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Thursday 11 August 2016

Dewell Manor's Grand Library...finally finished

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and that life is treating you kindly. Once again I was very touch and appreciate all your comments about the last post. It really is such a pleasure to have such talented and creative artist enjoy my work. It has been longer then I had hoped, but the new and (I hope) improved library is almost finished.

Before and after pictures

Here is what the library looked like before:

And here is what it looks like today:

Don't get me wrong, I did like the older version very much, but it was so dark and so busy that I just could not imagine it being used for reading. The new version is also 7 inches wider and 2 inches taller which makes it much brighter. A few posts ago I showed you how I made the bookcases and the wall panels, so the next step was...

The Floor

The new floor might look familiar because I used the same design as the old library floor, but without the black detail in the boarder. Here is the old floor...

and here is the new floor...

I made sure to put the same metal ruler in both pictures to compare the rooms. Once again I used iron on strip wood for finishing countertop edges, and I coated them with 2 coats of shellac. I use amber shellac flakes dissolved in 99% Isopropanol. Here is a close up of the wood border and the marble hearth for the fireplace.

The hearth is painted 2 ply illustration board to match the faux marble fireplace from Sue Cook I painted. I paid more attention to the direction of the Greek key and the corners of the boarder. I think it looks more realistic without the black, actually.

When the floor was done I glued it down using the Ultimate glue and weighed it down with heavy books overnight. The next step was adding the chair rails and the baseboards to the walls.

You can see in the above picture that I made the bottom of the bookcases just high enough to slip the floor underneath them.

The Ceiling

When the wood trim was done, I flipped the section upside down and worked on the ceiling.

I used real life wood molding to create the coffered effect. It is a 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch square strip, and the inside of each section has a real life size tiny egg and dart molding. Under the coffering, I used a Sue Cook cornice strip. I painted all of the ceiling elements in a buttermilk color acrylic paint, then went over the detail in the Sue Cook molding with white paint. It took me an entire weekend to paint the white, but it really highlights the detail.

This was all done about 3 weeks ago. I still have to add knobs and glass to the bookcase doors and windows, and there are several paint touch ups that need to be done, but overall the room was finished. So why did I wait so long to post...

The Window seats

I showed you the window seats made of double ply illustration board. They were simple to make, but then I had to make cushions for the tops. I cut a piece of single ply illustration board to size and made holes where I wanted to tuft them. In the picture below you see the foam glued to the illustration board on the rights, and the fabric and another piece of foam on the left...the furniture.

I folded over the fabric and glued it down with tacky glue. I then used strong thread to create the tufting. I pushed it through the holes I made, made a very small stich on the top, and pulled down to create the detail.  

The fabric I chose was not a natural fiber so it fought me all the way! I had to start these over 3 times before I was happy. In the end I added gold trim and voila!

The furniture refinishing and re-upholstery

Here is a close up of the furniture in the old room...

I really liked the furniture in the old library, but it was mahogany and I hate mixing woods in my dollhouse. Also, the black was too heavy for the look I was going for. I gently took off all the fabric from the furniture but tried not to damage them so they could be used as templates.

I sanded all the furniture and washed them with a toothbrush dipped in warm water with dishwashing soap, let them dry properly, painted them with antique gold colored paint from Delta Ceramcoat, then faux finished them with burnt sienna oil paint thinned with liquine applied with an old brush. When that was dry I sprayed on 3 or 4 coats of lacquer to keep the paint from scratching.  I then cut templates in thin cardboard, glued on some foam, and then glued down the fabric edges.

I hate upholstering with a passion, and I don't think I am the best at it, so I will not go into too much detail. All I can say is my fingertips are still sore from super glue and being poked with pins while trying to hold the fabric in place. However, I did manage to refinish every piece...

The sofas were reupholstered with the same fabric as the window benches...much swearing ensued!

The benches were covered with a silk that was great to use, however the white textured fabric on the chairs kept unravelling as I worked...more swearing!

I had already painted the tops of the mahogany tables to look like marble, so I taped that off with painter's tape and sanded, washes, painted and faux-finished the wood part.

