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Thursday 3 May 2012

Manor update and what I did not get for my birthday!

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I'm sorry it's been such a while since my last post, but I've been rather busy with real life renovations and it took me a while to figure out how to put together the attic rooms, but I'm hoping to have a progress report by next weekend...even new finished rooms.
In the meantime, since the 2 main floors of the manor are 95 % done, Here is a tour of the house, from left to right, the way I see it. My camera is not working right now, so you've seen some of these pictures before...I promise only new pictures next post:
First Floor
The House

Kitchen, Scullery, Butler's Pantry

Dining Room

Great Room, Game Room

Great room, Drawing Room

Entrance and Grand staircase

Music Room

Second Floor

Dressing Room

Master Bedroom

Girl's Bedroom

Boy's Bedroom


Bedroom Hall and Attic Staircase

When I look at these pictures, the first thing that comes to mind is I have A LOT of accessories to buy to fill the Manor.

The timing for this post is actually perfect. Yesterday, May 2nd was my birthday. Unlike many I LOVE my birthday and make it a point to make it all about me! This year, I wanted to celebrate 34 years of existance and mischievousness (my idols are Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs and Daffy Duck)  by taking a weekend day to myself, watching episodes of "The Golden Girls" and "Keeping Up Appearances", while eating cheesecake and admiring my presents which I hoped were chandeliers. The reality was working on the real life  renovations and the chandeliers, which were ordered January 2nd, were not ready and we have no idea when they will arrive...after the dissapointment, I did manage to have cheesecake...lots of cheesecake, and even though I had a great time with my family, I swore next year my 35th b-day will have to make up for this one!

I make a big deal about my birthday because it's the one day of the year I like to reflect and think about what I've done, my accomplishements, what I want, making sure I'm still as childlike as ever... and obviously one of the biggest accomplishements was the Manor. I have to thank you all, very sincerely, for everything you have given me the past year. I always find fault with my work, am always afraid of failure andam always my cruelest critic. Your comments, support, suggestions and kindness have kept me focused, make me always want to outdo my previous work, and thanks to all of you I am starting to feel that no matter what life shortcomings I have, I know I'am good at one thing.

Sorry if my rambling made anyone sick to their stomach. So back to the Manor. my deadline of having all the interior rooms done is obviously not gonna happen, so in true Honey Badger form, New deadline: Finishing the interior and exterior for Christmas 2012...and if it doesn't happen, I am not a competitive person at all, so it will just be pushed back. HA!

Thank you all so much for everything, when I say I appreciate all of you very much, you can trust it is sincere and very heartfelt. Keep up all your great work, I might not always have time to comment, but I see all!

Big unbirthday hugs to all,
Honey Badger of Miniatures


  1. Happy Birthday Giac for yesterday!

    I love my birhday too, you're not alone! Sorry about the chandelier disappointment - and I know what real life renovations are all about, so plenty of commiserating with you here!

    The house is looking lovely - nevermind the old photos, it's good to see a post where you can 'see' all the main parts together.

    Enjoy your cheesecake,


  2. Firstly a belated happy Birthday Giac :) i have to say that your manor truly is a work of art and an inspiration to many others and i as you do always criticize and fault find my own works but one thing I've learned is this isn't such a bad thing in fact it makes us strive to create even more beautiful pieces your work proves this ;)
    Have a great day my friend. Tony

  3. Giac,
    Happy, happy birthday and many hugs and best wishes!!

    I love your work and could see the same pictures over and over again, so I loved the photos. As usual, I can't wait to see more and learn more of your methods. I have learned a lot from you, my friend.

    Don't worry about how long it takes to finish (speaking from one who knows), I will keep waiting for and reading your (some I read a second time) posts. Your posts are like a good book!


  4. Happy belated birthday Giac!! I admire you for embracing your birthdays! I have never looked forward to mine. I turned 31 last November and have found my thirtys to be especially hard for some reason.
    I do love to read your blog and I am blown away by your skill and attention to detail! It is very inspiring! I look forward to seeing your future posts, keep up the great work!

