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Tuesday 1 May 2018

The new ballroom, birthday presents and the Montreal Miniature show

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. I appreciate them very much.
Tomorrow, May 2nd, is my 40th birthday and what better way to celebrate then by throwing myself a ball.

You might remember the old ballroom/ music room...

I really did like this room, but it felt too small to me and while I loved the wallpaper I think the columns and fireplace got lost in the busy pattern. Now, after many, many months of hard work, I present to you...
The Blue Ballroom

The finished room measure 35 inches wide (89cm), 38 inches deep (96.5 cm), and 14 inches high (35.5 cm). The baseboard, chair rail, fluted window frame and the panel trim are basewood, everything else is plaster by Sue Cook Miniatures

Last time I posted about the ballroom it looked like this:

The reason I took such a long break and worked on other rooms is because I new the next step would be a long one and I was dreading it...

The Floor:

For 2 and a half months, this was me:

I am going to do everything I can to avoid any more parquet floors in the manor. The medallion was done before Christmas and went much better then I ever dreamed, but the filling around it was never ending. I cut and glued down 879 diamonds to make the cube pattern, and then I had the borders and the colonnade around the room to fill with the basket weave pattern. It was worth the work in the end, but still it was incredibly boring to make.
When the floor was done I was ready to glue it down. Even though the structure is 5/8 inch MDF it wobbled when I tried to move the structure. That meant the columns could come undone or get crushed if I ever had to move it. I decided to reinforce it with 5 strips of 2" by 2" lumber  glued and screwed underneath the structure. I had the whole thing at an angle balancing on one piece of 2 by 4 to install them, so I did not take pictures, but below you can see the guidelines for the reinforcement strips underneath. I used wood glue and 7 screws per strip...the floor is now as strong as it can be.

I then glued down the floor with the Ultimate Glue and weighed it down with books. You may have noticed in the picture of me working that I cut out squares in the subfloor all around the room. I kept the squares and when the floor was installed I glued them back in...

These squares are where the column bases went. I did this to make sure there was no shellac or wax under the bases so the columns glued down properly. I did not take a picture of the finished floor, but this picture of the finished room gives you a general idea of it:

I then glued in the half columns against the wall and got to work on the wall details before installing the colonnade.

Doors, Windows and Fireplace

The french doors are non working. I made them using mostly 1/2 inch basewood strips. 

The 3 horizontal strips hold the doors together. Even though they are fake doors, I still carved out slots for the hinges to make them look more realistic. Here they are installed:

Since the walls are thick I used a coffered strip to decorate the inside of the doorcases. The top of the opening is a piece of lumber covered in a Sue Cook frieze supported on brackets.
On the other side of the room is the door that is open to the entrance of the manor and a second door deeper in the room. This door is just for symmetry:

It is made of double thick illustration board and 1/2 inch lumber strips. When I make doors I glue the frame together, then paint the door and the molding that goes into the panels separately. It is too hard to faux wood grain the door if the molding is glued actually covers corners really well.

The windows each side of the fireplace are made the same way. I decided not to use curtains in this room and wanted shutters built into the walls.

The window is glued down to the base first then installed in the opening. The shutters were made separately, again with slots for hinges that do not work, then installed last to cover the sides of the opening.

I added a quarter round molding painted white to match the frame to conceal any imperfect joints and it also made the shutters look like they regressed into the wall. I am really happy with them.
Finally I installed the fireplace and over mantel.

The fireplace is cracked. I had left it standing on my worktable and accidentally hit it. the fireplace fell and the 2 sides cracked of. After much cursing, I glued it into place, filled the 2 large diagonal cracks with joint compound, sanded it with a nail file and painted it. I think it is okay now. With that done I did paint touch ups all around the room and installed the full columns and bases. 

The Ceiling 

With the columns in place I could finished the colonnade. I had 2 inch strips of MDF that sat on the columns. The plaster pieces for the room were ordered after the MDF was cut. For some reason the columns on their bases were shorter then I had calculated

In the picture above you can see the columns hold up the MDF and the plaster frieze, above the frieze is a white 1 inch by 1/4 inch basewood strip I painted white, and the gap above that is covered with the cornice.

I painted the 1 inch basewood piece white so it would look like part of the cornice and frieze, but it was way too high and broke the flow of the room. I painted it blue and added a quarter round strip at the bottom and I was much happier with the look.

