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Tuesday 19 July 2011

Flooring Update

Hello all,
We've been moving furniture around our real house so I haven't finished my first wood floor yet. The floor is for the music room. It will be a chevron pattern floor, 20 inches by 36 inches deep.

 In the middle of the room, in front of the fireplace, I'm trying to create a faux-marble medallion with a pattern of roses. I tested the shellac finish on a test piece of flooring, and the results are very promising. I will try to have a new post by Sunday evening.

I just want to thank those who left such nice and encouraging comments about my work and everyone who is following me. For some reason I can't leave comments to anybody, either on my blog or anyone else's...the eternal Nemesis!


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  2. Ciao (hello in italian) Giac, I am very happy to have discovered your blog last night (through Catherine, Kilmouski and me, a dear friend) and I am very happy that you've become my follower, welcome :-)
    Although I live in a place where there is no interest in dollhouses (Italy), so I understand how important is the blog. These mysterious problems with the comments are unnerving but often will resolve themselves: who has the patience to build miniature houses also has the patience to wait for unexpected solutions :-)
    I just bought the first kit but I'm going to make changes to the structure so I'll be careful all the progress of your fantastic manor: I have a lot to learn :-)
    Even if I have a little experiences because I've already built a small cottage, all with recycled materials, a great satisfaction (you can see the images on my blog)
    My dream is to build and decorate with style and great quality a Georgian town house.
    I hope soon to find your comments :-)
    good job

  3. Hi Giac,amazing work,I love the dollhouse!!! Miniredgars from sunny Spain.

  4. Thank You for your trick Catherine! I can comment!

  5. Hello , I discover your blog today ,fantastic work with your castel .I have problem to become a follower !!!
    So I will try another day !

  6. It's Ok now , thank's for your message in my blog.

  7. Love the new flooring! Adds warmth and style to the space. Concrete Refresh