These 2 chairs were unpainted resin chairs from John Hodgson that were given to me as a gift.

I painted them with black Americana paint and highlighted the detail with gold metallic Delta ceramcoat paint. When dry, I sprayed on 6 layers of the lacquer. I used gold silk for the upholstery, but these pieces came with resin molded cushions and the silk just had to be glued on. I used tacky glue which I spread super-thin with toothpicks.

The globe is an inexpensive mahogany base piece with a bright blue, yellow, green and pink globe you've probably seen before. I took the globe and painted it with antique white, red and antique gold Americana paints and, you guessed it, 3 coats of laquer. The table was mahogany finish which I sanded and painted with metallic gold paint and lacquer. I thought of trying gold leaf, but I've seen pictures of gold tables in English country houses and the end result is pretty close. The top is a real piece of marble.

That was it for the furniture I owned. However... The room was quite big and I have always loved the idea of a map table. I did not find any online, so I made it myself.

Map Table

I figured out the size of the table and cut out all the pieces in double ply illustration board and designed it to match the paneling on the walls.

I glued them all together using the Ultimate Glue and gel Super Glue. One side has cubbies for rolled up maps and larger Atlases. I used 1 ich basswood lumber for the depth.

Here you can see pieces of left over wood I used to strengthen the structure. When the glue was dry I faux finished it.

For the map drawers, I used 1/4 inch wood strips that were pre-cut and pre-faux finished. I used leftover molding strips as spacers and just glued them down.

The top is double thick illustration board with a piece of red leather I had lying around. In the next picture you can see that I glued them together and covered the sides of the table top with moldings painted to match.

The final step was to add knobs to the drawers.

I have to say I am really happy with the way the table turned out.

And finally, here are some pictures of the empty room which took so long to do.

As I mentioned, I still have several finishing touches to do, not to mention many books to make to fill up the shelves, but as far as I am concerned the remodeling of this room was well worth it. I just love it and can imagine myself sitting  on a chair reading a book and listening to the ocean outside the window.

And that is all for now my friends. My next project is to install the new south wing structure with the rest of the house which means emptying the entire manor and taking it apart... what fun that will be. When the new section is in place I will go back to work on the ballroom.

I know many people are not using blogger anymore, and I myself have a Facebook account which I use mostly  to show pictures of the rooms I just finished, but rest assured I love the blog format and plan on continuing posting on here until the Manor is finished...or until I die, whichever comes first!

I send you all a great big hug and wish you all the best,


Good night...


  1. Very impressive. The new look is very sophisticated and does look a lot more refined than the original room. Your attention to detail is extraordinary. it is almost as if your design and tastes are maturing! I am impressed that you reupholstered the furniture - it paid off. I also like the map cabinet - a very nice touch. I do like the new ceiling better. I could envision being in this room and relaxing with a good book. Job well done. (Great photos too!) Looking forward to your next post - Troy

  2. Oh Giac! I LOVE the look of the library they way you've redecorated it! So classy! Your map table is really awesome! You inspire me to make, make, make!!! How cleaver to makeover the globe! I love the fabrics - patterns and colors! The paintings! You really do bring your imagination to life in your work, and you have an extraordinary imagination! It was really worth the wait to see ll you've been up to! And oh my goodness!!! Don't let me forget to mention the floor! Just so skilled, and it is so beautiful!!!

  3. Your re-vamping of the library is MAGNIFICENT Giac! I LOVE the new floor because as you've pointed out, it looks less busy but is far more elegant! I love the complex simplicity which you have so masterfully achieved in this room and it has become a relaxing "please stay awhile" space which personally, I would Love to live in! I also like the new furniture arrangements as well as the refinishing of the various woods and the softer upholstery treatments. BRAVO SIR GIAC for your Outstanding Results regarding the facelift of this Imposing room. YOU are Fearless when it comes to your miniatures, and your skills are FIERCE!!!! :D
    a Very BIG HUG


  4. Hello Giac

    You have done a amazing job, huge work with all those details and it was it was worth it! the old library was very beautiful, but now it is much better, nice colors and bright. You also made very good looking transformation with those furnitures. I love your way making minis, always so fiddly and realistic result.