The nest step was to install the medallions which meant the chandeliers had to be installed. The are 2 Versailles chandeliers form Jason and Jacqueline Getzan. I installed the fixtures by soldering the wires using flux and rosin core solder and covered the joint with shrink tubes that I heated with a hairdryer. They shrunk a little too much and some of the copper wire was exposed, so I covered that with technical tape. I pushed the wires into the 1" by 1" hole in the ceiling that is covered by the medallion and the room was finished.

Finished empty room

I love the room, but as it is so deep I spend the last month lying down in the room on my stomach. I could not lift my head properly and my neck cracked every time I turned my head, but it was worth all the pain. If anyone ever works with plaster items, I recommend using joint compound to fill the gaps and make repairs. It is easy to sand and you can carve any lost detail pretty easily, not to mention it takes paint the same way the plasterwork does.  

And now a few pictures I hope you will enjoy:

Birthday presents

Since it is my 40th birthday, my family was even more generous then usual. They all went to Jo and he ordered the 2 chandeliers I fell in love with and want to use in my  banquet hall.

They are called the Olivia and are by the Getzans. I was surprised that they spoiled me that much. These  will always be a wonderful memory of the year I turned 40.

Montreal Miniature Show

The Montreal miniature show was the first weekend of April. I went in with a budget and the determination not to spend one penny more, and I walked out having spend 2 and a half times what my maximum was. In my defence, Greg Matusovsky was there this year. He does not come to the show often and even Jo agreed I could not miss this opportunity.

From Greg I purchased these gorgeous candelabra, pierced bowl, cake server and 4  place settings for the breakfast room (only one is pictured)

From Janice Crawley I purchased these lovely pieces of porcelain and the jack in the box

And from Martha Mclean I purchased a silver frame from Stephen Randall , 4 filled champagne flutes and a spool holder from Mcqueenie miniatures.

I was also thrilled to see Grandpa's dollhouse carried the lumber I have used throughout the manor and stocked up on what I was missing...of course I went through it all to finish the ballroom. They are officially my main miniature lumber supplier.

And that is all for this time. I am taking a little break so my neck and lower back can recover from working in the ballroom. I also want to work on a little surprise I promised a friend that I hope she will like beary much :)

Take care everyone and keep on posting your wonderful projects... I need inspiration while I take a little break. Thank you to all my new followers and as always, please let me know if I am not following you...Blogger sometimes drives me crazy.

Big hugs to all


  1. May I be the first to wish you Happy birthday Giac! You really should celebrate this milestone in a big way . . . hopefully you will receive lots of pressies to help you continue your mansion building journey.

    I absolutely love this room, what a marvellous grand ballroom it is, the beautiful columns can be seen quite clearly now. And the blue is divine!!

    Big hugs,

  2. So beautiful..... Happy Birthday to us. I had mine a couple of days ago, no chandeliers for me, but what I got will light up 12v dollhouse chandeliers, quite a lot of them in fact.

  3. Happy 40th! This room is truly breathtaking :) I love all you've done. Oh that floor must have been maddening, but OH so worth it. Wonderful finds at the show---

  4. Hi Giac.
    I am very impressed with the performance of this room. The floor is just beautiful. The whole room looks fantastic.

  5. Giac,muy feliz cumpleaños!!!! Estrenas una nueva década,que espero esté llena de felicidad!!
    Todavía estoy impactada al ver el suelo de tu salón de baile,es lo más bonito que he visto en mi vida,tanto en mini como en tamaño real!Ha sido mucho tiempo dedicado a su construcción,pero el resultado es impresionante,no puedo dejar de admirarlo una y otra vez!!!!
    La habitación en general es digna de un museo,las puertas,columnas,el techo...todo es fantástico y muy bello!
    Has hecho unas grandes adquisiciones en el show de Montreal,aunque hayas gastado mucho más del presupuesto inicial,cuando hay una oportunidad así,lo mejor es dejarse llevar!
    Feliz descanso,lo mereces,pero estaré impaciente por saber que nuevas ideas bullen en tu cabeza y cual será la sorpresa para tu amigo!

  6. Happy Birthday Giac! I hope you had a wonderful day.
    That floor is breathtaking! Worth every hour, cracking neck and sore back.. ah the things we do.
    Thank you for taking the time to share in such detail and with so many fabulous photos - I know it takes time.