  5. Happy Birthday, Giac, and wishing you many more and lots of cheesecake :-)
    Your house is fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing.


  6. Happy birthday Giac!
    Your house is fabulous an big. I like all the rooms, especially the music room and library.
    Bye Faby

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HB!!! Your manor is coming along perfectly! I love that you celebrated your Birthday and had some cheesecake! You have accomplished so much in your short life! I think your manor house is a wonderful work of art!!!!

    Jeanette....oh my! Enjoy your 30' will be shocked to see how fast your 60's arrive and you will wonder where did the time go!

  8. Belated Happy Birthday!
    Beautiful Manor! Love the ceilings!
    All the rooms are already so elegant. Still somehow I just love Gallery and Hall.:)

  9. HaPpy BiRtHdAy! :) you have done excellent job for this house! i love the rooms! Dining room, music room and the master bedroom and girls bedroom and the library are my absolute favorite one´s. :) :) so beautiful! i can almost hear the music and people walking and dancing in that house- its so realistic!
    your birthday sounds great- taking own time is important and keeping up appearances" is wonderful! i hope your chandeliers are still coming:)
    i wis you wonderful day!

  10. Happy birthday! I simply love your house, it´s so grand , elegant and realistic. You have done every little detail with in so good taste, i know you still got allot work to be done, but when you finish it will be titanic. Keep the good work.
    All the best

  11. Giac, you are going about this birthday thing all wrong. You start celebrating on your real birthday and keep celebrating until you get your birthday wish. This is how I do it.

    In your case, your birthday isn't officially over until you are full of cheesecake and have your chandeliers in hand! Happy Birthday!

    I don't care if the photos are old or new. I just love the work that you have done so far. Keep it up!!!

  12. Hé ..Hé ..joyeux anniversaire Giac et merci pour la petite , heu grande visite de toutes les pièces de ton manoir .Tu as déjà fait beaucoup de travail superbe sur ce projet , ne soit pas pressé , c'est toujours dur de se séparer de son "bébé" , on prend tellement de plaisir à fabriquer nos maisons miniatures.

  13. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Giac and lots of cheesecake : D It is wonderful to see your fantastic pictures again. All I can say is that its an amazing house and I love everything you have done to it. Lol dont be in such a rush to finish it because I for one would miss all your fantastic creations :)( unless you have another wonderful house to do ;) ) Wonderful work and so inspiring.
    Hugs Maria

  14. Happy belated Birthday, Giac, you have some bdays to go for you have my age (not Ice Age as my last post) :D!! Your wonderful pictures shows me a gorgeous house/Manor. You are a quick man with creating and building your house.......mine is build by me 12 years ago and the same I finished the exterior. Most women/men likes to decorate their house, but I haven't done it yet: not time etcetera....Take your time and have fun with it.
    Greetings, Ilona

  15. Hope You hade A Very Happy Birthday!

    Love all the wonderful details in your house, you do amazing work!

  16. It sounds like you had a great birthday! I think self reflection is a good thing. I too have had real life getting in the way of my mini life. Looking forward to seeing progress on your manor. All the best, Troy

  17. Happy Birthday to you! It is fun to celebrate birthdays and as young as you are think of how many more there are to come!

    It's too late to give yourself a new camera. I am still celebrating my birthday that was earlier this week! This coming Saturday I am going to dinner and the Opera too with my son and a friend. Today other friends are taking me out for a birthday dinner. But my first birthday party was weeks ago with a friend who was not going to be in town on my birthday. I don't have a lot of friends but the ones I do have are good to me.

  18. A belated Happy Birthday to you Giac!!!

    Unlimited cheesecake! That is my idea of a good birthday. Sorry about the chandelier. On your next birthday you must be sure you buy yourself a gift too. That takes the sting out of any unforeseen disappointments.

