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Wednesday 19 April 2017

The new earl's bedroom and the Montreal Miniature show

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well. Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post. As I had mentioned, I have been working on several rooms at the same time. This past week I finished the earl's bedroom.

Here was the room before...

...and here it is after

The fireplace wall before...

...and after

I was quite happy with this bedroom and only planned on changing the crown molding for a more detailed cornice. Unfortunately, things did not go to plan (surprise)...and here we go!

Fireplace Wall

Originally there was a door to the right of the fireplace which led to a balcony. However, when I remade that wing the balcony became the countess' study. The door did not make sense anymore so I had to figure out a way to block it.

I decided to pull of the drapes, the door and the wainscot in that section, cover the entire area, which is about 12 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches wide, with illustration board, wallpaper the top and faux walnut finish the bottom... When I went to order what I needed, the wallpaper was no longer available. The door and transom were 10 inches high, so there was no way to cover it.

After much debate, I decided to cover each side of the fireplace with walnut paneling. Since the room was now a renovation and not just a small change, I decided to base the new design on the state rooms at Chatsworth house which are English Baroque. The first step was to decide what elements would grace each side of the chimney.

The plaster pieces by Sue Cook Miniatures  reminded me of the carved limewood detail in Chatsworth. I painted them to look like darker wood to contrast with the walnut faux finish, and then I took some pictures of English nobility and modge podged them to look like real paintings.

I glued them onto the painted illustration board and glued them in place.

Next, I added some molding to the door to make it look a bit grander.

The doorcase

The leaf frieze is from sue Cook, and I believe the overdoor is by Tony Jones. I left the original doorcase in and added to it. I think it is better scaled for the room. The light walnut in the room was made by painting a mixture of raw sienna oil paint and liquin over an antique gold Ceramcoat paint base, and the darker walnut was made the same way, only using burn sienna oil paint instead.


The new room layout meant redistributing the furniture. Of course I had to move a mirror which ripped paper right above the original wainscot. My solution for this was to cover the old poaneling with a new, taller one.

I used single ply faux painted illustration board. When it was glued into place, I added the leaf frieze as a chair rail molding around the room. I also covered the chimney in painted illustration board. this time I used double thickness because the new fireplace was larger then the original, so the chimney wall had to be bigger as well. Anything structural is better done with thicker board. I glued on some panels over the fireplace, again from Sue Cook. The new fireplace opening was wider then the original, but I was afraid to cut the opening and damage the floor. My solution was to use a printout of some Tudor tiles I covered in triple thick clear glaze to make it look like real tile.

I installed the fireplace and added molding to the wall to create the paneling.

I used a 1 inch strip and a baseboard along the bottom and chair rail molding over and under the leaf frieze. I glued on fluted  doorcase molding to create the vertical sections, then filled in the rectangles with quarter bead molding.

Here is a closer look at the fireplace, once again by Sue. The round panel above is a family crest also made by her.

I had some leaf frieze leftover and added some to the bed nook to tie it in with the rest of the room. At this point I added the cornice which was also painted to look like wood.

Even though I adore the wallpaper, the nook bothered me and I planned on covering it in wood. However, what I would most like is to cover the inside of the nook with a medieval tapestry, so I will keep looking for that before touching it.

The final step was adding molding to the corners of the new chimney to dress it up, and the room was finished.

And now some detail pictures of the room, as well as a few of room empty.

It was not the biggest change I have made, but I think it now matches the countess' room in grander and to me, it feels much more appropriate for the manor...not to mention I always prefer symmetry!

Montreal Miniature show

April first was the Montreal Miniature Show. We had our friends Julie and Brian (Westwinds Miniatures) and Martha Mclean over for a visit on the Friday, and on Sunday we had a visit from Marilyn and Louise. We had a wonderful time, and I found some great treasures at the show.

I love Janice Crawley's china. I purchased the blue tea set, elephant bowl and the 2 birds on the Saturday. I loved the tea set so much when I put it into place that on Sunday we went back to the show so I could get the pink one for the second china cabinet in the family dining room.

Karl Blindheim was also at the show and I want to purchase one of his animals every year. This year, I fell in love with 2.

When the Breakfast room and the study are done, the next big project is the kitchen renovation. I found these at Grandpa's dollhouse and think they will come in most handy.