  7. Bonjour Giac, tout d'abord, je te souhaite un *Merveilleux Anniversaire*
    Cette salle est magnifique, le décor bleu et le parquet sont superbes ! C'est un enchantement de découvrir cette salle.
    Je suis toujours très impressionnée par ton travail.
    En souhaitant que les douleurs de ton dos et de ton cou s'estompent rapidement.
    Amicalement. Joce

  8. Every single time I see those pictures my brain thinks those are taken from REAL palace/villa as the craftsmanship is top level, simply a masterwork

  9. Buon compleanno Giac. Bello festeggiare i propri "Primi Quarant'anni" !!!:-) Il tuo lavoro in scala 1/12 lascia stordite. Dovrò , prima o poi , prendere il coraggio a due mani e leggere il tuo blog dall'inizio fino ad oggi. :-)

  10. Dear Giac,
    I run out of adjectives to describe this room. A dream in 1:12.
    Above all, the soil is a real dream.
    Masterly work.

    Hugs Alexandra

  11. Before I forget it Happy birthday to you. Stay healthy, the rest you can buy yourself (my mama's saying)

    Hugs Alexandra

  12. First of all, happy birthday Giac!! I hope your 40th birthday becomes one to remember. It will be for sure after that wonderful gift. Your ballroom is to die for. You have done such an incredible job, it is really impressive. That floor is a masterpiece. The quality of every detail is amazing and the final result is "grandiose". Wow, I cannot stop admiring your work. You deserve an standing ovation. Happy Birthday!!!

  13. Happy birthday, may all your dreams come true. Have a wonderfull day.
    You state that part of the flooring was boring to make, but what a wonderfull result. The floor looks so magnificent!. When I looked at the prictures, i imagined myself in the ballroom, so real!
    In dutch we have a saying: "je hebt engelengeduld" means you have so much patience, to do what you are doing. So much details, so real.
    It is annoying that something you make with so much attention, has an accident. But I wouldn't have noticed it on your fireplace, so beautiful is your repairwork.
    Smart work on the colums, just hide it, and no one knows. It looks like it is supposed to be.
    Hope your neck and back will heal soon ;-) So you will enjoy your next project.
    Big hug, Mieke

  14. Have a wonderful birthday!!! Your birthday presents are stunning and your purchases great. Your ballroom is amazing, difficult to realize it is a miniature room.

  15. Avant tout bon anniversaire Giac, pour moi avoir 40 ans a été très déprimant, mais ça passe ;-) Votre nouvelle salle de bal est époustouflante, j'adore l'accord des couleurs (vous verrez bientôt pourquoi j'aime autant les couleurs de votre salle de bal ;-) Le parquet est un chef-d'oeuvre et comme beaucoup de chef-d'oeuvre il est né dans l douleur, j'espère toutefois qu'elles vont vite se calmer. Magnifique cadeaux reçus et achats que vous avez réalisés, j'aime tout.
    Bonne continuation!

  16. Happy Birthday, Giac. The ballroom is stunning, I particularly love the parquet floor. I'm happy you had a good time at the show. :)

  17. Dear Giac what a marvellous change of the ballroom. I like it much better than the first one. It is so elegant. I Wonder how big the room for the house must be. Would be fun to see the Whole house in a Picture. It must be huge. And by the way - at most happy birthday to you.

  18. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday dear friend
    Happy birthday to youuuuuu.
    Me da pena ver que el antiguo salón ha desaparecido pero el nuevo es precioso. Ha merecido la pena la ampliación y el cambio. Es super elegante.
    Un abrazo.

  19. Happy Birthday Giac! :)
    I really don't know what to say. Your work is absolutely stunning. Every interior looks like a real room from some palace. It really doesn't look like a miniature.
    I admire incredible work you did with the floor. It's amazing. I can't imagine all these hours of making it...
    Birthday gifts are wonderful! :)

  20. Dear Giac, Happy Birthday to you! 40 is a special birthday indeed, and what exquisite gifts you got! The ballroom is absolutely wonderful, the floor is so beautiful that I can't find a word to do it justice! Very, very impressive! All the hard work was so worth it, the whole room is perfect. The miniatures you bought at the show are also very lovely, I can't wait to see them somewhere in the Manor.
    I hope your back and neck will be better very soon, and as always I look forward to your next post!
    Enjoy your special day :-).
    Big birthday kisses xxx

  21. Oh how beautiful! I don't have the words to say how much I love this room. That floor is amazing. I sympathize with your neck and back but the plasterwork is so gorgeous!