    Best Regards: Lea

  5. Wow!, me dejas sin palabras, un trabajo increíble! Fantastico.
    Un gran abrazo

  6. Вы волшебник... других слов нет вообще

  7. Dear Giac,
    So happy to see your posting. The library is truly elegant and comparing the two your new decor will survive the test of time in its simplicity.
    What an undertaking to redo all the furniture.
    Congratulations and all the best.

  8. Oooooh! I love your beautiful library. If only I could work there (I'm librarian)!

  9. Oh wow, yesss! It's so wonderful, Giac! I love the colours, it looks so gentle... I love how you made those marble tops, it's so cool!

  10. A grand library indeed! I love the window seat, and your re-upholstery. Everything is beautiful.

  11. Hallo Giac,
    das ist eine Verwandlung, die sich so richtig gelohnt hat. Perfekttion kann man also noch steigern. Vorher war die Bibliothek etwas zu unruhig und dunkel. Jetzt passt alles super zusammen. Die Decke und der Fußboden sind ein Traum.
    Auch die neuen Polster der Möbel harmonieren gut zum warmen Holzton, auch wenn es eine Menge Arbeit war.
    Ja, bitte unbedingt weiter bloggen. Ich lese so gern ihre Post's und freue mich jedesmal über ihre Kommentare auf meinem Blog.
    Liebe Grüße Veilchen

  12. Hello Giac!
    Is that really miniature? It looks great. I am fascinated by your work !!!I can not find any words!!!!
    Until you die? I think these are a few more years *g*

    I hope you blogging even longer .... i dont like facebook :o)

    Have a nice weekend!
    Mini hugs

  13. I love the way the library is now. It is lighter with soft colours, a very inviting room to read a book. Stunning work!!!

  14. Bonjour Giac,
    La nouvelle bibliothèque a gagné en élégance, en luminosité. Un lieu plein de charme et de douceur.
    Félicitations pour tous les changements bénéfiques apportés à cet endroit de culture et de détente.
    A bientôt ! Joce

  15. Once again i wish that i was a little
    doll and could sit there and read a book.

  16. Oh Giac, it is absolutely stunning! I want to sit in your library, it looks like a photograph from real life. It was really good before, but your improvements have made it exquisite! Your attention to detail is amazing. The floors are superb, and the map table is to die for! I love your work.

  17. Simply beautiful. I love how serene and elegant it looks. Feels as if you could lose yourself for hours. I especially like how you brought the walls in to divide the library a bit further, it gives off more of a library feeling because those bookshelves on either side of the opening are immediately visible.

    I'm so in love with your floors! The patience involved! I'm afraid I don't have as much but I should develop some if that's the end result.

    My sympathies for your poor fingers but the end result looks well worth it!

    Excuse me now, I'm going to go back and enlarge all the pictures so I can look at them again.

  18. The new library is amazing. The floor is a masterpiece, but I love everything. And the soft atmosphere is perfect in this room.

  19. eu fico olhando e admirando muito este maravilhoso trabalho !!!
    que talento imenso você tem, e grande trabalho.....
    quando vi as luzes acesas, pensei:
    será real?
    parece um sonho de tão lindo.....
    sou sua fã e grande admiradora...
    um grande abraço e bom fim de semana !!!

