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Sunday 23 September 2012

Nursery and Bathroom

Hello Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. First of all, thank you SO MUCH for your incredible feedback on the Chinese tea room, I was blown away by your kind words and want you to know that I appreciate all of you, old friends and new, for taking the time to comment. Honestly, after that I was a little worried about how to follow up on that room. I hope I won't dissapoint!
Once again, I am sorry to have taken so long between posts. I wish I could post once a week, but between real life renovations and more complex miniature ideas, it takes me a little longer to finish a room. However, I did manage to get 2 rooms done the past few weeks.

I finished the Nursery



Day Nursery

Night Nursery
 And the Bathroom


Bathroom Fireplace and tub
First of all, the Nursery. I had completely underestimated how long this room would take to build. The dimensions of the Nursery are 21" x 18". I decided to split it into a day and a night nursery. The night nursery is 18" x 8" and is a step up from the rest of the room. My starting point for the room was the puppet theater. After much trial and error I decided where it would look best and got to work.
Front of Theater and built in cabinet
 I started by cutting out each side of the theater in double thickness illustration board. I decided I would also build a built in shelf and cabinet to house my Nursery China and some toys. I used 1/2 inch lumber to frame each piece. You can see the "support" structure in the next picture,
Back of Theater and structural elements
 I had some wainscott panels I purchased and used some for the back of the open shelves. The doors on the bottom do not open, so I glued molding directly onto the illustration board and painted it.

Built in cabinet before painting
When all was dry I made red curtains using the pretty pleater. I glued them to the theater walls so they don't open. I'd rather they hang well and not lose their shape. I left an opening and will put a marionette bend over the stage. I had cut out a square in the subfloor and used leftover marble I painted on illustration board to make a chess floor. I wanted a chess set that the children could interact with...another idea inspired by Alice in Wonderland
Finished Theater and built in. I also made the coat rack to the left of the door using cocktail toothpicks
Before I installed the theater, I glued the wallpaper to the primed walls using regular wallpaper past. The paste workes great with Les chinoiseries wallpapers which are made of good thick paper, but I had a piece of blue non Les Chinoiseire dollhouse wallpaper I put onto the ceiling of the room and the paste showed.

Fixing a disaster
I didn't want to paint it, for fear of getting paint on the wallper on the walls, so I purchased a calender of coastal paintings and used it to create faux ceiling windows. I wanted them to look like paintings, not real windows, so I made sure the calender was of painting and not photographs. I glued them down over the ruined paper, then took illustration board and cut out the openings for the pictures, painted it my white ceiling color, and glued it down. A little molding and I was happy. I used a sunrise for the Night Nursery and a bright blue sky for the Day Nursery. You can see the finished ceiling in the first few pictures of this post.

The next step was the room devider. I glued down a piece of MDF to create the step up and then I made the floors for the room.

 I used lumber to cover the mdf. Every piece of molding or lumber in this room was painted before installation. I often had to do touch ups, but it is so much easier to have everything pre-painted...once I finally decided ont he color palette. I glued in the post at the back of the room and worked my way to the front.
 The railing sections were measured, built and painted before they went in. When I got to the end, I took a piece of mdf and cut it to match the angle of the roof line. I glued it in and added lumber to join the top of the room.
The final step was cutting arches in 1/8 inch basswood to fit between the centers of the posts. When all was dry I took out the pretty pleater and made some curtains. My idea was that the curtains would be closed at night so the heat of the fireplace would stay on the Night side of the Nursary and keep the children warm.

View of Night Nursery from the Day Nursery
Another project I wanted was a roombox over the mantel. I love Alice in Wonderland and decided to re-create "Painting the Roses Red" I started by making a box out of lumber, then I used scraps of the calender I used on the ceiling to fill the box
The scenery
 I then used 1 inch lumber to make the castle wall and painted it grey. To create the hedge, I covered illustration board with suede fabric and painted it with green paint. The rose bushes are pieces I cut off from a sponge brush, inserted onto a toothpick, and painted.
Making the card gardners
 The "card" gardners are made from the thinnest lumber I could find, beads for the heads, and a piece of thin metal I had which I bent into the shape I wanted for the arms. I left one side of the metal longer on 2 cards to look like they are holding paint brushes. I painted on the clubs with a toothpick. The roses are very small beads that were flat on one side, but had a diamond texture ont he other. I painted them white, then went over with red paint to make it look like they were painted.

