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Monday 8 July 2019

Slowly working on miniatures again...and Vigo news.

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well. It has been such a long time since I have posted on my blog or left a comment on any of yours that I thought I would stop by and say hello.

I did not make it to the miniature show this year, but I had planned on picking up a project I commissioned from Karl Blindheim. He was nice enough to mail it to me after the show. I asked him to interpret the sculpture of the Townley Greyhound from the British Museum. I could not be happier with Karl's masterpiece!

I asked him not to paint it so that I can faux marble it when the new sculpture gallery of the manor is built. I am in love with this piece.

I have been enjoying my parental leave from work and am having the time of my life being a dad, but I must say I have missed working on my manor. I started up again this past weekend by demolishing the old gallery and will slowly turn it into a card or tea room. Not sure when I will be able to post about it...but I will keep you up to date. I will not work on the banquet hall or new sculpture gallery yet as they are huge projects and Vigo comes first.

Speaking of Vigo, he is doing fantastic. He is growing well and is in perfect health. His pediatrician says he is strong for his age and she was happy to see how much he could focus at 2 1/2 months. He is making new sounds every day and can be quite the chatterbox. He has just discovered sucking his thumb and grabbing things (I will have a bald spot on my chest in the next few weeks) and he smiles all the time and has started laughing. He is a great eater and a pretty good sleeper. In short, we were blessed with the most wonderful  boy. Here are a few pictures.

That is all for now. I hope it will not be so long until my next post, but in the meantime I wish you all a wonderful summer and wish you all the best. I am still following your posts, but commenting with a sleeping baby in my arms is too difficult ;)

Big hugs to you all,


  1. Hello Giac,

    What a lovely blogpost. Great news to hear that little Vigo is doing well. Is there anything more a loving parent could wish for?
    Vigo surely looks like a happy and lively little fella.

    The miniature Townley Greyhounds look superb! As a lover of hounds, we had three and now have one (plus a Belgian shepperd) I can not pass this statue without praise.

    A fine acquisition for the statue gallery!


  2. Una gran noticia que Vigo esté creciendo feliz y sin problemas de salud, comprendo perfectamente que el tiempo estés dedicado a él, solo con mirarlo el tiempo vuela.
    Una gran adquisición, son fantásticos los galgo, muy buena compra.Feliz verano también para vosotros y seguid disfrutando de Vigo:-)

  3. Hi Giac,
    How wonderful to see Vigo growing happy and healthy. Raising a child certainly fills the time and it flys by so quickly . . . he'll be walking before you know it! Just make sure to enjoy all those moments you will treasure for years to come.

    The greyhounds are lovely and will be more even beautiful when you have marbled them. I shall look forward to seeing them in your gallery when completed.

    Happy summer to you too (I'm envious of your summer sun), big hugs,

  4. Hi Giac! It is great to see a post from you! Those greyhounds are Gorgeous.... but they sure can't beat that smiling boy!!! I am so glad to hear you are enjoying your baby and watching him grow with every day! It goes so quickly... catch those moments while you can! He is Beautiful and clearly he is loving you too!!! :):)

  5. Bonjour Giac,
    je commence mon message par Vigo, qui est la miniature la plus importante, quel adorable petit garçon, plein de vie !
    Profitez bien chaque moment les papas !
    La sculpture des lévriers est très, très belle, lui donner un effet "marbre" la rendra sublime !
    A bientôt ! Joce

  6. What a lovely post, I am glad that the three of you are doing so wel. Nice to hear that you have a lot of plans for the manor.
    Enjoy Vigo growing up, because you can work on the Manor untill you are old.. but his growing up is over before you know it
    Big hug, Mieke

  7. Good to hear from Daddy Giac, I'm glad to read that you're enjoying being a Dad!! I'm sure you miss your work on miniatures, but of course your son comes first. How sweet to see Vigo laugh, enjoy your sweet little baby boy as much as you both can. I'm happy for you that he is doing it so very well.
    Karl's work is a true masterpiece, Giac, enjoy working on it for getting it in a marbling effect.
    And I'm afraid that from now you have to share all our hugs with Vigo ;)!!

