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Friday 6 December 2013

Back to work on miniatures, my mom and real life kitchen renovations!

Hello my dear friends!

I hope you are all doing well. It is so nice to finally post again. Renovations are almost over and I was finally able to get beck to work on my miniatures last Sunday

and the changes continue

But before I go into miniatures, I have to thank you all from the bottom of my heart because all the prayers and thoughts you sent for my mother worked. She was operated last week and it was not cancer. Aside from a little pain she is recovering well and fast. We went to see her Wednesday night and I told her "mom, you are walking slowly, cannot go down stairs, using a walker, and wearing a shall over your shoulders to keep are turning into an old lady before my eyes!" Her vulgar answer was "Giac, go f*** yourself" Yes, she is back to her old self and will be just fine.

Now back to miniatures. A warning to all my friends: if you are kept away from your miniature project you will eventually break down and go shopping.
Last post you saw the Alhambra Piano I ordered for the Dining room. My next purchase was a commission from my good friend Julie Dewar who made the Imperial Cherry Blossom Dinner set for my Chinese tea room. I sent her a picture of a black jar with daisies on it and asked her to interpret the pattern in miniature. Once again, her artwork blows me away

Delicate daisy dresser set for the countess

 Julie, thank you so much! I cannot tell you how much I love the set. It is really a work of art and I will cherish it always. You can see more of Julie's incredible work at

My next big purchase was inspired by our trip in October. The cruise was wonderful, but I must say my favorite day was in Newport. We spent the day with my "big brother" and his wonderful partner. We had so much fun and of course the mansions were superb. I will put pictures of the trip in a pinterest page one day soon, but we could not take pictures in the mansions.

I got a lot of ideas, but the main one was how to rearrange the dressing room. It was the one room I did not really like. I think the space was just too big for a dressing room and did not work. When I saw the Newport mansions the answer came to me...separate adjoining bedrooms for the earl and countess.
Before as a dressing room

after as the countess's bedroom

I had the Bespaq "Madam's Suite" vanity, cheval mirror and chaise...

...and I purchased the bed, night table, bed steps and armoire
I got rid of the 2 older model wardrobes, removed the pier mirror, and reworked the office area. I think the room works much better and now I love it. I have a red pattern fabric and some rococo appliques for the window treatments and I am still looking for the bedding fabrics.

I also purchased my first plastic furniture kits.

some of the pieces were a bit twisted, but I think proper placement around the table can camouflage that
 I ordered 6 chairs for the kitchen. I will use the same technique to faux walnut them that I used on the scullery and butler's pantry. If they do not turn out right they only cost me $2,60 each. They are pretty accurate and well scaled so I think they may just do. Another project I was able to tackle Tuesday night was stone tops on tables.

I saw a lot of stone top tables in a book of mine and I just love the look

The big table is the Dining table. When I bought it the top finish was damaged as you can see in the next picture...

I was going to just cover it with a tablecloth, but I decided to try and faux marble it. I sanded the top smooth, covered the sides I did not want to paint with painters tape, painted the surface blag and then sponged on 2 shade of green. I then used the lighter green to make the veins

Green marble is one of my favorite stones

I am really happy with the effect. The second table is a coffee table for the Great room. It arrived in the mail in pieces (Bespaq glue tends to come undone in the mail) so I took the top and tried to make a faux malachite finish. I used a white base coat, covered it with a jade green and went over it many times with an old dry brush

Malachite is another favorite

Malachite is a natural stone that can come in gorgeous crazy patterns, but I based mine on a linear tabletop I saw online. I am happy with the experiment and plan on redoing the tops of the Library desk and coffee table as well as the entrance table.

