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Sunday 9 November 2014

The Earl's Bedroom is finished!

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. Once again I was overwhelmed by your wonderful and kind comments on my last post. Thank you all so much, I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you for long time friends for commenting, and thank you to new friend who just joined the adventure. The last few weeks have been spent finishing the Earl's Bedroom. 

The room with only the Bluette sconces on

This was not a renovation job, but more of a finishing job. This is the way the room looked before:

And here it is after:

The last time I posted about the room I had built the columns and griffins that frame the bed alcove. The furniture is the Wexburgh collection from Bespaq. As I mentioned last post I love Tudor style and wanted the earl's bedroom to reflect that. I was very happy with the room itself and only planned on dressing the bed.

Dressing the bed:
The first step in dressing the bed was deciding on a design. I have several books on English country houses and I fell in love with the Queen Elizabeth bed in Burghley house. The second step was choosing a fabric. I looked around for months and found nothing I was excited about. One day I was at the fabric store looking for fabric to make drapes in my real life dinning room and I looked up, saw a fabric and I had to have it. I did not care what it was or how much it was PERFECT!

In the above picture you see the Queen Elizabeth bed on the right, and on the left you can see the gold fabric I fell in love with, the brown silk I had and decided to use as a lining fabric, the gold trim rope and a sample of the wallpaper in the room.

The first step was making the bedcover. It was very similar to making the quilt in the Countess's bedroom, except I did not quilt the top and did not put any delicate details like flowers on it. I wanted the bed to feel more masculine.

Above you can see the back of the bedcover on the right and on the left is the pattern I made to cover the mattress. Here below is the top of the bedcover just after I finished stitching the sides shut.

Just a note on fabric choices.  I usually make sure the fabric is silk or cotton and light enough to work easily in miniature, and also I usually look for a small pattern that is to scale. This one was thick, heavy, kept coming unravelled along the cut edges and I wasted a lot of fabric because the pattern was so big. It was a pain to work with, but as I said it was exactly what I had hoped for so I was mentally ready for the challenge. The rope I used to decorate the bedcover was really thick and it was hard to push a needle through it, so I glued it on using Ayleen's Tacky Glue and pinned it into place while it dried.

The next step was the bed skirt. I cut thin cardboard to the exact measurements I wanted with scalloped edges. I did not want a ruffled skirt because I thought it looked less masculine and in the books I have many Tudor beds had flat skirts. I glued on the bed fabric making sure the pattern lined up the way I wanted it to, then I glued on the rope on the good side, pinned it down and let it dry

In the picture above the you can tell I creased the cardboard before I covered it. I don't like gluing onto the visible edged of my mini furniture in case I decide to redo them (as you all know I have a reputation for renovating older projects), so I glued wood strips under the frame of the bed to which I could glue the skirt.

I put the Ultimate Glue and dots of gel superglue on the wood strip and on the top of cross beams that hold the mattress. If I ever take of the skirt, the finished side of the bed will not be damaged.

After the glue dried, I glued the mattress that came with the bed over the folded edges of the skirt and glued the bedcover to the mattress and the skirt to keep it in place.

I then took single thickness illustration board and cut out 2 pieces for the top of the bed, and I took simple cardboard and cut out a piece for the back of the headboard. In the next picture you can see I covered both pieces of the top of the bed on one side with the fabric, then glued them together so you would not see the folded over fabric thickness on either side. I also glued fabric to one side of the cardboard piece for the headboard.

And here you can see them glued into place.

The next step was the curtains for the bed. Originally I tried Judée Williamson's technique of machine sewing a gathering stitch at the top of the fabric, but the fabric was so thick it did not want to cooperate at all so I went to plan B.

I machine sewed the brown silk backing to the gold fabric and used my Pretty Pleater to shape them. I steamed them into place and then pinned them onto a piece of foam core board to tighten pleats. When I was happy with hem I covered them in a few layers of cheap hairspray.

When dry, I glued the tops of the curtains to the inside of the bed canopy and to the bedcover and skirt. I used pins to shape them. Words of advice: be careful if you use a backing fabric. the brown silk got glued tot he bedcover but the gold fabric did not. I have permanently left pins in the curtains to keep them in place. Luckily they do not show too much.

I used the Ultimate Glue because it dries clear and holds really well.

I then sewed a few pillows the same way I did for the countess's bed, but once again I trimmed them with the rope instead of lace.