    Happy Birthday! Such lovely gifts. I can't wait to see them in your banquet hall.

  22. Happy birthday!!! The ballroom is absolutely wonderful and so so beautiful!!!

  23. Happy Birthday Giac!
    The new ballroom is just stunning. I love the soft color. The floor is a work of art. ;-) Congratulations on all your new miniatures.

  24. Hi Giac
    This new room looks great I love the columns,air know how you feel about it taking forever(I'm doing a Robert Adam Style ceiling at the Moment)

    All the best

  25. Happy Birthday! Now I have to figure out how to get my family on the mini gift train :). Those chandeliers are such beautiful pieces!

    The floor is incredible. I can't believe your patience. But it makes all the difference, especially in a ballroom where there isn't going to be anything covering the floor! Anyone who comes to this ball is going to be very impressed. I'll definitely keep in mind your tip about plaster and joint compound.

  26. Happy Birthday Giac, and may I say that the Ballroom is STUNNING! Simply devine....a true labour of love, but a masterpiece. Sit back now for a wee while and enjoy it. Your presents and purchases for the Manor are just perfect!
    All the best,

  27. Hola Giac, lo primero de todo quiero felicitarte por tu cumpleaños, y por todos los regalos, que son preciosos.
    En cuanto a tu sala de baile, no tengo palabras, me faltan adjetivos para describir lo maravillosa que es, porque decir espectacular es muy poco.
    Me quito el sombrero.
    Recupérate pronto y vuelve a dejarnos con la boca abierta.
    Un abrazo

  28. Happy Birthday, and your house is so marlellous.

  29. ~Happy Birthday Giac~! I hope your fourth decade will be filled to the brim with joy, creative fulfillment, and more love than you can imagine!

    The room is stunning and incredibly inspiring! How you know what to do, and how you have the patience and commitment to do it make seeing your work such a satisfying pleasure! The soft blue and white make me swoon!

    Enjoy your rest and take time to dream! I'm going back to look at the photos again!

    What an incredible transformation. The ballroom was pretty before, but now it is breathtaking.
    Oh my gosh, I love your parquet floor. Having made a few small ones I know what you mean about never ending. Hundreds of little pieces go into it. Yours is stunning!
    I really enjoyed looking at all the photos. So much detail.

  31. You my friend- keep on RE-INVENTING the Wheel! :D
    My words feel inadequate to describe how MAGNIFICENT your renovated ballroom has become. The plasterwork, the choice of paint colors, the french doors and shuttered windows, the columns with the public gallery around the perimeter, those 2 GLORIOUS Chandeliers and your OVER THE TOP Parquet floor are ALL WORTHY of this manor!!!

    One can actually hear the musicians tuning up their instruments for the next waltz then the swish of silks and the click of heels as couples dance gracefully around the room. The servants are quick to open the French doors as the temperature inside rises thus encouraging some out onto the veranda were the over-heated ladies can retreat into the shadows to catch their breath, while awaiting a glass of punch from an ever-ardent beau!
    The Ballroom resonates with feminine laughter and private intrigues, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES and glasses of the finest champagne are Raised by the entire assembly in
    A TOAST to YOU-
    SIR GIAC! :D


  32. First of all: Happy Birthday to you, dear Giac, I wish you a lovely day :)! Your family have spoiled you so much with those chandeliers, they are gorgeous and such a chic ballroom made by you, more than worthy ;).
    Your blue ballroom is breathtaking beautiful, I love all you've done. And the making of that amazing detailed parquet floor must have made you crazy, but it was worth it all, including the pain in your back and neck.
    Your finds at the show are gorgeous, Giac, enjoy!!
    Big hug, Ilona

  33. ¡Hola Giac! ¡Feliz cumpleaños! El salón de baile ha quedado magnífico. El suelo es la cosa más bonita que he visto. El diseño impresionante y la ejecución aún más. Ver esas fotos es una delicia. En directo debe dejar sin palabras. Tus compras preciosas. Ahora a descansar y seguir preparando lo siguiente.

  34. Dear Giac, one word. 'SPECTACULAR!' I really love it. The room would fit perfectly in the beautiful 'Upper Rooms' in Bath.

    But lets not forget your birthday. I hope it will be a wonderfull day. your acquisitions are exquisite. Enjoy your time of.

