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Sunday 18 November 2012

The Gothic Hall and the Attic Parlour

Hello Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well! Thank you once again for your kind feedback. It means a great deal to me to have other miniaturists enjoy my work. The past few weeks have been busy with the never ending renovations and work has been crazy, but I found time to finish the Gothic Hall and Parlour in the attic.

Gothic Hall

The Parlour 
The fireplace I made was originally all mahogany, but I wanted something a bit more elegant, so I used some marble paper I purchased years ago.

The Gothic Hall is the room between the Nursery and the Bathroom with the attic staircase landing. I had a hard time deciding what this room would be . Originally I thought about a small sitting room, then office, and finally, mostly because of the design, I decided it would serve as a prayer room. I'm not getting into any religious discussion, but I will say that the Dewells share my beliefs: The table will have the religious book of each main religion living side by side peacefully. 
I love Gothic churches and decided to divide the staircase area and the prayer room with Gothic arches. I started by taking a piece of 3 inch basswood and cutting out the arch shapes I wanted with an x-acto knife. I didn't like the space above the side arches, so I cut out openings to add some architectural detail. The second step was adding molding to the arched openings. Again, I scored the molding every 1/8 inch, about half way down, and was able to curve it.

In the next picture, you can see the supports I used to hold a 1/2 inch strip to make the arch piece look wider. I took some cocktail toothpicks, cut them and glued them into the top opening to add a little interest. I didn't put a back to the piece because there is no way to see it.
 When the glue was dry, I added some molding to the front of the piece. Usually I cover the curved molding with Gesso to fill the cuts I made for curving but I liked the detail it added so I just painted the piece as is.
 Next, I had to make the columns to support the arches. I used a 5/8 inch dowel to make the columns and attached the railing pieces to them.
 The next picture is the dry run before I designed the rest of the room. This is when it became clear the room would have a very religious character.
After the arches I took out my books and looked at churches to come up with a design for the window over the staircase. I was going to make a skylight, but decided to make a large dormer instead.
 To build the window I made a frame with 5/8 strip molding and I took a 3 inch wide piece of basswood and carved out the arch details at the top. I used molding to accent the curves and I used the smallest dowels I could find to make the column detail. I just glued them together lengthwise.
 Here is the window in place. All the windows in the manor will get panes of stained glass, but this window will be all stained glass. I have not put a roof on the dormer yet. I'm still deciding if I want to make it skylight so I can have daylight coming in over the staircase. 
 And here is a close up of the arches and window after faux-finishing.
The wall over the staircase was quite large and I wanted to make something interesting with it. I decided to paint the Dewell family tree. You have all heard me say how much I hate painting, but i think I did a pretty good job of it

 I started by looking at pictures and painting the tree. When the tree was dry I paint faces. In the closeup picture you can see some of them look like Wallace and Gromit, but considering I don't like painting, don't to it much, and the tree is only 4 1/2 inched tall, I am quite pleased with it.
The Dewell who live in the Manor are on the top left branch
 The family crest was a present for one of my best friends.When I made the Chinoiserie panels I was asked how I painted the designs. Honestly I have no technique. I look up what I want to paint on line and in books and I try to interpret it.  I use Delta Ceramcoat paints and the smallest brushes I could find.
View before the arches were installed
 When you are standing on the side of the house you can look through the door frame of the Morning Room and you get a good view of the tree and the banisters.
Morning Room and hall view

The Parlour was also a bit of a challenge. I cut out the back of the roof to make room for large windows. You would have views of the ocean from both sides and I wanted to take advantage of that. I built the windows and a fireplace and had a test fit,
 The only sad thing is that the only way to see this room is through the doorway of the Chinese Tea Room. You can see the back windows and the fireplace and that's it! The side window cannot be seen at all
Here is a look at the elements for both room when I was ready to paint them,