Next I cut cardboard to go around the top of the bed canopy. In the next picture you can see the cardboard pieces glued onto the gold fabric. I then covered the second side...

...and then glued on the rope to finish the edges to match the skirt and cover, and I glue on a piece of gold painted wood trim to give me something to glue to the bed.

And here are pictures of the finished bed.

The curtains do not hang as straight as I wanted, but in order to do that I would have had to glue the curtains over the carved edge of the canopy, and made a valance that covered the entire top of the bed. I like the carving too much and did not want to risk ruining the finish, so I tried to shape the curtains to look good. If anyone does not like the fact that the curtains do hang straight down, my story is the earl ordered a new mattress that was a bit wider then the bed which is why the curtains tent a little ;) But I must say I am really happy with the result and proud of this bed. And now the rest of the furniture:

I was afraid of trying to reupholster bought pieces. I am always afraid of ruining them. However, you can see by the ''before'' picture at the beginning of the blog that the white fabric on the chairs did not work in the room, and the chaise fabric was not great with the dressed bed. After seeing the picture of the Queen Elizabeth bed with the matching chairs and stools, I ripped off the fabric on the furniture so I would have no choice but to reupholster them.

Above you can see the chairs, chaise and the curtains for the bedroom after I updated them. Below you can see the top of the window dressing is illustration board covered in fabric, and the curtains were shaped in the pretty pleater and I glued double thick illustration board to the back of them so they would never lose their shape. Some people think the Pretty pleater makes the pleats look to stiff and perfect, but not me. I am the man who, when washing my real life curtains, adds starch to the final rinse  cycle, puts the drapes up still wet, and shapes each individual pleat.

I will not explain how I upholstered because I am really not that great at it and there many other artists out there who can give much better instructions then I can. I also did not really enjoy it and won't try it again unless I absolutely have to. I glued the window dressing into place and thought the room was done.

 It looked nice but something bothered me! The fireplace wall was empty so I took out all the paintings I had to find the one that was perfect for that spot...nothing! I tried the imitation tapestries I have...nothing! After much thought I decided it needed an over mantel!

Over Mantel
I had many pieces of leftover lumber faux finished to look like walnut. I took a piece of faux finished illustration board and played around with the lumber strips to make a design I liked and that worked with the fireplace.

When I was finished I held it in place to see the effect. It worked well with the design around the fireplace, but it still looked wrong...

After a few minutes I decided to cover the sides of the chimney as well on each side of the over mantel...

Perfection! It finally had that imposing look I wanted and had not been able to achieve. Here is a shot I particularly like:
I do not have the chandelier for this room yet, which will be the Bluette from the Getzans, but I used one of the chandeliers for the kitchen as a substitute in order to get better pictures for this post.

And that it is my friends. Another room done, except for the carpet which I want to change. Next I have to dress the bed in the girl's room, the cribs in the nursery, make wall ovens in the kitchen, and I decided to make a few upgrades tot he Countess's bedroom...stay tuned!
I hope you enjoy this post because it will be a while until my next one. Jo and I are leaving on holiday so I won't be commenting on your blogs for a little while. I promise I will catch up when I get back.  Thank you all once again for following my work and for giving me the privilege of following yours. If you follow me and I do not follow you please let me know so I want to add myself to your followers list. I have recently joined Facebook, but I rarely leave comments on there. Working on my minis, my blog, and following your blogs takes up all my free time and I just can't manage Facebook as well, so don't think I am snubbing you...I look at everything but just can't comment.
Have a great couple of weeks and I'll be back to comment after our trip.
A great big hug to all,


  1. This is Fantastic, Giac!!! What an impact the new fabric has on not only the bed but also on the chairs. I am impressed to the MAX with the beauty of the fabric and that you chose to use something as rich and dynamic as this beautiful brocade. The bed looks fit for a king and the new over-mantle above the fireplace provides the visual balance that that Elegant and Beautifully draped bed demands!
    Big Hugs!


  2. Wow I can see why you had to have the fabric, it truly is perfect :) The room is beautiful. Thanks for showing the bed step by step---

  3. I can only echo Elizabeth's comment.

    The fabric is magnificent. It is such a gorgeous rich looking room. You did a beautiful job dressing the bed. Thank you for the tutorial about how you did it too. The woodwork over the mantle is fabulous.

