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Sunday 9 October 2011

Bedroom Hall and Windows

Hello everyone.
I had company last weekend and didn't have much time to work on the manor. I've been working on the hall that leads to the bedrooms and the attic floor. In the picture below, the 2 doors on the right are bedrooms, and the door at the end of the hall leads to the gallery on the right and the grand staircase to the left.
The door below leads to the Dressing Room and Master Bedroom
I love the way it came out, but I am a little sad that you won't really see it. When the house is finished, you'll only be able to see it through the bedroom doors. Originally I wasen't going to make the staircase, but I figured even though you only get a glimpse of it, it really adds to the realism of the house.

My first step was to glue the floor on. The subfloor had chanels for the electric wires of the light fixtures int he room below, so I put the wires in the chanels and to make sure no glue got on them, I took strips of paper and, using a glue stick, just glued the sided to the subfloor.

The reason I did this is so I can pull the wires when the time comes to attach the chandeliers...I'm fed up of crawling through the great room!

After I finished the floor and the staircase, the big project was the windows. I decided to make the windows from scratch. In my mind, the manor house is on a cliff, somehere in England, and you can see the ocean on 3 sides of the house. For this reason most windows are 8 to 10 inches high . Since the house is late victorian I wanted double hung windows.

I started by building a simple frame out of basewood.
In the picture above, when the frame was dry, I added a smaller frame inside the openings. I then added quarter round molding to create each sash . One sash was build in front of the smaller frame and the second sash was build on the top of the smaller frame (sorry, hard to explain)...this way it looks like the bottom one can be pulled up to open the window.
On the top part of the window I added an arched piece. When all construction will be finished I want the 4 bottom sashes to have panes with tudor leaded glass in the diamond pattern, and a stained glass transom on the top arched sections.

Finally I painted them and added handles on the bottom sashes and a lock on the top.

I also built the window for the nook in the great room...more crawling!
3 windows down, 29 more to go!

I finished the bedroom hall because my next project is the structure for the attic floor. I'm on holiday till Thursday, so I hope to have it built by then.
I hope everyone has a great week and hopefully, you'll see Dewell Manor fully constructed by Thursday...but I'm not making promises. Oh  yeah, I 've cristened the house Dewell Manor, but I'll tell you about that another time.
Best wishes to all, and I look forward to seeing more of your great projects.


  1. Giac, Giac, Giac. Does your talent know no bounds? I am blown away!

    I can't believe you put in a staircase even though it will barely be seen. That, my friend, is what I love about your work: the sheer love and devotion to every detail!

    The windows are superb. Only 29 left? Good luck, with that.

    And now you are beginning a 'stay-cation!' We can't wait to see the progress, this week... Have a great time, Giac!

  2. Hello Giac, have discovered your blog was a fortune! I really like what you do, everything is perfect and flawless, I am enchanted as a child in front of the Christmas tree!
    I'll give you lots of compliments,
    good week

  3. Can't wait to see the final construction. I am following your blog with very impressed. It was a great solution to add an arch for the windows. Have a great week! Natalia

  4. I was quite excited when I noticed you'd posted an update! To make all your windows deserves applause. It's all looking marvellous and I'm looking forward to more progress in the next few days. Enjoy your time off.

  5. Hi Giac, I went back to your earlier post when you had just taped the house together to try and see where the hall is going to be. I am no wiser now ;) Even though you won't be able to see it fully, I think spaces like these in dollshouses, where you can only see glimpses of, make the houses very exciting. I wish I had the room to do this!
    Beautiful mitering on your windows! I look forward to seeing them fitted with the leaded and stained glass.

  6. Very well done indeed. Your attention to the small details is amazing. It is sad that that gorgeous staircase won't be that visible.

    Your project is inspiring.



  7. Como siempre, un trabajo magnífico, Giac!! Es un placer pasear por tu blog y leer tus magníficas explicaciones!! Mi más sincera enhorabuena!! Un abrazo enorme!!

  8. Hello Giac,
    I have seen everything in your blog. Your house is amazing and detailled. You tell so cute how you make this.
    I will visit your blog many time. (Forgive my bad English)


  9. Super les fenêtres Giac , cela rend bien !

  10. Hi Giac,
    Your hall looks will be nice to see just a tiny part of it. But wait there are windows! Or does that side of the house will be put against the wall? Your windows look very nice looking forward to see them leaded and with the glass in it. Enjoy your week and keep us posted!

  11. Hello, I just discovered your blog. I am impressed and inspired by your work. Are you working from drawings ? Anyway, keep up the good work! Troy

  12. Hello everyone!
    Thank you so much for your great feedback my friends.
    Your comments on my work really mean a lot and motivate me to keep going.
    John, The small details that make a room realistic are very important to fact they are the reason I decided to build from scratch. thank you and everyone else who notice them.
    I am proud to inspire people who achieve so much and who's wonderfull projects and art inspire me.
    Josje, if you look at my post "Plans and Assembly" in June, you can see the hall in the second picture, the plan of the second floor. you'll only see it through the doors of the dressing room, girl's room and boy's room.
    Hi Troy, I made the floorplans and perspective dawings of the rooms myself (June posts "Plans and
    Assembly" and "Building from Scratch"). I really created the rooms around the furniture I've collected over the years. My biggest influence is Thornewood Castle. To me, it is the most beautiful house I've ever seen, even though the interiors are not authentic.
    Thank you all once again, and I will work my hardest to get another post up this week. Best wishes to all, Giac

  13. No conocía tu blog, me ha encantado encontrarte, es una maravilla esa habitación.
    Mil besos...Julia

  14. Giac I love the work you have done here, it's beautiful! Your hard work has really paid off! I really like the windows you made, in fact everything is just perfect!


  15. beautiful work, i'm inspired by your window making abilities

  16. Giac, your work is incredible!

    Its wonderful to see the work in progress as it helps a complete novice like me understand the process. You attention to detail is inspiring and I love the fact you can only catch a glimpse of the stairs. As I said in Johns post regarding the door in the landing. These are the things that add intrigue, it gives the viewer the desire to investigate more.

    Beautiful work.


  17. Muchos gracias Julia.
    Thank you Andy and Aaron, I struggled trying to figure out how to put the windows together and your comments mean a lot to me.
    Thank you Fiona! The most import part of this project is trying to make it feel like a real home. It makes me very happy when fellow miniaturists appreciate these details.
    I can't wait to see your work.
    Have a greatw eekend, and thanks again,

  18. Hola Giac, hoy he vuelto a tu blog para ver todas tus entradas. Estoy maravillada de lo bien planificado que lo tienes todo y lo perfecto que lo estás haciendo. Me encanta el estilo de tu casita y sobre todo la elegancia y el buen gusto que le das. Creo que es una de las casitas más bonitas que he visto. Te doy la enhorabuena por tu trabajo. Sionchi

  19. Hi Giac,
    I just put your window frame photo up as my desktop background. :D I will need to build window frames for my coffee shop soon. Love how yours look! Thanks for sharing all of your great tips and photos!