 Instead of making a deep dormer I added a balcony being the back windows. The manor will be brick and stone. I am using the Magic Brick system. I painted the balcony wall the colour I want the grout, then I applied the tape that came with the Brick kit.
 I added water to the powder until it was icing consistency, then applied it over the surface, waited 5 minutes, and removed the tape. Here it is dry and varnished. I love the look, but will age and colour the bricks when I do the front of the manor.
This balcony wall was also a colour test. I used the beige I painted the kitchen ceiling for grout colour and also for the stonework. I think it will look better when I'll individually paint certain bricks and age the walls
Next, I made the floors for the rooms and the 2 corridors. For the Gothic Hall I made a pattern using 2 types of wood and I played with the grain took forever!
Gothic Hall Floor
 Since the Parlour would barely be seen, I wanted to make a bold floor that would stick out.
 I used 3 types of wood, played with the grain direction again...really played...then I added 2 coats of shellac. Here is the finished floors connected by the hallway floors.
Finished Floors
 The hall to the left leads to the Morning Room and Nursery, and the other hallway is behind the bathroom. The last thing to do before assembling the rooms was to put a ceiling in the parlour. In the picture below you can see I screwed in a piece of wood on which I glued the double thick illustration board ceiling.
When the ceiling was done I started gluing all the elements down. Here is a look at the Parlour through the back window...a view you'll never see again,
You can see unfinished elements from this view. This room was a lot of work and I decided it was not worth finishing walls impossible to see...although I haven't ruled out finishing the walls at a later date.
 And here is the only view of the Parlour. When the room was assembled I noticed you could see the structure through the doorway. I added a 5 inch wall on each side of the doorway creating an anteroom. It covered up the structure, but it made the view even narrower.
 And here are the pictures of the empty rooms. I wanted chandeliers in every room, but in the Gothic Hall I think I'll hang stained glass lanterns between the side arches and I'll get some floor candelabra.

Gothic Hall. The wainscot was a present from one of my closest friends, as well as the ceiling which is the same as the Chinese Tea Room, only all white.

Parlour behind Chinese Tea Room. I'm happy the floor worked with the anteroom walls.

View of the dormer through the Nursery door

Hall behind Nursery
And that is what I got done since my last post. Technically, all the interior rooms of the Manor are it's time to redecorate! I have to redo the Library Floor, and I have to say I am not happy with the Music Room. It's okay, but not what I envisioned. I will make a new floor, add wainscot,and make more caryatids. I have also been thinking of the Loggia. I know what I want, but just have to figure out how to do it...and of course, there are the shingles for the roof...
 As I mentioned earlier we are still renovating our house and work has been gruelling so I don't have as much time to work on my miniatures, but as soon as another room is finished you can expect a new post. I hope you all have a great day, week, month...and while I don't put up new posts often,  I'll definitely be following your wonderful projects.
Thank you once again my friends.
Big hugs to all,


  1. Wow, Giac! I'm amazed at what you can get done while in the middle of a renovation on your own house! Your skill is amazing, and everything looks so elegant--great job! It's great hearing from you--I hope it's sooner next time, because your posts are a pleasure to view. xo Jennifer

  2. Amazing !!!!!!! Giac you leave no small detail untouched.


  3. This is fantastic Giac! How did you make the plaster ceiling in the gothic room?

  4. Ciao Giac ci hai fatto attendere un po' ma il tuo capolavoro è venuto benissimo. Curi molto bene tutti i particolari...Bravo Bravo Bravo!!!
    A presto!!!

  5. I am stunned---so beautiful! I loved seeing the arches in progress and then scrolling to see it in place, wowww I just stared, I love the wallpaper--you've done incredible work---

  6. My goodness, Giac! I'm just stunned at how much work you've accomplished since your last post. I don't know how you do it. It's not like you were home all day just working on this. But to think that you work all day plus the renovations of your house! When do you sleep? Also, your work is perfection! All those little details! Everything is absolutely striking! Your little family tree is adorable! You think of everything! I think you're an inspiration to many! The Dewells are so lucky to have found you!