I also purchased these from Martha Mclean. Her floral arrangement will be perfect in the breakfast room. Some of these were purchases, but some were presents from Martha. She made the egg holder especially for my kitchen. I will treasure it always.

Julie was not selling her artwork at the show, but she made me this incredible hat for the countess.

And finally, Marilyn and Louise commissioned this beautiful vase of flowers for the manor. I was very touche by this wonderful gift which was made by Marijke at pulchinellascellar. Marilyn, Louise, I hope you approve of the new spot I chose for it.

And that is all for now my friends. I am currently working on the breakfast room floor and hope to be finished with that room in 3 or 4 weeks at most. Until then, I wish all of you the best and I will be coming around your blogs for inspiration.

Big hugs,


  1. Hi Giac,
    What a beautiful room you've created. I am in awe at your amazing miniaturist skills. What a peace of art you've created. So nice to see your updates and looking forward to seeing more.
    Xo Farrah

  2. The makover really turned out great. I love the changes, especially the paneled fireplace wall. I get so inspired by your ideas! It encourages me to push myself and go a little farther with the details. Thanks, pal!

  3. Bonjour Giac, quel incroyable et impressionnant travail !
    Les murs, la cheminée ... du sol au plafond la décoration est parfaite. Les objets qui animent cette chambre sont très bien choisis, sans oublier l'adorable chien.
    Une ambiance, certes masculine, mais d'une grande élégance.
    J'aime beaucoup le chien et le chat, le service à thé, le bouquet et le ravissant chapeau.
    Amicalement. Joce

  4. You see the room before and think that it doesn´t need any change and then you see the result and Oh my, it´s even more beautiful!! How is that possible? Your work is amazing, I love every single detail. Stunning! Your buys and presents are amazing too. I cannot get tire of looking at your work.
    I have a new blog, if you feel like it I invite you to visit. Take care.

  5. What a great job you did again. Everything looks great.
    The miniatures from the show I would all like, and I think they fit great.

    Hugs Alexndra

  6. Encore de très belles améliorations Giac, j'aime cette nouvelle chambre, elle est plus aboutie, plus équilibrée, et comme vous, j'aime la symétrie ;-) Vous avez fait de beau achats, j'aime particulièrement le petit éléphant, le chat et évidement le chien qui me fait penser à Toto, mon whippet.

  7. I admire the way you change things in your rooms although every time I see the room as it was I find it great. But in the end I realize that you were right to have made these changes. The rooms are much better, once again it is the case with this one.
    Beautiful purchases.

  8. I've always admired your fantastic miniature work, Giac, you're so talented ;)! The makeover really turned out great. I thought your room didn't need any change, but I love all of the changes you've made. So, it's superb work, as usual!
    How nice that you've got some visits from friends. I love your new floral arrangement, but for your latest additions/purchase: gorgeous :)!
    Big hug, Ilona

  9. você é muito talentoso !!sempre me encanto em vir aqui ver mais uma obra de arte sua.
    é fantástico, lindo demais !!!!
    o quarto do conde está muito, muito maravilhoso..
    as miniaturas que você adquiriu são muito belas e vão fazer um espetáculo no próximo trabalho..
    grande abraço amigo Giac !!!

  10. Que espacios tan elegantes Giac y los detalles que le dan vida a esos ambientes son preciosos también. Me encantan el perro y el gato. Un abrazo

  11. Woww
    Espectacular el cambio que le has dado a la habitación.
    Un abrazo

  12. It is most amazing to me how the color change of the cornice made the whole room pop. The other changes are worthy of mention too, but the

    Glad you had fun at the show and got to enjoy time with friends as well as bring home neat new stuff.

  13. Un trabajo espectacular, todos los elementos son de una calidad admirable, me he enamorado del galgo que has adquirido Karl Blindheim es una maravilla.Besos:-)

  14. Your changes are very well - it shows once more your love to the little things. The man who sleeps and live in this room is a very sympathical one.And a little bit intimidatly. With great respect Nina

  15. Amazing as always! I think switching out the tall dresser for that lower one to the left of the fireplace was a huge help: really makes the room seem bigger and brighter! And I love the cornice being stained instead of white - looks breath-taking! But, being honest here, I liked the paneling on the fireplace mantle better (but I'm a sucker for wood paneling).

  16. Parecía imposible mejorar esa habitación, pero lo has conseguido, es un trabajo espectacular. Me encanta el vano de la puerta.
    Las compras y regalos preciosos.