The finished roombox next to a penny

The roombox installed
Next to the fireplace I created a seating nook. I wanted a cushion for it, but the T shape made it difficult to upholster. After many trials and errors, I took a piece of foamcore board, cut out the shape, glued on some foam around the side, and covered just the side with my fabric. I cut illustration board for the top part of the cushion, covered it with foam, and glued ont he fabric. I used a needle and thread to tuft the cushion. I started on the bottom, pushed it through the cushion, then pushed it back through about 1/16 of an inch to the side. I took both threatds on the bottom and tied them tight. Next, I glued them together and installed them. The only part missing in the Nursery is a half scale table and chairs for a children's tea party. I might try making puppets that look like the Mad Hatter, March Hair (my favourite) and the Dormouse
The top part is on the left, you can see the tufting knots
 While all this was going on, I also worked on the bathroom when I had to wait for pieces to dry. I had the laminated cardboard tiles and mahogany bathroom fixtures from Bespaq. I had to paint 3 different colors of green on the walls before I found one I can see earlier attempts in the first picture.
I also had the Bespaq fireplace. I cut out the firebox and re-did it so it would be deeper and look more correct. Originally, I had planned to have only mahogany crown molding, chair rails,and baseboards. I glued on the floor tiles (a plastic sheet) and the wall tiles using wallpaper paste. There was a gap on each side of the fireplace wall caused by the piece of 1/4 inch mdf for the angled wall, so I used my doorframe molding to cover them. The top of the wall bothered me. The long strip of green made the room look odd, so I used the doorframe molding to create section and then also created some on each side of the bathtub
I had planned to remove the cistern and add a pipe to make it look more victorian, but through research I realised a one piece toilet was appropriate for 1900, so I decided to leave it intact and avoid making a mistake. At first I was worried the tile would not work for a victorian bathroom, but in the end I think it worked pretty well.

And now, as usual, here are the empty rooms

In the last post someone asked what kinf of china I would have in the Chinese Tea Room. The pieces on the corbels will be white with blue, green and red painting...I think, but for the table I did something I've never done before...I commissioned an artist to make me a dinner set. My very first commission!  I met Julie Dewar at the Montreal miniature Show and fell in love with both her and her work. I sent her a picture of a tea set I saw online and asked her to interpret it and create her own version of it. She painted a Cherry Blossom design on a yellow background. The pattern is so small I could not get a good picture, but you can at least see how amazing it looks int he room

Imperial cherry Blossom dinner set
You can see close ups of the set and more of her great work on her website at Westwinds miniatures. Julie, you are an amazing artist and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I know they were a lot of work, but they are amazing and make me very happy!

And that, my dear friends, is all for now. Next, I will work on the office and staircase landing on the attic floor. I hope you all have a wonderful week, or weeks, and I look forward to catching up on your blogs. I have learnt so much by following all of you and I thank you for your kindness and your friendship. Keep up your amazing artwork

A big, big hug to all,


  1. Hello Giac,

    First of all, this post on your nursery and bathroom did not disappoint!

    Both rooms are wonderful! But, I must admit that the nursery is my favourite. It is simply gorgeous…the details are so beautifully crafted and I really like the blue and cream colour scheme. The seating nook is a lovely touch…and for someone who "grew up on Alice", the card gardeners in the clever little room boxe, made me smile :-) The bathroom is a Victorian gem. The colours are so typical of the era, and I love the Bespaq bathroom "fittings".

    Secondly, it was truly my pleasure to decorate the dinner service for the Chinese Tea Room. I enjoyed our collaboration enormously and am delighted to have been commissioned to play a little part in the making of your marvellous manor and to have made a friend who shares the passion for miniatures.


  2. Wow!!! WOW!!! Giac, You have done an Amazing amount of work!!! I LOVE the Nursery!!! Every single detail is even Better than I thought it would be when you first mentioned it!!! I am just in AWE of your building skills!!! The Alice room box is utterly charming.... and the whole Puppet Theater is so fascinating... I want to go play Puppets!!!! Your solution for the ceiling "disaster" is INSPIRED!!! and looks just Gorgeous and not like an after thought at all!!! How you manage to accomplish so much so quickly and so Beautifully is a Marvel to me!!! Well done!!!
    Oh, and the cherry blossom china is Perfect!!!
    And to think that the Nursery was built at the same time you were working Wonders on your Victorian Bath.... I just don't know how you do it!!! Awesome work!!!

  3. Big hugs to you too, Giac! Your nursery is so creative--I love it! The bathroom is gorgeous. Everything you touch becomes like precious gold--great job! xo Jennifer

  4. Giac,
    Once again, your creative talents are awe inspiring! I adore the combined day and night nurseries and love the chess set, puppet theatre and seating nook features which you have added to this room! The bathroom looks very luxurious indeed!
    As you know, I am a huge fan of Julie's work - a lovely addition to your collection!
    Talk soon, hugs,

  5. Beautiful! I am blown away by the room box, I too am a big fan of Alice. I can just imagine little ones enjoying the puppet theatre and the chess game.
    I love the colors you choose for the bathroom, now you just need some ferns.


  6. Giac,
    The nursery is wonderful!
    The bathroom is gorgeous! The furniture, the flooring, tiles, all the little details ... are a perfection.
    Congratulations to u for this wonderful work!