  7. I am always amazed by your fantastic impressive work. It is obvious that you do not compromise on what you do.
    The view of the staircase is stunningly beautiful. Your family tree and "coat of arms" is so complete. The Parlour is also so amazing. I could go on and on.
    Thank you for all your sweet and kind comments on my blog, and am impressed with your ability to accommodate and see the possibilities in my creative abilities.
    Good luck in the future with the renovation of your 1-1 house.


  8. Hello Giac,

    What wonderful your rooms become again. So much work done in such a short time while you renovating also your big house. I enjoyed your step by step pictures so I can see how you come at this beautiful result. Very recognizable that you doubt what content should get a room. :) The ceilings, walls and floors are all become very special. Beautiful ... your own style. I wish you strength to renovate your home and wish you have some time left for the miniatures hobby. Thanks for all your sweet comments each time on my blog.

    Kind regards,


  9. Again I am astounded by your attention to detail. I love the way the colour of the floor connects the tea room to the gothic hall ...such a beautiful flow .

  10. Hello Giac ..!!!
    Wonderful work ..!!!
    I love your miniature rooms .. !!
    You are a very good painter ..the family tree is great ..! My compliments ... It' s all incredibly rich in precious details ..!!! I wanted to thank you for all your sweet comments ..!
    Good day and best wishes for your home ..!
    Elvira kisses

  11. Stunning nad awesome work! Difficult to fnd words to describe it.

  12. Giac, incredible! You are making the rest of us look like a poor effort gone bad! I enjoy the "how to" part and really like the rich colors of that Gothic room. A painter too, you sly devil!

  13. Que beleza! Todos adjetivos parecem insuficientes para mostrar minha admiração por seu trabalho. Parabéns por ser esse artista maravilhoso, Giac. Fico impressionada com tantos detalhes. É realmente incrível.
    Um grande abraço

  14. Oh, Giac, fantastic work, those Gothic arches are just amazing, as are your wonderful floors. I love your family tree, what a good idea. You certainly got a lot done in between work and house renovations, you must have loads of energy or determination or probably both.

    Looking forward to your next post.

  15. Hi Ciac!
    You show us so beautiful and wonderful scenes once more.
    I am stunned again! I enjoyed every photo, detail after detail, a l m o s t took my Magnifying Glass to get a closer look... ;) The Dewell family tree is wonderful idea, such a Charming detail and so skillfully made!
    The view through the arches and window after faux-finishing is gorgeous, the Gothic Hall took all my words...
    Thank you for sharing all this with us!

    "The royals they are,
    A beautiful house they bear,
    Such great style and flair."

  16. Dear Giac,
    What a masterpiece. It's amazing what you do.I like to read your blog.....and see the progress. I'm a little jealous because I can't get anything done at the moment.
    Hugs Dorien

  17. Hello Giac!
    All I can offer is more of what you continue to hear from all of us........amazing work.......amazing talent and creativity. You have managed to create a house that really "Draws you in", and makes you want to look at every detail. I particularly love all the angles of these attic rooms and the colors you decided on are great together. Bravo my friend! I applaud you and look forward to being further dazzled...
    Big Hug from Ray

  18. ¡ Me gusta muchísimo ! Es un gran trabajo, muy laborioso pero ha merecido la pena, es perfecto. Saludos

  19. So much to look at and all so beautiful. Your dowel detail on the windows is genius!

  20. Just one word,Giac. AMAZING!!!

  21. Oh my! Amazing! I just admire your skills - and nerves!

  22. Hello Giac,

    I am truly impressed, amazed and delighted by your creativity and talent! With the Gothic Hall you have captured the Victorian Gothic style perfectly…Bravo!

    It is so kind of you to take the time (in the middle of a real life renovation) to share the progress of your wonderful Dewell Manor.

