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Sunday 11 March 2012

Master Bedroom

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend! Today I finished the Master Bedroom:

The bedroom measures 16 inches x 20 inches. When I put together the shell of the house I designed  a nook for the bed and nighttables to add a little architectural interest. The plan was to frame it with columns that were very similar to the Great Room ones.

The first step was making the floor. Again I used 2 types of iron-on wood strips which I attahced to an illustration board subfloor and finished with shellac flakes dissolved in 99% Alcohol.

Next came to nook columns. First, I glued together 2 pieces of lumber to go over the corner wall at each side of the nook. I then used my door and window frame molding to create the bottom half of the column
Next, I put a small spacer at the top of the column. This spacer is used to create the angle of the top half. In the next picture you can see I put a big glob of glue on the top spacer and just above the bottom half of the column. I then put on the angled piece.

When this was dry and solid, I had to fill in the space on the sides. In the Great Room, I used spackling and it worked great. However, this time around the angled piece was thinner and kind of waved a little when I was applying the spackle so it cracked. I then took out a piece of thin lumber and cut it to cover the side gap. I added some quarter round molding to the angled piece and voila!

I thought it would be nice to cap the columns with a statue of some sort. I decided I wanted the sculpture to be a griffin. A griffin has the body and back legs of a lion and the head, wings and front claws of an eagle. They were creatures who would protect treasure or very valuable I thought it appropriate that a husband should have them over his bed to protect the woman he loves. I made a few quick sketches

I tried to sculpt them is sculpy, but they had to be a maximum of 1 3/4 inches with the wings so the detail was so small it kept getting distorted as I worked. Not one to fight a losing battle, I thought about and decided to carve them out of basewood. I started by taking a 1/4 x 1 inch piece, drew on the overall shape of the griffin, and cut it out using a utility knife and an exacto
When the overall shape was done, I started to round out some details with and exacto so they would not look so square

I cut out a large piece and a small piece for each wing, and then cut out the back leg. I chiseled out a little wing detail and glued the pieces together. I only detailed the side that people can see. The wings are quite thin and I was afraid to overwork them.

Finally I faux-walnut painted them and glued them into place. Not perfect sculptures, but they create the illusion I was after.

The column cap the griffin is sitting on is just a box with molding, a corbel I cut in half, and a cameo for the center carving. I made a third box for the center of the nook opening and joined everything with leftover molding.
I purchased a tudor style mantel from Sue Cook and used small pieces of door and window frame molding, as well as chair rail molding, to create the fireplace. Finally, I paneled, chair railed and baseboarded the rest of the room.

Here are some pictures of the empty room:

The door to the right of the fireplace leads to the balcony over the Loggia. The door on the back wall leads to the dressing room (which you have to go through to get into the Master Bedroom. The opening panel will have a large Bay window. The Pattern in the floor will be copied in the Dressing Room.

And that's it for this week. The next room I will tackle (last one before I get working on the attic floor), is the Dressing Room.  It's been a while since my last post and I would of liked to have more done, but month's end at work is always very difficult and last weekend was my Niece Alina's Christening. My sister asked me to make her cake and I could design what I it naturally ended up being one big cake and 6 little ones. It took my mother 11 hours to make the roses, and it took me 22 hours to bake, assemble, sculpt and detail all the rest...but the look in my sister's eyes when she saw it was worth it...
It was a lot of work...but sculpting fondant bears and vines is much more delicious then sculpy!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and wish all of you the best. I really appreciate all your comments and your support. It is such a privilege to have met such great people and I can't thank you enough for being so kind to me and taking the time to follow my work.

Big Giac hugs to all,


  1. Hi Giac!

    What a fantastic room. I LOVE how you problem-solve. Sculpy griffin fall apart? Giac don't care! Look! He just picks up a piece of basswood and STARTS CARVING. You're like the Honey Badger of miniatures! (Youtube it).

    You didn't mention your ceiling in this post but it is a stunner.

    I'm going to start my first wood plank floor soon so I was intrigued by yours. Lovely.

    OMG, I almost forgot to mention the GAW-JESS cake! You're an accomplished Pastry Chef, too?!? Is there anything Giac CAN'T do? Wow!

  2. What a stunning room !
    I am speechless !

  3. Stunning work Giac!!!! Ha, wish I could just quickly sketch something that looks like a nice interior antique print.

    And the cake is fantastic, yeah, I don't think sculpey tastes too nice!!!

  4. Giac ; you are amazing; you can draw ( I wish i could make a simple sketch but nothing ;o(( )
    You are a sculptor , a miniaturist and an accomplished baker too ???
    Too much in one man. It's fine that you are already married or you'd have a queue in front of your house: so many talents would call a crowd.
    Kidding but I am serious when I say that I do love what you do and how you do it.
    Buona giornata, Rosanna

  5. That cake is gorgeous Giac! So is your dollshouse, but that cake!!!! ;-)))))

    A quick sketch...a bit of wood, a knife and voilà...another fabulous bit of detail! Wonderful Giac! I love the finished room.

