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Sunday 19 January 2014

Countess's Bedroom, holiday projects and Christmas presents

Hello my dear friends!

I hope everyone had happy holidays and that 2014 is off to a new start. After a year of stress and worry, my motto for 2014 is if no one else will laugh with me, then I will laugh alone!

My holidays were lovely. I got to spend a lot of time with family and friends. We were busier then expected, but I did manage to work on the Manor. I still had a few big construction projects to tackle, but since we were busy I spent my Christmas vacation working on projects that were not so dusty. Today I share the countess's bedroom which I finished today.

I made the curtains and the bedding for the room thinking they would be short projects...HA! You saw the chandelier in my last post in the Dining Room. After I looked at the pictures I decided it was too small for that room, but perfect for the bedroom. The longest project was the bedding.

Here is a picture of the bed without any bedding I posted before Christmas:

My main tool was an article in a magazine I purchased years ago written by Williamson Walton Marble. I studied their instruction many times before I finally decided to give it a try.

The first step was making the pattern for the quilt that would fit the bed. In the next picture you can see the pattern on a piece of graph paper which shows where every stitch will go. I put the mattress on the graph paper and then calculated how low I wanted the sides to hang

In the above picture you see the paper pattern  on the bottom left, the back cotton fabric on the bottom right with the stitches marked in pen, the piece of foam I used for the stuffing of the quilt on the top left, and at the top right is a piece of raw silk I used for the top of the quilt.

I layered the pieces to make the quilt: cotton fabric on the bottom with the pen marks side down, then the foam and finally the silk fabric right side up. I then made a simple basting stich with black thread on the main lines just to keep the pieces from moving:

back of the quilt.

I then hand sewed all of the dotted lines. I pulled the thread through the 3 layers, made a very, very small stitch on the silk fabric, then came back through the 3 layers.

back of the quilt. The important thing is to push the needle through the center of each dot.

top of the quilt: I chose a thread that matched the silk. If you look closer you will see the stitches on the top are very, very small to create the quilt effect.
This took quite a while to do. When it was over I sewed the edges of the bed with a sewing machine following the pattern on the back side of the quilt. I then cut about 1/4 of an in around the edge.

The 1/4 inch extra is there for the lace to be glued on. The next step was to gather the lace. I cut a piece of lace twice the length of the 3 sides of the bed (no lace against the headboard. I only had nylon lace so I could not pull on a thread to gather it. I hand sewed a 1/8 in stitch the entire length and then gathered it gently.

Once it was gathered to the right length I pined it down on some foamcore board with silk pins. To make the lace hang realistically I had to also pin the bottom of the lace into proper folds, then I hair sprayed it to death and let it dry.

The next step was to pin the quilt down on some foamcore, right side up, and using tacky glue and silk pins I put the lace into place

When the glue was dry I hand sewed the lace over the glue line. I did this for 2 reasons: 1- the glue had not taken perfectly in some areas and I was worried I might accidentally pull it off. 2- the gathered lace was not lying flat on the quilt and it did not look realistic. I thought of covering the edge with ribbon, but I thought it was busy enough and that would be overkill.

When the quilt construction was done I hand sewed the pillows the same way.

I used the same 1/8 inch foam I used for the quilt to make the decorative pillows and a 1/2 inch foam for the big pillow. The bolster is a plastic tube covered with fabric. Again I measured lace for each pillow twice as long as the 4 sides of the pillows, gathered it, pined it down, sprayed it, glued it, and finally sewed it.

I wanted to add a little detail to the bedding with French knots in lilac colored embroidery cotton string. I grouped the knots in 3 so it looked like little bunches of roses. At first I wanted red string to match the curtains, but the silk for the quilt was so pale I thought a softer color would look more elegant.

 There is no way I can explain a French knot. I learned how to make them watching youtube videos. This was the most helpful: . For my embroidery "roses" I wrapped the thread around my needle 2 times. The thread I used was made of 6 thick cotton strings. It was very difficult to get it through the needle head but well worth the effort.

 Each rose was knotted in the back of the quilt but I noticed the knots kept coming undone so I covered each one with tacky glue. The 3 accent pillows looked a bit flat, so I tufted them with smaller French knots made with a thread that matched the silk.