    I would love to spend a night in that room. :-)

  4. Wow WOw W0W, what a great room. Those curtains hang so beautiful!!!
    The bed so grand with all the fabric and the over mantel is a really good, it gives te room that much more!
    Love your blogpost!
    groetjes van Marijke

  5. Una habitación absolutamente fantástica!!!! La tela de la cama y sillas es perfecta,preciosa,todo un lujo de colcha,la repisa alrededor de la chimenea es una idea genial,luce muchísimo y la pared queda "llena"dando un aspecto muy palaciego a la estancia.Un gran trabajo Giac,enhorabuena!!!!!

  6. Hi Giac! you did something incredible, the bed is fantastic! I love the fabric, it's perfect for this room!
    Hugs, Magda

  7. Le lit a beaucoup plus d'allure,d'élégance. Il est plus présent dans la pièce. Le tissu est superbe.
    Bonne vacances Giac!!!

  8. Unbelievable! Your work is so pedantic, again. Wow!

  9. it's amazing !, seems silly .... but it is not, the little details are what enhances the ambience of a room. very good choice with fabrics, gold makes a difference, gives glamor while light to the space. impeccable and patient work, always coo. Congratulations, Giac!
    A big hugs

  10. You're absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for your sharing:)

  11. Gorgeous Giac! The fabric pulls the whole room together. You've done a fabulous job on the upholstering, no easy task with that difficult fabric.
    I haven't been on blogger for a while so missed many posts, but the other rooms look fantastic as well. I must mention the stone doorways, that was a masterstroke! What a difference that makes to the overall look, just wonderful!

  12. Stunning and magnificent! It's really hard to believe this is a miniature room. A real masterpiece!!!
    Enjoy your holiday!

  13. Whaaoo Giac, ce tissu est une merveille mais le plus fantastique est ce que vous en avez fait. Merci pour les explications détaillées. Le dessus de la cheminé apporte un bel équilibre à la pièce face à l'imposant lit. Bonnes vacances, revenez en forme pour nous émerveiller de vos futures transformations.

  14. Hi Giac,

    What a chic bedroom you have created. Unbelievable that you yourself have so beautifully upholstered the bed. Compliments again for your beautiful work.

    Dear greetings Xandra

  15. Hi Giac!
    This room is wonderful! is like a dream come true! You have achieved the glamour of that period as well as also the right athmosphere! The fabric you chose is stunning! Love every detail! Beautiful work!

  16. The room and bed looked great before, but now look a million times better. The fabric looks very luxurious - fit for a king !

  17. Siempre quedo fascinada por tus trabajos!! Qué meticuloso y perfeccionista eres, esta habitación es prueba de ello. Un abrazo

  18. It really makes all the difference to chose an appropriate fabric. It's beautiful, rich and sumptious - perfect for such an elegant room =0)

  19. Giac, you made all of the right choices. I have seen real bed curtains that hang that way. That just makes the room look more real. Beautifully done. You deserve a great vacation after all of that work! Have fun!

  20. Oh Giac!...Just stunning and sooooo amazing. The fabrics with the gold shine makes the bedding and chairs look so regal!

    Your work always trasnports me in mind to a wonderful era of stories and opulence.

    Wonderful my friend, as always a true artist!

    Your so talented and a amazing designer in heart!

  21. Hola Giac:
    Estoy impresionada con la habitación que has preparado. La cama es una maravilla, con una talla fantástica, y al vestirla con esa tela tan adecuada, ha quedado mas bella todavía.
    Habrá sido difícil de manejar y coser, pero no hay duda de que has conseguido un acabado impresionante.
    Esa tela, no solo es perfecta para la cama. Las sillas y cortinas, han quedado preciosas también y combina perfectamente con el empapelado de la pared.
    El trabajo que has hecho en la chimenea, es el broche de oro para esa habitación que es una belleza en su totalidad.
    Te felicito por ese magnífico trabajo.
    Que disfrutes de tus vacaciones. Nos leemos a la vuelta.
    Un abrazo

  22. Absolutely stunning, your work is always incredible!

  23. OLÁ GIAC:

  24. It's a beautiful room and great bed! Wish I could go inside and check if the bed is comfy. ;)
    Big hug

  25. Again the only thing to be said after viewing the improvements made to the Earl's bedroom is that every change is superb....both majestic and masculine. Your talents never cease to amaze me as an individual new to the miniature inspire my efforts greatly and I thank you so very much for sharing your insights and instructions! Have a most relaxing holiday!