Thursday night I decided to take on a small project...Will I never learn...when your house is as big as the Manor there is no such thing as a small project! For a long time I have been trying to find the right artwork for the Manor. After months of looking I was enjoying one of my favourite books

It is about Chatsworth, one of my favorite building in the world. As I was going over the pages I realized there were tons of family portraits and other paintings that I could cut and use. I went onto Amazon and purchased a used copy of the book for $8,00. I have mentioned before I always buy a second used copy of a book to cut up for miniatures...but even then it hurts me to cut books. Dewell Manor is big, so that meant a lot of artwork

I went over all of these with glossy modpodge and an old brush, a trick I learned from Ray Whitledge and I think John used it as well for Merriman Park. If you kind of follow the lines and shapes  it really makes them look like real took me over 2 1/2 hours to go ever them and I am not sure if I have I have to paint and build the picture frames.

And that is it for now...not much miniature work, but It has only been 6 days since I got back into it. Prior to that all my time, and workspace, was dedicated to the kitchen renovation. Aside from a black frame around the window over the sink, my real life kitchen is done:

we have to finish caulking behind the stove which is why we left a towel under it...I do not want to scratch the floor

It was hard work, took up all my time and an extra source of stress, but in the end Jo and I are really happy with the outcome. Now I can concentrate on putting up the old cabinets in my workroom, and most importantly...get ready for Christmas. This weekend I hope to decorate the house, but we still have many projects to finish.

And that is all my friends. Thank you once again for your patience and your great kindness. Your good wishes really helped me through a difficult time and I appreciate all your support more then I can put into words. My blog friends are the best! I also want to welcome the new followers who have joined my adventures. It is important to me to follow you so please let me know if I overlooked anyone.

Have a great week everyone and I will be in touch before Christmas.

Huge hugs,



  1. How dreamy! The bedrooms is gorgeous! I am about to put some artwork up in one of me houses. Thanks for the idea of making the brush strokes look authentic! I am laughing because I know those chairs will be a masterpiece when you are done with them.
    Your kitchen is so cool. I really like the railings around the eating area. Lucky you!
    Your mom is a hoot! Tell her I said she is not getting older just better! :-D
    Major hugs my friend!!

    1. Oh yeah...I sure love those tables too. I want to do something unusual and interesting like that with my tables!

  2. Oh I am so glad to hear about your mom....and....HAHAHA!!!!!
    You did good on the artwork, that book gave it's life to a great cause :)
    And of course I'm so happy for you that your RL kitchen is almost done....finally!

  3. Oh, bella la tua collezione di opere d'arte. Anche io mi sto occupando della scelta dei quadri che andranno nel mio Bethany Cottage. Auguri di pronta guarigione per tua mamma! :-)

  4. I laughed when reading of your Mum's comment after you teased her. It is indeed a good sign. So glad to hear she will be okay. With that behind you and your kitchen renovations completed you must be feeling much more light hearted. I think the countesses bedroom looks great and I just love the green marble table top. It is beautifully done and a lovely colour. I think the idea of picking up second hand books is a great idea for art work. You certainly have many artworks underway for your manor. I have a William Morris book and a Pre-Raphaelite book that I will try and find a cheap copy of as I'd love some of the images in miniature projects. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Sono davvero contenta per la tua mamma, falle tanti auguri.
    Bellissima la camera ma da te non mi aspettavo niente di meno.
    Invece devo ammettere che non mi piace molto il top verde dei tavoli.
    Forse è l'effetto della fotografia ma mi i sembra davvero troppo verde e brillante.
    Scusami se te lo dico ma sembra in contrasto con il resto della casa.

  6. Hi Giac!
    So pleased to hear your Mom is recovering and that it turned out not to be cancer, you must be so relieved. You certainly have been a busy boy and I love the green marble table that you painted it looks fabulous. The kitchen is looking good now, we haven't started on ours yet, but everything else is finished.

  7. Giac Congratulations! is wonderful to see your creations, the kitchen is very cozy and above all, I am very happy to know that his mother regains health. God made ​​you the best Christmas gift. Very interesting your new projects. Blessings and happy weekend. a hug, Marisa

  8. Glad to hear that your mother doesn't have cancer and is her usual feisty self! Separate adjoining bedrooms is very authentic to Victorian-era aristocrats (and even a bit later; i.e. Queen Mary's Dolls' House); I think it'll work well. Love the faux marble!

