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Thursday 7 February 2013

Room box exterior, Music Room Remodel, and going on Holiday

Hello my friends,
I hope you are all well. I know I sound like a broken record, but thank you once again for all your wonderful comments. It amazes me that so many artists take the time to follow and comment on my work. It really does mean a lot to me.

I short post this time. I finally finished the exterior of the room box
My friend called and received it while I was writing this post. I am so happy he got it safe and sound and that he liked it. I decided to cover the exterior with fabric and put a simple frame on the front of the box. I started by cutting templates for the top and 2 sides of the box in illustration board. The back is open in case he should decide to electrify the room or put an exterior scene behind the window.
I then cut a strip of fabric big enough to cover the top and sides, then glued on the illustration board pieces (picture above). I used this technique to make sure the fabric is nice and tight and did not get glued on too crooked or lumpy. I left a small space between the pieces to permit it to bend easily over the box corners.
Next, I glued the edges in over the illustration board. The fabric is an upholstery fabric so I was not worried about the glue going through.

I covered the piece with heavy books and let it dry. I then covered the 3 sides of the box, placed the fabric covered illustration board over it, and clamped and weighed it down to set.

The final step was the front frame. Naturally, I ran out of picture frame molding. I took out my illustration board and cut it to the size of the box, cut out an opening, and used a tiny piece of trim I had for the edge
I painted it with the green paint I used as a base coat for the marble in the room. When it was dry I glued it on and voila

The room box is finished. I am really happy with the way it turned out. I refer to the person as my friend, but in truth he is a brother to me and very important in my life.
Now, you might say that is not a lot of work since my last post. Well, I was also working on a design for the Music Room floor. I looked at many books, many websites, and drew a lot

I finally came up with a design I am very happy with and started building it, but you'll have to wait until the next post...okay...maybe one little sneak peak...

Of course when I saw the floor medallions I started thinking about the rest of the room. I am still in planning phase, but right now I am thinking "gold" and "peacocks".

My next post will most likely be the remodelled music room, but you might have to wait a little while. Jo and I are going on holiday this weekend and will be away for a few weeks. I will catch up on your blogs when we get back. I know many of you are from Spain. We are going on a cruise of the Canary Islands leaving from Barcelona. I was wondering 2 things: first, how should we dress, second, are there any good restaurants you could recommend in Barcelona? We will be staying near the cruise terminal. We have a lot planned so it will be a hectic vacation, but I will definitely visit miniature shops...I think there 3? I can rest when we have days at sea.

Thank you once again everyone. It is really a pleasure to get to know all of you through your artwork, and a pleasure to share my work with you. I send you all many hugs for the weeks to come and as always, I wish you all the best.



  1. Oh that's going to be spectacular, can't wait to see more!

  2. Firstly Giac, when would we EVER question how much work you have done, my goodness!! Didn't John crown you Honey Badger???The recipiant of this room box is a very luck man!

    Secondly that floor is gob smakingly beautiful, here is me worried about starting my regular floor boards.

    Thirdly, how fantastic!! A wonderful holiday in the Canary Islands, I'm so jealous!We expect to see photos when you come back. Have a wonderful time, we will miss you but you need a well earned break.

    Much love, Fi xx

  3. I have said it before, but I'm going to say it again. That roombox is beautiful! Your "brother" is a very lucky man to get such a gift.

    The new floor is jaw-dropping great! You truly are an artist. I can't wait to see more.

    We will miss you while you are gone and I hope you and Jo have a great cruise! We will of course need to be seeing pictures once you return. Be safe and see you soon!


  4. OOOOH, that sneak peek of the remodeled floor is Such a Tease!!! And you are going away, so it will be Ages before we see any more!!!
    But really, have a Wonderful vacation! I hope it is sunny and warm and you find Dozens of special miniatures that just Have to come home with you!!! I will be thinking of you lounging in the sun on a ship .... while we are shoveling Tons of snow....!

  5. Hi Gaic, Enjoy your vacation especially Barcelona, we were there in September and yes there are three great miniature stores there. Enjoy! Check out my blog for details on the three stores! Love the sneak peak by the way!

  6. Hi Giac,
    Your fabric technique looks like a great way to finish the outside of room boxes, and I love your Macgyver solution for the frame. I can't wait to see your music room remodel unfold. Hope your vacation is fun and relaxing.

  7. Dear Giac and Jo,
    All the best for a wonderful vacation... Do hope you have lots of sunshine and blue skies.
    Giac you may suffer from blog deprivation but it gets easier after a few days!