With the top elements done I worked on the skirt. It is made using the same fabric as the back of the quilt with lace sewed on. First I machine sewed the lace to the bottom of the fabric wich was twice as long as the three sides of the bed base. I then hand sewed another gathering stitch to the top of the fabric, gathered it, pined it down, pined down the folds, and hair sprayed. Yes, a very repetitive demented process. I glued it using tacky glue to the underside of the bed

Because I had a very little height to glue the fabric to the bed base I put another line of glue on the skirt and added a strip of wood which was also glued to the cross beams of the bed to make sure the skirt did not come undone. I hope that is clear? You can see it in the above picture.

When that was dry it was time to assemble. The quilt sides must be glued to the sides of the bed to hang properly.  I did not want to glue the quilt directly to the satin fabric that came on the mattress or onto the sides of the bed. I was afraid I might decided to remove it one day and damage the mahogany finish . I covered the mattress in the same fabric as the skirt and the back of the bed and I added would strips on the side of the mattress to which I glued the quilt

I added the wood strips because if I glued the quilt to the sides of the mattress it would not lie flat because the sides of the bed. The wood strips are the same width as the bed sides so the quilt could hang correctly. After all that down went the quilt

I just put a line of tacky glue and a few dots of super glue onto the wood strips and glued the quilt down. After that was dry I put the pillows in place...just put, not glued

And back the bed went into the bedroom. I think the countess will approve. I hope she does because the bedding took just under 30 hours to make.

The other finishing project for this room was the curtains over the windows. Here is what it looked like in a past post

Being a bear for punishment I decided I wanted Austrian shades for this room. I could not find any instructions on how to make them in miniature so I had to figure it out myself. I think I spent about 8 hours of trial time before I finally got to work on them.

In the above picture on the left you can see I pleated the red fabric with the Pretty Pleater and as per usual I cut and glued an illustration board backing for each pane to keep the folds perfectly in place. On the right side of the picture you see the start of the Austrian shade. I machine sewed a zigzag stich on the edges of the sheer fabric because the threads kept coming undone and caught in the gathering stitches. I then machine sewed 3 simple stitches for gathering the pane. I set my machine for a 1/8 inch stitch and lowered the tension.

In the above picture you see the gathered piece. I pulled on the 3 threads very gently. When they were the right length I knotted the ends of the strings and cut them off. I then took the red curtains, put them upside down on my work table and glued the Austrian shade down:

I was so careful gathering them, but one of the strings broke. That is why one is longer then the other. At this point I decided to live with it . I tried several alternatives, but in the end having the gathered line in the middle of the window is what looked best because I could shape the folds and glue them into place behind the red panels. I then took some illustration board and cut out boxes to go over the top of the curtains which I covered in fabric and gold trim.

 I had some applique's from Unique Miniatures I painted white and gold which I wanted to glue over the tops of the window dressing. I used them to help shape the tops of the window boxes. And here they are installed

I also added some applique's to the over mantel to make the room look a bit more feminine. The original over mantel was too square and boxy.

And voila, my ladies bedroom is ready

Here is a close up of the amazing Delicate Daisy dresser set I commissioned from Julie dewar in place. I just love it

As always both families got together and bought me miniatures for Christmas. This year I got 2 Metropolitan chandeliers in antique bronze finish from the Getzan's to go in the Great Room

I think they are just perfect for the room. I mentioned that over the holidays I worked on smaller projects. Another one was the curtains for the Great Room.

The curtains for the nook went very well, except that the upholstery fabric I used was not natural fibers and fought me every step of the way. It did not stay down in the pleater, the glue did not stick on easily...but finally I got it done.

The curtains over the back door went the same, however I had one small obstacle to conquer. When they were in place I noticed the back structure showing on the side

I did not want to do anything fancy with the difficult fabric so I just built a simple box to cover it with faux finished lumber and molding trim

I made sure it just covered the exposed area. Thank you all so much for your great compliments on my last post. The dining room was indeed the Manor's dining room, not my real life one.

A while ago I talked about the pictures I cut out of books and covered with mod Podge to simulate real paintings. I wanted to make more frames over the holidays but I realized cutting the picture frame molding and getting perfect corners takes longer then I expected. I posted this picture of the dining room because you can see the detail created by the mod podge where the light is reflected ont he paintings. Soooo many more to do! As I mentioned this chandelier is now in the countess's bedroom where it is much better scaled for the room.

I just wanted to mention a good friend of mine and a wonderful artist has finally started her own blog. It is the one and only Julie Dewar who made the Delicate Daisy dresser set for the countess's bedroom, the Imperial Cherry Blossom dinner set for my Chinese Tea Room and several other sets I have. You can see her blog at . She only has 2 posts, but believe me her artwork will amaze you!