  6. Just one word: Amazing !!! Jeannette

  7. this room is looking fantastic, one question, what did you use for the ceiling,as I am doing a Victorian house, and love the ceilings thanks

    1. Good morning Debbie,
      The ceiling is embossed wallpaper. I searched "dollhouse ceiling" on Ebay and found a lot of variety. I've seen the paper in hardware stores, but selection was limited and the patterns were a little too big for 1:12 scale. I glued them to the primed MDF surface with regular wallpaper paste. When dry I primed them and put on 1 good coat of paint.
      Hope this helps!

  8. Love what u did to your room, it´s simply gorgeous keep the good word. Best wishes.

  9. Good Morning Giac!
    You leave me no choice but to say...AMAZING! (as always)
    The Master Bedroom arrangement looks wonderful particularly the "Alcove" idea and the seating in front of the fireplace. Aren't large rooms like yours fun to do? So many possibilities. The columns and carvings keep continuity with the rest of the design of the house. The "Griffin" carvings are very well done indeed and far beyond my abilities.
    You already know my thoughts on the "Cake"......glad you shared that stunner with everyone.
    BTW, I might have to use that wallpaper for myself:-)
    Great seeing more of your talent here.
    GRH from your biggest fan

  10. Wonderful, fantastic Giac!!!
    I'm very jealous ...;-)
    I remain stuck on the stairs....and I just looked at Ray his wonderful staircase.... :-( I have a long way to go when I see your masterpieces. I feel really lucky to meet people that share their projects so I can learn.
    I still have a long way to go.

  11. This room is gorgeous! Your talent seems to be endless. Now this amazing, beautiful cake. :-)

  12. Wow what an amazing room. So much talent and patients. Your work is so perfect. I am so jealous of your wonderful talent :) The griffins are fantastic. Wow that cake what can i say its marvelous and so sweet. Lucky sister.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs Maria

  13. Giac,
    The room is great. I am ready to move in! I enjoyed seeing your sketches and the whole recessed bed idea with the griffins is really nice. The floor turned out well too. I will have to find some of this iron-on veneer. I like the paneling and the fireplace. All that you are lacking are some accessories! Any word on when your publication is going to come out?
    p.s. The cake turned out wonderful too. Your sister ( and niece) are very lucky to have a talented guy like you around. Keep up the good work - great post!

  14. Hi Giac,

    Great work as usual!

    this is a stunning room, looks quite Jacobean in style. The griffins look just right too, they look great set against the wallpaper you have chosen.

    And what a WONDERFUL CAKE!! those bears look so cute!

    Andy xx

  15. Que maravilla, es una habitación preciosa!!

  16. Giac,
    I am truly speechless—you have so many talents that every time I look at your varied work (artist, sculptor, dollhouse builder, cake designer and decorator, and I am sure there are more), I think it wonderful that you share it with us. Plus, you love your family (obvious in your posts)—family is so important.

    I love the bedroom and the nook around the bed is inspired, and I love the ideas of wives being protected by griffins.

    I really must try your method of doing floors. I have been doing “parquet” the easy way, now it time to branch out! I also have to perfect my “faux” wood technique – you and Ray have given good instructions in your posts.

    I also like that you use ceiling paper—you have found wonderful designs to make the ceiling an art in itself.

    I have a question: what glue do you use to attach the ceiling paper to the illustration board I like using the patterned ceiling papers but have a problem sometimes getting them firmly glued without squashing the pattern!

    Many hugs and good wishes,

    1. Good morning Iris,
      I glued the ceiling paper with regular wallpaper paste.
      I'll email you with more details.
      All the best,

  17. Hi Giac,

    Once again your talent and artistry go over the top. You are such a talent. I wondered if you would post the cake photos on the blog, and am so happy that others are able to see some of your other talents. The cake is incredibly lovely. Now to the bedroom. In my opinion, the carved wood griffins are far superior to what modeled clay griffins would have been. The wood adds so much to the ambiance of the room. As always, your impeccable taste and artistry are amazing. Keep the great posts coming. They are so instructional and wonderful to peruse.

    My very best to a very special friend,



  18. hello Giac , cela rend super bien tes sculptures de griffon et je suis impressionnée par ton gâteau d'anniversaire , quelle chance d'avoir un tonton comme toi !

  19. Your work is fantastic as ever. I love the carved wood griffins.
    Hugs from Craftland

  20. Excelente trabajo realizado en esta habitación, los grifos tallados son preciosos, una estancia muy sobria.
    En cuanto al pastel es espectacular.