    I have said is many times... Your house is just beautiful!!! A real work of art! You are so right, now comes the business of collecting all the accessories. It is going to take a staggering number of those to accessorize your house. BUT... I think that is the fun part and they are what brings a room to life. I look forward to seeing what you make and buy.
    Catherine XXX

  19. Happy Belated Birthday, Giac! Keeping up Appearances is one of my favourite shows. Unfortunately, they took it off the air. I plan to buy some videos of it. I think I can get some at Amazon. I really miss those guys. I never tire of watching the repeats over and over again. I love the Golden Girls also. I often watch them.

    Dear Giac! Please stop setting deadlines. Just enjoy what you're doing when you;re doing it. People rush through life too much trying to get as much done as they can in as little time possible. It's too stressful to live that way.

    The beautiful work you've done on your Manor speaks for itself. Take care! I think you're a genius!

    I love to read your blog and see your progress. It's amazing how much time you put in the houses. I do hope you didn't have a hangover after your Birthday party today;-).
    Hugs Dorien

  21. Feliz cumpleaños Giac, sigue trabajando como lo haces en esta casa tan maravillosa, no hace falta correr, con tranquilidad se disfruta mejor las cosas.

    saludos pepita.

  22. Hartelijk gefeliciteerd!!
    Ik vind jouw huis erg mooi en ik ga je blog volgen.
    Groetjes Lisette

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Giac!!!! Like Casey says.... It's not over 'til you get your presents!!!! I am glad you had your cheesecake and hopefully the real life Renovations were not too difficult! The older I get the more I am in favor of Stringing the Birthday out for a few days... or weeks even!!!! After all.... one just can't do Everything in ONE Day!
    As for completing the Manor... I am in favor of Movable Deadlines! LOL! (It's more FUN that way!)I have a Hard time with Deadlines.... I DON'T like them.... because my projects ALWAYS get Bigger after I set the Deadline... or I think of Something that just wasn't part of the original plan.... you know... like Dumb Waiters and things like that! But that's seem Much more Organized than that! I Really look forward to seeing more of your Fantastic Work... and like the others...I come read more than once!

  24. belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Giac!
    Nice to have a pictured overview of what you have done on the manor so far,and what an accomplishment!
    And yes, it will need tons of accessories, but thats all the more fun :)
    I so understand your disseapointment when not getting the chandeliers on your birtday, but then again, what better excuse is there to throw a party than when receiving chandeliers?!

  25. I also think it's important that we celebrate every birthday.
    You don't know what future gives but we know what today has in store.
    I like celebrating my birthday to(o?) and I enjoy it and I want to create something of it also.
    So celebrate your beautiful years.
    A Verry verry happy birthday Giac!!!
    Thanx for sharing your beautiful hous that you have made, with us.
    It looks brilliant and I can enjoy the photos so much.

    Kind regards, Alexandra.

  26. Hey Buddy
    I'm so sorry for the late comment, the "reading" pane for new posts is so small on my screen that I often miss updates as it jumps too far down the list!
    A belated Happy Birthday to you, and comisorations at the dissapointment re the chandeliers. Better luck next year.
    Dewell Manor looks incredible and the rooms flow so well. It has and is a pleaseure to watch it's progress.
    Birthday hugs
    Simon x

  27. Caro Giac, Buon compleanno ancora! Non essere triste per i lampadari... vedrai che arriveranno e sarà un altro motivo per festeggiare!
    La tua casa è stupenda, non mi stancherò mai di dirtelo,
    buon lavoro,

  28. Belated Happy Birthday to you.

    Wow, Dewell Manor is something to be really proud of. It's a real masterpiece and I spent ages poring over your pictures (on enlarge of course!) Each room has a character all of its own. I love it.

    Tres, tres bon!