    Big hug,


  35. Dear Giac, at first happy birthday to you !!!
    I think, you are in the best time of your life with 40 years, this time is great. Enjoy.
    Your family loves you very well and made great presents, perhaps they are very proud ?!!!!

    And now my reaction to your ballroom;
    I am so impressed of your work and your great room.
    It is wonderful.
    Hug Nina

  36. WOW, Giac!!! You have created the most Amazing Ballroom I have ever seen!!! The floor alone is spectacular! And the hours and months of making those little floor pieces has paid off in the end! The ceiling with the two gorgeous chandeliers lit is just incredible and looks like a RL room!!! I am so in Awe of your SCALE for this Manor! I think it is the most amazing Mini Mansion I have ever seen!!! I can only sigh in rapture at the idea of the music and Dancing that will take place in this wonderful room!!!
    And beyond that I want to wish you a Very Very Very Happy Birthday!!! I am sure Jo and your family have "spoiled" you with those chandeliers because you deserve them! I hope you have a fantastic celebration at this Birthday Ball!!!
    Oh, and I always over-spend my budget at Mini Fairs.... but then I realize I am supporting talented miniaturists who need our patronage... so I forgive myself! :) The items you bought are stunning! :):)

  37. Giac, as always, your work is breathtaking and so realistic! I have so enjoyed reading this post and seeing all the photos, it is all quite inspirational. Even though the floor took ages to make, the result is stunning. A very "Happy Birthday" too from me. CeliaX

  38. Giac! I am struggling to find the right words! I'm stuck on HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and oh my WOW. Just wow! You are so amazing and thank you for not only making this incredible art but sharing it with the rest of us. Big Happy birthday to you!! Best wishes and be well!! Carriexx

  39. Firstly Happy Birthday Giac. And as for the new ballroom it is simply stunning. Absolutely beautiful and such a transformation from how it was before. All the hours of hard work have paid off, it is wonderful.

    Love all the goodies you snapped up in Montreal and also your two divine chandeliers. Enjoy them all - and the well deserved break.

    Carol :) x

  40. A belated Happy Birthday dear Giac.
    It was amazing before but now it's simply stunning.
    What attention to details! I love everything and I'll come visit The ballroom again and again.
    Thank you for sharing.

  41. Hello, Giac - And Very HAPPY, although slightly belated, BIRTHDAY WISHES. I hope you had a wonderfully good day with lots of laughter. How fitting to get to celebrate your birthday by having a ball in your incredibly beautiful new ball room! I can't begin to express the awe I feel just seeing the photos of this masterpiece. I love your choice of that glorious soft blue for the walls; it's set off perfectly by all the white trim - and then the dark wood on the doors and windows just caps the perfection with its strong contrast. The Getzan Versailles chandeliers are simply splendid; I've long admired them and am so happy to know that they've been granted admission to this most elegant of ball rooms. The beauty of the floor, of course, defies description with mere words. The talent, skill, and sheer tenaciousness necessary for the creation of that magnificent floor is almost beyond my comprehension, and my admiration for your accomplishment goes beyond words. (I think that's called being "speechless with admiration," and I am!) I'm happy that you received such a special gift for your birthday - the Olivia chandeliers are fabulous - very fitting for turning forty. (Forty, by the way, is the age that I consider the beginning of being your own true self and of moving forward with a new and deeper awareness of the things that make your life special and unique.) Congratulations on all your lovely new acquisitions from the Montreal Show. You've earned a good break; take care of yourself - and enjoy being forty!

  42. Lieve Giac,

    Sorry 1 dag te laat maar alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd met je 40e verjaardag, een mijlpaal in je leven. En OHHHHH wat ben je ongelooflijk verwend met die twee beeldschone kroonluchters, kan me goed voorstellen dat je daar helemaal verliefd op bent.

    Wat een FANTASISCHE metamorfose van de nieuwe balzaal, wat ontzettend veel werk heb je daar aan gehad en voor jou als perfectionist moet het gewoon niet 100 maar 1000 % naar je zin zijn, en dat is het geworden, ongelooflijk knap en SUPER mooi!!! Wat zal je geschrokken zijn toen de open haard door een ongelukje gebarsten was, nou dat mag je zeker hardop vloeken hoor, haha. Alles wat jij maakt en als ik het in je posten bekijk doen me het gevoel geven alsof ik in een werkelijkheid rondloop. Al het werk dat je hebt gehad aan de vloer, de 879 gesneden diamantjes om alles perfect passend te krijgen, wat een doorzettingsvermogen moet dat hebben gekost, volgens mij kan je op een gegeven moment geen diamantje meer zien. Wel heel leuk om de foto te zien waarop je er mee bezig bent.