  17. Oh my! I love how it looked before, it was a wonderful bedroom, but your changes give it so much more depth! The paneling and the crown moldings are just perfect and so masculine! Love how this looks. You are inspiring and amazing as always!

  18. Es impresionante lo que has hecho en esa habitación Parecía mentira que pudiese mejorar y lo has conseguido. Ha quedado muy señorial y elegante ¿ De donde sacas toda esa imaginación?. Las compras y los regalos son preciosos.

  19. Hi Giac,

    Wat een PRACHTIGE nieuwe metamorfose van de slaapkamer van de Graaf. Het straalt zoveel rust en rijkdom uit
    na de metamorfose. Eigenlijk zou ik er zo wel willen wonen, maar als ik dan jou hand zie op één van de foto's kom ik weer in de werkelijkheid.

    Geweldig ook hoe je steeds alle handeling die je verricht omschrijft, en ons mee laat genieten hoe je op allerlei ideeen komt. Zo mooi ook de hond voor de openhaard, gemoedelijk koestert hij/zij zich aan de warmte van de haard.

    En ohhhhhhhhhh wat een fantastische aankopen heb je gedaan, ook grote bewondering voor de boeketten bloemen in mini formaat zo MOOI.

    Ik kijk alweer uit naar de ontbijtzaal, ongetwijfeld wordt ook dat weer een MEESTER stuk werk.
    Succes met alle vorderingen.....

    Wens je alvast een heel fijn weekend teo,


  20. No encuentro adjetivos a la medida de tanta belleza, Giac. Todo es deslumbrante para mi, maravilloso! A pesar de los inconvenientes y cambios de planes, la habitación del conde ha quedado espléndida y tus compras son otra delicia. Y también me he enamorado de ese perro y ese gato ♥ Es un verdadero disfrute seguir tus avances, gracias por compartirlos! :)

  21. Hello Giac ...... I liked it before ..... but now it is perfect!
    I am thrilled by the curtain at the bed .... he falls so beautiful a real curtain.

    Have a nice week!!!!

    Mini hugs

  22. What fantastic changes to an already beautiful room. I love all the panelling choices - they are truly gorgeous. The visual weight of the fireplace fits much better - even though I originally thought the first one looked great. I also like how you switched up the tall dresser and the shorter one on either side of the fireplace. It makes it easier to see all of the details so lovingly and painstakingly applied to the fireplace wall. And the new, heavier trim around the door frame?? - Truly inspired!!!! Hugs to you and Jo - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada

  23. I am Blown Away by the Beauty of the carved wood paneling in Milord's re-vamped bedroom! The addition of the ancestors and the extra trims around the fireplace and over the door and around the bed make this room truly MASTERFUL! Your skills at Faux Bois are ASTONISHING!
    I LOVE ALL of your quality purchase from the Montreal Show with a special shout out to your new Janice Crawly china. The patterns and the shapes of the teapots are a delight to look at. Everything is Fantastic Giac and now I am revved up to see your new breakfast room. The old one was a hard act to follow but thus far, your re-made, makeovers are not only worth the wait but also Top Drawer! ♥


  24. Hey buddy
    Love love LOVE!!
    You always manage to improve something that was great to begin with - I especially like how these changes (big and small) add to the "historical " layers of the house.
    I'm off to read the other post now...
    Si x

  25. Dear Giac,
    WOW....that is a masterpiece!!! I love it.The fireplace is perfect!
    Hugs Dorien

  26. Wow Giac! Some amazing treasures you have acquired! The silver is stunning. And you have made some amazing changes to the bedroom - I especially love your timber panelling. I agree with you on the bed nook. It needs to be something different. A tapestry would be a lovely idea, or perhaps a contrasting wallpaper (I am thinking a small print in the same colours). But without a doubt, you will know it when you see it, and it will be magnificent! Enjoy your weekend.

