sence of detail. Chimneys and chimney pots have always fascinated me. Goodness knows why :-). Lovely pictures from your holiday, both nature and architecture. Look forward to next post :-)! All the best, Pam

  88. My spelling wasn't good: "your blog" :-)

  89. I was hoping that you would join the A to Z challenge. you do have a lot to offer in miniature blogging. May be next year?

  90. Hello Giac
    First I want to thank you so much for your nice comment, it ment a lot to me because I think you are right. I guess I tend to a little hard to my own work, beause I see all the perfect work out there in blogland :) And because of that your word did me feel good.
    I`m happy to see you had a wonderful holiday!
    Looking forward to see your musicroom with peacocks and the (Alhanbra)loggia and everything you are planning to make.
    The birthdaycake was fun and wonderful too.

  91. Wow! The project is really coming to life Giac. The peacocks will look beautiful on the panelling. I really admire your planning and preparation it will be well worth it.

    The cake is marvellous, what a wonderful gift to your god-daughter and her family.

  92. Ciao Giac sono venuta a visitare il tuo blog che è molto interessante ed in particolare mi è piaciuto questo progetto. Ottima idea la sala della musica con gli affreschi di pavoni. Nell'arte romana è infatti un uccello che viene raffigurato molto spesso perchè simbolo di spiritualità e di vita eterna.E la musica per molti artisti rappresenta proprio il viaggio tra la musica del suono e quello dell'anima. Manu

  93. Hmm....a month has gone by and no peacocks yet? As beautiful as they are, they have the most horrid call. But they are so much a part of English mansions that they must be part of your project. Hope to see some news on the work soon! Happy Mini-ing!, Peggy

  94. thank you for all ever so kind comments!!! :)
    all has bben said here about your plans and work...can just say, i am always in awe!!!!! :)

  95. Hi Giac,
    First I want to thank you for the lovely comments on my blog "mini group Swabians". It's good to get such comments from someone who knows his craft so as you do in 1:12

    Your drawings are so beautiful and detailed that I'm excited already huge, what you make of it. I'm looking forward to your posts


  96. Thank you for your words Giac, you're very kind, really! What a surprise to see you visited Spain! I hope you enjoyed it, and you've met Isabel and Eva, who are two people I love so much,I'm sure you passed it great! What a great project that you do, the plans are awesome! You are a great artist, I'm sure you'll get everything you set your mind! A big hug and thank very much for your lovely comments, it's a great honor for me that you visit my blog!

  97. Hello Giac,

    Your drawings are really beautiful. Great post, thank you so much for sharing.

  98. Everything here is fantastic. Especially the miniature houses from behind the photos.

  99. Hey there Giac,
    Looks like you had a fantastic time on your holiday, great pictures! Great hair! :)
    Hope your computer gets better soon, hate the dreaded 'blue screen'!
    Love all the little mini treasures, the glass especially.
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my work.
    Huge hugs
    Gill x

  100. Ola amigo,
    que fotos preciosas me alegra muito que vc tenha disfrutado das suas ferias.Bom final de semana.

  101. Hello Giac. I love your the pictures of your trip. Thank you for sharing them with us. Your sketches are Wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing your Amazing creations.
    P.S. Such a beautiful and special cake!!!

  102. What a wonderful holiday Giac! Looks like you had a real nice time. The pictures are so interesting. Tenerife reminds me of the Jules Verne's book The Children of Capt. Grant (maybe it's not the right English translation). I can't believe that you even bake besides doing such fantastic architectural work. You are really artistic. The other day my daughter and I baked some cupcakes so that we could take pictures, but when we went to decorate them we made a mess, they looked disgusting so we just ate them without taking any pictures! Sorry that I haven't been around for a long time but ever since Blogger changed its "look" I don't get the notices of posts so I don't know who is posting what. It's really very annoying. Do you have the same problem?

  103. That cakes looks so delicious! I love the pictures from your holiday. I was wondering where you had been all this time. Welcome back!

  104. Menuda obra de arte que estas haciendo creando tu propio palacio, preciosa labor, a ver si yo me animo con la mía que me da asta miedo empezarla

    b esossss