    Het is toch bijna niet te geloven dat op een formaat van 89 X 96,5 X 35,5 centimeter dit alles mogelijk is, gewoon overweldigend.

    Fantastisch ook het bezoek aan de Miniatuur Show en vooral alle prachtige objecten die je daar hebt kunnen aanschaffen. Moest wel lachen hoe je het beschreef dat je uiteindelijk 2,5 keer boven het voorgenomen uiterste budget bent gegaan. Je enthousiasme en impulsieve besluiten die je neemt zijn voor mij ook heel herkenbaar, en geeft weer dat je een lief en mooi mens bent.
    Groot gelijk dat je even pauze gaat nemen na deze monsterklus, kan je wel zeggen, heerlijk te tijd nemen om inspiratie op te doen, geniet van deze tijd.....


  43. Muchas felicidades por tu 40 cumpleaños. Estoy impresionada por tu majestuosa obra de arte, pues es así , una obra de arte. Es impresionante la perfección del trabajo que has realizado. Los regalos preciosos y tus compras espectaculares , irán genial en tu palacio. Como decimos en España , me quito el sombrero ante tu trabajo minucioso y esperando a que descanses y nos vuelvas a mostrar tu trabajo.Besos:-)

  44. Bon anniversaire, Giac! Je vois que tu as été bien gâté, les 2 lustres pour ta salle de bal sont magnifiques!Et tu as fait de très beaux achats au salon mini de Montréal. Les pièces en argenterie de Greg Matusovsky sont extraordinaires!
    Quel bonheur d'admirer encore ta somptueuse salle de bal!!! Je' n'ai encore jamais de ma vie vu un parquet aussi beau et bien réalisé! Un travail de maître exceptionnel, je ne suis pas étonnée que tu y aies travaillé pendant plus de 2 mois!!! Tu es vraiment un très grand artiste!!!Amicalement, Noëlle

  45. Oh Giac I’m so sorry I missed your birthday, I hope you had a great time and I wish you a very happy birthday year! It’s good to see you back and wow you have been busy. This is a work of art and love, a true masterpiece. You are so talented. I’m going to use real wood and a medallion floor in my music room but I will buy it ready made, I don’t have the knowledge or skill to make my own. Oh my word your chandeliers are gorgeous. A beautiful gift for a special birthday, 40 is a great age, I loved my 40’s. It’s difficult to stick to budget when there are so many lovely items to buy! Take care, rest your back and neck :-) xx

  46. Happy belated birthday dear Giac and wishing you a great year ahead. The ballroom is fabulous and love all the wonderful touches, gorgeous chandeliers and the blue and white is amazing.
    Happy weekend and thanks for visiting my blog.

  47. Happy birthday Giac! Some great presents from some people that clearly love you and want to spoil you rotten! The ballroom is stunning. And HUGE!! I think though that if it is worth doing, it is worth doing properly, which you have, and ballrooms are meant to be big. The room was lovely before but more of a ladies’ drawing room or similar. Take care. Enjoy your mini break!

  48. Un travail de fou !! Ça me donne envie de danser la valse ♫♬♪

  49. I hope you had a lovely birthday Giac. It continues to amaze me that despite not having finished your property, you seek to change what you have already done! The room was lovely before but I think you have surpassed yourself with this, especially that floor. I'm always pleased to see an update from you and savour every pic - even going back over them a day or two later. Enjoy your mini break.

  50. olá amigo Giac:
    primeiro, gostaria de lhe dar os parabéns pelo seu aniversário.Que Deus te cubra de muitas bençãos e lhe dê muita saúde e muitos anos de vida.
    Mas então agora te dou mais parabéns pelo seu grandioso e magnífico trabalho !!
    Mamma mia !!!!
    é difícil de acreditar que é uma miniatura e que é real !!!
    Mamma mia !!
    é lindo demais.........
    e sempre muito obrigada pelos seus comentário sempre tão gentis em meu blog.
    grande abraço.