  9. Hey G x
    I'm SO pleased your mother is recovering well and it wasn't the "big C" after all. What a relief all round.
    I adore your new purchases, the dressing table set is perfection.
    I laughed at the part about cutting up a book, but I do just the same!
    Have a great weekend and get baking in that beautiful new kitchen of yours...
    Si x

  10. Que bueno leerte de nuevo y con la noticia más importante; que tu madre esté bien y no haya sido cáncer. Se ve que has disfrutado del crucero , estaré pendiente de tus fotos en pinterest para disfrutar de las maravillas que viste.
    Lo que más me ha gustado de tu estancia es el espacio, me encantan los sitios grandes y en miniatura también, el cambió ha sido fantástico, separar la habitación de la condesa, el resulta genial.
    El conjunto de tocador que ha realizado Julie, una joya.
    Su cocina en la vida real muy funcional y la decoración preciosa , invita a permanecer en ella y disfrutar.
    Bienvenido de nuevo al mundo mini, feliz fin de semana:-)

  11. Dear Giac,
    I'm happy for you to read that your mother is ok. I love the table tops what a great job!
    I had to look a few times. Is this kitchen real or 1:12.
    Hugs Dorien

  12. Cool mom! :-) Glad she's o.k! Your RL kitchen looks beautiful and so do the table tops! Nice marble effect. Looking forward to more posts.

  13. Le nécessaire de table de toilette est de toute beauté! Les chambres séparés sont une très bonne idée,pratiquée par l'aristocratie pendant plusieurs siècles.
    Vous avez bien travaillé,votre cuisine est superbe!!
    A bientôt!

  14. Hi Giac, good to hear from you again! Oh your Mom, I am glad she is recovering well and when Moms are grumbling again we know they are okay, isn't it ;)!?
    Your purchases are divine, I really love to see how you have worked them out.
    Good idea: take a new kitchen to use your old cabinets for your workroom, I have to think about that too ;)!
    Have a great weekend. Hugs, Ilona

  15. Hello Giac,

    Brian and I were so happy to learn that your Mom is doing well. Your new renovations (RL) look wonderful and it must be so nice to have them finished before Christmas.

    It is great to see you back at your miniatures. I will be looking forward to seeing what marvels you are going to make next. :-)

    Thank you so much for showing the dressing table set that you commissioned from me. I am so happy that you are pleased with my interpretation of the original design. As always, it was fun to collaborate with you.


  16. Glad to hear that your mum is on the mend Giac. Your kitchen is fabulous, you lucky person you! Your creations are super, as always, too. Shall look forward to see how your Chatsworth paintings turn out.....can I ask though...what is glossy modpodge? Is not something I have heard about before here in the UK? Celia

  17. I am glad to hear that your mother doesn't have cancer, what a relief.
    The kitchen is super with the red accessories and the bar with white chairs.
    Nice to see and hear you back in miniatureland, we can all follow your beautiful work again.

    Lots of kind greetings, Alexandra.

  18. Welcome back. It is good to hear that your mother is recovering and she's getting back to the old her. :)
    Sometimes shopping isn't that bad, I love your new purchases! Keep up the nice work you are doing !
    Hugs, Vall

  19. Welcome back! It must have been such a relief to learn that your mother hasn't got cancer.
    I love everything you bought, especially the dresser set, a real masterpiece.

  20. Hola Giac, que bueno leer que tu madre está bien y que no es nada malo.
    Me alegro que disfrutaras del crucero, ya veré las fotos en pinterest cuando las pongas.
    Los trabajos de Julie son fantásticos y el cambio de la habitación de la condesa me ha gustado mucho.
    La cocina es espectacular, para cuando una cena de inauguración??? XD
    Besos y que tengais unas muy Felices Fiestas

  21. I LOVE your mother, I don't even know the woman but her response makes me feel like chatting with her for hours! All my best to her in recovery we all know she has a wonderful son!

