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Sunday 13 April 2014

Breakfast Room teaser, Montreal miniature show and our trip.

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the end of the winter. I want to apologize for not commenting on your posts since we got back from holiday. I came back to month end and migrating to a new system at work so it has been a really hectic time for me...again. I will start catching up this week so comments are on their way.

The breakfast room will not be finished for a few more weeks and I did not want to go that long between posts so here I am with a little teaser.

Test fit of the wall elements and window walls

Drawings I made on the boat for the window wall...

... and drawings of the paneled walls

This weekend I started painting all the components of the room

Next post I will explain step by step as I usually do. Sorry for the long wait, but planning and building some of the room elements has been a long process and I had to order a lot of lumber.

Aside from the breakfast room last weekend was the Montreal Miniature show. My good friend Julie and her husband Brian came over for a lovely visit and I made some terrific purchases at the show from 2 of my wonderful friends.

Martha was not able to bring her wonderful flower arrangements, but I have a weakness for silver and went crazy at her table...

...and I purchased some wonderful pieces from Julie. She hand painted the glass decanter and glasses, and the sewing item kit is exactly what I needed to fill my sewing room

I think the candlesticks and the fruit stand turned my dining table from beautiful to exquisite.

Our trip was just wonderful. We cruised the Mediterranean and we all had a good time. It rained one or 2 days, lightly, but overall we had great weather and the sea was calm. I do not buy many souvenirs but always look for something that is right for the Manor. I found a mini version of one of my favorite sculptures, the rape of the Sabine women.

I looked everywhere, but the only other souvenir sculptures I saw were those I purchased on past trips, but I was thrilled to find this one.

And that is all for this time my patient friends. I hope to unveil my Breakfast room very soon. Until then I will be enjoying your posts and here are a few pictures from our trip to inspire you. We visited 10 cities in 11 days. Some we had been to and were thrilled to visit again (we love Florence and Barcelona is our favorite city in Europe) and many new interesting places (Naples and Cagliari were in credible, and even Tunis which was not our favorite stop was fun to see).

a prehistoric castle in Cagliari was a highlight, but as you can see in the next picture not made for big guys like me


Cagliari from the boat

my favorite building in Monte Carlo

Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

Palazzo Vecchio

View of Florence from the top of the Palazzo Vecchio tower



a room in the Mosaic Museum in Tunis

a modern area of Valencia

I hope these pictures will inspire some ideas. and now back to painting mini lumber...

Thank you all once again for your wonderful comments. I appreciate them and your visit very much. I wish you all the best and send you all a great big hug,



  1. Maravilloso tu trabajo y tus diseños, también tus compras, son divinas y tu viaje, fantástico, que lugares más bonitos habeis visitado. Me alegra verte de nuevo por aquí. Besos

  2. Wow Giac! Glad you enjoyed Florence. Would have been funny to meet you - I live right outside the city. But I'm sure you were overwhelmed with sightseeing. Palazzo Vecchio is very cool and inspirational. Looking foward to seeing progress on your project!

  3. Good to read you had a wonderful vacation, the pictures are beautiful! The breakfast room will look great, according to your sketches, the floor is very nice also! I love the miniature sewing set, and your dining table is fabulous with the added mini's. I'm looking forward to see the finished breakfast room :-). Hugs!

  4. Oh Giac, has estado tan cerca de mí! si lo llego a saber me escapo a Valencia, ja, ja. Qué gran viaje habeis hecho! Las compras son exquisitas, sobre todo los candelabros, preciosos. Aprovecho la ocasión para invitarte a mi nuevo sorteo, me encantaría contar contigo. Un gran abrazo.

  5. Hi Giac, it is great to read that you have had a fantastic holiday, thank you for sharing these interesting and wonderful pictures :D!
    Yes, I have seen your picture on Julie's blog and I read about you did meet together, even the blog world is small ;)!
    Your breakfast room will be fantastic, as far we can see on your wonderful design drawings. The silver is exquisite indeed, it is good choice and it looks fabulous on your dining table. Enjoy your purchases, Giac, take your time and we'll see you later.....
    Big hug, Ilona

  6. Hi Giac! You have had a fantastic holiday, I can see that from your photos!
    I love the silver (so very beautiful) they suit so well to your dining table! And the sewing set amazing!
    Your drawings makde me take a deep breath: they are so beautiful! Have you thoght about framing them? :)

  7. Hi Giac, Welcome home and back to Blogland. So glad to read you had such a great holiday. Thanks fo sharing the beautiful photos from your trip.
    I look forward to seeing the new breakfast room. I know it will be gorgeous!

  8. A warm welcome back sir! Oh your trip sounds divine and from the pictures it was a whirlwind adventure! Thank you for sharing your travels with us.