    Irene x

  29. Dear Giac, two days late, good 34th birthday!
    I think with pleasure (and a little envious!) You do not fear the "proof swimsuit," as they say in Italy in this period before the summer. All run around the block, worn out after 50 meters, to try to knock down a pound of belly, and certainly, the cheesecake is seen like a devilish temptation!
    Therefore, chandeliers or not, you may well be said to have celebrated worthily your day :-)
    BTW I guess retailers for miniatures are rubbing their hands at the thought of all you have to buy for the Manor...
    You are a treasure, still always so!
    Ciao, Flora

  30. BIG hugs too you... and Happy Happy Birthday!

    Lot's of cheese cake, sounds great to me. Making a big deal of birthdays are right up my alley too... Yep, I love my birthday! I make it happen ALL week.

    Your mini house is beyond beautiful..OMGosh Giac, talk about amazing work, you take the cake. I love your Manor.
    It's gonna take some bucks to fill that baby up... but, that's the fun of the collection. So looking forward to seeing what you've done new, when your camera is working. Keep those fotos coming, such a joy to peruse!
    Thanks for the kind hearted words you left me...your such a sweetheart.
    Keep celebrating Birthday Boy... you have days to go. hehehe
    It's your Birthday... It's your Birthday!!!!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  31. Hi Giac!

    I'm a little late with my birthday greetings! Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for another chance to see all the work you have done so far, What an achievement!! Your work is always of such high quality.

    I wouldn't worry about how many accessories you have to buy for the house; it may take a while, but with a few well chosen pieces, and the odd little gift, you will eventually find the house fills up with things, and you have plenty of things to make the rooms look 'lived in'.

    That said, most of your rooms look well furnished already!!

    Your house is a great work of art, and you are right to be proud of it!!

    birthday hugs
    Andy xxxx

  32. Belated Happy Birthday Giac, fabulous work!

    Mary x

  33. Personally, i have a birthday week. Happy birthday!

  34. Belated Birthday Wishes from me too dear Giac!
    Only 34...haha... loads of time left to collect all of those lovely items to fill your beautiful house with!

    Flora's remark made me laugh "retailers for miniatures are rubbing their hands at the thought of all you have to buy for the Manor", I bet they are with so many rooms for you to fill! Although I am sure with your talent you can make loads of things yourself.

    I wouldn't worry about deadlines for finishing your house, and here speaks someone with experience...I'm 9 years into building my first house, one year into my second and nowhere near finished but having so much fun!

  35. wish you happy birthday! as a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan, I wish you to stay childish as much as you can! :)

  36. ¡¡¡¡Feliz cumpleaños!!!! aunque un poco tarde y si te gusta tanto el pastel de queso no esperes al cumpleaños, come un poco de pastel todos los días. Las fotos de la mansión todas juntas dan idea de loo maravillosa que está quedando, no tengas prisa por acabarla, luego, cuando se acabe te dará pena de haberlo hecho tan pronto. Ya sabes que me encanta tu casa y siempre veo tus entradas y cojo buenas ideas para copiarlas en mi próxima casita. Besos

  37. Hello:

    I love your Kitchen

    Fantastic job.

  38. Buon compleanno (anche se in ritardo). Ciao Giac sempre belli i tuoi lavori !

  39. Really incredible, based on the camera views that leave out the partitions it looks like a real home. Impressive work!

  40. Hey, Honeybadger!

    Happy Birthday, Giac! Sorry your chandeliers didn't arrive in time for your Big Day --hopefully the cheesecake made up for that.

    Dewell Manor is SO impressive! Somehow I missed a few of your rooms, so it was AW-SUM to see them all, ensemble!

    I'm loath to see you hate on yourself, Giac. But screw that! Honeybadger don't care! He's KICK-ASS! Honeybadger got a new deadline! So get going!

    (Sorry I'm so un-fashionably late with this...)

    Big belated B-Day Hug from your friend and admirer,

  41. First, Giac, happy, happy birthday (better late than never I always say). Second, this is not a race. You don't have to finish by Christmas. Will Santa not leave you any toys if you don't? Now that my lecture is over...the house looks absolutely fabulous, especially when you see each individual room and how detailed it is. You are doing a marvelous job and your excellent taste shows in every item you have chosen. So have fun! Forget about hurrying. Just keep doing what you're doing because a lot of the fun is in the doing!