    Your miniatures look amazing I love the marbling technique that you've done everything looks so regal, it always does but your details add so much class.

    Your kitchen is absolutely fabulous! The color scheme is just perfect any holiday parties you have are certainly going to shine in this amazing space.

    Hugs to you and your family, hoping for a wonderful holiday season!

  22. I am so glad that your Mother is recovering well. She sounds like a fighter : D The room looks fantastic as a bedroom. Wonderful purchases. I love your new kitchen I am sure that you are glad its finished :) Great to see you back here again.
    Hugs Maria

  23. Hi Giac! It's great to have you back in blogland! I'm so happy that your Mom is doing well. Your kitchen is looking superb, well worth all the work that's gone into it!
    I like the changes you've made to your miniature house, I think the countess's bed fills the space perfectly. Your green marble table is beautifully done. That's a skill all on it's own! The dresser set has amazingly intricate detailing and will complement the decor.
    I look forward to seeing more!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  24. Giac,
    We are in boundless joy over your mother's recovery! Give her our love and tell her that we love her way with words! Mothers are wonderful, aren't they?

    Your kitchen is a dream--it is going to be so much fun to cook and bake in it.

    The manor has made major improvements--I like that the countess now has a beautiful bedroom. You are right, the room was a bit too large to be just a dressing room.

    I always like malachite. I have some wonderful jewelry (my other passion) with that stone. It also looks great as a tabletop. You have a wonderful eye for these things.

    Cheers and merry, merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Andrew and me,

  25. hello Giac, its good to know about you, your kitchen is lovely best regards,

  26. Cuantas buenas noticias.Parece que todo vuelve a estar en su sitio y mucho mejor.Me alegra especialmente lo de tu madre.
    La cocina está estupenda.
    Tus trabajos siguen siendo tan buenos como siempre.

  27. It's so good to see you here... my, you have been busy. You've achieved a lot in just a little time - and (how surprising) I love everything you've done. Changing the dressing room into the Lady's Bedroom was a great idea (and hey - that adds to the realism... I would bet her husband is a heavy snorer... *grin*). I have no doubt the chairs will look fantastic after having a little Giac-treatment - you've already worked miracles with the tables. That green marble is the much better solution than covering the lovely wood carving with a table cloth. I had to smile about you buying a second book - I guess I would simply have scanned the pages with my computer, but of course that's not the Giac-way, yours will look spectacular and knowing they are originals from your beloved book adds to their beauty. Speaking of beauty - your kitchen looks great, a lovely place to enjoy cooking and meals. And most important of all - I'm glad to hear the very good news about your Mom!


  28. Me alegra que todo este bien. La decoración de las estancias es preciosa, y ese juego de tocador es fabuloso.
    Un abrazo.

  29. Hi Giac,

    So happy to hear that your mom will be ok. She sounds like a real spitfire; a woman with a strong spirit.
    The piano that you ordered is beautiful. And the dresser set that you have custom ordered is stunning. Thank you for sharing. The detail on each piece is really quite amazing.
    Your kitchen renovations look fantastic. It must feel wonderful to eat breakfast in a new space designed the way that you wanted it to look.
    I look forward to reading your new posts in the coming weeks. I had taken a break from blogging for a while, and am happy to know that I can look forward to your posts.
    Happy Holidays.


  30. Me alegro muchísimo que tu mamá esté bien y de que hayas vuelto a deleitarnos con tus miniaturas. La habitación está mucho mejor así. La cocina os ha quedado muy bonita y moderna. Me alegro mucho de todas sus buenas noticias. Un abrazo

  31. Dear Giac, it is Wonderful news to hear your Mother is getting back to herself!!! I have thought of you often and hoped the news was good. As for your own kitchen renovations...... very hard work.... but Gorgeous results!!! I Love the dark cherry wood cabinets and black stove!!!
    But best of all is seeing that little daisy dresser set!!! OMG that is Stunning!!!! Your plans for the Countess' bedroom are just right and the furniture is beautiful. The makeovers you have done with the tabletops is excellent.... just more of the outstanding work we are so happy to see you doing again!!! Now I really want to see what you get done for Christmas! (No Pressure!!!) It's great to see what you have been up to!