  21. Hello again my Friend!
    I had to come back and look are such a talent. I love the inlay border in the floor and the warmth of the colors in this space. That drawing is inspired! I could go on and on but I will save thoughts for the wonders ahead.
    Hugs from Ray

  22. Tu trabajo es fabuloso. La habitación ha quedado preciosa, parece de verdad. Los grifos son fantásticos. Me ha gustado mucho todo.....pero el pastel, me ha encantado. Besos

  23. Dear Giac, I'm here too :-)
    It's indeed a pleasure to realize that the world continues to turn despite a bit of apathy, a bad mood ... Then just look around to find the reassuring smile of friends :-)
    Progress in your castle are nothing short of extraordinary! Can I borrow a little of your patience?
    Also, I am sure that if Buddy Valastro (is not the boss of cakes?) reads this post, immediately takes you into his shop ;-)
    I send a warm hug,

  24. This is marvellous Giac! I particularly like the niche for the bed and the griffins, you've made me think perhaps I could try a wee bit carving to get what I want. Everything is possible. I love to see the empty room before furnishings and furniture are moved in too.

    Every room you've done so far has a little something that makes it really interesting so I'm waiting eagerly for the next one!

  25. Caro Giac, tantissimi auguri per il battesimo di tua nipote, la torta è stupenda!
    Complimenti per la nuova stanza della tua casa, è tutto bellissimo, ma sai cosa mi piace di più e ammiro tantissimo? I tuoi disegni, sei davvero bravissimo, non solo per il modo perfetto in cui riesci a mettere sulla carta le tue idee, ma anche per la perfezione con cui riesci poi a realizzarle.
    Un bacio

  26. La habitación es una maravilla, los muebles son admirables y la talla de madera que has realizado es perfecta ¿como puedes dudarlo?.
    Felicidades a tu sobrina y a ti también por esa riquísima tarta.
    Un saludo, Eva

  27. Giac, I LOVE EVERYTHING about this Room!!!! It must be the Renaissance/Medieval feel that I love so much! Your Gryphons are PERFECT! They look as though they match the rest of the wood trim Just right! The Ceiling is GORGEOUS! as is the wallpaper.... and that Fireplace too! I would move into this room if I could!!!
    And your CAKES are Adorable!!!
    (Do you do Wedding cakes?) (Just Kidding!!!!! LOL)
    Seriously, I LOVE this room!

  28. your works are amazing, beautiful and perfect in every detail,you are a man with so much talent, very very compliments!!!!!!

  29. Hi Giac, your work is amazing, the room looks perfect.
    I always have to look twice if it is 1:1 or 1:12 :)
    Thank you for your explanation of how you do things, it helps a lot.
    Your sister is lucky to have such a talented brother :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  30. Your work is stunning. I hope to one day develop such skills as those you display here. Thank you for sharing your talents and for dropping by my little blog and leaving your kind comments Giac. I'm humbled by them!

  31. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. :D
    I absolutely LOVE your beautiful cakes! I used to make decorated cakes and I know how time consuming it is!
    You did a very fine job carving your Griffins. They look spectacular above the bed! Great work!

  32. Giac, I just found your blog through Kathi's. Your house is spectacular. Great work.

  33. Hi Giac,

    I LOVE the griffins - I love tiny details that really make a house personal... and there seems to be a theme of birds at the moment, with the griffins, Andy's bird and Irene's housemartins - it must be spring!


  34. WOW...
    My pleasure meeting you and seeing your beautiful work. I feel honored having you come visit me and say such lovely kind words about my mini world. It's a passion and allows me to create and design to my hearts content.
    I'm your newest follower... and will be looking forward to getting to know you and your work.
    Have a fantastic weekend...

  35. Your house is wonderful. The master bedroom is perfect and personal. I like the floor.
    Bye Faby

  36. Es perfecta!!!
    Me encanta esta habitación, la casa es realmente preciosa.

    Un besín,

  37. Hi Giac! Thank you very much for stopping by my blog. Wow I'm impressed. Your work is spectacular. It is a pleasure to see the talent you have, you're an artist. I hope to continue enjoying their wonderful creations.

  38. Que buen trabajo, me encanta esta habitación
    Seguiré el curso de la casa

  39. BONJOUR,

    Merci beaucoup pour vos gentils commentaires sur mon travail. Vous faîtes également un travail remarquable que je ne pourrai pas faire. Félicitations pour votre talent et merci à vous.

  40. Wow you are quite the builder...I have a house that could use your magic touch!

  41. I just found your blog. Your work is so perfect and your house is wonderful!

  42. Wow, this is so impressive, your talent is awe-inspiring!

  43. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog, that's how i found your blog. I love the house you working on, you are very talented. I like the cake you made for your sister too.

  44. Hi Giac,

    I just love this bedroom, the bed is divine and the surround is an incredible piece of work. I'm always so inspired by your blog!!!

    ML fi XX

  45. Красиво до невозможности!!!

  46. Hello Giac - thanks for visiting my castle of gothic horror! You are building the kind of house I would like to live in - especially this master bedroom with the griffin! I must find some "Alice in Wonderland" shrinking fluid so I can move in when it's finished. Congratulations on your superb creation!