    Hugs from Brazil,

  7. All I have to say is: those are some pretty SPOILED KIDS to have such a fancy-schmancy room! Oh wells, I suppose you couldn't exactly keep the little nippers in a dresser-drawer, could you? --though that was good enough for me! lol Seriously, Giac, it's beyond incredible! So whimsical and imaginative and just, well --perfect! The bathroom is simply gorgeous. Nice work an the colors. All the little details are just astounding! I want to see your 'RL' renovations!

  8. Being an Alice in Wonderland-fan myself or, more accurate, a Mad Hatter-fan, I just love your nursery!
    And I can imagine any child would love to be in that room.
    The idea of the big game of chess is spot on.
    And I agree with John (Hi John! ;)) there must be living some spoiled brats over there LOL.
    The bathroom is super too.
    I feel guilty because you obviously had a lot of work on these rooms and I am in a lack of words to tell you how great I think these rooms are.
    But trust me, I'm in awe.

  9. I am now certain I had a deprived childhood. LOL What a gorgeous nursery. I love the theater, the colors and the chessboard floor. Built ins are always such charming features in a miniature room. I am always astonished by your exceptional building skills, imagination and use of color & pattern.

    As for the bath... I can only dream! How wonderful it would be to sit in a tub and watching a cracking fire. ;-) The tiles and colors in there are beautiful.

  10. Hi my friend!
    this looks lovely, and i looove tha alice in wonderland scene!!! its very nice book and you scene is aww..lovely!!! you can make the dreams come through.
    have a great days :) hugs,

  11. Has hecho un gran trabajo, me parece que todo está precioso y yodo hecho con mucho gusto. Me encanta ver tus entradas, disfruto viendo las novedades de tu blog y aprendo mucho con las explicaciones de tu trabajo . Besos

  12. OMG, I cannot find words to express my delight and admiration. Giac - you are by far the best miniature maker in the world!
    And the little picture of playcards of Alice in Wonderland... Amazing!

  13. what a wonderful post! so no need to apologize for keeping us so long. If this is what you share (spoil!) with us i'm al for it. I'm very impressed how meticulous you go about building the features in your rooms. Bravo! But most importantly; you must have a fantastic imaginative mind and being able to envisage the overall end result as every little aspect (or solution you've found) has it's function when it 'comes together'. The color scheme, built in features, the soft furnishing and all other furniture... and the enormous amount of other detail i didn't mention, they all enhance each other and make perfect sense in the overall to end result. Sweet, sweet sweet!

    Another thing that i really admire is that you commissioned an artist, in this case Julie Dewar. It's people like you that make it possible for specialists to grow in their field of expertise, and you end up with your own unique miniature :)

  14. Giac, the nursery is just fantastic, I love the chess set in the middle of the room, and the room box is just lovely with the card men, they are delightful.

    Wish I had such a spacious bathroom in real life, I just love Victorian bathrooms and my real one is as close as you can get with modern fittings. I think the moldings on the top wall section adds a lot of character to the bathroom, a really gorgeous room.

    The tea set looks great, thank you for a lovely post, your work always inspire me.

  15. Fantastic work Giac. I love that the nursery is on two levels ~ gives at that extra interest and depth. The theatre is beautiful ~ Love the panels in the ceiling and the seating nook. The bathroom is fab. Well done on all your hard work =0)

  16. My jaw just hit the floor.

    Not only are the nursery and bathroom stunning, the Alice room box blew me away. Now I want to make one for my house (so what if there isn't a nursery, Alice isn't just for kids)!

  17. Hello Giac,

    What a chic bathroom and nursery you have made again​​. Nice that you've built in the bench. The child chair and other furniture I really like. The little theatre on the wall is lovely. You can`t disappoint me with all your beatiful work. I have seen all the pictures already several times and keep enjoying the views...

    Kind regards Xandra

  18. Hi Giac,
    I´m whitout words, It´s amazing work that u have done. Keep the good work.

    Best regards

  19. All is beautiful. You are a talent, Giac!

  20. I have no words to describe how I like all! The nursery and bathroom are so elegant, I love the detail of theatre, perfectly ensambled in the room! And the colours you've chosen for the children's room, I love it! So original detail of the chess floor! I have to congratulate you again, Giac, for a great job and for having such good taste. Is always a big pleasure visit your blog. Hugs.

  21. Hi Giac! How wonderful all those pictures of your gorgeous work! I've a "problem": I would like to give my opinion on what I see here, but my knowledge of the English language is not so good.
    Anyway: this is masterwork, fantastic!
    Greetings, Ilona

  22. Hello Giac, it's a wonderful surprise are amazing I love the chess and the theatre, the bathroom is very classic I love the wooden. congratulations.