  32. It's great to hear from you, Giac! I'm so glad your mother is back to her old self--that's the best news of all! I love the amazing miniature work you've accomplished in a few short days. Having your RL kitchen back must have really helped with getting your creative juices flowing. I want to give you a heads up on a giveaway I'm having on my blog. There are three amazing desserts made by Kim Saulter--just in case you missed seeing it while you were gone--there's still plenty of time to enter the giveaway. Plus, my Halloween post has me in a skimpy costume--that might get you curious enough to come over for a visit--or not! :-) Great to have you back--I'm so looking forward to seeing more of your work, especially the framed paintings--great idea! xo Jennifer

  33. Well, could someone have told you, that you could be delighted, with this response from your mother.? But you did. She sounds like a strong and powerful Lady.

    Your daisy dresser set is quite wonderful, so personally.
    The room is quite impressive in its grandeur. I love the floor and the ceiling. The small stool to help you in bed, is also a fun and very telling and important detail.

    Your green marble table is wonderful. When you tell how to do, it sounds so easy. I have problems with making tables with marble or granite look effect. I try and try ....

    Nice to get a post from you, and I hope there will be more time for you, to work with miniature.

  34. Contente que la santé de votre maman s'améliore. Votre cuisine 1/1 est très jolie. J'aime beaucoup le marbre de votre table. Il est très bien rendu.
    À bientôt

  35. I am very glad your mom healing!
    The kitchen is simply fantastic! Stylish and practical.
    The thumbnails are great! The table is beautiful.
    I am pleased to once again among us are!

  36. Hello,
    I am glad to hear about your mom - wonderful news. Your real-life kitchen project is looking great too! I am also glad to to see you working on your miniatures again. As always, you are doing a fantastic job. I am excited to see how the plastic chairs come out and your marbling is looking great. Keep up the good work! Troy

  37. Dear Giac! So wonderful news about your Mom, I am so happy for the whole family of yours! The Christmas time will be perfect with you all together...and your fantastic Kitchen waiting to serve all the goodies to everybody!
    The dresser/bedroom is gorgeous, love the athmosphere!
    You really have a special talent and eye for everything beautiful: the marble table si stunning! Excellent work! You are the Artist!

  38. Me alegra muchísimo saber que tu madre está bien y que lo has pasado tan bien en el crucero.
    Impresionante la estancia mini y tu maravillosa cocina, yo no saldría de ellas.
    Un abrazo.

  39. Caro Giac, bentornato a scrivere e a realizzare miniature!
    Innanzitutto un respiro di sollievo sulle condizioni della tua mamma e questo mi fa molto piacere. per quanto riguarda la stanza della Lady, mi piace molto come l'hai modificata dal tuo primo progetto, la trovo molto più vissuta e accogliente. per il resto sempre mobili e oggetti molto preziosi come il set che ti ha realizzato Julie. Il tavolo verde mi piace molto, anch'io adoro quel colore, però forse nel contesto del tuo arredamento non è troppo verde smeraldo e perciò un colore moderno rispetto ai tuoi mobili antichi? Però dipende anche dove vuoi sistemarlo... Ritornando alla realtà cucina è bellissima e mi sembra anche molto pratica nella sua disposizione. Sono contenta che il tuo viaggio ti abbia soddisfatto.
    Un carissimo abbraccio. Manu

  40. Dear friend, I enjoy a lot of Reading your blog, I´m happy knowing your mother is okey, Hugs

  41. wonderful to read that real and mini life are both doing well! :) what a great relief for you that your mother is doing better! : ) it is wonderful to study your work again! Best wishes from my heart for a wonderful christmas time! Anne

  42. I love the bedroom and dressing room :)
    and those art pics!!
    Good to hear that you are still there somewhere :)
    i´ve had super busy weeks because of the exams, but after this week i have more time to spend on blogging :)
    have a great week!