    Take a breather and rest in your abode then you can come visit us when your settled ;)

    I look forward to what your travels have inspired!

  9. Lovely!!! I must say, I've been wondering where you went and hoping all was well. How nice to hear that everything is, in fact, fantastic! In terms of catching up on comments...goodness, I have posted a great deal (and missed your feedback!) I'm quite excited to see the latest developments on your house; I love your sketches!

  10. Bentornato Giac! Il tuo progetto è molto bello e sono curiosa di vederlo realizzato perchè sarà sicuramente un successo!
    Grazie per le foto che hai postato ed il tuo viaggio è stato molto interessante. Peccato che non sei passato da Genova...
    Un caro abbraccio,Manu

  11. Hi Giac, the start of the breafast room looks very promising! Looking forward to see it being revealed very soon! Great finds during the show miniature silver is allways wonderfull to buy. And your holidaytrip sounds wonderfull, great places you've visited.
    thanks for sharing

  12. I am glad that you had such a good vacation.
    The breakfast room reminds me of the "sick room" ( to keep children who got sick until they were picked up to go home.) we had in our elementary school. Our school used to be a house and home for a big family. they used to use that room for breakfast.

  13. Hello Giac,
    Glad to see you're back. I hope you enjoyed that little break in Europe. My turn to go to France is coming soon. I really like the design of the breakfast room and am impatient to see it progressing. Have a great day

  14. Wow! Looks like you had a FANTASTIC trip! What gorgeous sights and architecture! I can see where you get all your inspiration from. :) Can't wait to see the breakfast room. The plans you have drawn out look great so far. The miniature glassware in your dining room is pristine. Absolutely beautiful!

  15. Hi Giac! Looks like you had a wonderful trip! Your dining room table looks fabulous! You have such exquisite taste!

  16. Hi Giac! Good to read you had a great trip, lots of inspiration there in those photos! Love the silverware and the ding table looks fabulous. We certainly missed you around here and am pleased to see more building is on the way.

  17. Hi Giac! It's always a pleasure to hear from you. Your scale drawings are exquisite--ever thought of framing them (or selling them)? Gorgeous purchases at the show--the sewing room kit is a favorite. The photos from your trip are gorgeous too--you are truly a man of many talents. I look forward to your next post! xo Jennifer

  18. Hello Giac! What a Marvelous trip! The photos are great and causing me to seriously consider a boat cruise, as a future vacation possibility! ( feeling a bit of envy right now)
    Your sketches look FABULOUS Giac and the way it seems to be taking shape on the table is soooo intriguing!
    Glad to have you back in Blogland my friend and your dining room table is GORGEOUS! Your silver purchases were worth every penny! :D
    Big Hug!


  19. Hi Giac, glad you both had a lovely holiday. It looks like you had fun buying more miniatures too. Your dining table does look gorgeous. =0)

  20. It sounds like a very nice holiday, the pictures speak for themselves. Lovely purchases you've made. so beautiful with all the crystal glass and silver. The table is so pretty covered up. Your mini project is also one of the most time consuming, so it will of course take time.
    Great to hear from you again.

  21. Hi Giac. I thought you'd been rather quiet of this is what you have been doing - you lucky person you!! Am quite envious and love the photos. Am looking forward to the unveiling of your Breakfast Room!! Celia

  22. Welcome back Giac! It looks like you had a wonderful time sailing around the Mediterranean! So many cities in such a short time and yet you managed to see so much of each city! You must have been getting confused as to which city you were in!!
    Nice to see the breakfast room taking shape. It will be wonderful to see the end result, but you're right not to rush it, you will have a better finish by taking your time. I look forward to more updates!
    I hope your new work computer system doesn't cause you too many problems!
    Kind regards, Brian.

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  24. Hi Giac,
    Your holiday sounds wonderful, I too love Italy especially Florence.
    Looking forward to seeing your completed Breakfast Room, with all of the beautiful little purchases you have made I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

  25. Tus trabajos geniales como siempre y el viaje precioso, gracias por enseñar las fotos.
    Me han encantado especialmente los candelabros y tarteras, son increibles.
    Me alegra verte de nuevo. Besos

  26. Hello Giac,

    Brian and I enjoyed our visit with you & Jo and seeing the progress on your fabulous Manor. We had a lovely time!

    I hope the Countess likes her ring :-)


  27. Good to have you back! Looks like you both had a fantastic trip - thanks for the stunning photos. And your newest purchases are breathtaking - I can truly understand why you couldn't resist to take them home. Your dinner table looks even more beautiful... I wouldn't have believed this could ever be possible! *LOL*


  28. You have had a fantastic holiday.
    Your purchases are wonderful and the table setting is elegant.

  29. Veo que has disfrutado de unas impresionantes vacaciones. Y has realizado unas buenas compras.
    Tus bocetos ya son bonitos, así que me imagino su realización.