  20. Impresionante y meticuloso trabajo el tuyo, Giac. Parece mentira que sea a escala, parece tan real...
    Un abrazo

  21. Hi Giac,
    I have missed your posts. It is nice to see you back.
    That is a absolutely beautiful room. So real and elegant. The new floor is gorgeous. I can only imagine how many hours that took. The new upholstery looks fantastic. I would love to sit in there and read a book. ;-)

  22. So impressive! I love the new floor and the fabric on the sofas in particular, but it's all fantastic!

  23. Jaw-dropping amazing! It is so incredible! I love it!

  24. What a great blogpost... If you don't know that it is so little you should think it's real size so beautiful!
    groetjes van Marijke

  25. Impresionante, raya la perfección, nadie diría que es miniatura. Felicidades por este magnífico trabajo:-)

  26. I couldn't think that you could make it any better but you did it ! this room is absolutely gorgeous !!

  27. What a fabulous room and superb piece of work. It's really museum quality and deserves to be displayed. The map table, the floor and ceiling....
    Such a pleasure to see your work. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Drora

  28. Hello, Giac,
    Well, I'm not at all surprised to see that your library is an absolute masterpiece! I thought it was beautiful before, but you do have a way of going from perfection to more perfection! The lighter wood on the floors and furniture, the wonderful coffered ceiling with its light finish, and the lovely fresh green of the curtains and upholstery all lend a sense of spaciousness that the original room lacked. You've done an amazing job on all that upholstery. What intricate work that must have been! I have a feeling that the swearing was completely justified. I am so impressed by the refinishing that you've done on the furniture pieces. That's one of my favorite things to do, although I've never done anything on such a grand scale. The resin chairs and the gold and marble table are exquisite, as are the tufted benches. I love the elegance of the map table with its red leather top. This room is a work of art from one end to the other! Congratulations on completing such a complex project!

  29. oh my goodness!!! I don't even know where to begin there is so much to see! I love love love the changes it's brighter than the old have out done yourself Giac I just can't stop looking at everything and your chairs turned out great!

    Marisa :)

  30. Quel bonheur! Votre travail est stupéfiant de précision et de réalisme! Vous êtes un artiste que j'admire...Merci pour ce beau voyage!

  31. Hello Giac,

    Ongelooflijk en wat een fantastische metamorfose
    van de Bibliotheek, zo prachtig te zien hoe
    je telkens weer alles perfectioneert, nog weer
    veel mooier maakt en meer naar je zin zoals je
    het in gedachten hebt.

    De nieuwe look van de bibliotheek, het is nu een
    zeer rustgevende omgeving geworden en zo hoort
    dat ook in een bibliotheek. In deze ruimte kun
    je ongestoord lezen terwijl het oude uiterlijk
    van de bibliotheek veel drukker was en niet echt
    een rustig plekje bood.

    Deze vloer is prachtig net als het plafond, het laat alles zo mooi tot z'n recht komen. Zo knap
    ook hoe je alle meubeltjes weer opnieuw bekleed,
    en dat in zo'n klein formaat is beslist niet
    makkelijk maar heel erg mooi geworden en ik heb
    veel bewondering voor jou.

    Heb weer genoten van je prachtige post en alles met veel plezier bekeken en gelezen.

    WEns je een mooie tijd toe,


  32. It looks amazing Giac. So sophisticated, it looks like a home that has been occupied by by the same family for centuries.

  33. ¡Impresionante!Has creado un lugar muy agradable. Una estupenda ambientación.

  34. Dear Giac, all I can say is WOW!!! What an Amazing transformation! Yes, the Library now feels much more Serene and stately! But what I find so impressive is the amount of work you put into the transformation! A completely new floor! And not just Any floor.... but a beautifully patterned marquetry floor... much like the first, but with significant differences that do make it feel so much more peaceful! (Those Victorians really liked an overwhelming amount of embellishment!) And not only did you start over with the floors, but also all the shelves and wall panels too! And then the furniture had to be modified to suit the new mood... yes, it seems those first changes insisted on all the rest! But the end result is so much more elegant and refined looking! The details are just as rich, but more understated in their finish and colors. I am so impressed with the refinished furniture! I would not know where to start with trying to change the color of the wood stain!!! And your upholstery might make you curse, but it sure looks gorgeous when you are done! This room looks so real, I had to look twice to be sure we were not just seeing the "inspiration" room from a real manor!!! I am so glad to know that you are a committed blogger!!! I hope you never stop amazing us with your wonderful mini building skills! You are such a great inspiration to me!!! :)