    As always, looking forward to your next instalment…


  23. Wow! I love your Gothic Hall, Giac! Fantastic work! I am impressed by the photo of your dollhouse before and after. I would never ever say it's the same building! Great work! I need to start something new soon!;)

    Big hug

  24. Absolutely great!! I have no words to describe how I like it. Hugs

  25. Bonjour Giac,
    Mes félicitations pour votre travail si proche du réalisme. Votre utilisation des différentes essences de bois donne à votre modèle une atmosphère très réaliste et pleine de charme.
    Merci de nous faire connaître cela

  26. You take my breath away with your talent. Your work is stunning. Wow the family tree is fantastic. I love your posts your work is just perfect. Also Thank you for all the wonderful comments you leave for me :)
    Hugs Maria

  27. Wow Giac, I'm so amazed by what you do, while you are doing a renovation in your own house!
    Everything looks so elegant and beautiful, and it is a pleasure to read your posts and look at all the pictures.
    I love the family tree, you did a great job !!

    Big hugs Mieke xxx

  28. Olá Giac, teu trabalho é de tirar o fôlego.... fico extasiada de olhar os detalhes! parabéns, uma ótima semana e beijos em teu coração.

  29. Incredible! I have no words...
    Everything is wonderful, so elegant and perfect.
    The family tree is fabulous.
    Great, great job!!
    Bye Faby

  30. wonderful to see more of your work! i love to study all, taking time and coming back often! all those details...just incredible and ao perfect! best greetings!

  31. Не верится, что это миниатюра, все настолько настоящее!! Браво! Вы настоящий Мастер!!!

  32. Great Job Giac,
    I really like how you terminated the long corridor with the crest and family tree - what a great idea! Lots of great things in this post. You have a great eye for detail. Gothic is one of my favorite periods. Will you share your source for the Gothic ceiling? Keep up the good work - Troy

  33. Wow Giac!
    Every one of your posts amazes me, but this one was really amazing. I love that some of the rooms in the house are a bit hidden, it really adds so much realism and mystery!

  34. Hi Giac!

    Yes, I share the opinions of all here, your work is astounding! I love the gothic prayer room, with all its rich detail and the parlour would be a good private space to enjoy tea and sea views! How you have found any time for anything else at all amazes me! Those floors are all exquisitely finished! they alone must have taken days to do!!

    Andy xxx

  35. Giac, I just love how you make a simple space into a complex work of art! I really like the combination of the linen fold and the Gothic arch, it brings the whole room together.

  36. Felicidades Giac, su trabajo es espectacular las nuevas estancias son admirables.


  37. You're a true magician... not only because you spread magic over this stunning project of yours but also because you always enchant me with your fantastic posts, showing me all your beautiful work and taking me along on your way how you achieved your wonderful results. There are so many clever details, everything fits perfectly together... I especially like your family tree, what a clever idea - but what else to expect from you than clever, brilliant work? ;O)


  38. OMG, you have been a busy boy! What an incredible post, Giac, everything you touch turns to gold. You captured the Victorian Gothic look to a T! I am continually floored by your vast Creativity, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent ;D Well done, honey badger!


  39. Hi Giac.

    As always, a great post! I especially love the Gothic Hall. You did a magnificent job creating the arches, which shows you definitely have the "gift" to look at the use of materials in a very creative way. I know of one other person who has that ability and we both know who that is!


  40. Dear Giac, you have worked Wonders Again! That Gothic Room is Divine!!! I LOVE the woodworking you do.... you are Fearless when it comes to combining parts to come up with something so Amazingly MORE than the parts!!! And that you put so Much effort into the rooms that can barely be glimpsed through a door....!!! That is one of the things I admire about Dewell Manor... it Truly has the Scale and the Dimensions of a real Home... none of this Half a house business!!! As usual you have done Wonders with the floors too.... I love your playing with pattern to come up with such rich designs!!! And to cut it and fit it all so accurately is no small feat!! And you apologize for your painting.... but that Family Tree is AWESOME!!! I am always so impressed when I see your work.... It leaves me breathless!!! (And you are doing RL Renovations at the SAME time???) The only thing I want to see more of is the WHOLE House...!!! LOL!!!