  27. Dear Giac, your work is always stunning and you have an incredible good taste with your purchases which are all gorgeous. The renovated bedroom is another masterpiece.
    Thank you for the beautiful photos and explanations.
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Drora

  28. Dear Giac, You are an incredible miniature artist and each detail added to this room increases its depth of beauty. I have learned a great deal by reading and examining all that you do to get the most realistic details...the faux wood panelling is marvellous as is the added detailing around the fireplace and door. Stunning is a word that is often overused but in your case the workmanship is indeed stunning. Your purchases at the Montreal Miniature show are so of these years I hope to attend the show in the city where I was born. Thank you for sharing your masterful and creative talents which do so much to inspire and delight. Cheers, Alayne

  29. Great work - The earl's bedroom looks a lot more refined. I really like the fireplace. The new tile makes it seem more realistic. You also have some great treasures from the show. The greyhound is awesome. I will have to look Karl up. The other accessories are great too, very fitting for the manor. Thanks for the post. Keep up the good work.

  30. oh I love how the room turned out, it was nice before (who am I kidding it was grand before) but now its like a piece of history..that dollhouse is no longer a dollhouse it's a museum piece. great work Hon

    Marisa :)

  31. Hello, Giac - I admit that I often have a good laugh when you start tearing into perfection, because you always manage to create even greater perfection! And now you've done it again with the earl's bedroom! I love the majestic look of this room. Your treatment of the plaster pieces adds so much depth and character to the fireplace wall, and the different wood tones that you've created for the doorcase lend
    such richness. The bed nook is a perfect finishing touch; I love your idea of a medieval tapestry. I hope you eventually find what you're looking for. This is a magnificent room, but it also looks very warm and comfortable. I'm sure that the earl enjoys relaxing here with his shoes off and his feet up! Your purchases from the Montreal show are lovely; I'm glad that you went back for the second tea set - both sets are beautiful. I'm pretty partial to that gorgeous elephant bowl as well. It's such an unusual piece - I hope you'll post a photo of it in its future allocated spot. You're doing amazing work on the manor rooms - I'm looking forward to seeing the finished breakfast room!

  32. Hi Giac, I adore the new fireplace and the fireplace wall, plus all the little details you have added - it looks so regal now! Seriously. It's fit for a King.

  33. Hi Giac!
    Bedroom looks stunning, that fireplace and walls are magnificent! And that four poster bed! Wow!

  34. Short of repeating what everyone else has said, your changes are fab. It was fab before and now it's even "fabber"! I was en route to painting an outdoor fence when I saw your post. Needless to say, the fence painting went on hold until I had caught up - I sort of lost enthusiasm for it after that - lol! I also like your little tea-sets very much. You certainly have quite a collection of lovely pieces now.

  35. Once more I can only say you've turned a room that seemed to be beautiful and perfect into a room that IS beautiful and perfect. The changes you've made (I must admit I'm somehow happy that the wallpaper was not available anymore because that made you get into the makeover-renovation-mood) are incredible, the wood walls/panels/ornaments add so much harmony to the room. Btw - did I ever tell you how much I am in awe with your skills, talent and work? ;O) You've made fantastic purchases at the fair - and your friends know exactly how they can contribute to your fabulous manor. The flower arrangement looks great. And now I'm looking forward to the news about the breakfast room - I suppose many more before and after photos.


  36. Votre goût pour la perfection s'exprime encore une fois à merveille : tout est d'une grande élégance. Bravo pour votre talent Giac.

  37. Oh I love the wood carvings at Chatsworth. You've nailed it with your painting technique of the Sue Cook casts. They look so beautiful, as does all of the renovations. Fabulous Giac, just fabulous! :0)

  38. Dear Giac, I LOVE every single change you have made to this room!!! It now has that Grand Manor House feeling that I know you were seeking. I love it when a "problem" (like the ripped paper under the removed mirror), inspires an awesome solution that makes everything more perfect than before! The "carved" wood paneling is just the right touch for this room! I hope you find the right Tapestry for the alcove.... it will complete the Jacobean look of this room! You are on a roll with your renovations! I can't wait to see what you do next!

  39. Pensaba que esa habitación era inmejorable, pero Giac puede con todo la has dejado maravillosa.
    No puedo mas que admirar todo lo que haces, y aplaudirte como artesano, eres unico.
    Me gusta todo lo que haces, son verdaderas obras de arte.Te admiro.
    Un abrazo

  40. Awesome work as usual Giac ! I love all the little accessories especially the animals, and the food is so cute. The house is becoming a home with all those finishing touches 😊 xx

  41. The white fireplace and crown molding really pop with all the wood tones in the room! Such a great idea to get rid of some of the wood. :) I also like the addition of the light fixture to help break up the ceiling and to add more brightness. Looks like you have been really busy! What terrific finds at the miniature show also!

