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Monday 20 February 2012

Boy's Bedroom and past projects

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well and having a great week. This past weekend I finished the Boy's room.
The room measures 17" x 14" and 11 5/8" high. I'm afraid I don't have anything new to say about this room. I've used all the techniques and talked about them before.

The fireplace is an inexpensive resin one I faux painted using a technique by Whitledge-Burgess. I wanted the walls to be panneled, but chose a simpler design then the public rooms of the house. Because I wanted this room to have a masculine feel, I applied 3 coats of shellac to the floors wheras the Girl's Room and Bedroom hall only got 2. The Shellac flakes I use are Garnett Color. Each time you add a coat the floor gets a darker, orange color.
The furniture was purchased years ago and intended to be a master bedroom suite. Of all the bedroom sets I've seen I think this was one of the most masculin. I folded a piece of cotton fabric I had left over on the matress. I love the yellow in this room and would like a red fabric bedcover. Late victorians stopped using heavy drapery on the beds because they worried it wasen't hygienic. However, this is my house, so if I decide to hang drapes, so be it!
And here's a look at the empty room. I always think the empty rooms look smaller then they are

And that was progress for this week. Next, the Master Bedroom. I have a VERY busy couple of weeks coming up, so it might be a little while before my next post.

I have to take a moment and thank you all for your wonderful comments. You flatter me with all your kindess and I think it high praise indeed coming  from such talented artists as yourselves. I say it every week but it's the truth, it meas a lot to me and keeps me going. Several times friends have commented that being afraid of failure keeps them from trying. The only reason I have acheived what I haven is because I never shy away from a challenge. If I mess up, big deal! I swear a little, laugh a lot, and move on.

Since my post was rather short, I figured I'd put up some pictures of the last projects I built before starting on Dewell Manor.  When I think of the Foxhall Manor I built, all I think about are my errors: bad crown molding (attached with nails no less), bad paint, oversized tiles and grout lines, crooked construction, rediculous hinging on cabinet doors, bad brick work in the kitchen...

I was happy witht he popsicle stick flooring on the second floor

I loved my design for the kitchen and was happy to scratch build everything...but boy do I wish I had payed more attention to the small details

I must admit, I was really happy with the appliances I made, however, the hinges on the cabinets ruined the effect

World's  largest grout lines

Do not use high gloss paints on  miniature doors and trim

I made this room for my # 1 aunt Lorraine. I used it to test several Whitledge-Burgess Techniques I read about in a magazine article. I was happy enough with the box to take on Dewell Manor

 I knew my work was good, not great, but I hoped I could do better. I did research on miniatures, Victoriana, full size construction, various art mediums, carpentry...I know there are things that just come naturally to me, but that's no reason not to try and improve what I am strugglign with. NEVER shy away from a challenge!

On that note, I wish you all a wonderful week. I will be commenting on your blogs I promise, work has just been taking A LOT out of me the past few weeks and the computer is the last thing I want to look at when I get home.

I wish you all the best my friends
Huge Giac hugs to all,
No Fear!



  1. We all suffer the pain of seeing our early work that happens on the learning curve. It is an ongoing process as we usually keep on adding new skills to our bag of tricks. Ask your Mom to show you the projects you made for her when you were 5 years old! But remember she would not part with them for the world, to her they are precious treasures.

  2. Hablar de los "defectos" es una lección!
    Un abrazo

  3. So we all learn, nobody makes things perfect the first time round. I tend to look at my early things knowing I tried my best with what I knew then and grateful that I have learned a lot and are still learning, I have by no means arrived yet and probably never will, I always seem to raise the bar on myself!!!!

  4. So true. I am just beginning and I have many doubts mostly because I have literally no experience with mini furniture making and I'd like to build up mine.I suspect that I begun with a far too big project but, who cares, I feel doing it and I'll do at my best. Then , in 10 years time, I'll see all the rough points and I'll cringe away from it ;o)
    Remember that I'll ask you about hinging: that's tough subject !
    Keep going on, I look forward your progress. Un abbraccio, Rosanna

  5. I think you are being a little bit hard on yourself Giac! I think you should celebrate the fact that you are improving your skills all the time and when you look at your earlier work remember the pleasure you had in making it. When I look at my first house I see lots of things I would and could do differently now, but I still love it. For me it is all about the enjoyment I get from the planning, building and discovering new techniques and skills and seeing a result which I am happy with at that time.

  6. The fireplace in boy's room is amazing (like the whole your house) I like this color wood, is beautiful!

  7. I just started with a Victorian doll house and I'm glad with your blog. You're making such wonderful things. I try to learn and with your blog I'm getting inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing all these beautiful things with us.