  41. Hello Giac,
    How on earth you managed to do such a lot of work besides renovating your own home is a riddle to me.
    I love the Gothic Hall to bits!
    All the woodwork looks so rich and warm, the views from each side are spectacular, and the wainscot is gorgeous (what a great friend!).
    It looks like a lot of work for a long time....
    Spectacular job!

  42. Forgot to say your how-to is much appreciated!
    Those arches seem to be so difficult to make but you bring it down to wood, glue and toothpicks. I thoroughly enjoy your (master)classes.

  43. No sé qué decirte, Giac. Cada vez que vengo a tu blog me quedo sin palabras. Es increíble tu trabajo.Te queda perfecto, tus ideas son geniales, tienes un gusto exquisito y lleno de elegancia...Chapeau, Giac. Una maravilla. Un saludo.

  44. Outstanding work! Everything is beautiful, I wish I had your vision for detail and unbelievable you are working on this whit so many other real life projects going on.
    You must have been a wizard in a previous life.

    Big Hugs,

  45. Hi Giac, Outstanding work. I am impressed with everything, especially the floor. Thank you for showing the process of your work. Mini hugs, Natalia

  46. Ciao Giac, la tua Gotic room è semplicemente stupenda, pur non essendo un'amante dello stile gotico devo dire che l'effetto finale mi piace molto, il pavimento è qualcosa di indescrivibile, non ho proprio parole per dirti quanto sei bravo.
    Complimenti di cuore,
    un bacio

  47. Hey Buddy
    Sorry I'm so late.
    What a wonderful Post. So much to look at and dream over, I'm not sure where to start! I love it all so will highlight a couple of my favourite parts (or else I'll go on for ages LOL). The gothic screen is great! You are so clever, I always have the ideas and then "dumb it down" to suit my skill set, if you know what I mean. You are inspiring me to try harder. I also adore the ceiling in this room. Simply brilliant - the level of detail is bewildering.
    Another favourite of mine is the Family Tree. I have seen these in RL but to see your re-creation is stunning! You are such a clever guy and truly leading by example.
    Good luck with the house projects, I know they can be quite a trial.
    Also I hope things are moving along with your adoption plans.
    Love to all

  48. Giac, Amazing as always. I especially love the linen fold panel walls and the
    plaster ceiling, truly authentic looking. Many people of means in that era
    "rescued" parts of older gothic era homes.
    Thanks for inspiring us all!

  49. Que fantastico trabajo!!!
    Esa sala gotica es una autentica maravilla.
    El techo es alucinante, que maravillosos detalles.
    El arbol de la vida te ha quedado simplemente genial.
    Una gran entrada, he disfrutado muchisimo de tu maravilloso trabajo.
    besitos ascension

  50. Yesterday I had looked at your blog, but still nothing written, because a girlfriend of me came over to pick me up for the gym.
    But what you are building is bizar!
    I find it incredibly beautiful what you have done.
    I love the Gothic Hall.
    The floors are so wonderfull and detailed.
    Incredibly work.

    Kind regards Alexandra.

  51. Un trabajo espectacular, bellísimo y perfecto...enhorabuena. Siempre que puedo me paso por aquí, me encanta ver el proceso de tus pequeñas obras de arte. Besos

  52. Giac, I think you've surpassed yourself with this one! It's all just simply amazing. To look at a gothic screen and work out all the relevant components to create your mini one is a marvellous talent. I love it. The whole thing just gets better and better. Irene x

  53. Again you work with the speed of light! It's incredible, and besides the quick pace your work is always so intricate, detailed and precise. I don't believe you ever take the easy way out!?

    The gothic hallway is fascinatingly detailed with the work in the wainscot and the arches you made, the ceiling is great and works in this setting just as beautifully as in the tearoom, with a totally different feel about it.

    And you may hate painting but you nailed it! The detail of the broken branch is interesting and a bit macabre but gives it something special and realistic.