  51. Oh Giac.. this room is spectacular! It was lovely before but your changes have really improved it. The floor is truly a work of art it must be so hard to place any furniture on. If I were you I would want to see all of it all of the time. The Getzan chandeliers are perfect for such a grand room. And lucky you to have two more as a wonderful birthday gift. Happy belated birthday and welcome to the naughty 40's club. :) There is just so much to look at in this room, it is perfection! The way you have combined different plaster trims to achieve the opulence required of a ballroom is genius. I love the doors and windows, adding the hinges is a lovely realistic touch. And the shutters.. I love these kinds of shutters in real houses.. it's so wonderful to see them replicated in miniature. :) It looks like you had a wonderful time at the miniature show and I agree with Jo, you cannot miss an opportunity when a favourite artist is at a show! All of your finds are wonderful but I particularly love the pierced bowl and the place settings.. just divine! I hope you were suitably spoilt with Cake and Cocktails on your birthday! Hugs Samantha

  52. My very best (although belated) wishes for your birthday, dear Giac... and what a special one (We have something in common, my year of birth ends with an eight too... *smile*) Regarding your presents I have no doubt your birthday was a very happy one. I always admire the thoughtfulness of your family... and I suppose they're always thankful because they never have to worry about what kind of gifts might suit you. The chandeliers are beautiful - and so are the ones you've used for your terrific ballroom. Did you know that we call this type of chandelier "Kronleuchter" in German? "Leuchter" would be chandelier in English, but "Kron-" (from "Krone") means crown - I suppose we use this expression because such a piece crowns every room. ;O) And although I'm saying this every time whenever you're showing a makeover of your work I have to repeat myself again: Once more you've managed to make a wonderful room even more wonderful. I love the new colour scheme, reminds me of Wedgwood china - so delicate and friendly, the perfect "frame" for fantastic ball events. I can almost hear the music... maybe a waltz by Strauß... or the Brindisi from La Traviata... The last picture with the violin is just stunning - and helpful somehow because as always nobody not knowing the background of this would ever believe all of this is in miniature scale. I really hope your aching bones and especially your neck have recovered - although it made me giggle to imagine how you've been crawling deeply into this room. And I couldn't help to grin seeing you grew a beard while working on your floor... *LOL* But without any more mocking - this floor is a triumph, absolutely spectacular. Wonderful, wonderful work!


  53. Dear Giac, I loved the photo of you working your way through the pieces of the parquet flooring. What a challenge, but what a result! The ballroom is truly elegant.
    Belated happy birthday for the 2nd. Your family know you so well to help you buy the most perfect items. Thank you for sharing them with us.
    All the best Janine

  54. Belated birthdaywishes to you! I love the ballroon! It looks fantastic with all the little details.

  55. Giac.....take a bow. True elegance. And ditto on everything Elizabeth S said.

  56. Wow! The ballroom is magnificent, full of perfect details.
    Belated happy birthday! Wonderful birthday presents and purchases.

  57. A very happy birthday to you. This room is huge and Awesome! Great work - This version of the ballroom turned out so much nicer than the previous version and has a more sophisticated softer look. The birthday gifts are very nice, especially the chandeliers. All of the detail in floor and ceiling really paid off. I appreciated your attention to detail on the doors and windows too. It's beautiful.

  58. Cette chambre est sublissime!!!!!! On ne peut être qu admiratif devant autant de talent,votre parquet est une pure merveille et j'admire votre patiente pour une telle réalisation .
    A bientôt !!!

  59. Yo alucino cuando veo tus trabajos. son impresionantes....una verdadera obra de arte.

  60. Ho fatto una veloce esplorazione del tuo blog e ho visto che le tue creazioni sono molto belle, curate e piene di dettagli. Ma questa sala da ballo... Mi lascia senza fiato! È davvero spettacolare, mi sembra di poter vedere le coppie di ballerini che volteggiano!

  61. Oh my God! This is fabulous!

  62. So breathtakingly beautiful! I love the new ballroom! What does the reverse side of the columns cornice look like (in the spaces between the columns)? I don't think I'm describing the area very explained how you stacked the cornice on the stripwood and quarter round, but what did the other side look like where the column meets the ceiling beam?
    This room is so gorgeous: yes, a ballroom is a wonderful way to party on your 40th! Happy (belated) birthday!