  35. I don't know what to say, it's perfect!

  36. Hello Giac,
    My heart always skips a beat when I see you have put up a post! Wow, the transformation is wonderful. Your library truly is an elegant, and relaxing space to read :) I loved the original, but, as always, when you revamp or transform a space it is always spectacular. I just adore the map table, truly a unique piece and so beautifully made. I love the furniture and fabrics used.... I just think you are so talented and I hope you never finish your Manor (I say that with love :)) as it has been such a pleasure to watch each step you have taken with it. I love the blogger format so I'm delighted to hear you will keep that up. I'm not so keen on Facebook.... I suppose I'm from a different era to the rest of the young things! Anyway, lovely to see your post and, as always, I wait with baited breath for the next one. Take care.
    All the best

  37. Every time I see a new breakthrough me cut the breath ... it is a dream! Your library is esplédida and, at the same time, incredibly cozy ... I love the light that has now, marble and upholstery :) I can also imagine sitting in a chair reading a book and listening to the sea outside the window. .. I admire your work !!!
    A hug, Giac!

  38. Hi! Very comfortable atmosphere is now in the library. It seems to me that in these luxurious chairs with a good book by the fireplace you can spend many pleasant hours. I always wonder how carefully you do everything and how to strive for perfection in every detail!
    I hope you will be a blogger, because in FB so much, and your blog is a unique book.

  39. Wow Giac I thought your library was beautiful but now seeing all the changes it is even more beautiful. I love everything you have done the map table is amazing. Please keep me a place on the window seat to sit and read :) Fantastic job.
    Hugs Maria

  40. Though I liked your library before I think now it looks even more real and elegant. Great work Giac!
    Big hug,

  41. La biblioteca antigua me gustaba, pero ahora está impresionante, me encanta !!!!.
    Tus trabajos siempre son elaborados de forma muy meticulosa y quedan perfectos. Dificil pensar que es miniatura.
    Un abrazo.

  42. Hi Giac
    I am completely gob-smacked! Congratulations! Your library is fantastic - every detail is superb. The floor, the ceiling, and especially the map table. You have transformed the furniture beautifully. It is indeed a room to sit and read in, if one could take ones eyes off the beauty of the room. Keep up the fabulous work!
    Cheers, LInda

  43. I love it, love it, love it!! What a great makeover! The map table is absolutely incredible. Your talent is enormous and I thank you so much for sharing the steps with us. You truly are a master! - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada

  44. Bonjour Giac,
    chaque fois que je vois de nouvelles photos de votre travail je me dis "voila une maison qui va finir dans un musée"
    Cette nouvelle bibliothèque est admirable, le nouveau parquet est bien plus élégant, le plafond apporte plus de lumière et je préfère sa simplicité qui aide à la concentration nécessaire pour la consultation des livres.
    Un bravo particulier pour le meuble de cartes car il me semble que c'est rare que vous fabriquiez des meubles? En tous cas c'est une réussite, vous avez tous les talents!
    Vous m'avez fait rire avec vos doigts piqués par les aiguilles, je trouve aussi qu'il est difficile de recouvrir les meubles de tissus et également, je n'aime pas ça, mais vous y arrivez très bien.
    Merci de continuer à publier sur blogger car je n'ai pas de page FB.
    A bientôt

  45. WOW!im in love with the green everything but I love the furniture the most , and you sure did give it more light , your a very talented artist , I have seen some of your other but not as much as I want too! so now I'm going to check out your past post of your art work and just enjoy myself I'm sure! i need to get more light in my living room also but ill have to do mine on a much more downward scale lol!.............thankyou for sharing big hug .........................Melissa

  46. Love how you put the before pictures in the post as well! The room is so much brighter and cleaner now, without all the ornate wallpaper. All the woodwork is so warm and I just love all the little books. What a wonderful mini space to coze up with a book!