  43. Dear Giac, first I like to thank you for your sweet comment on my Blog:)
    I'm so pleased your mother is recovering well and it wasn't the "big C" after all. What a great relief .
    As for your own kitchen renovations, very hard work..... ..but wonderful results!!!
    It must feel wonderful to eat breakfast in a room designed all by your self.
    I also like the changes you've made to your miniature house, and I love your green marble table !!!
    I look forward to seeing more.

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  44. Dearest Gaic,

    I am so pleased to hear your Mother is on the mend, what great news!!!! I laughed out loud when I read your mothers response to you, so funny I thought it I read it to Paul, it was the last thing I was expecting. How wonderful that you can put these worried behind you!

    You are right about having to have a miniature fix, I just love the hand painted dresser set and what a great idea to get a second hand copy of Chatsworth, that is a lot of artwork and it will look fantastic in dwell manor.

    You have certainly had your hands full with renovating your kitchen whilst dealing with your mother being unwell but doesn't it look amazing!!That oven looks fantastic!

    All in all it's great to see you back and I am so pleased your mother is making a recovery.

    Big hugs to you!!


  45. Oh Honey I think your Mom and I would get along just fine :) and I have to say I love the kitchen (I've always liked floor to ceiling cabinets, I dont have that in my home and I really want it ..are those mahongany cabinets? nice choice..what is on the floor? is that tile?)

    it's good to see you back to work even if it is for a little while


  46. Great you're back! I love your post, with all the good news. Sorry for saying, but best of all was hearing Mom setting you straight :)

  47. Hi Giac,

    So glad to hear about your mom's recuperating. I love all your improvements --makes me want to get back to work. I got that book on Chatsworth a while back when I saw a show on Diana's gowns. What an art collection, huh? Your kitchen turned out beautifully! Great job!


  48. Hi Giac, I am happy to hear your mother is recuperating well and almost back to her old self :-)
    Your renovated kitchen looks perfect!
    Now about the miniatures; congratulations with all the purchaes you made, they look gorgeous and perfect for your Mansion.Have fun painting all the plastic furniture, I am looking forward to see them back, placed somewhere in your miniature rooms. Hugs, Liduina

  49. Hello Giac,

    Good to hear from you again, time flies.

    Wahahahahhaha! Your Mum's remark made me laugh SO loud, she rocks! :D Very glad it wasn't cancer after all and hope she will soon be fully recovered again.

    You have been doing a lot of miniature work. The Bespaq is beautiful and I find your plastic chairs hideous LOL but I'm sure you will make them look very nice.

    Your rl kitchen turned out great and what a spacious room you have there... Kudos for all that hard work!

  50. Ciao caro Jac sono felice che tua mamma stia meglio..., e che tu sei tornato alle tue miniature, Molto bella e' venuta la tua ristrutturazione a casa!
    Ti abbraccio a presto!

  51. Giac,
    I am so happy to hear that your Mom is fine! What a relief for you!
    You have been busy! Travel! Your home! Your mini Home! Mini Shopping!
    Hope the holidays are wonderful!

  52. I always look at your blog with awe and I never know where to start...first your kitchen makeover is fabulous those cabinets are beautiful!
    Then what a table setting fit for royalty and I love the are incredible! Heidi

  53. Oh Giac che bella notizia di tua madre, sono tanto contenta!!!!!!!!!!
    Con tutto quello che fai almeno sapere che tua madre non è grave, ti sarà di grande sollievo. Complimenti per tutto, i tuoi viaggi, la tua stupenda cucina e i tuoi favolosi lavori, sei molto in gamba. Bacioni

  54. Que maravillosa noticia que tu madre se esté recuperando bien,me alegro muchísimo!!!!!
    Veo que las obras van terminando y el resultado se ve genial,que a gusto vais a estar una vez terminado todo.
    Tus trabajos en miniatura,una vez más me dejan asombrada por su realismo y las últimas adquisiciones son verdaderamente exquisitas!!!!!!!
    Feliz Navidad para ti,tu familia y amigos,disfrutar mucho y que sea un nuevo año fabuloso para todos!!!!!!