    All in all incredible once again Giac! Thank you for sharing this eyecandy with us

  54. Giac,
    This is outstanding work, nothing new there though; I’ve grown to expect this level of excellence from you and as always your attention to detail is exceptional! The Gothic hall with its proud arches is just divine, love the colour, adore the ceiling and can’t wait to move in ;)
    Gill xx

  55. Such wonderful work, always!! You should put out a book on all your work in this would be a masterpiece!!!


  56. c est magnifique !!!! quel travail minutieu ,quelle patience. combien d heures de travail cela doit représenter je suis en admiration devant cette merveille !!!bravo

  57. Giac,
    This is beyond amazing - you are truly gifted in this scale!
    Big hugs,

  58. Oh Giac,

    what can I say that hasn't already been said in the comments above - I hope you bask in your glory; your rooms are absolutely fantastic, the smallest detail has been thought of. I think your finishing is very professional, they really *are* proper rooms.

    I particularly like the family tree and crest - very late Victorian. I don't care what you say, your painting is very well executed, and is so unique. I imagine there will be a plethora of copycats soon (I may be one of them *ahem*)!

    It is always a joy to see an update on your blog - I had to wait a couple of days to have some peace and quiet to enjoy it! Thank you.

    And good luck, or 'bonne continuation' as we say here, on your Real Life renovations - we did half our house last year, and it was painful, certainly less enjoyable than mini-world renovations! But worth it in the end.

    Let me know if you need any embroidered accessories for your music room!

    Big Hug,


  59. Hello Giac!
    I admire your work! She is beautiful!
    It is unfortunate that I can not become small, to stroll through this magnificent home :) You a true magician :)


    Siempre que vengo a tu blog, miro las fotos, y me digo, es perfecto, es sala gotica es espectacular, los paneles de madera, el suelo...
    Giac, eres una gran artesano y miniaturias....tus trabajos son bellisimos
    Un besin

  61. Bonjour Giac !

    Je ne sais pas comment vous le faire, mais vous surmonter à chaque nouvel emploi. Chaque chambre est il vaut mieux que le précédent. Je veux être minuscules et habiter dans cette belle maison, il n'y a aucun endroit mieux dans le monde !

    Un câlin énorme, mon ami !

  62. Oooooooh Giac!!!!!!!! Ma tu sei molto più di un artista,sei un mago, ma come è possibile fare un capolavoro così dettagliato? E' tutto più che perfetto, elegante e ben curato, ti ammiro profondamente, il tuo blog merita un Oscar
    Un abbraccio

  63. Hello Giac!
    great work, just simply beautiful!
    As always I admire your work!

  64. Found your blog a while ago and wow, your work is amazing! So accurate with great atmosphere. Love it. Greetings Sanne

  65. Hello, dear Giac!
    Thank you so much for the very kind comment you left to me in my blog!
    I was missing your posts.
    You are a great miniaturist, Your work is always perfect!!! All details are precious!!! I really like the Family Tree... and the floor is so elegant!
    Congratulations on this gorgeous work... you are a very kind and thoughtful friend and a very talented artist!
    I love your wonderful work and I love to see your posts!
    Have a great weekend!
    A big hug,

  66. OMG I can't believe all that you've done to that house I really love coming here to look at you work! I see things that I've never would have dreamed possible..thank you so much for sharing your talent with us

    Warm Hugs
    Marisa :)

  67. Giac what incredible talent you have!! I'm speechless. Such beautiful work. It's priceless. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Sincerely, Carrie

  68. Really wow. You must to have a big patient. Perfect job. Have a great day.

  69. Again another fantastic job. I am so impressed with your work, I can only reiterate what everyone else has said in the 70 comments before me. Okay I am late reading and responding, real life just gets in the way so often. I've been traveling for work and tomorrow I am off to your fair city for another business trip. Keep up the fantastic job and keep sharing all your work and tips, it is so appreciated.