  26. I am so impressed every time you shows
    us a new room. This bedroom is amazing,
    the golden touch is adorable.
    Wish you a nice holiday,

  27. Gorgeous work, Giac! I love the finishing touches you've added to the Earl's bedroom, and I look forward to seeing your future projects. One thing I love about The Ultimate Glue is that it is non-toxic (no strong fumes to kill our precious brain cells!). Enjoy your holiday with Jo! xo Jennifer

  28. I can imagine why you had to have the fabric, it's perfect for this gorgeous room, Giac :) Thank you so much for showing the bed step by step pictures!
    Enjoy your holiday with Jo! Hugs, Ilona

  29. I can truly understand why it had to be this fabric - it was the perfect choice and without doubt all the hard work you have had taming this thick fabric. The Earl's bedroom looks fabulous and your finishing touches were just the right thing. Especially the fireplace is a wonderful makeover - as usual you managed to make something that already appeared perfect even more perfect! Yes, one should think that's impossible - but not for you... ;O) I'm wishing you a wonderful time on vacation!


  30. Es increíble el aspecto tan diferente que da una buena un bonita colcha y una buena tapicería. Me encanta la tela que has comprado, el colorido y l perfecto que has dejado todo el tapiz de la cama. ¡¡¡Precioso y muy elegante!!! La parte superior de la chimenea le da mayor calidez.
    Espero que disfrutes mucho de tus vacaciones.

  31. Wow this room is gorgeous. I love the fabric it looks perfect in your wonderful room. The mantle is stunning.Wishing you and Jo a fantastic holiday.
    Hugs Maria

  32. Once again Giac you have created a fantastic room. Your fabric for the bed looks so luxurious and in keeping for the grandeur of the room. I really admire your skills with dressing the bed, and you have given me some good tips for my own dolls house. I look forward to your next post. Have a great holiday.

  33. Beautiful fabric and beautiful upholstery, Giac. It gives the furniture an even more rich look. Definitely worth the work and absolutely an improvement.
    Hope you and Jo have a super trip!

  34. It's gorgeous! Very opulent for the earl! Love the gold fabric! Thanks for explaining how to upholster the bed. I made a bed a bit like that one, but it's sitting in a cupboard, because I couldn't figure out how to make the upholstery look right. Now I just have to find the right fabric!

    1. Ciao Giac grande artista...una stanza realizzata con cura e molto bella la tapezzeria scelta. Bravo Bravo Bravo!
      Un grosso bacio!

  35. Precioso, lujoso, impresionante, me faltan palabras para decirte lo mucho que admiro tu trabajo.
    Y también gracias por tus explicaciones.
    Un abrazo

  36. Wow absolutely amazing work. Stunning in fact. X

  37. Absolutely gorgeous! Some of those photos look like full size rooms. I always want to live in your rooms, which is the ultimate compliment!

  38. Hi Giac, the room is perfect. Thanks for the tutorial of dressing the bed, you have very creative ideas to make it as real as possible! The fabric is amazing, it is very chic. I love the bed, the chairs, the work you did on the fireplace, ... Stunning work! Have a great vacation! xx

  39. Oh wow! The room was great before, but now it's just sunning! That fabric looks like it was made just for you to use it! The room really comes alive now I think and even though it's gold I think it's still very masculine. Now I just want to get a shrinking ray and live in that wonderful dollhouse of yours! :)
    I can't wait to see what you tackle next! You are such an inspiration and I can only hope one day my skills will be 1% of yours.

  40. Hi Giac, WOW!!!!! It looks so good. Your eye for perfection is outstanding! I love, love, love, what you do!
    Have a great relaxing vacation.
    Isabelle and Sam

  41. Impresionante. Sin palabras...

  42. Giac,
    Stunning as always! This room is now definitely fit for an Earl!

  43. Just magnificent. I have no other words!! Carriexx

  44. Hi Giac,

    Wat en ongelooflijke fraaie metamorfose, wederom. Je bent
    echt een PERFECTIONIST Giac. De stof die je hebt gebruikt is
    werkelijk FANTASTISCH mooi en ondanks de dikte en daardoor
    moeilijk te hanteren heb je het geweldig voor elkaar gekregen.
    Het koord rondom dat je moest lijmen omdat er geen naald
    doorheen was te krijgen is echt prachtig gelukt.