  23. Felicidades, una maravilla de trabajo!! La nursery es una delicia!!

  24. Hello Giac!
    Spectacular! That sums it are such a gifted artist whose creativity knows no limit. What an honor to get to see and be involved in what you do.
    hug from Ray

  25. Hello Giac,
    I am not aware of your "real" profession, but I am sure you could
    do very well in applying your talents in doing "life" size rooms for children-
    especially in Manhattan or Beverly Hills! I find the nursery exquisite- despite
    my fear of clowns! The theatre is unbelievable- worthy of the Von Trapps.
    The bathroom green is perfect with the dark wood- I know how difficult finding just the right green can be. The lighting for your tableaux in the Asian room is perfect, I would love to sit and have tea.

  26. Hi Giac
    Sorry I'm so late getting in touch.
    What an incredible Post. I loved it!! All the updates and pictures - you certainly made up for not posting "every week" !!
    I adore the nursery, the colours are perfect and the sunset ceiling picture is SO right for that half of the room (with the cot).
    Alice in Wonderland is a wonderful story, I might try and do a scene of that one - eventually ;-)
    I hope all is well with you Both and things are moving along re your pending adoption.
    Have a wonderful week my friend

  27. Hello Giac
    What a fantastic work! I love both rooms and the room box! The nursery is so beautifully detiled and I love the bathroom's colours! Congrats! And keep up the good work!;)
    Big hug

  28. You are amazing Giac, getting this much work done with real life renovations going on as well! This amount of progress would take me close to a year ;-)

    The nursery is adorable! I think any kid would love a room like that. The built in theatre and huge chess set are a great and fun features (one can never start teaching kids chess too early!). And the little Alice roombox is so sweet!

    I am slightly doubful of your intentions towards the children who will come to live here though...a room without windows, with curtains closed and a fire roaring?? I don't know....

    The bathroom is a celebration of Victorian luxury! Only in a grand house like yours people would be able to indulge in such extravagance.

    1. Hello Josje,
      LOL, I actually agree with you! When the roof is done there will be a gable with a 6 inch wide semi circular window and a dormer in the Nursery...Don't worry, I love children and would not hurt them. I'm also planning on making a fire screen that will cover the entire front of the fireplace.

  29. Giac, you have touched the "core" of my heart.....a nursery! *grin*
    This is just perfect.... I always love the details that you put in every aspect of your process. The bathroom is exquisite as well.
    Have you ever consider making videos of your rooms? I so would love to see it!

  30. How lovely! This has really got to be the best nursery I've ever seen in miniature and, quite honestly, it's in the top handful of best nurseries I've seen anywhere--and that includes quite a few house tours, here and on the continent. I'm really impressed with your design; it's both original and enchanting. As someone who's always been a bit stuck on what to do for children's rooms (both in miniature and in real life), I'm floored!

    Your bathroom, of course, is wonderful also :-) I love your use of tile.

  31. Me gusta mucho todo. Te queda muy bonito , fino y elegante. Además con las explicaciones que nos ofreces, cada vez que vengo a tu blog, aprendo algo nuevo.
    Graciassss....un beso.

  32. Giac, once again I am floored by your ingenuity! The spaces you create are always so interesting & unique - where do you get your ideas from?! Your puppet theatre is a touch of magic, what child wouldn't crave a room like this?! I love your choice of colours & papers, so restful & pretty!
    I adore your beautiful bathroom too!
    Beautiful work Giac - as always & as to worrying about disappointing, it is not even remotely possible, my friend! x

  33. Very impressive - There are so many details I like in your nursery. The ceilings are great and so is the puppet theater and the little scene above the fireplace is great too. I love how you handled the railing between the day and night areas especially with the triangular piece of wall - genius! The built-in seat is nice too.
    The bathroom is great too, I like your bespaq pieces. The tile gives it a great feel. Your work is very inspiring - Keep up the great work.

  34. *_ _ _ * - I really feel my limits today in expressing in English how absolutely amazing this is... but I would not even find matching words in German, so it doesn't matter being not a native speaker *wink*. These two rooms are incredible, I could sit and look at all those lovely details forever. A puppet theatre - how great is that? The idea with the big chess board, the nook and above all that Alice-Shadowbox... I envy the children who will live in this room. And if I'll ever win the jackpot in the lottery and move into a big house I will show the desiger a picture of your bathroom and say "The walls and floor must become exactly like that!". You never stop to amaze me - and btw a big compliment for your skills of showing and explaining, it's so much fun being at your side while you're working your miracles!


  35. oh my goodness this was worth the wait, I will be coming back again and again to see more the nursery just when you think this house cant get any does :)

    I love it

    Marisa :)

  36. Both rooms are wonderful.
    I like the colors, especial in the bathroom.
    It would be a dream, to take a bath in such a room.
    I like your kindness to the childs, creating such a room.
    It is a pleasure to watch your work.