  42. Hola, queria felicitarte tu cumpleaños con algo de retraso......Felicidadessssss!!!!
    Y darte la enhorabuena por esa obra de arte hecha casita, me encanta.
    Seguro que conseguiras poco a poco las piezas que aun tienes que poner, es una verdadera maravilla.
    besitos ascension

  43. Sorry this is a belated 'Happy Birthday' Hope you had a wonderful day =0)

  44. hi, you wrote so nice message to my blog, so i will add your blog to my blogroll! :)
    have a great day :)

  45. Me encanta el pastel de queso,mmmmm!!!!
    Feliz cumpleaños.....el mio se acerca también.
    Adoro tu casa, para mí es un referente, me encanta....
    Un besín

  46. I hope you have had a happy birthday.
    I loved your house.

  47. Hi Giac,

    at first a very late "Happy Birthday to you" - I hope the chandeliers arrived in the meantime...

    I've seen your kind comments on blogs I love and follow and was a bit curious who you are so I came over to have a look. I'm glad I did - your work is outstanding! I'm glad to be a follower from now on and not to miss anything anymore.

    Greetings from Germany

  48. What a beautiful manor! I'm incredibly impressed with your handiwork.
    Happy belated birthday! You will need a make-up weekend to properly celebrate.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  49. Happy Beleated Birthday! I love Keeping up Appearances and Waiting for God those were two of my favorite PBS shows to watch on Saturday night. The Manor is coming along nicely

    Marisa :)

  50. Wow. Fantastic work. I love the girl's room. The colors are so bright and vibrant.
    I'm so late, but Happy birthday to you.
    Hugs from Craftland

  51. Your house and everything in it is amazing!!! LJ

  52. C'est un manoir magnifique et une visite surprenante!votre travail est époustouflant et suis admirative de toutes vos boiseries!!

  53. C'est un manoir magnifique et une visite surprenante!votre travail est époustouflant et suis admirative de toutes vos boiseries!!

  54. Hugely belated Happy Birthday Giac. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the photos of your house. Nice work.Celia

  55. Hi Giac, I have spent the last several hours reading your blog from the beginning. I have one word to describe your miniatures, WOW. I am so impressed. You are to be commended for taking on such a challenging project, and doing such a wonderfully detailed project. Thanks for sharing it with us. Happy belated birthday.

  56. Oh my Goodness!!!

    I have been hiding under a rock!! A very belated Happy Birthday to you Giac, I'm so sorry I missed it. You are always so inspiring, not only with your magnificent miniatures, but with your wonderful out look on life, I am going to look at my birthday in a whole new way now thanks to you!!!

    And can I just say stunning!!! Your house is remarkable, right down to every last detail!! As I will explain later, I have been some what distracted from miniatures lately, but as usual now I have looked at your wonderful work i am inspired to get cracking!!

    Your friend, Fi xx

  57. This is an extraordinarily beautiful house and you have done an exceptional job of building it, Giac! I love the quality furniture you are putting into it as well, the house deserves it. I am looking forward to catching up on the progress from the beginning. Sandie

  58. Que casa tan maravillosa tienes Giac. Las estancias son divinas y el gusto en decorarla, exquisito.
    Veo que te gusta la tarta de queso....como a mi. Es uno de mis postres favoritos.
    Lo de felicitarte por tu cumpleaños a estas alturas ya no tiene razón de ser, quizás me espero al próximo.
    Un beso

  59. Hi there,

    Your asian inspired library is going to be great - the painting is looking great. Again, I love your hand sketches and planning and thought that goes into each of your spaces. Great work Giac - very inspiring. Keep up the good work.

  60. It is all so exquisite Giac! Such beautiful work! x