  47. I hope your fingers are fine again in the meantime so you can continue with your fabulous work (although this will mean emptying the Manor for the next steps... *gulp*... not the nicest task but you will do it, go, Giac, go! This needs to be done and you will do it with a fantastic result in the end... and maybe even more practice in cursing and swearing... eh... where was I...) Really, all that glue on your fingers and all the swearing was worth it - once more you've managed to make a room that was already beautiful even more beautiful. And looking at the "before" photos I must admit that "heavy" was coming to my mind - what a difference compared to the new version. It is so "light" now... very inviting and friendly, a wonderful place to spend too much time getting lost in good books - or studying maps on that gorgeous table. What a fantastic build... as well as everything else, the makeover of the furniture, the floor... and above all the awesome result. The first picture looks like being taken in a real house. Btw it makes me smile to hear you're planning to stay here on blogger - so many have wandered away so it's great to hear you and your outstanding blog will stay here... ;O)


  48. Hi Giac,
    I adore what you've done with the new library, it's perfect. You always amaze me with how real your rooms look, I feel like I could walk right in there, pick a book from the shelf and sit there comfortably to read.

    I'm also pleased you are sticking with your blog, I'm not a fan of facebook at all and closed my account years ago.

  49. Realmente impresionante!!!! me dejas sin palabras,mi más sincera admiración,has creado,de nuevo,un ambiente acogedor,elegante y super realista,bravo maestro!!!!

  50. Impressive delicate and painstaking work. Congratulations!! a hug, Marisa

  51. Wow, love it, love it! It was a lovely room to begin with but it's super lovely now. I had no real idea that the room was so bit until you showed it with your ruler - that's some space.

    Your map table is a beautiful piece of furniture and special to you because you created it. Like others have said, I too get quite excited to see another post from you, always wondering what you've been up to and what inspirational pics we're going to see. So glad you're keeping with blogging (I'm not big on FB either - can't quite get my head around it all!)

  52. oh your styletaste is remarkable. Excellent my friend, excellent!

  53. Oh, I would love to have this library Giac! Bravissimo, I always admire your patience and talent! Hugs dear.

  54. Oh, I would love to have this library Giac! Bravissimo, I always admire your patience and talent! Hugs dear.

  55. Beautiful work as always, Giac. This new room is much easier to the eyes. I love the coffered effect and the map table in particular. All and all it really is a beautiful room.

  56. Beautiful work as always, Giac. This new room is much easier to the eyes. I love the coffered effect and the map table in particular. All and all it really is a beautiful room.

  57. Giac, het is zo mooi geworden de bibliotheek. ik blijf naar de foto's kijken. De verandering van de vloer snap ik, het is veel rustiger zo.
    Ik ben blij dat je er bij verteld dat je drie keer opnieuw begonnen bent met de bankjes. Ik dacht dat ik de enige was, waarbij dingen niet in een keer lukten... Schitterend werk, ga zo door.
    Een liefdevolle groet, Mieke

  58. Hello Giac , The renovation you've done in the library is amazing! It doesn't look the same room. If before the room was already beautiful, now has been very elegant and realistic, I like it because it is brighter, white roofs stand out perfectly, I love all the details, and the central desk is fantastic. A big hug, and again congratulations on your excellent work.

  59. A simply stunning masterpiece. The previous incarnation was an incredibly detailed huge amount of work and totally represented the (for my taste) too busy Victoriana that gets added to large country houses - so was perfectly in step BUT this new calm, serene, elegant Georgian space simply sings to my soul. It is glorious. The work and patience needed to get to this point would be overwhelming for a lesser mortal. Many, many thanks for creating such wonderful pieces of art and sharing not only the finished piece but the steps which got you there. I am thrilled you are still a Blogger chap - me too - not a Facebook fan but love Blogger - long may it remain. It seems the perfect medium for what we do. With thanks as always, Marilyn

  60. Hi Giac,

    As usual, excellent work... YOu have totally transformed the space, and it is a fantastic improvement. I have to say the previous wallpaper as a it busy for a calm reading room, but know I would love to sit down with a book and lose a few hours in the green and woodwork... very tranquil and forest like! I feel your hatred of upholstery, and I chicken out of it if I can, just too much stress and a fiddle, but bravo for carrying on and doing it anyway - your results are amazing! Thank you for sharing your work with us, you are a very inspiring miniaturist!