  37. Le tue stanze in miniatura sono spettacolari... sempre bravo! Ciao Giac

  38. This is all so unique Giac - quite incredible. Celia

  39. Wow! So wonderful. I am amazed with the amount of work you can accomplish in just one week. This would be months of work for me. I am so impressed. I especially love the chess set and the colour palette in the bathroom.

  40. Dear Giac,
    You are an ncredible artist..!!! I love the ' Alice in Wonderland' ..and the garden scene is fantastic ..!!
    The day and the night nursery is Wonderful!!!
    The bathroom is adorable ..!!!
    Beautiful ..beautiful ..beautiful work!!!!


  41. Giac, you are such an accomplished miniaturist. Your work is an art in itself. The furniture you have chosen is spectacular. Everything compliments everything else. It's unbelievable the amount of work you can do in such a short period of time. Also, your taste is excellent! I must come back and look at your beautiful Chinese room. I have not been very present on the blogs lately. Cheers, Giac!

  42. Dear Giac,
    In my opinion, Mulvany & Rogers are trembling with fear!!!
    Your job is becoming very impressive and anyone is able to judge positively, and admire, your endless imagination and ability to put ideas into practice ...
    The chinese tea room is technically wonderful but this nursery is adorable and I think it betrays a little of your pending fatherhood ;-)
    I send you a hug full of love and soon it will become tangible (!)
    Ciao caro

  43. Amazing work!!! Both rooms have so much work in them and they are wonderful details.

  44. Hi Giac,
    I love the layout of your nursery, very imaginative - that super-sized chess board and the puppet theatre - brilliant! Would be a great place to be a kid in. This is a very Grand Design. Well done on the Alice roombox, it's a great touch. It's great how you think of your mini spaces as functioning rooms and plan them from there, like the curtains to keep in warmth at night. And the ceiling paper save - awesome, disasters often lead to the best innovations. Very well done all round.

    Many blessings, Sherri-Lee

  45. Hola Giac
    Que fantastico trabajo en la habitacion de los niños, ese juego de ajedrez una gran idea.
    Los niños va a disfrutar muchisimo.
    Me encanta el pequeño rincon para descansar y la escenita de encima de la chimenea.
    El baño se ve fantastico, piensas en todos los detalles.
    Y la mesa con esa maravillosa vajilla es una verdadera obra de arte.
    Gracias por todas tus fantasticas explicaciones y tu maravilloso trabajo.
    besitos ascension

  46. Excelente trabajo como los que acostumbras ha hacer, el vivero es precioso y con mucha claridad, el detalle del ajedrez es muy bonito por no decir el del teatro.
    El baño elegante y señorial, con todo detalle.

    felicidades y abrazos.

  47. Hello Giac :) Wow Wow your nursery is amazing I love it. So many fantastic details and ideas. I love what you did with the ceiling wonderful idea. Your work is gorgeous the tiny roombox the chess set the puppet theatre wow. I love the wallpaper its beautiful. The bathroom sigh what luxury the colour is perfect. Its always a pleasure to see your work.
    Hugs Maria

  48. Hi Giac, your work is soooo awesome!!
    It is always so accurate and elegant...really fantastic!
    I know that this is a common comment, but I don't have better words to describe your beautiful work :)
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  49. Wow wow wow !!! cannot say anythig else . Your work is beyond words !
    I love the chessboard, it's a brilliant idea. I love the green of the bathroom, I love any single detai.
    OMG,I could spend hours looking at your work. Thank you for sharing, Rosanna ( and Bruno :o))

  50. Hi Giac,

    I'm a little late to the party,but I really enjyed your pst! Wow, I can't believe you have done so much in so little time! And thank you for the great photos - there is something very inspiring about seeing how someone has put a scene together!

    I love the bathroom - extremely decadent!

    Your posts certainly are worth waiting for!


  51. Hi Giac, Wow,wow, wow..!
    I Love your Nursery with all the details...the theater is Fantastic!...a marionette: Wow! The chess floor with the chess set is fabulous! And I am wordless with the bathroom.
    The day and night nursery with the charming colors are just perfect!
    I am so thrilled!
    You the Artist of the Miniatures!

  52. Ok, I just have to try and shrink myself so I can life in this nursery. ;-)
    I'm sure I would spend hours using the Theater and then read a book at this lovely little seating nook.
    I can't believe how many thing you are so good at.

  53. Cada habitación que presentas es más bonita que la nursery es preciosa,los muebles maravillosos...pero el baño es una obra de arte!!!
    El mobiliario oscuro en contraste con los perfecto.
    Un beso
    Enhorabuena por tus trabajos.

  54. The first word that came to mind when I saw the nursery was "elegant" Then I saw the bathroom and the same word came to mind. You do such lovely, elegant and orginal work. You are my hero!
    Major hugs,

  55. Incredible! The nursery is adorable.
    You're a great artist.
    Bye Faby

  56. Que maravillas, es una casita estupenda,me gusta mucho el ajedrez,es todo muy elegante y bonito.Felicidades,besos Auxi.