    Very interested to see what evolves for your music room floors.
    Regards Janine

  8. The room box looks beautiful with its fabric cover and frame.

    Oh, gosh, the bit of floor looks amazing! Guess I will have to wait patiently for you to finish it ;-)

    Have a lovely holiday, enjoy the mini shopping and the sea, a cruise someday is something I would love to do.

  9. Hi Giac,
    I think the new floor is going to look spectacular when it's done. Hope you and Jo have a wonderful holiday =0)

  10. A really good idea to use fabric around your room box, it makes it just so complete. The color, fabric and picture frame helps to finish it, in just the right way. It looks like a million ...
      Thanks for showing how to do. I did not realize that the glue does not go through upholstery, a useful knowledge.

    Exciting with gold and peacocks, I will look forward to seeing more.

    On your holiday I wish you lots of sun, delicious food, lucrative purchase, lots of fun and laughter. Take care of yourself great trip for both of you.


  11. First of all I would like to comment on how incredibly clean and tidy your workroom looks! Where are all the bits of wood, the fabrics, the paint bottles, the cutters etc. etc. that seem to explode all over when I am making something (which is always, so I always have a mess)?

    The floor looks fantastic, what a beautifully intricate design! How do you cut the circles from the wood?

    Great finish on the room box Giac. I can imagine your friend is happy with it, such a beautiful and personal gift!

    Have fun on your cruise and in Barcelona, it's a beautiful city!

  12. I wish you a wonderful holiday!
    Hugs, Conni

  13. The roombox is gorgeous, great find the fabric, Giac!!
    The, what a intricate design and now we are supposed to wait patiently....;) while you are on a exotic holiday?????
    I wish you both a fantastic holiday: relax, love, laugh, live and do some nice purchases while you're there :D
    Hugs, Ilona

  14. Most of all: have a great holidays you two, Giac!:)
    I love the pattern you've chosen! I can imagine one room with that kind of floor leads to another room and another...Have fun with that!
    I am sure your brother will love the roombox.:)
    Big hug

  15. WOW, that is going to be one gorgeous floor! I look forward to seeing the completed music room. (I feel like a bit of a floors consist of square mosaic tile and basswood strips.)

    Have a good trip!

  16. the room box turned out amazing. Im also planning on doing one of my rooms with a peacock theme so I cant wait to see what you do with it :)

  17. That 'new' floor is going to be a stunner (I liked the 'old' floor, too but now I get why you're switching it up! Great idea using the fabric on your room box. I will definitely file that idea away for a rainy day. Have a blast in Spain! A cruise sounds like the perfect getaway --Bon voyage!

  18. May he be your friend our your brother or both... he's a very lucky guy to get this beautiful roombox. Your little teaser of the floor is fantastic - I really envy you that you are able to build these miracles. And now have a fun trip with many special, wonderful and breathtaking moments.


  19. Oi Giac,
    Agora é a minha vez de dizer que minhas palavras soam como um "disco quebrado": Seu trabalho é maravilhoso, eu não me canso em repetir.
    Que ótima idéia fazer o revestimento com tecido! Eu particularmente não gosto de pintar e ter a opção de forrar com tecido é fantástico!
    O novo trabalho de 'machetaria' está ficando incrível (mais uma vez o disco quebrado...)
    Um grande abraço.

  20. Dear Giac,
    Your friend must be very happy with this nice roombox. I wish you and Jo a very nice trip to Barcelona....and a calm ocean for your cruise.
    I'm looking forward to your floor. I think that floor looks wonderful in my master bedroom of the Garfield dollhouse.
    Have a nice and save trip. Enjoy.
    Hugs Dorien

  21. Your work is stunning as usual! Can't wait to see more! :) In the meanwhile, I wish you the most pleasant holidays! I have never been to the Canary Islands, but I'mm sure it a fabulous place to have a bit of relax. Have fun, and see you soon! :)

  22. The roombox is fantastic.
    All of us who visit your blog are excited, because you want to show us all the great things you accomplish. It is always a pleasure to see.
    Have a great holiday.

    Hug from Lil in a snowy Sweden.

  23. Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing holiday!!! Wow..Barcelona..just super!!! Your roombox-friend is a very very lucky person!! :)
    The floor you choose..i agree with all others...can't wait to see more! :)

  24. Hey Giac, i am a bit late to the party but wishing you both a GREAT vacation! I can recommend the Burger King in Barcelona ;)Enjoy this beautiful city to the max and visit the Ramblas at night when it comes a live. hug AM.