  70. Un trabajo fantástico, felicidades!!! Los detalles son una maravilla, gracias por compartirlo!!!

  71. Un verdadero trabajo de artista.

    Me encantan los maravillosos pisos que realizas, conjugando las betas y tipos de maderas. Quedan de lujo y dan a la estancia un aire muy señorial.

    Es maravilloso, poder disfrutar de los pasos que sigues para conseguir estos maravillosos trabajos que derrochan elegancia.

    Agradezco tu generosidad por compartir estas maravillas, Giac.

    Te deseo feliz comienzo de semana.

    Un abrazo.

  72. Perfect job! I love gothic style

  73. Giac, I am in awe of your creativity! Love the prayer room especially--the arches are perfect as is the window.


    Sophia (way behind on blog reading)

  74. OMG, I am speechless... I cannot find words to express my delight. Giac - you are the best miniature maker in the world, ever!

  75. Giac ¡¡¡ si personas como tú, tienen la delicadeza de enviarme un precioso comentario.... yo soy feliz...¡¡¡ tu trabajo me parece impresionante ¡¡ fuera totalmente de mi alcanze¡
    Muchas , muchas gracias ¡¡¡¡
    y felicidades por tu maravilloso trabako ¡¡ me encanta ¡¡
    un mini saludo , Angeles.

  76. no no ¡¡trabajo ¡¡ (job )

  77. What a fantastic and beautiful house, so a special atmosphere. The finish is so fine detail.In one word GREAT

    groetjes Ingrid

  78. Hello, dear Giac!
    Thank you very much very kind comment you left for me to blog!
    Yes, I agree with all the opinions here, your work is awesome!
    Maija hugs

  79. Fantastic woodwork and many lovely details. A lot of work!

  80. OMG I am speechless, what a wonderful job.
    As much detail. Just super nice.

    LG Alexandra

  81. Every time I come here it seems to me that you're pushing the limits of miniature perfection. So impressive! (my boyfriend is a big fan of your work too!) :D

  82. Sabes que las maravillas nunca se han podido explicar ????

  83. Wow! What wonderful design and workmanship! I absolutely love the arches and the floors! Amazing. I am practically speechless! :D


  84. Wow! You have made an amazing work! So many details!


  85. Fantastic!! Love the innovative way of creating the gothic arches, and the parquetry flooring is superb! Very big effort and very well done.

  86. Je me sens toute petite au regard de votre travail,tout est si parfait! que dire de parquet,sinon qu'il est magnifique!!! et l'arbre généalogique est superbe! je suis époustouflée par votre travail!!
    A bientôt!

  87. Your work is way out of an ordinary miniaturist's league. You've created museum pieces. Every little detail is magnificent. The family tree is so original.
    Thank you for showing.
    Hugs, Drora

  88. Siempre es un placer venir a ver tus trabajos. Un beso

  89. Hello Giac, I come from Sionchi´s blog where you writed her a comment and i´m so glad i did, cause i could never imagined something so great!your work is´s so detailed, from the floor of the rooms to the Dewell´s family tree...amazing
    I´m your new follower, thanks for sharing your work!
    XXOO Olga♥
    El tocador de Cenicienta

  90. Hallo Giac, heute habe ich mir endlich mal Zeit genommen um mir in Ruhe deinen Blog anzuschauen.
    Wow, du bist ja wirklich ein wahrer Künstler. Deine detailgenauen Bauarbeiten sind umwerfend schön, ich finde garkeine Worte dafür. Ich komme immer gerne wieder zum staunen.
    Liebe Grüße Rita

  91. Everything is so perfect and beautiful! Cheers, Jean

  92. It really is a shame to mess up the language a little contact, and using the translator, may lose a little sense, but even so I am keen to visit you again to enjoy this art exhibition. Every detail fuses millimeter perfection worthy of the great artists. Congratulations

  93. Wow Giac, I can not believe how much you get done. Everything is lovely as usual.

  94. Giac,

    I love coming here and being amazed at you work and all you achieve, you think of every last detail and it is truly spectacular! That last view you show and you say is unfinished is my favourite picture. Maybe my untrained eye cant see the imperfections but there is such ambiance in that shot....just beautiful!