  57. Once again I have no words to describe what I think of your work ..... everything is simply wonderful, amazing, fantastic, incredible....I don't know so well the English language to find new words!

  58. Hello Giac,

    Once again, another amazing post. Where do I start? The nursery looks divine! The Alice theme works a treat, I really love the Painting the Roses Red set above the fireplace, it's just so sweet, and perfect in that tiny scale! The theatre is also lovely, what lucky children to get that room to play in! The chess set is a good idea, and the furniture all works really well in the room too. yes, please do make a Mad Hatter's tea party scene, I can't wait to see that too! You could use a half-scale tea set on the table.

    The bathroom looks very sophisticated, the hight of luxury, and those colours work really well too. All your hard work in both rooms has really paid off, yet again!!!

    congratulations my friend!

    (ps. I also clocked the Pedrete cushion in the nursery!)

  59. Uno spettacolo!!!!Una cosa.........non ho le parole giuste, mi sembrano lavori impossibili da realizzare, sei proprio fantastico. Ho mostrato il tuo blog a mio marito e anche lui è rimasto sbalordito, mi ha chiesto di farti tantissimi complimenti da parte sua
    Un abbraccio

  60. Merci d'offrir à nos yeux des réalisations aussi précises et d'une finesse incroyable.

  61. These rooms are fabulous! Very creative, you did a great job---

  62. Wow, what a gorgious rooms!!! I love all the details and the fact that you have a daytime and nighttime part nursery.The kids in this house are very lucky.The Chinese room is also gorgious.

  63. Just beautiful Giac!

    The nursery is so pretty and any tiny little person would be lucky to have a room such as that. The chess set is a great idea and I love the little Alice in wonderland theatre set too. You really have thought of every thing, the ceiling windows are a lovely idea and the colours are so restful.
    The bathroom is amazing and i can't believe how quickly you work yet again, you are a marvel.

    ML Fi xx

  64. Wow! A double whammy - two rooms to lust after. I'm sorry I'm a bit late but my little arms were pretty tired after lugging all that shopping around!

    You are a true craftsman - I can't pick a favourite. Each room has that something special you are able to add. I agree with Fi - you are a marvel!

  65. Hey Hello,

    How beautiful!!
    The nursery is verry verry pretty.
    The little one of the house must feel so happy.
    The night nursery is lovely.
    The little seat in the wall with te book and the bear.
    Everything so perfectly finished.
    Your whole house has such an rich atmosfhere, the bathroom is absolute perfect and romantic.
    I would love to sink in the bubbels there.

    Lots of kind regards, Alexandra

  66. ¡Hola Giac!

    Perdona si no he tenido tiempo hasta ahora para comentarte, pero el trabajo me ha tenido muy ocupado. No sabes lo que disfrutado viendo esta maravilla de habitación infantil que has realizado. Creo que sin lugar a dudas es lo mejor que has hecho hasta el momento. Se nota que tienes ganas de ser padre, porque en cada rincón has cuidado hasta el más mínimo detalle. Me encanta la combinación de colores y el detalle del teatro de marionetas es una maravilla.

    Recibe mi más sincera enhorabuena, Giac!! Eres un auténtico genio de las miniaturas!!

    ¡Un abrazo enorme, enorme!

  67. Ciao Giac,mi sono letteralmente innamorata della camera dei bambini!
    Mi piace l'atmosfera serena e amorevole che sei riuscito a creare, l'armonia dei colori è sublime.
    La scacchiera è veramente incredibile,ma più di tutto mi sono piaciuti il teatrino delle marionette ed il piccolo lettino per le bambole che vedo vicino al trenino... Stai facendo le prove per il bimbo che arriverà??? Secondo me sarai un papà meraviglioso!
    Un bacio

    P.S: Dimenticavo...anche il bagno è stupendo, è così bello che sembra un salotto!!

  68. Giac, the puppet theatre is excellent! Pure genius, I love it... and I also love the meticulous attention to detail in such as the little cut out in the wall where the tiny seat is perfectly positioned. I love the beautiful clouds in the faux ceiling window and the step and rail that separate the night nursery from the day nursery. It’s just as one would expect to find in such a building in real life. These days all our buildings seem to have clean cut lines, I much prefer old buildings with their exciting nooks and grannies, secret rooms, strange shapes and seemingly odd placed storage spaces. You have captured these wonderful and unique features perfectly; so much thought!! I also love the walls and floor, indeed everything in the bathroom.
    So much to look at and adore!
    I await the next visual delights...

  69. Hello Giac!

    First of all, excuse my clumsiness with the language. Try to use a translator.

    Start showing you my deepest admiration for the work we show, but as I can imagine and for obvious reasons, the nursery has completely fascinated me.