  30. Hi Giac
    welcome back and thank you for posting your photos of your trip those buildings look wonderful. I can't wait for you to get back to work :) and your table is lovely the silver sets it off perfectly :)


  31. Glad to see you back....missed your inspiration! You seem to have had a fab holiday, good for you. Anyway, dying to see how the breakfast room turns out. Amazing purchases at Montreal, just lovely.
    All the best, Vivian

  32. I am glad that the holiday was a great success! I see the new porojekt great track. I look forward to the finished breakfast room. The show gyönyörűek.Remkül bought minis on the table.

  33. Hi Giac!
    Glad to see you back safe and sound! I see why you had to have that silver. It really sets off your table! Now, I can see why your work is so inspired and authentic. Look at the places you go. :-) Looking forward to seeing your breakfast room grow.

  34. Hello Giac!
    Glad to read you had such a good time, love the pics, thanks for sharing.
    Love love love the silver, indeed it makes the table quite exquisite.
    The sculpture is a great find, love the motion in it.
    Also I am pleasantly surprised by seeing that, allthough you were away, you still managed to get quite a lot done.
    High expectations! :)

  35. Hi Giac! Those pictures of your travels are beautiful! Boy you covered a lot of territory! I am glad you found that statue... it is stunning! I always love to see your sketches of your projects... they are so well drawn! Maybe that is why the projects come out so beautifully too! The breakfast room really looks promising... now I am intrigued! I want to see more! But don't rush... I know that it takes time to make all those parts! It's great to have you back in blogland! Your lovely comments are always so appreciated!

  36. That silverware is exquisite. Thank you for the teaser of your breakfast room. I look forward to seeing the reveal. Thank you also for sharing your lovely holiday photos.

  37. Hi Giac,

    What a wonderful trip you have made​​. I also really love Florence. What a wonderful purchases you did. I find your dinner table unbelievably beautiful.

    Dear greetings from Xandra

  38. Youhad a wonderful trip, thank you for the great photos. I admire your drawings. The table with all the items is absolutely beautiful.

  39. Hello Giac, so good to hear from you again and thank you for sharing your lovely pictures with us. Hope to see more of your work soon.....

  40. Hola Giac, una vez más me quedo encantada con tus diseños y tu maravilloso trabajo, me alegro mucho que lo hayais pasado tan bien en el viaje, las fotos son preciosas, las compras que has hecho, de un gusto exquisito.
    Me alegro que ya estés mas tranquilo y puedas retomar las minis y los blogs.
    Un abrazo

  41. El diseño de la panadería es,una vez más,increíble!!!! Me encanta como planificas y de tu imaginación,como se plasma en miniatura!!! Las compras han sido magníficas y tu viaje precioso,espero que hayáis disfrutado mucho!!!!

  42. I love going on vacation and seeing new and inspiring things! You saw some great architecture and history - thanks for the great pictures. The breakfast room is going to be great- I really like your design.

  43. Giac,
    Fun to see you - but - too short a visit! I missed seeing the manor in person this year! I did however love the delicious care package you brought to the show! Thanks again, hugs,

  44. Hello Giac, so lovely to hear from you again. I seem to have lost you from my sidebar along with a few others, not on purpose l assure. Blogger lives a life of it's own it seems. Your travels look so exciting and fills me with wonderlust :-). I am not well enough to travel at time being but l love dreaming. One nice things about the world of miniatures, one can travel anywhere in the mind. I am very impressed with your drawing skills. I am working on drawing a wood cabin for a real family these days, lot of work :-). Blessings, Pam :-)

  45. Leuk om weer wat van je te zien Giac.
    en wat heb je een mooi zilverwerk aangeschaft.

    groetjes Emma

  46. You were in Sardinia and Tunis Giac? Oh, my goodness, you should have swam across to Sicily, we are so close. I hope next time you will visit us. I can't believe you went to so many places, you must be tired and busy now. The pictures in Florence are beautiful, all the pictures are gorgeous in fact, I have never been to Cagliari, Valencia or Tunis. That particular picture of you going down the it a dungeon by the way, so scary! I would not go there if they paid me a million dollars, I'm claustrophobic so imagine if I'd go in such a place. I am so glad you're back. In fact I had forgotten that you were going on a trip. By the way, when your breakfast room is ready, I want to be the first guest, I'll bring the sweets...lots of cannolis:) Hugs!