  25. Qué suerte tiene tu amigo, el ralo es precioso. Esperaré impaciente a tu próxima entrada para ver tu nuevo suelo. Os deseo unas felices vacaciones y seguro que os vais a divertir mucho y vais a ver unos lugares muy bonitos. El clima aquí en España es bueno. Besos y ¡ Feliz viaje !

  26. Trabajas con mucha precisión, eres un gran profesional, me gustan tus trabajos y esta caja va a quedar de superlujo.
    Un abrazo

  27. Hello Giac, as always; perfect results! I really enjoy looking at your work, Hugs, liduina.

  28. Hello Giac,

    Beautiful! I am certain that your friend will treasure your gift to him forever.

    I hope that you and Jo have a wonderful vacation.


  29. wow- that floor is going to be amazing! I love your roombox also- I would never have guessed you used illustration board on the frame. I learn new things from fellow miniaturists every single day- thank you! Safe travels and I hope you have a wonderful time!

  30. Hi, Giac! The exterior of your room box is just as exquisite as the inside - how did you learn to do so many things so well? I appreciate so much that you take the time to explain how you get these beautiful results. I really can't wait to see how the music room turns out in all of its golden, peacock, floor-medallioned glory, it's going to be spectacular.

    I hope you and Jo have a fantastic cruise - what line are you going on? My husband and I took a Celebrity cruise in November from Rome with a couple of stops in Turkey and Greece, it was amazing! Hope you will share some travel tips when you get back.

    Bon Voyage!


  31. Hola Giac, como siempre tu trabajo es digno de admiración, la caja de tu amigo es una obra maestra, no me extraña que le haya encantado, y el suelo de los resetones, es una belleza, cuando salga de tus manos, será una maravilla. Que bueno que vienes a España, espero que tengas una buena estancia entre nosotros, de hecho yo vivo en Barcelona, el tiempo en España es bueno, con un abrigo o un anoraks, es suficiente para estar en la calle y si, hay varias tiendas de miniaturas, Drap y Ananda, son de las mas conocidas y antiguas en la ciudad. Espero que nos cuentes de tu viaje a la vuelta. Un abrazo. Isabel

  32. I am soooooo impressed with your Music Room floor, the beginnings anyway. I wouldn't know where to start with a project like that.

    The little box has turned out really well - lucky friend - and I hope you have a lovely holiday.

  33. Hi Giac,

    nice to see the room box all finished; it looks great with the frame around it, which is just the right shade of green too!

    The Music Room floor already looks impressive! how did you make all those cuts so perfect! and curves too! Can't wait to see how if looks later, but enjoy your holiday! Sounds lovely!

    Hmm, gold and peacocks, sounds like the sort of room David would live in if I gave him a chance!! ;o)

    enjoy your break

    Andy xxxx

  34. Great roombox--what a lucky friend! The new floor will be stunning. Enjoy your well-deserved trip, and be safe. I look forward to hearing from you when you return. xo Jennifer

  35. Bellissimo il risultato finale, i piace molto l'idea di rivestire l pareti esterne in tessuto, ottima scelta!
    Un bacio

  36. Me gusta mucho como has resuelto el exterior,la tela con el marco conjuntan divinamente,buen trabajo!!!!!!

  37. The roombox is gorgeous - your friend is very lucky!
    The floor looks amazing and beautiful!
    Have a relaxing vacation!
    Barcelona is great, I have had a short visit there: about the restaurants, remember one restaurant because of its great atmosphere: 4Gats:

  38. Great idea for on the roombox! And the floor is going to be goregeous :)
    Hoping you have a wonderful cruise--

  39. The roombox is fantastic. I love the colour of the frame and what a great idea with the fabric cover. Your brother is very lucky :) Wow the floor looks amazing cant wait to see more. Have a fantastic holiday the both of you. Looking forward to seeing some great pictures :)))
    Hugs Maria

  40. Una gran idea para la escena.
    El suelo va a quedar genial.
    El exterior me encanta.
    Un buen trabajo.
    besitos ascension

  41. Es una escena preciosa y sobre todo muy trabajada y esos rosetones ya me tienen enamorada.
    Espero que lo pases genial en tu crucero. En Canarias el tiempo es muy bueno y en Barcelona cambia constantemente, una semana hace frio y otra calor.
    Por el centro de Barcelona encontrarás buenos sitios para comer y como tienda de miniaturas Drap, Ananda y Evolve.
    Un abrazo.