    Het is echt genieten voor mij om al jou posten te lezen en te
    bekijken, de manier waarop je precies alles verteld hoe alles
    tot stand komt geeft mij een gevoel of ik bij je op bezoek
    ben in je atelier waar je alles vervaardigd, geweldig.

    Het eindresultaat is SUBLIEM geworden!!!

    Hierbij wens ik je een mooie en fijne vakantie toe,
    geniet er volop van....


  45. Giac,
    The room is magnificent, as all your rooms are- but the bed makes me swoon!

  46. Hi Giac, The room looked great before, but now it's gorgeous, you chose beautiful fabric and beautiful upholstery, it fits perfect to the wallpaper and gives the room a warm accent.
    I love the picture with the lights on, it makes the room look so warm, rich and a bit mysterious.
    Another great job my friend, chapeau! c’est un succès sans précédent.

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  47. Wow, Giac! I am always so Impressed with your "updates"!!! You take something that is already excellent and transform it into something truly Superb! The fabric you chose for the Earl's room was worth all the extra trouble! It is gorgeous and makes the whole room look positively Regal!!! I have no experience making drapes.... but you have done a fantastic job making the cloth hang "just so"! It truly looks like it has weight and the brocade design is perfect in the large scale! Anything smaller would have looked fussy on that bed! And your instincts with the Tudor chimney are right on the mark! It now has that imposing structure you were looking for. I also love anything with a Medieval flair.... and this room has that feel about it! I would LOVE to stay in a room like this! And your pictures with the dim sconce lighting have such a wonderful mood.... so realistic, it is hard to believe this is 1:12 scale!!!
    Enjoy your vacation! And come back and Wow us again with the next "improvements"!!!

  48. Looks amazing Giac. The new bedding really makes the room. Have a nice break.

  49. Hi Giac, you found the perfect fabric for the Earl's room. I am so glad you pushed yourself to do the upholstery as it takes the room into a luxurious level. Loved your treatment of the fireplace. Great work, looking forward to the next room.
    Regards Janine

  50. Bonjour Giac,
    vous avez effectué un travail pas facile, certes, mais le résultat est superbe, les tissus choisis sont riches et très élégants.
    Cette chambre est somptueuse !
    Amicalement. Joce

  51. A perfect bedroom, the colors of the new fabric mutch better then the dark red, a great job! amazing

  52. Giac,
    C'est magnifique comme toujours. j'ai hâte de voir la suite du projet.
    Bonne continuation,

  53. Only one descriptive adjective needed for your project, will OK two are even better ABSOLUTE PERFECTION

  54. Giac, I am in total awe. I absolutely love the changes you made, they took the room from beautifully done to masterfully done. I really don't know how to express my thoughts. About photo two, I was mentally commenting on how masterful your work has become. It only got better from there.

    I think your dressing of the bed is genius. It is so very lifelike. Your "imperfection" with the curtains is PERFECT. It makes the bed curtains look very real and lifelike. You do not NEED a story for those curtains, they really make the bed shine. They would not have been the same if they hung "perfectly". This is a case where necessity bred creativity.

    The over mantel adds so much grandeur and presence to the space. I love it too.


  55. Восхитительно! Каждый раз смотрю, затаив дыхание.


  57. Dear friend, you bed is perfect, wonderful ! Hugs

  58. WOW, Giac! The Earl's bedroom is striking - and the bed dressings perfectly complete the room.

  59. Nice job! Love the curtains. Although I doubt my dollhouse or real life curtains would be so perfect. Hope you enjoy your holiday!

  60. My dear Giac
    Your room is a sheer delight to see...I just love the fact that the curtains hang the way they do over the bed, it looks so natural. It gives the room more realism. Your extras around the room are marvellous, and, again, you raise the bar for the rest of us. Fabulous!
    All the best

  61. The room is amazing!!! You are a great artist!!!

  62. Bellisima habitación,,sus colores y diseños ideales digno de un grán artesano!!

    Gracias por compartir
    Con cariño Victoria

  63. Hi Giac! You have done a wonderful job on the bedroom, the little changes make a big difference! I love reading how you make things, there's so many techniques for all the different materiels, it really is an education! I like the fact you keep finding extra things to do, extra little pieces to enhance what already looks great!
    Have a wonderful holiday!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  64. Wow. It is stunning. i would love to have such a stung place in real life.