  47. Hi Giac,
    wonderful to see that you have been on a trip to Florence, i have beent here too few yars ago and i liked it, just same places than you have been now. its nice way of living, nice atmosphere.
    i love your doing whit the house too, statues and candle settings. looks dandy! hugs!

  48. Hi Giac, GRAZIE per il tuo passaggio al mio blog e complimenti per le tue MERAVIGLIE!!!!!! Buonissima settimana. NI

  49. Wow Giac, everything is just incredible. Your drawings are marvelous and your projects always ends up fabulous.
    Its a joy to stop by and view what you have to share.
    What a trip! Lovely photos as well.
    Thank you for for stopping by and leaving me a note. I truly appreciate,grin.

  50. It looks like you have had a wonderful holiday, thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. The silver is wonderful and is perfect for your great dollhouse. I can already see that you are making a beautiful breakfastroom.

  51. Ciao Caro Grande Giac...scusa se stavolta arrivo in ritardo ma ultimamenente non dedico molto tempo al blog. Mi piace osservare il tuo work in progress...Belle foto riguardo il vaggio.
    Ti abbraccio a presto!

  52. Hi Giac, how wonderful are your drawings for your next project ... The silver is beautiful and the other purchases are very successful shopping, I love them! The photos of your trip are fantastic, I hope you enjoyed your trip very much, thank you for share them with us. A big hug and thank you for your kind words on my blog, I really appreciate it.

  53. Your pictures are breathtaking! You always amaze me with your attention to detail, I agree the fruit and candle sticks set your table from dinner to a black tie event....take care, Heidi

  54. Olá Giac, que maravilha o conjunto de prata, e a réplica da escultura em miniatura é fantástica, o andamento de teu trabalho está lindo, a viajem parece ter sido realmente maravilhosa. Obrigada pela visita em meu blog, e por tuas palavras de acolhida. Um beijo em teu coração.

  55. I can't wait to see how the breakfast room turns out. Your travel pictures are gorgeous. Your new miniatures are also gorgeous.

  56. Lovely purchases. The sculpture is great. Looks like a fabulous place to visit. Love your photos.

  57. madre miaaa! cuantos sitios has visitado! :) las compras estupendas y ya tengo ganas de ver como terminas tu sala del desayuno.

    Las fotos muy bonitas!

  58. How do you get it done, am amazed!
    The panels and the window is definitely beautiful.
    I see a nice set of silver, gorgeous and precious and you've created a nice trip. greetings Gonda.

  59. Congratulations! is a pleasure to visit your blog and see so many beautiful pictures. a hug, Marisa

  60. Hi dear Giac = )
    I am delighted with its architectural design cuts the facade . Its design reminded me that many years , even many years , I studied architectural drawing , loved studying this area . Congratulations, your work is always professional , everything is beautiful to behold.
    I was happy to learn that your holiday with Joe were great , thank you for showing some pictures of these wonderful days , knowing and reviewing places that you both like .
    Congratulations piece purchased , it shows the movements well, just do not like the theme = (
    "The Rape of the Sabine Women . "
    Dear Giac , thanks for the good advice you gave me in a post which I show the end of a great love , I think you are right in saying I should move on but do not forget the sweet moments that life has given me , right true? Thanks .
    Thanks for the " Happy Mother's Day " too.
    Giac , I was very curious who took care of their furry ( dog ) while you were away from home ? I think the furry must have made the biggest party in the back of you home, lol
    A warm hug from Fernanda Maria

  61. Oh Giac,
    I have just subscribed to Miniature Collector magazine, you don't get it here in Northern Ireland 'over the counter'. I just got my first copy, and your Countess' Bedroom was on the cover. I knew it immediately before seeing your name. At last, an artist getting the well-deserved recognition deserved. I am just delighted for you, well done. It was wonderful to see the rooms in the magazine. I will keep this magazine forever and a day. My Manor is well under way, and I am just doing what you advised, one room at a time. Looking forward to seeing the breakfast room. Your blog is just a sheer delight to follow. Thank you.
    All the best,

  62. From the pictures I deduct you had a fantastic time!! Great!! 10 cities in 11 days sounds just real fun! I'm sorry you had to go through that super tiny space in that cave but I've never imagined you as a "big" guy!! :)
    I love silver too and things well made and your buys are just wonderful. I love all the silver pieces you bought and the sewing kits. You are right....your table settings went from beautiful to superb!! Your drawings are marvelous and no wonder now, you can achieve such perfection and do it already in your drawings. Big hug and nice to hear you both had a great time!

  63. I enjoy your blog more than all others so far! I appreciate that you just sort of get down to the business of creating without extraneous "cute" stuff. I also admire (immensely) the skill and precision of your work, which is so unlike my own slightly slap-dash method.