  61. Oh and the desk! The desk! Speechless...... : D

  62. Thank you Giac from accross the pond for sharing your work, it is a pleasure to look at and see how it came together. I think your rooms parallel the Thorne rooms in quality, they had many craftsmen to create such beauty, whereas you can do it all on your own. Well done. X

  63. Dear Giac it is absolutely outstanding!
    Thank you for sharing this post. I love every picture and I am so impressed over your work.
    Minihugs from Titti

  64. Your work is amazing, Giac! What a patience you have...The floor is gorgeous. The redecorated library is so beautiful! You are a great artist!

  65. It looks beautiful Ciac! so real and tidy.
    What a great and beautiful work!

  66. As usual, remarkable work!!! Glad you still blog cause I would miss out on your work as I don't do fb. Do you ever show your work in the real world? You are a master miniaturist! Hugs, LJ

  67. Si no supiera de antemano que se trata de un trabajo en miniatura, pensaría que estoy visitando una gran mansión inglesa real.
    Y eso me ocurre cada vez que visito tu blog.
    No dejas de sorprenderme y te admiro profundamente. Tus trabajos no son solo obras de un gran artesano. Son además creaciones de un gran artista.
    Mis felicitaciones de nuevo.
    Un abrazo

  68. WOW Giac, what a transformation, it is superb. The ceiling, floor, curtains, furniture, it all looks magnificent. The floor does look better, very elegant. The map table is a work of art, and the gold resin chairs are gorgeous, I would be very happy sitting in one of those reading a good book. Your skill and dedication has produced another masterpiece x

  69. Giac,
    Congratulations on creating a lovely new Library for your Manor. It will be a great compliment to the other already lovely spaces you have designed and built.

  70. Your tufting - la perfection!

  71. Dear Giac,

    I absolutely adore your library and what amazing talent you have with your intricate work. Your deep button upholstery chairs to the fabulous floor to the map table. I would be very happy sitting in your library quietly reading a book here. don't you just happy it when you get super glue on your fingers. Thanks for the kind visit and notes you leave, appreciate that.
    Happy weekend

  72. That should have read dislike it when you get superglue on your fingers and it seems to have changed it.

  73. FANTASTICO ... un trabajo increible y de un nivel altisimo, me ha entusiasmado.
    Un abrazo

  74. FANTASTICO ... un trabajo increible y de un nivel altisimo, me ha entusiasmado.
    Un abrazo

  75. Has hecho un trabajo impresionante, y el resultado es perfecto. Merecería estar en un museo...¡felicidades, artista! un beso

  76. Wow Giac, it's amazing! I really love your work!

    Hug, Jody

  77. OK I read the post and boy did I enjoy it! You are so inspiring. Even your willingness and patience to do things to your perfection. When Ilook at your work I never think anything can be improved upon but you did it my friend. I absolutely adore the new look. I especially like the map table! Would someone be interested in exploring the new world with them?
    Thanks for the tutorials...they make something so awesome look achievable.

  78. Hallo Giac, ich bin überwältigt von dieser tollen Arbeit, das ist so wunderschön geworden, grandios!!!!!! Man glaubt, in ein reales Herrenhaus zu kommen, ich liebe Ihre Akribie und die tolle Umsetzung Ihrer Arbeiten, man kann sich nicht satt daran sehen!!!!!!

    Herzliche Umarmung


  79. Bonjour Giac, félicitations pour votre travail, j'aime particulièrement la toute première photo de votre article avec la lumière naturelle qui passe par la fenêtre. C'est une belle grande pièce avec un beau parquet. A bientôt, Yosh S.

  80. Hello Giac! All is absolutely fabulous on your blog! Thanks for sharing such masterpieces! I'm your newest follower ^_^
    Happy September!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana (from Ana Love Craft)

  81. Your stuff is fantastic and I'm so happy to hear about your adoption!

  82. Hi Giac,
    Just popped by to see if there was any news, but alas no.