  42. Hi Giac,

    I just can't wait to see the rest of your floor - it looks wonderful and unique, and most of all, PERFECT...what precision!

    Ah, Barcelona! I spent a good 6 months there - it's a fun city but easy to get caught in the tourist areas. Two restaurants I can recommend:

    Julivert Meu on calle Bonsucces (number 7)
    just off la Rambla after plaça catalunya
    a good place for lunch, has traditional catalan menus

    and if you and Jo wanted a romantic dinner out,
    El Eden de Laforja
    laforja 3m near via augusta
    there´s a website too....

    Thank goodness I can finally justify my enormous pile of restaurant cards that I collect whenever I eat out!

    Have fun on your hols, after all this work on you RL and mini houses, you deserve it,


  43. Hola Giac, yo creía que había dejado comentario aquí, pero veo que no. Lo que si te envié fué un email.
    La escena es maravillosa, un regalo muy bonito. Como siempre tu trabajo es exquisito y además lo compartes, me gusta eso.
    Tengo ganas de ver como terminas el suelo, seguro que queda lindo.
    Que disfrutes de tus vacaciones y espero que te guste mi ciudad.
    Un beso

  44. Hi Giac, your roombox looks fantastic,what a lucky friend!
    The floor is going to be amazing :)
    Enjoy your well deserved trip, and be safe.
    Have fun, and see you soon! :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  45. Como siempre es admirable su trabajo, el suelo elegido es espectacular.
    Felices vacaciones , las de Barcelona ya te han informado , en las Islas te puede informar Carmen,, que seguro estará encantada de hacerlo, un saludo:)

  46. You are such a perfectionist. The floor is just gorgeous.
    What a beautiful room and what a lucky friend!!! XXX

  47. I have found you blog and I love it!! it's awesome!!
    Congratulations!! I am finishing my own dolls house by hand made, if you want see it, my blog is:

    Regards From Spain!!

  48. It is very very nice! You gave me a great idea for a couple of my scenes outer surfacing.
    The music room floor it's beautiful .
    Have a nice holiday!

  49. Giac, que buen trabaj!!! me gusta mucho la terminación exterior, buena idea.

  50. I like the exterior of your room box. It's an original and great idea.
    The new floor is wonderful.
    Bye Faby

  51. Giac, now even the exterior of the roombox is stunning.
    Thank you for the box cover great tip.
    With only a glimpse at your new floor I know it will be beautiful.
    Have a great holiday! Barcelona is a wonderful city to visit.
    Hugs, Drora

  52. Siempre es un placer ver el proceso de tus trabajos, el suelo quedará espectacular. Felices vacaciones. Besos

  53. My dear Giac, I know that these holidays are fully deserve, with all the work you've done in miniature and not, in recent months. Renovation of home, family, miniatures, wood floors, gifts, blog... a myriad of tasks that you carry out all extremely well.
    In Barcelona I spent a wonderful week of love with my husband, we were there in February and we enjoyed a wonderful weather and wonderful hours around the city. To you, you are a visionary, many will like the fabulous architecture of Gaudi. I felt privileged just to sit on a bench in front of the striking buildings, and eat ice cream reflecting on the beauty of things :-)
    Indeed, thank you for giving me the opportunity to reconsider.
    I wish you a wonderful holiday with Jo, and I'm sure it will be like this :-D
    Lovely hugs

  54. The plans for the floor look awesome, Giac, no doubt it will be spectacular.
    I've been to Gran Canaria on my honeymoon, later I've been to Tenerife, great for all kinds of watersport, and also made trips to Barcelona.
    I remember being impressed by the statues and buildings I saw in Barcelona.
    But this all was quite some years ago.
    Enjoy your holiday to the fullest, and have lots of fun!!

  55. Giac,
    I will look forward to seeing more of your progress after you return. I know that you and Jo will have a wonderful time! Can't wait to see what miniature treasures you find on holiday!