And that is all for now my friends. I am not sure what I will tackle next...though work on the hell Ceiling will commence shortly. I hope you all have a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing all of your future posts. you are always such an amazing source of ideas, inspiration and kindness.

A big hug to all,



  1. Giac, when I first started making minis I had the privilege of taking two classes with Judee Williamson. One was a bed class and the other was a wing chair. Those two classes were invaluable to my mini making. That was about 30 years ago. I still use a lot of her techniques and have found none better.

    In fact, that was where I learned to make silk roses. Maybe you should give those a try. They are wonderful on Judee's beds and would look beautiful on yours.

    That being said, the only reason I suggest it is, you seem to be struggling with the ones made of thread. Your bed is beautiful. I wouldn't change a thing. Just a thought for a future project.

  2. Dear Giac,
    I laugh with you because a day without laughter is a day wasted. Wow..what a masterpiece! I adore the bedding. The room looks amazing! Ohhhh....sigh.....I want to be a countess. ;-)
    Hugs Dorien

  3. Hey buddy
    Great to see you back with a vengeance. The bed is a triumph I'm so impressed (and a little jealous!).
    The blinds are a lovely touch and soften the red curtains.
    Here's to 2014 - I'm here to laugh along with you...
    Si x

  4. You have done such a beautiful job dressing the bed. It is gorgeous! I am in awe of your talent and perseverance. All the hours you spent were well worth your time. The bed is certainly fit for a countess or a queen! The curtains for the bed room and the great room are every bit as lovely.

    Congratulations on the very pretty chandeliers you got for Christmas. They are just right for your Manor house Great room. :-) Julie Dewar's did a wonderful job painting the dresser set. No one has ever beaten the perfect scale of that dresser set. It remains my favorite for that reason.

  5. Oh my God!! I don't know where to start...when I saw the first pictures I thought that if those would be in a magazine, nobody would notice that the scene is a miniature one....this is how perfect everything is!!! I know I am repeating myself, but that's just what I think. The bed is stunning and I can't believe how many hours went into making the bedding...the work you did on it is impressive. I really like the Austrian shades you made, well done for sewing everything yourself and the curtains for the Great Room look perfect. The dresser that your friend made is so cute and I will head off now to check out her blog. Very well done for everything...everything is perfect and I am sure the Countess will love her improved bedroom!! Take care!

  6. Querido Giac,
    O trabalho dedicado para esse projeto é realmente algo especial, fora de qualquer expectativa. Tudo é de uma perfeição grandiosa.
    A colcha de 'matelasse' fabulosa, a cama está digna de reis!
    Você é muito generoso ao mostrar os detalhes da construção de tua obra de arte. Parabéns por todo esse talento.
    Um grande abraço.

  7. When I see you have a new post I get excited! My first reaction was, OMG look at that bed! Then I see you made the bedding! What can't you do? :-) The second thing , look at the design on the doors! I already raved about the floor, but I am still in awe. The wired chandelier is more that we can ask. I thought about the shades and how maybe the sun or something might be the reason a person living there might keep them uneven. :-)
    I did a post about a person who made curtains and sold them in her Esty store. She sold out. I am sure if you made anything near what you have here you would not only sell out, but have sooo many commission for special orders.
    I might try those shades...I thought of doing them before, but you make them seem so easy! I am going to hop over to your friends blog now and see some eye candy other!
    Keep up the gorgeous and inspiring work!

  8. Happy New Year, Giac!!! I will Laugh with you Any and Every Day!!! It is always so much fun to see what you have been up to! And oh, boy, you have been making some magnificent adjustments to the original pieces! That quilting is Awesome!!! WOW! And the overall look of the room with the rich red curtains and the delicate wallpaper is just so cheerful and rich and warm!!! As usual, you solve your problems with Flair and precision! That cover on the curtains looks like it was always meant to be there! I really look forward to seeing more... especially the stairwell ceiling!!! And thanks for sharing the new blog... I will have to go over and have a look!
    As I said, it is always inspiring to see what you have been making! Keep up the great work!!!

  9. Amazing, amazing work, my friend! The bedding and curtains are all stunning. The dedication and tenacity you showed in completing these intricate projects is truly impressive. Every photo you show of your completed work is so masterful. Giant WOW!!!!!!! xo Jennifer

  10. Thanks for sharing how you did the bedding it is amazing! So much beautiful work went into it and it shows. The rooms really create the atmosphere---

  11. Absolutely stunning! You inspire me. I'm going to try more hand made items instead of buying everything. What do you use on the ceiling, paper or vinyl? Are they painted off-white or do you leave them the way they come? I look forward to what else you have in store for us to see. Truly amazing! ~~Karen

  12. Giac that bedding is just exquisite. I am most certain the Countess will approve and all the drapes and other soft furnishings are equally beautiful and detailed. I love the quality of your work and it is always a pleasure to visit the Manor.