    The elegance of the room design and layout, along with the fantastic details that give vibrancy to the nursery (winks to the story of Alice, the poster of the roof, the puppet theater or the fireplace with the above mini-scene ... ) make this space truly wonderful to enjoy babies and not so young, too. :)

    The bathroom, also find it wonderfully realistic and admire the fine finish you get on the floor coverings, ceiling and walls.

    I fully understand that these master works, do not post on the blog permitran, as frequently you'd like, but believe me, it is worth waiting a little while, to enjoy this wonderful creative output.

    Also I have to say, I've loved the work of Julie and that tea set in your living room, it is wonderful.

    I congratulate you all and again I wait for your next publication, with all the interest of the world.

    A hug.


  70. Hi,

    Yhank you for following me.
    You have a nice blog whith beautiful handmade!


  71. Hi Giac.

    How good of you to write in Dutch on my blog, thanks!

    big hug,

  72. Giac, me ha impresionado esta nursery que has hecho, tan perfecta, con unos detalles tan cuidados, y ese tetrillo de marionetas, es un amor...El baño está tan bien hecho, que parece un salon...Eres un gran artista de la miniatura,felicitaciones!! Un beso

  73. Hola! Muchas gracias por tu comentario en mi blog, siento que a veces no puedas entrar, la verdad es que no se porque.
    Muchisimas gracias por el traductor pues es una alegria poder leer todas tus explicaciones. Y ver como vas desarollando todos tus estupendos trabajos.
    Un beso y hasta pronto

  74. Hello Giac,
    I love your puppet theater...the whole nursery is delightful. You are too hard on yourself; you have gotten so much done and it is all beautiful.

  75. Dear Giac, your work is stunning as always! :) I even showed your dollhouses to my boyfriend, who was as much amazed as I was! And I totally adore the micro roombox, since I have a crush on al the teeny tiny things! :D Incredible work!

  76. Hi Giac!
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog and your kind words. I am very happy to be back and see your wonderful work. I keep seeing the photos again and again. The nursery is adorable, so elegant and very sweet at once. The bathroom .... perfect, I love the green color you selected. Thank you for showing your spectacular work.
    I wish you to have a nice week.
    A big hug!

  77. Hola Giac!!! Ü
    Es sorprendente-mente hermoso, lo maravilloso que trabajas ¡Muchas felicidades!!!!
    Todo es precioso!!
    Un abrazo

  78. Hi Giac!! your works are wonderful. I love your nursery!! Best regards

  79. Hi dear blog-friend! can't thank you enough for all ever so kind commenting and well-wishes! I hadn't seen your post...and am now again in complete awe about your beautiful work! i love the ceilings especially and the idea of day/ and night nursey! well...and all the rest of course!( the bathroom is a DREAM!!!) Thank you for writing in such detail and so instructive...i will come back to read and study !!! :) ps. greetings from Praline! yes, she loves to modell..but has a very strong head of her own! (well..we know that by now, don't we? :)

  80. came back all comments...and fully agree, on how beautiful and elegant your work is! that litle kids would have gone crazy with it!!! what a super great idea! Do mske one for your child!! :)
    and the tiny little mini-bed and chair..enchanting! :)

  81. Everything oloksi just amazing! I wish I could have a separate day and Nightwish nursery. Chess set looks wonderful and the theatre, too. I have been working on a contemporary nursery.

  82. This iPad tricked me! Everything LOOKS amazing! I wish I could have a separate day and NIGHT nursery.

  83. Hola, Giac. Me deja siempre impresionado por el trabajo que lleva cada una de las habitaciones de su casa. Enhorabuena. Me gusta sobre todo el detalle del ajedrez en el espacio de jugar, muy original. Los muebles que ha elegido para las dos habitaciones, baño y habitacion infantil, son preciosos, sobre todo la bañera.

  84. You have a spectacular talent. I am blown away by what you do. I wish I had your eye. LJ

  85. I have no words to express my admiration for this project. It is purely wonderful. I know I've been saying this while I follow your work, but it is the most sincere truth. Congrats for the great work you are doing.
    A big hug.

  86. Hola Giac, es asombroso y maraviloso ver tus trabajos, los podría mirar horas y horas por que es para verlo en detalle, la habitación de los niños a dos niveles es genial, el baño es diiviinooo!!!! bueno, todo es perfecto. Un abrazo y muchas gracias por participar en mi sorteo. Isabel

  87. Hola Giac!!
    Te felicito,por esta maravillosa cas que estas haciendo!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  88. I can not stop staring amazement, when I visit your blog!
    Every detail of the helyén.Kreatív, elegant solutions. Great sense of style! Art. Bravo, Bravo, bravissimo!
    hugs: ANDA

  89. Dear Giac,

    I just found your blog yesterday and lost a considerable amount of time in dazzled amazement at your craftsmanship and design skills. Thank you for sharing this all and please do keep explaining your process to us all. I am on my first dollhouse kit now and feeling the large disconnect between my desire and my ability. I feel like I am learning as I am seeing, but would love more tutelage!