  63. You have inspired me over the past few years so much I can't even tell you I an almost done with my house and just started a blog and have posted my progress I look at your blog and I have a miniature collector magazine I also look at with your project in it to get inspired and keep me motivated I hope you can take a look at my blog one day you will see what an inspiration you are to a complete novice like me thanks again Giac your mini follower michael

  64. Feliz Cumpleaños Giac aunque sea con retraso!! Siempre es un placer visitar tu blog y tus trabajos, me quedo impresionada con tu trabajo, no hay palabras para explicarlo. Tienes unas manos únicas, el mejor artesano que conozco. Un abrazo, Arantza.

  65. Wow. This ballroom is amazing!!! This whole room is absolutely stunning. Every interior looks like a real.
    I fully admire incredible work you did with the floor.

  66. Non mi esprimo più sulla tua bravura perchè posso solo ripetere che è straordinaria, ti faccio invece tantissimi auguri per il tuo compleanno. Un abbraccio

  67. Hi Giac ! It all looks amazing as always but that floor is something else - well done for having the patience to do that. Next time you might have to go mod and just get cushion floor!
    Only joking ^_^ Hope you had a fab birthday, have a good rest but don't stay away too long xx

  68. Hi Giac
    Ballroom looks amazing! I love all the details<3

  69. I hope you had the BEST birthday this year! The ballroom looks so fresh and airy! The tall columns make such a statement and I love the ornate detail around the doorways. Gorgeous!

  70. Hi Giac I was wondering what you used for the scenes behind the doors and windows it looks so real I love it thanks michael:)

    1. Hello Michael,
      Those are ocean view pictures I found of The breakers in Newport.
      Big hug

  71. Wow wow wow what a stunning work you have done... I'm almost speak less that floor... so amazing beautiful and all those walls with pillars and the ceiling what an incredible work!
    Have a nice day,
    groetjes van Marijke

  72. Hola Giac, hace tiempo que no paso por aquí,la vista no me lo permitía, pero aunque sea tarde quiero desearte feliz cumpleaños.
    Tu obra de arte espectacular, me fascina que manos tienes.
    Un abrazo

  73. Your floors are pure art, it's incredible how precise you are and what lovely designs you think up. The ballroom is so grand and impressive, yet still so cosy! I hope you have recovered now from the pain of making it?
    Happy belated birthday! Those chandeliers ar ahhhh so beautiful... I'm so looking forward to your next post!
    Lots of love, Rosa

  74. Puffff alucinando estoy ahora mismo !! No conocía tus trabajos, había leído algún comentario en entradas de amigos, pero no te conocía. Creo que a partir de hoy no dejaré de seguir tus progresos, eres todo un grande en las miniaturas, me quito el sombrero.
    Los regalos son preciosos, las lámparas, la plata, madre mía !! Auténticas obras de arte para decorar otra joya.
    Un abrazo.

  75. I really like your site and content so much,thanks for sharing the information keep updating, looking forward for more posts.


  76. Giac, no hay adjetivos suficientes para describir tu maravilloso y realistico trabajo.
    Es impresionante, brutal, perfecto!!!
    Un besin

  77. Happy Belated Birthday! Your ballroom is stunning! I'm just going through your blog now but have already found so much inspiration. Thank you for sharing!!

  78. Oi miten upea sali! Lattia, katto , seinät.... kaikki on niin todella taidokkaasti tehty.

  79. It's awesome Giac, belated happy Birthday dear!!
    Thanks for your comment, i love to hear from you, always.
    keep in touch.
    Biggest hug :)

  80. Como siempre admiro tu perfecto trabajo ¡ Qué sala más bonita ! Todo lo que haces me encanta...y enhorabuena por los maravillosos regalos de cumpleaños

  81. Thank you Giac for your kind visit and hope all is well with you.

  82. Wow! This is incredible! So much work and SO beautiful!

  83. Goodness 88 comments on one page ! but your blog is so fantastic ! We wrote a while ago and since then I have begun my own house and blog ( , Nothing comparable to yours but slowly getting there ! best wishes Stephanie

  84. Jammer dat het hier bij gebleven is! Ik had graag meer van je gezien... ;-)

  85. Amazing work, the detail takes my breath away! P x

  86. I'm a year late seeing this, but I had to comment and say how stunningly beautiful this looks. Wonderful work!

  87. Hello Giac.
    Estoy contenta de haber recibido tu visita en mi blog y comprobar que sigues disfrutando de este mundillo nuestro.
    Estoy ansiosa de ver algún progreso más de tu super obra. Ya lo hecho de menos. JIJIJIJ
    Un abrazo

  88. Hello Giac,
    After long time. Thank you very much. Bigger hug :)