  13. You sir are a amazing artist, your detail is always astounding and the bedding is just more proof of the exquisite work!

    Thank you for the tutorial, I will just stare at it as I cannot even attempt the perfection you have produced ;)

    Thank you for the link to your friend, sharing the love of miniatures is what keeps us all going ;)

  14. Hola Giac! Wow tu trabajo es increíble. Horas de dedicasion solo pueden llegar a la perfección. Siento una gran admiracion por tus obras. Simplemente maravillosas! La ropa de cama es hermosa. Gracias, eres muy amable en compartir tu talento.
    Un abrazo!

  15. Hi Giac,
    I have often wondered how people make those tiny tiny pillows but you shown us here simple instructions. Countess bedroom is great! Have a wonderful brand new week! we have almost -20 degree here cold. Hopefully you got little bit warmer there :)

  16. oooh, i loooove the bedding, it's gorgeous!!! And so much work, I really admire your patience!

  17. I sit here early Monday morning and read your post. I have no words to describe how impressed I am again. The room is absolutely your Countess worthy. The bedspread is wonderful. thanks for showing how you made it, it also shows your perfectionism. It is so thoroughly well done. You must be a very patient man.
    I hope you get a lot of good experiences with people, as it gives you laugh a lot this year,
    Hugs and thanks for the show

  18. Hi Giac,
    your quilt is stunning! the bedroom with beautiful furniture and this bedding is just amazing!
    bug hugs

  19. Hi Giac, what a lot you accomplished over the holidays. Excellent stitching on the silk coverlet . It is very difficult to be consistent in the length and placement. Re working with non natural fabrics for the curtains . It is such a challenge to make the folds stay put.
    Wonder what you will do next?
    Regards Janine

  20. Bonjour,
    Du bien joli travail! J'apprécie beaucoup le soin dans vos finitions.

  21. Hello Giac,
    Unfortunately, my english is too poor to express how impressed I am. You're so skilled ! All is perfect. It's a great great work.

  22. Hey Giac, I admire your work with curtains. They all look beautiful and so real! The dresser set is lovely!
    Big hug

  23. Wow Giac, you are one multi talented guy. I think any Countess would be thrilled to have a bedroom like this =0)

  24. Feliz año nuevo! .Admiro todo su trabajo y dedicacion asi como el compartirlo con todos.Besos Carmen

  25. Feliz año nuevo! .Admiro todo su trabajo y dedicacion asi como el compartirlo con todos.Besos Carmen

  26. Feliz año nuevo! .Admiro todo su trabajo y dedicacion asi como el compartirlo con todos.Besos Carmen

  27. What a stunning bedroom, Giac! I love the floor - and the bedding is to die for! I have the hardest time with bedding because I'm always tempted to sew things "the right way", when in miniature, it's often best to omit batting, soak materials in fabric softener, and occasionally resort to using (ugh!) glue.

  28. I am in awe. The bedding is fit for a queen! I have deep respect for your patience and perseverance.

  29. It is so creative what you did with the bed.
    Incredible beautiful and what a work.
    The curtains are also very stylish and beautiful.
    You are a huge inmspiratie.

    As for your intention for 2014, you are right.
    I wish you a very good and prosperous new year,

    kind regards

  30. Happy New Year to you and yours, Giac! I wish you a year full of pleasure and laughter and......with lots of creativity! Wow, what a start did you make this year! What an amazing work in the bedroom for your lucky Countess, it is excellent!
    Thanks for sharing all the tips and tricks, you are multi talented :D!
    Big hug, Ilona

  31. Happy New Year Giac. I'm catching up here with all the wonderful things you been creating over the holidays and you have left me speechless with your Countess bedding - I applaude your patience. It has all be well worth it.

  32. Es impresionante tu trabajo, tus acabados son perfectos, nadie dice que es en miniatura, tus manos son un tesoro. En tema de casas de muñecas nunca he visto nada tan impresionante como tus trabajos. Un abrazo, Arantza.

  33. Un trabajo impresionante, maravilloso y lleno de buen gusto.
    Te admiro mucho.
    Un abrazo.

  34. Hello Giac,

    The Countess' bedroom is truly beautiful! You have captured the late Victorian period perfectly with your creativity and artistry. All the soft furnishings are so lovely and well done…and the bed…gorgeous! I am very impressed with all of the draperies, especially since I know the trials and tribulations of working with non-natural fabrics that fight back every millimetre of the way!

