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Sunday 3 September 2023

A new day

 Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well. I have been planning a big update post but I am afraid all miniatures are on hold again. Gemma and Vigo have a new brother.

We have named him Remo Christos. Remo and Vigo were always our favourite names for boys, and Christos is in honour of one of the doctors who did so much to try and save Vigo 

I will eventually be back to Blogger, but with a young toddler and a newborn free time is non existent.

Big hugs to all


P s. I keep visiting your blog's, but blogger does not let me comment... It keeps saying I am logged off even though I signed in !?!


  1. Hello Giac and Jo and Gemma, and Welcome to Remo Christos!!! This is such wonderful news! And of course, babies take over the household, so no need to explain! I am overjoyed to know your family is happily growing! You are in my thoughts and prayers. And when you have time an update on minis will be enjoyed thoroughly. I am still building my Castle and nowhere near finished! Lol! It is just such a pleasure to know you are all well! Kisses to the babies and Hugs for you and Jo! :):):)

  2. Congratulations Giac, what amazing news. It is so heartening to think of your babies being in such good hands when so much bad stuff goes on in the world. I need all the babies and animals worldwide to be be loved! I also look forward to some mini updates when you have time. As for your blogging comments, if you are on an Apple device, maybe try looking in your settings to see if the cross-site tracking is switched on. I think it needs to be on for you to be logged in to comment on blogs (it worked for me). In settings, scroll down to Safari and then make sure ‘prevent cross site tracking’ is switched off. Hope that helps!

  3. Wonderful news! Big congrats to you all! 🌹💞

  4. Lieve Giac en Jo, wat een geweldig nieuws lees ik hier,
    geweldig dat er nu een nieuw broertje voor Gemma en
    Vigo bij jullie is gekomen. Wens jullie allen heel veel liefde toe, en geniet volop van dit prachtige wonder.
    Blogger is een beetje veranderd al een tijd geleden, maar
    wel fijn dat je in ieder geval wel zelf een post kan schrijven. En natuurlijk hebben jullie het nu heel erg druk, maar ben blij toch weer iets van jullie te kunnen vernemen. Wens jullie alle goeds toe.....🧡🧡🧡

    Lieve groeten,
    Josephine from Holland!!!

  5. Great to see a sign from you - and even better as it contains the best news ever possible! A heartfelt welcome to little Remo Christos... and congrats to his proud parents and his big sister. He may not know by now but one day he will found out that he could not have found a better home...

    Oh, and I'm sorry having to disagree with you... but your claim that all miniatures are on hold now is simply not true. In the first picture I saw you with the best miniature to spend time with... ;O)


  6. Maravillosa noticia!! Que suerte para Remo al igual que Gemma y Vigo de haberos encontrado! Un bonito homenaje al médico de Vigo.

  7. Ya conocí al nuevo miembro en Facebook hace unos días.
    Felicidades de nuevo familia.
    Un saludo

  8. Best News! Congratulations!
    Enjoy the time with your family!
    Big hugs to all four of you,

  9. Hello Giac, wonderful happy news, congratulations. Everything takes second place to adorable babies!

  10. A Welcome Home to baby Remo Christos! YOu and Jo have hearts as big as Ontario Giac, so he and his "big" baby sister are certain to grow and thrive in your secure and loving arms❤️
    Big Hugs my friend!

  11. Oh wow Giac, that is such wonderful news! I wasn't even looking at anything but my eye fell on your photo when checking the example of a new post I was creating, got curious and of course wanted to congratulate you guys: congratulations with Remo Christos! What a precious little boy and what a lovely name, even more his second name being in honor of the doctor he is named after.

    I am so, só sorry for your loss though, I had no idea (haven't had the opportunity to check out other blogs for years) and I am so sorry for all you've been through with Vigo. I can't possibly imagine what it's like to lose a child, but I can of course imagine it much be heart- and soul-wrenching, and that probably doesn't begin cover it... I honestly don't know what to say but my heart goes out to you and Jo for this deep pain.

    I wish all the blessings in the world for you both, as well as Remo and Gemma and I'm sure Vigo is watching over his little brother and sister and shining his love for you all.

    Much love and a very merry Christmas! Monique
    ps: Blogger (and Google) is weird indeed, it keeps logging out when logged in and only about a minute has past. Seems they should put some of that humongous amount of money they make from advertising in making it function properly ;).

    I have discovered btw that not clicking the 'ok' for the cookies at the top of a Blogger blog also gives issues when wanting to comment (but that doesn't explain the weirdness of constantly getting logged out); for whoever that may be helpful for.

  12. Enhorabuena por el nuevo miembro de la familia. Es una gran alegría tener a un niño en casa. Felicidades.

  13. I'm thankful for the positive change your blog has brought into my life.