  90. Be still my heart...

    Your nursery and bathroom are beyond fantastic! I love the nursery details combined with the impressive quality of everything. The chess, the roombox, the theatre, just magical!

    Thank you for sharing the process too!

    with kind regards, Hanna

  91. Uow it's so cool *-*
    Pefeccionist o/
    I can't stop look it.
    It's an amazing art.

    Hey follow me and comment, please.

  92. Hello Giac, well I'm back with his mouth open with your work ... WOW! perfect, details, colors .... everything is a perfection and an unrivaled delicacy, only! My son was here watching me and also loved your beautiful mansion. Giac, I also want to thank you for your beautiful comentáreio on my blog. Congratulations and kisses in your heart.

  93. Dear Giac,
    Thank you so much for your visit. It is always such a pleasure to hear your very kind comments about my animals.
    I am looking forward to see what you are working next...

  94. Fantastic! Two beautiful rooms. Love the nursery with all the wonderful details!!!

  95. I just found your blog. I'm speechless, it's so complete what you do. There is such a perfection of it all, the colors, wood work, yes it all. I will now be happy to follow you.
    Good luck
    Wyrna from A fairytale come true.

  96. Mi admiración por todo el trabajo que has hecho, mi preferida la habitación infantil, ¡ increíble! los detalles del teatro me ha dejado alucinada, ,si fuera en la vida real , seria el niño más feliz del mundo, y convinar el espacio de estar con la chimenea y su mini escena de Alicia, fantástico, el cuarto de baño elegantísimo y los muebles preciosos, mil felicitaciones de nuevo por tu trabajo.
    Buen fin de semana, besos:)

  97. simplemente espectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! un beso

  98. Ciao Giac...grazie per la visita nel mio blog e per l'amicizia...aspetto le tue meravigliose creazioni!!!
    Ti abbraccio!

  99. Tus trabajos son increíbles, llenos de detalles y buen gusto. Es absolutamente sensacional. Un saludo.

  100. what a detail!!!! you are a perfectionist!!!!!! this is a treasury, indeed....

  101. Es preciosa la habitación infantil, tan original con el tablero de ajedrez y esos tonos celestes.
    El baño serio, pero muy elegante y importante la calefacción.
    Eres un artista con adorables manos.
    Mil besos...Julia.

  102. I adore the alcoves you've created in the nursery, it makes the room extra interesting and makes the viewer more curious! You say you don't work fast, but I find it incredible how you manage to work this fast and yet so precise and detailed.

    The chinese tearoom is also incredible.

  103. I am back today to thank you again for your kind words to me, it made my day Giac!
    I can't help it to look over again in your work and wondering how much have you done since September ..... I am sure soon you will do a post with an extraordinary finished rooms.... Can't wait to see it! Smiles!

  104. It looks very nice. You are very talent. Hugs Anne

  105. Hi, I saw your blog name on another blog and had to come see what was behind. wow, I'm impressed, you make some beautiful work. You really have the eye for the fine details! Thank you for sharing, I would love to follow.

  106. Wow Giac, I LOVE your theater! I make miniature theaters (for the full size table top) but never thought of making one in miniature! I think I will try it!

  107. Hi Giac, your work is exquisite!! You are very inspiring and no doubt you already know I visit often to see what you've been creating - often left speechless because of how perfect everything you do is. I have learned quite a bit from following your blog! Amazing and wonderful guy

  108. Giac, so amazing. I haven't checked in in a while and am amazed to see the progress! It's just beautiful. It will take an age for me to see it all. Cheers!

  109. Oh, your work is absolutely amazing.. :)

  110. Ciao Giac...grazie per la visita, ma quando arrivera' un tuo nuovo lavoro?
    Ti abbraccio!

  111. My goodness, the patience and time it must take to make something so complicated! I wouldn't know where to begin! You are amazing Giac! I am looking forward to seeing the office. Looking at your work is like going back in time, like reading the old English classics!

  112. I'm glad that learning to cook paid off. I'm always telling my daughter that she should learn how to cook but between singing and working she doesn't have time. She loves to eat though. So I am looking for a gastrosexual for her...that's the reason I wrote the article, but I couldn't write it openly:) Who knows the weirdos that would respond...and Sayaka would be so cross! Have a nice day Giac!

  113. Hello Giac! WOWIIE! You really have some incredible talent! Building, carving,painting,
    you name it and you can do it? Impressive, MOSt impressive....! I think your nursery is every child's dream. I like the split level and I the theater reminds me of the Sound of Music ' the Lonely Goatherd' scene. I think the chess board is very clever. How do you have the time to do all of this and blog ??? Is there really 2 of you???
    Big hug to you my Amazing friend