  8. What a lovely and happy baby boy! I'm very happy for you that everything is going so well.
    Your sculpture is fantastic.

  9. Vigo is adorable and happy. The sculpture is fantastic.

  10. La escultura es preciosa, pero Vigo se lleva todas las miradas, se le ve feliz y tiene una sonrisa encantadora. Disfruta de él todo lo que puedas.

  11. So great to hear that everything is fine! :) Vigo is beautiful and smiling boy! Wish you all good health!
    Greyhounds are amazing. What a beautiful little thing!

  12. Hi Giac! It's so nice to hear from you and confirm what I already suspected: falling in love with Vigo is more powerful and important than any other thing life has to offer! Of course, taking advantage of nap time by working on a few mini projects is perfectly reasonable! He is magnificent, and the joy that comes through in those smiles could melt a polar bear! Would you believe me if I told you that the best is still yet to come? Parenthood is amazing, isn't it?!?
    The statue is very lovely, too, but I am afraid that they are totally outshined by Vigo's dimples! :O)
    Hugs to all of you! Thanks so much for sharing the joy!

  13. Hallo Giac,

    Het beeld van de Greyhounds ziet er adembenemend uit en zal zeker als jij het waneer de gelegenheid daar voor is het om zal toveren tot een fantastisch pronkstuk!!! Zo fijn te lezen dat Vigo zoveel vreugede en liefde geeft, en wat leuk dat je een aantal foto's laat zien van jullie prachtige zoon, zo lief om te zien de vrolijkheid van dit kleine mensje. Wat zullen jullie iedere seconde van dag genieten van alle ontwikkelingen van dit kindje. Ze worden zo snel groot. Geniet volop van Vigo, van elkaar en van het leven.


  14. Hello, Giac - What a pleasure it is to see a post from you - and especially one that includes such adorable photos of Vigo. Thank you for the update on his growth progress; it's easy to see that he's healthy and happy. The wonderful thing about childhood is that each phase of growth is sweeter and more fun than the last, so that you always have the best to look forward to! Karl Blindheim's greyhounds are wonderful, and I'm looking forward to seeing them after you marbleize them. I think a sculpture gallery is a perfect idea, and I know you'll have a great time preparing and collecting for it. Thanks for a lovely and long-awaited post!

  15. Bonjour Giac, les photos du petit Vigo sont trop craquantes, il doit vous manger le coeur ;-)
    La statue des lévriers est superbe, je suis impatient de la voir dans la nouvelle galerie.

  16. Thank you for popping by to say hello it was lovely to hear from you. Thank you too for sharing some photos of Vigo - he is, of course, the most beautiful baby boy ever. What a smile. As everyone says grab those moments. Parenting is decidedly hard work but it has its wonderful moments to keep you in the game. I love the future marble statue - what fantastic work. It always astonishes me.

  17. Hello Giac,
    Such a pleasure to know you are enjoying your adorable baby.
    Treasure these moments, they grow up so fast.
    The greyhounds statue is stunning. It will look even more so after being marbleized.

  18. Well, he is just freakin adorable Giac. I am not normally into babies, but he is pretty cute. So good to hear he is happy and well, but also that you are getting some mini time for yourself. Enjoy your summer.

  19. It's so good to see a post from you - and thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of your darling son. The third Vigo-photo made me grin… I am pretty sure he's thinking "Damn, where's the entertainment staff?! I want to be in my Daddy's arms!" *grin* But what touched me most was the last picture - anybody smiling at a teddy like this wins my bearmaker's heart. ;O)

    Enjoy being a Dad to the fullest - time is flying by so fast. You'll have still plenty of time to work on miniatures when Vigo is grown up… ;O) But it's great to see the fantastic miniature you've commissioned. What an amazing piece! Well, usually I would say now I can't wait to see it after you've done your marbling magic… but in this case I'm just looking forward to the day you'll be showing these fantastic greyhounds again. Enjoy your daily doses of Vigo-smile!