  42. Dear Giac,

    Perfect! love all the wonderful detail you so lovingly put into the Victorian Manor house. Must be so rewarding seeing everything come together.
    Love all the wonderful miniatures you came home with, from the adorable new pets for the family,
    the sweet little china teasets to the Countess new hat and must be a lovely show to go to.
    Have a wonderful week

  43. Hi Giac,
    You know it doesn't matter what you change, every room always looks beautiful to me and I think living in a grand house like that would be simply wonderful . . . of course I'd hate to clean it! LOL!

    This one is no exception, it's stunning.
    Big hugs,

  44. Hello Giac
    Another wonderful post! I had to laugh (not maliciously) when you said you only intended to change the moulding and unfortunately things did not go according to plan, surprise, and here we go! Isn't that just like life! Anyway, all I can do is re-iterate what everyone else has already said... the renovations are fabulous! The room was wonderful before, but now, it's even more so :) That's your talent you know, making a room that seems already perfect even more spectacular. Loving it all!
    All the best

  45. Wow your room is stunning. I love the dog sitting by the fire it make this gorgeous grand room homely.Wonderful purchases and gifts.
    Hugs Maria

  46. Hallo Giac,
    wieder einmal eine Veränderung, die alles noch schöner gemacht hat. Deshalb mag ich die Vorher-Nachher-Bilder so gern und natürlich die ausführliche Beschreibung der einzelnen Schritte. Das mit der Symmetrie ist genau mein Ding (liegt wahrscheinlich am erlernten Beruf ;-)).
    Das Geschirr ist fabelhaft; genau wie alle anderen Einkäufe und Geschenke. Die Sachen passen sehr gut in ihr Traumhaus.
    Liebe Grüße Veilchen

  47. Demolition man strikes again! and again the perfect just got improved... how can that happen? Wonderful Giac. you have 'the eye' for lovely finds at shows, each one adding just that little bit more magic to an already magical tiny world. Marilyn

  48. The room is gorgeous. I love the details; everything is perfect. Gifts and purchases are wonderful.

  49. Carissimo Giac, da troppo tempo manco dal web, mi sono guardata tutti i post che non conoscevo e con grande gioia ho appreso la meravigliosa notizia per l'adozione di un bimbo. Una notizia più bella di questa non esiste. Per il resto non posso che rinnovare la mia meraviglia ogni volta che guardo i tuoi lavori. Tutto è fantastico!!!!!!!!! un grosso abbraccio

  50. Every time your post your work, Giac, I can hardly believe this is really 1:12 what I am looking at. It is just magnificent. You are such a talented artist in miniature!

  51. Bedroom is so amazing.Fireplace is absolutely beautiful.You are so so talented!!!

  52. Those walls are such masterpieces! The portraits and all the wood detailing are fabulous. You do such brilliant work with these!

  53. Hi Giac. Once again you take a room that looks good and create something great. Your miniatures are delightful, the elephant bowl and the dog and cat are gorgeous. I’m going to the Kensington Dollshouse Festival in London in a couple of weeks, really looking forward to it and hoping to find some good things.

  54. Hello Giac! How wonderful it is! To see every step of the changes is very inspiring. Your house is wonderful and with every change it's better and better. Perfection! Thank you! Hugs, Julia

  55. Bonjour GIAC, Merci pour votre petit message laissé sur mon blog cela m'a fait un très grand plaisir, merci beaucoup. Je m'excuse je ne laisse jamais beaucoup de mot sur votre blog mais le coeur y ai. Je vous remercie encore et bravo pour votre travail il est formidable, je me demande toujours comment une personne avec aucun de tallent puisse laisser de si gentils mots sur mon humble blog.....merci encore Muriel

  56. ohhhh wow so gorgious you made it, love the the "woodcarf" pieces.. and you came home with such wonderfull mini's from the fair.
    Hugs Maria

  57. Qué maravillas quedo asombrado de ver el buen gusto que tienes y ya sabes que me encanta tu mansión

  58. Oh my God!!! I am so impressed! Just found your blog today so now I have some hours of reading to do. Me myself are a new beginner and are just to finish my first dollhouse for myself. It is a Mayfair with basement and orangery.
    Best Regards from Sweden

  59. I am in awe of you. I can't explain the joy I get from your talent.

  60. Bedroom is so amazing.Fireplace is absolutely beautiful.You are so so talented!!!