  65. Congratulations! a great work. a hug, Marisa

  66. Beautiful work Giac. The bed is exquisite and I love the over mantel. Enjoy your holidays.

  67. Is stunning Giac. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Celia

  68. Meu amigo é tudo muito rico e elegante.beijos.

  69. Buenos días Giac!! Realmente sus trabajos me dejan sin palabras!! Son espectaculares!! La habitación ha quedado maravillosa con los nuevos cambios!! Mis felicitaciones!! Un abrazo!!

  70. What can I say that hasn't already been said? You've made a wonderful job of it all, especially the bed which is such an imposing piece. (The centred circle in the fabric on the underside of the canopy has not gone unnoticed!) It's those little things that I love about your work.

    I hope you have a lovely holiday.

  71. te felicito una y mil veces porque tus trabajos son fantásticos, e incomparables, tus explicaciones fabulosas, parece fácil lo difícil, eres un artista., te admiro.
    Un abrazo

  72. Giac, is spectacular! The bed is fantastic, a great job, a room more beautiful!

  73. Congrats on another room phenomenally done! The bedding is spectacular. Sometimes it takes a long time to find the perfect piece! I also like how you extended the molding and woodwork up from the fireplace to the ceiling; it makes the room look much grander.

  74. Your work always amazes me, Giac! The room looks so very elegant. Also, the tutorials are clearly explained and I thank you for that. It must have been terribly difficult to work with that fabric but you did a superb job! You always inspire me and I love that!

  75. Oh Giac...I am once again sitting here with my jaw on the floor! Wow.

    Thank you very, very much for sharing so many in-progress pictures and details of the materials you use. You're not only a terrific artist, you're also very generous to share your knowledge with us so freely.

    I adore looking at all your pictures...such beautiful, beautiful work. So many lovely details to drool over!

  76. Hi Giac,

    The Earls bedroom is amazing - how very talented you are doing this exquisite work. Love the way you have done the bed-cover and the drapes for the four poster bed.
    Happy Sunday

  77. Hi Giac!

    This is so Beautiful! Thanks for sharing all fantastic idees!
    Big hug from

  78. Hi Giac ..!!!
    Wonderful work..!!! Wonderful bed ..!!!
    You are fantastic ..!!
    Mini Hugs,
    elvira :)

    I'm a new link-blog:
    Merry Christmas ..!!!

  79. Hi sweet Giac,
    What a transformation a fabric can make! I agree that it''s perfect, and somehow the big pattern works fine. I am one of those people who don't like the perfect pleats of pretty pleaters :), but that doesn't mean they are not to be liked. First you can (like yourself) illustrate a style where pleats are like that, second it's possible to - after the pleating - shape them further so the pleats aren't as static. And most importantly: we all have different tastes and preferences, which I think is a good thing, the world would be a very boring place if we all liked and did the same :D
    The overmantle is a perfect addition, I (again) didn't see the problem, but with the overmantle it was so much better, however I did find it needed sides too, which you had thought of already too. Very well done, finishes it beautifully. And that photo is amazing. All the photo's (except the flash-ones for showing details) are so realistic and of a real room/house instead of a mini-one. I think you have a very good eye for what it needs and how things fit together. I also think it's a natural process of seeing things later that would work better, or just knowing that somethings off, it makes your work so much better, because of that process.

  80. Hi Giac
    I don't often make comments on Blogs as I am so busy most of the time, and I don't write as elaborately as my friend Elizabeth or Janine, but I simply had to comment on this post. I love love love the bedspread and I thank you for doing a tutorial post on it. I will be coming back to this when I am ready to do the bedspread for my master bedroom as I have a wonderful piece of fabric which I am really looking forward to using. Your work is absolutely amazing and I wish I had more time to comment on all of your postings. Thank you Giac and keep on doing the great work that you do.

    1. whoops...just noticed I had not are not expected to know who I am...
      so now...

  81. C'est magnifique! Vous êtes un vrai artiste! je suis admiratif de votre travail.
    J'aime beaucoup vos marbres. Comment les faites vous?
    Je reviendrai souvent sur votre blog pour suivre votre travail.
    A bientôt,

  82. Hello Giac,
    I missed this post before and I am so glad Alina shared the link. This room is magnificent! Your work is amazing! The bed, the curtains and the upholstering of the chairs are simply gorgeous and I love the chimney top. Big Bravo!
    Hugs, Drora