  20. Well isn't your little boy adorable! Getting so big :) Don't forget, we want to watch him grow up too! Keep the pics coming. Glad minis are re-emerging---

  21. How nice that you start between changing the diapers again in miniatures, I am curious, and how much Vigo has grown a lot, he looks good.

  22. Cute baby.
    I wisi you all the best.

  23. Celebro que Vigo este tan lindo.
    Disfruta de estos momentos que los niños crecen muy rápido y hay que atesorar todas estas instantáneas.
    La escultura es preciosa.
    Un saludo

  24. Love the photos of Vigo, he looks absolutely gorgeous. Treasure every minute, babies have a habit of growing up very quickly:) Best wishes, Celia X

  25. Vigo is such a sweetie! All those cute expressions and silly smiles. I'm in love. Good luck with the bald spot, at least you have short hair on your head!

    Can't wait to see more of the manor and the marble sculpture in its place. But you've got a very cool mini in Vigo to play with too!

  26. Giac, never apologize for taking a break from blog posting. When you have the time, and feel like sharing something, it is our honour to read it.
    Vigo looks like a lively little chap, I'm happy to hear that you're having so much joy from him.
    The Karl Blindheim sculpture is gorgeous.

  27. La escultura es preciosa, pero Vigo lo es todavía más.
    Su sonrisa es adorable y se le vé tan feliz.
    Enhorabuena y feliz verano

  28. ¡Qué ternura de bebé! Disfruta mucho con el que estos primeros años pasan muy pronto y son muy intensos.
    Preciosa la escultura

  29. Vigo looks like an absolute charmer, so sweet! Good to hear you are all doing well and you are managing to find time for your miniatures too!

  30. Hello Giac,

    What a lovely post <3 It is great to hear that little Vigo is doing so well. He surely looks like a happy and lively little boy.

    It's great you have time for your miniaures <3

  31. Giac,realmente habéis sido bendecidos por la vida con el pequeño Vigo! se le ve tan hermoso y feliz,eso es porque vive rodeado de amor,que es lo más importante en la vida.Salud para el pequeño y para vosotros!
    La escultura es preciosa,me encantará ver como la pintas y donde irá colocada.

  32. La miniatura de Karl es sencillamente maravillosa y estoy segura de que se superará cuando la decores, pero viendo a vuestro Vigo se ensombrece todo lo demás :), es un caramelo! Me alegro muchísimo por vosotros, Giac! ♥

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  34. c'est que du bonheur de vous lire . je suis heureuse pour vous .
    profitez , la miniature peut bien attendre .

  35. Oh Giac, I am beaming from ear to ear, little Vito is absolutely gorgeous, it's lovely to see photos of him, and to hear from you. The Townley Greyhound is beautiful.

  36. The joy of Vito shines towards us and you as parent take time to enjoy him!
    groetjes van Marijke

  37. Lovely pictures and update, thanks Giac. Vito is so sweet, and your sculpture looks wonderful!
    (sorry, only catching up now blogs!)

  38. What a happy little baby! So much joy! What a lucky baby and what lucky dads! Enjoy that miniature first: the other miniatures will still be there waiting for you once Vigo goes off to school!

  39. Lovely to see you back despite the very best of reasons to not be ! What a gorgeous little man !!! Slightly off 1:12 scale ! I couldn't imagine you giving up on minis but time is so tight when a child is there. God bless you all three , hugggss Mrs M

  40. Bravo un très beau bébé et de très belles miniatures

  41. Hi Giac
    hes a cutie pie, I know what you mean about running out of time Ive neglected my blog and blog friends too but Im getting back into it slowly. I know I'll get back to the old world I used to love sooner or later and I know people understand that. take care


  42. Hello Giac.
    Your son is fantastic boy.

  43. Giac, sono così felice per voi tre! Vigo è meraviglioso e sono sicura che voi siate papà fantastici. Godetevi ogni momento, crescerà in fretta!