  56. Beautiful work as always. Wishing you a safe trip and plenty of rest!

  57. We will all miss you while you are on your holiday, Giac ! I think that you are one special guy and your talents are endless! You are always so gracious to us all with your comments and enthusiastic input; How will we all manage without you!!!!??? ( I'm just being a bit selfish) Your finished roombox looks superb, and how clever to use the mat board and wood trim to solve your framing problem. It is the finishing touch!
    Enjoy yourself and think about your beautiful music room floor while your gone! I know I will.
    big hug, my friend

  58. cher giac passez de tres belles vacances en espagne j aime ce pays !!! barcelone est merveilleuse profitez au maximum de ces belles vacances avec votre ami et revenez nous vite avec votre talent !!! bises giac et a bientot


  59. Dear Giac, you'll love Barcelona, it is INCREDIBLE! the architecture is amazing,the people is over friendly and the food is simply gorgeous!!
    Canary Islands are pretty warm now,around 24C during the day,but Barcelona can be pretty cold.I was there some years ago in March and I shivered a lot.
    There are 3 shops,Drap which also have a laboratory,a modern one where I bought toomany things and another which I did not visit last summer.
    Ask Eva,, she is from barcelona, she is a talented miniaturist,she makes workshops at Drap and most of all she is a lovely,smiling, adorable creature whom I love deeply and who is absolutely gorgeous.
    Have fun my dear and enjoy your rest,Rosanna

  60. Ciao caro Giac il tuo e' sempre un ottimo lavoro da grande artista...
    Ti abbraccio!

  61. What a wonderful artist you are,I have no words, sincerely!
    And in Barcelona you can eat well everywhere you go!

  62. Im really starting to hate my computer, I missed your post and I was the one to ask for the tutorial..Im so sorry for flaking but thanks so much for sharing your talent Giac


  63. Hi my name is Eva and I am your newest follower. My friends Eva and Isabel (you saw them in Barcelona) have told me about your blog. I knoe that you visited also Drap!!
    I have discovered a very talented and detailed miniatures. Congrats on your work.
    Hope you enjoy your holidays in my country and of coiurse in my city, the wonderful Barcelona!
    By the way! I am the Eva, that Rosanna recommend you (i have seen her pretty definition about me and I am smiling). When Rosanna and Susan (Sans from Singapore) came to Barcelona they stayed with us at home. So next time you come hopefully we can meet each other :) It will be a pleasure.

  64. Hi Giac, I'm so late with my comment, you are somewhere halfway your holiday by now ;) But still hope you have a great vacation - a cruise to the Canary Islands, wow! - and welcome you back for when you see this. Don't know how the Canary Islands are, but Barcelona is a great city, has it all!
    I love the finish of the roombox you made for your friend, you made a terrific choice with the green frame, it brings the whole thing together perfectly, I LOVE it!
    Looking forward to the remodelled music room, your design for the floor looks very promising.. Bye!

  65. Hola! Supongo que ahora estaras en pleno viaje por Canarias, espero que os lo esteis pasando muy bien y el clima os acompañe. Eva e Isabel ya me dijeron que estuvieron contigo y que eres tan agradable en persona como siempre en los blogs,espero tambien que Barcelona te gustara, disfrutaras de sus edificios y tambien de su comida, aunque no se si tuvistes tiempo para todo. Un beso fuerte y hasta la vuelta, te esperamos con ilusion para seguir viendo tus magnificos trabajos.

  66. Lovely floor...enjoy your vacation.

  67. Another perfect and beautiful work
    Otra obra perfecta, hermosa como siempre

  68. Hope you have(had) a wonderful vacation. It`s great the way you covered the roombox, thanks for showing how you did it. The floor you have started on look fabulous, looking forward to see more :)

  69. Wat leuk om je te volgen én dat je ons volgt.
    Je werk is prachtig.

    groetjes Willy en Willem


  70. ¡Hola Giac!

    Estoy encantada de volver por tu blog y descubrir tus nuevos trabajos. Siempre me quedo impresionada con las imágenes que nos muestras.

    Agradezco que compartas con nosotros, estas obras tan maravillosas.

    Un saludo.

  71. You put in a lot of work. No wonder it turns out beautiful. Enjoy your time off.

  72. Tus trabajos son maravillosos. Son todos muy reales. Aunque ya conocía tus trabajos hoy me he hecho seguidora de tu blog. Te visitaré para ver tus trabajos. Un abrazo

  73. Beautiful work as always.

  74. Prachtig je vorderingen van je werk.
    Uou are a ARTIST !!!!!
    greet from The Netherlands.

    xxxxxxxx Conny

  75. Me encantan tus trabajos, son extraordinarios, gracias por visitar mi blog, me has dado la oportunidad de ver tus preciosas minis. estamos en contacto, gracias