    ML Fi xx

  95. Estoy feliz de que te pares un momento para mirar mis miniaturas.....sé que nunca podré hacer lo que tu haces....por eso mismo me emociona que te guste algo de lo que yo hago.

  96. Mis palabras siempre se quedarían cortas, al intentar describir la admiración que siento por el trabajo que nos presentas.

    Esta casa es una magnífica obra de arte, rebosante de elegancia y buen gusto.

    Un abrazo y un aplauso grande, Giac.

  97. Un trabajo realmente impresionante, bello y perfecto,realmente la sala gótica es una obra de arte. Muchas gracias por compartir los detalles de la construcción.
    Te agradezo mucho tu bonito comentario en mi blog
    Un abrazo

  98. Hi Giac;

    Your work is absolutely beautiful. I look forward to each of your posts because I know it will be a treat to read and to look at. You are really amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

  99. I pay taxes admiration from your art! (Like a little footman of the master) :)
    Perfect work!
    hug: ANDA

  100. Después de ver esto......todo lo que hice me parece mínimo.
    Felicitaciones por tu arte, es muy superior a lo que yo pueda lograr y deseo que el 2013 sea otro año de logros, de ilusión y de afectos.
    Gracias por tus comentarios. Eres muy generoso.
    Un aplauso por tu obra.

  101. Hi Giac,
    Your works are simply perfect!
    Thanks for sharing.

  102. Giac me quedo sin palabras para definir tanta belleza y perfección!!!!! Es siempre un placer visitar tu blog!!! Besos y FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!

  103. Muchas grácias Giac ¡¡ espero que pases unos dias muy felices con toda tu familia tus amigos ¡¡¡
    un beso , Angeles.

  104. Hola Giac. Gracias por tus comentarios y buenos deseos hacia nosotros. Tambien te deseamos una muy Feliz Navidad y un 2013 lleno de alegrías y de mucho tiempo para que puedas hacer esas maravillosas miniaturas. Un abrazo.

  105. Absolutely beautiful work! Very talented

  106. Wowwwwwwwhhhhhhhh you are a great artist, congratulations, is wonderful. Kisses from Spain.

  107. you are best,
    this is so wonderful and cosy. i wanna move there :)
    i wish you wonderful and magical Christmas time my dear!

  108. I see your wonderful and amazing work here,I love all the wood in this house and special the cosy fire place.
    A great Christmas time and the best for the new year

  109. Ciao Giac ti auguro un sereno Natale.
    Ti abbraccio!!!

  110. Merry Christmas Giac, I wish you a great new year!! Hugs

  111. Ti auguro un Santo e Dolce Natale ..!!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ..!!!!
    Elvira :)

  112. Hi Giac! :) Please accept my best and warmest wishes for a Happy Christmas and a merry and lucky new year! :)
    Big big hugs!

  113. Merry Christmas Giac! Once again, in awe of your beautiful craftsmanship! xx

  114. Hello Giac, Happy 2013 and I'm your newest follower for I am stunned at your designs and craftmanship. Hope to see a lot of your work in future! Greetings from Liduina.

  115. hi Giac! Finally got to looking at some more of your wonderful work (so many blogs out there..), I am amazed by what you do.. all the work you put in, all the very time-consuming parts, the floors you make, the details of the walls, finishings etc. I love the completeness of it and how wonderfull it all looks, my compliments!

  116. I'm out of words so I just say, Congratulations teacher.

  117. Felicidades por su trabajo es impresionante , maravilloso ,no tengo palabras , me ha gustado mucho disfrutar de todos los detalles ,un saludo, esperanza

  118. Hi Giac! Ive been finding your work a huge inspiration! Ive been looking for a ceiling similar to the one in the gothic hall and chinese room for a really long time and I was wondering if your friend produced those panels to sell? Same with the dining room (the octagonal coffered ceiling) I would really truely appreciate the help! Thanks a million!