  8. Siempre se aprende de lo errores y siempre en la segunda vez que se hacen las cosas se mejora......Me gusta mucho tus mansiones y estoy aprendiendo mucho viendo tus fotos. Sionchi

  9. I also think you are being a bit hard on yourself Giac. I would be proud of that house look what you achieved and learned. I could never achieve what you have. I admire all your work and if i done even 1/4 as well as you have my head would be touching the sky with pride :D Wonderful work on the boys room I love the fireplace.
    Hugs Maria

  10. I have to say that I love your failure, not many people would notice the things you pointed out. at least you haven't thrown in the Kudo's to you.

    Hugs Marisa :)

    PS. I will never show you my roombox that I'm working on I'm afraid you'd laugh yourself silly looking at it :)

  11. Hello Giac!
    The boy's room is looking great, just like the rest of the house. I love that bed and good for you for doing drapery on the bed. It IS your house and should reflect your wishes.
    The "Foxhall Manor" looks beautiful in the pictures. You have a keen sense of style which shows in the colors and pieces you choose. All those before me said it beautifully.........celebrate your success and learn from what you did in the past. You deserve to feel very special for what you are accomplishing.
    I only wish you could see the first things I did back in the "Dark Ages" of miniatures when so many great things were not available. You would get quite a laugh. We are all very lucky to have so many talented people sharing their knowledge and desire to learn from one another.
    Excited to see more from you!
    With utmost respect

  12. I love the boys room, it has the right look and I love the fact you've rewritten the rules on drapery! ;o))

    We all have to endure the learning curve, swear a bit, laugh and learn from our's the only way to learn and rise to a higher and new challange. I have made some almighty clangers in my own work and they hit me square in the eye everytime I see them! lol You have to love your work...warts and all! ;o))

    Look forward to seeing more!
    Michelle :o)

  13. preciosa la habitación de los niños.Creo que todo son caminos que realizamos y mientras caminas aprendes mas cosas, por lo que es normal que hoy lo hagas un poco mejor que ayer pero peor que mañana. Todo y que tus trabajos son maravillosos y mas si los comparo con los mios, quedan pequeñitos a tu lado. Espero seguir viendo estas maravillas.

    un abrazo

  14. Hey Giac, well done on another lovely room. I love the four poster bed. All your pictures of previous projects are so interesting, you can really see your style and technique developing. It's so cute where you point out all the things you think are wrong, when in fact they aren't that bad. Funny how we can be our own harshest critic.
    Have a great week.

  15. Hi Giac, what a handsome room, perfect for the young man of the family!! Furnished perfectly as ever!

    Yes, I agree with Simon, we are all our own harshest critic. Even the very best makers make mistakes, I think Foxhall Monor is lovely, and you should certainly be proud of it!

    Andy xx

  16. Hi Giac! I hope you get some Down Time.... work can be too demanding.... especially when there are Minis calling! I Love the bed in the boy's room! I think it is good when some "old ways" ie bed-curtains, are still in use in a more "modern" setting... I think it adds a layer of realism.
    And I agree with the others about the amazing work you did on your earlier house.... we always see our own failings and others see the accomplishments! You certainly have kept on making progress with your skills!
    I hope to see So much more!

  17. Ciao Giac rimango sempre affascinata dai tuoi capolavori...grazie per la visita.
    Buona serata!

  18. The young Master's room is another triumph!

    Giac, I do believe you are harder on yourself than I am on me.

  19. Hi Giac,

    you know, this post was very inspiring - sometimes the quality and craftmanship out there is so good, it can be really daunting. But you're right - don't sweat the mistakes and practice makes perfect!

    Thank you

  20. Oh Giac, you have done it again. It just gets better and better. The boy's room is lovely!! I love the Broyhill. I almost purchased that one instead of the Thornhill, but it was open in the back, and I would have had to install a plexiglass back on it like I have on some past dollhouses I built.. So I chose the Thornhill so when it was not in use it would be entirely enclosed. But, the Thornhill doesn't have the lovely curved staricase. I guess I can't have everything. Your style and decorating skills are to be much admired. What a talent.

    Peace and love,

  21. Dearie me - I thought I'd posted here! The boy's room is just lovely - especially the panelling and I DO like to see decorated rooms before the furniture moves in. You've made a really great job of it.

    Don't beat yourself up over your earlier work on the Foxhall. It's a lovely property and you are right to be pleased with the kitchen. Regardless of what you think you'd like to improve on, it'll still be special to you.

  22. I just found your blog today, and I must say that I am awed by your houses! The detail is incredible, and I love the paneling especially.
    Best of luck to you in the rest of your projects!

  23. I'm in the cultural shock of your work! :-)

  24. Hi Giac, I've just discovered your blog. I'm so impressed with your wood work and high standard of finishes on everything but one thing I really like to see is that all your ceiling lights hang straight down! Well done for this alone! I shall follow with interest. Gill

  25. Dear Giac, I know that this is an old posting but you so reasure me when you criticise yourself about your mistakes ( that no one else sees! ) as a beginner I am on such a Learning curve and to know that you made some boobies as we say reasures me a lot , all you work is wonderful !! hugs Stephanie