  55. Hi Giac!
    I'm so happy hear good news about your Mom, great! big hugs!!
    I always admire your works, marbles are wonderful,
    and this gorgeous table with all just perfect!
    I see your beautiful pictures of big house and I think you are very very very diligent and your Family is happy with you :-)

  56. Hello Giac,
    The world of miniatures is new to me...your blog blog is a wondrous showcase of your work and a great inspiration. Dewell Manor is a labour of love from the beginning and that is evident in all the beautiful projects that you have undertaken to make it a dream home fit for an earl and countess. Thank you for sharing your dreams and methods of making the dreams come true. It was wonderful to read that your mother is recovering and that a lovely kitchen has been completed for you and yours to enjoy as Christmas quickly approaches....happy decorating and a very Merry Christmas!

  57. Your life-size kitchen is gorgeous!! What a pleasure it will be to cook in there. I am so happy to hear the good news about your mother too. As usual your miniatures are fantastic. I just love visiting your blog. It is always like a little holiday from the worries of life. Plus I am always inspired by your lovely creations. Merry Christmas!!

  58. Giac!!! Your posts are always just what I need. Jug boiled, Lady Grey brewing and I sit and ready myself for the best time ever!! Love your posts, your work. Fatastic!! I am always just left with wow. Absolutely the best news about your mum. She sounds great though!! What spunk!! My Grancy is a bit that way herself. Splendid news!! Bless you and yours. Carriexx

  59. Hello Giac!
    I am so happy to hear that you mom is making a speedy recovery and that she is back to her normal feisty self! I'm sure that you are a whole lot easier in your mind about that! I have been slow about getting back to the blogs but when I saw that you had posted a whole week ago, I realized that it was time to get back in the groove and back to business and catching up! What a wonderful re-introduction in getting to see what you have been up to and just how Marvelous it all is! Your work is always unique and that applies to the changes you have made to the Manor as well as to your own Real life castle. The kitchen of your home looks Stunning and what pleasure I am sure it is for a 'Baker and Entertainer extraordinaire' such as you are! And the Countesses Bedroom in the Manor is well laid out and such a great idea! The Fabulous dresser set will be a perfect compliment to the vanity! What incredible detail Julie Dewar has so Beautifully painted, given the size of the items! Your skills with the paint brush are also a marvel and your Dining room table top looks just like marble, very elegant! It is so nice to see you active again with your Manor. You are Always such an Inspiration to me! Have a Merry Christmas Giac my friend and enjoy your blessings both big and small!
    Big Hugs!


  60. Hi my friend,wishing you every happines this christmas ,the new year be full of blessings.hugs..

  61. I wish you a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    hugs Anda

  62. Giac, your sacrifice paid off and your kitchen is gorgeous! I think it's so interesting how your real-life kitchen is so modern and clean-lined while your minis are so old and ornate. The daisies on your mini set are so detailed that it's mind blowing! I also love the new furniture arrangement as it adds more interest to the space. And thanks for the tips on how to create paintings with just clipouts and Mod Podge! So clever and I may be trying that one soon! Happy Holidays!

  63. I'm glad to read your mother is better, it a great news! Your kitchen is gorgeous, It has been hard work, but it was worth the effort. Gradually your dollhouse is becoming a treasure, the bedroom is very elegant, as all rooms. Again I must congratulate you on your work. Hugs.

  64. L'ensemble,courte pointe et rideaux donnent beaucoup de clarté et de chaleur à la pièce,mais alors quel travail ,c'est un superbe résultat,MAGNIFIQUE!!!!

  65. Querido Giac, você e Jô estão de parabéns, pois a cozinha e a copa ficaram lindas!!!
    Acho que estou aqui em teu blog hoje (agora) faz umas duas horas lendo e vendo com detalhes suas novas postagens. ADOROOOOOOO.
    Um BIG abraço, Fernanda