    Thank you so much for generously sharing how you made these wonderful miniatures. I am sure they will help and inspire others to "give it a go" and create their own projects.

    Finally, an enormous thank you, Giac, for mentioning my blog. It is a new venture and your support and encouragement are greatly appreciated :-)

    Cheers & Hugs,

  35. There are a number of mind blowing miniature artists in the world and you, dearest Giac, are one of them! Your workmanship is magnificent!
    I have decided to give up being a real estate agent and become "Countess Isabelle", so that I can live and dream in your exquisite mansion!
    That bed is beautiful, and the curtains frame the windows perfectly. I also love the chandeliers. Yes, I think I shall be quite content living in your house!
    Big hugs,

  36. Hello Giac,
    Wow!!!!! Your work is magnificent. The details!!! Breathtaking !!!
    Thank you for sharing your process with us. It's so wonderful to be able to read a blog, enjoy the photos and learn something new. I look forward to seeing more soon.

  37. What can I say? Your work is so unbelievably pedantic.

  38. Wat geweldig..... ik heb er geen woorden voor.
    wij willen met je mee lachen Giac.

    Lieve groet Willy

  39. Wow, the detail work is just amazing! Love to see how you make it happen!


  40. Wow I love your bed with its beautiful amazing bedding. Your bedroom is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing so much of your wonderful work.
    Hugs Maria

  41. A little late, but wishes for 2014 Giac! You have been busy!
    Your coverlet is so wonderful, you did a great job on stitching it. With all the soft furnishings the room is indeed becoming much more feminine. I think the chairs could use a few pillows too!
    And oh, that dining room is sooo beautiful! I look forward to seeing a new, even grander chandelier in there. Maybe you can make some matching wall sconces for the chandeliers in both rooms!

  42. Hello Giac I hope you are well.
    Like usually is amazing job congratulations.

  43. WOUAH et en plus doué en couture BRAVO Giac

  44. There's one advantage when visiting a little later... the others already wrote down all the compliments and expressions of awe my poor English and I wouldn't find the words for... ;O) You've outdone yourself once more, it's simply breathtaking... I kind of envy your Countess - in that bed what dreams may come... The patience and skills you've put in the bedding and later on in the curtains have my deepest admiration, the bedding is a masterpiece - and it's pure beauty. Btw I think the lilac thread for the french knots was a very good choice, looks very noble and delicate. The lady's bedroom is breathtaking... your whole manor is. I'm really looking forward to whatever you're creating next.


  45. Hi Giac! Thank you so much for sharing this! I am stunned :D Your bedding is wonderful, though I doubt that I would have the patience to try something similar. I have the same bed here, still unpainted and it is exciting what someone like you could make out of it.
    I wish you a lot of laughter this year!

  46. Bellissimi i particolari che curi quando allestisci le tue stanze. Rimango sempre incantata...:)
    Un grosso bacio caro Giac

  47. Well done! Always learn so much from your process. The final result is stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  48. You have created a miracle again! Thank you for your excellent presentation. I had no idea that so easily can also be made of quilted bedspreads.
    embrace, Anda

  49. Giac you have been busy! I love your bed and the curtains are to die for.. I just dont know what to look at's all wonderful


  50. Hi Giac! I am in awe of your seemingly never-ending talents! I showed this post to my wife, (she does a lot of needlework) and her jaw dropped, I think she was a little bit jealous of you!
    Amazing work, if I had one tenth of your skill I would be happy!
    Kind regards, Brian.
    Oh, by the way, I doubt you will EVER have to laugh alone!

  51. Caro Giac, la tua dimora diventa sempre più bella ed elegante. Guardare queste immagini sembra di osservare una casa reale e ...quanto lavoro, complimenti! Deliziosa la camera della Signora.
    Un caro abbraccio, Manu

  52. Oh Giac the Countess's bedroom is exquisite, I love your choice of wallpaper and furniture. The work and detail you have given that quilt is superb; those little French knots have added are the perfect feminine touch. Julie's dressing table set is gorgeous, I love that it is black and white with just a hint of green (my favourite colours).

    Now to those stubborn curtains in the great room, I understand the frustration you must have been going through; being a sewer I know natural fibre fabrics drape much better and are much easier to work with. However, despite all the difficulties, you did a great job and the little pelmet finished the window nicely.

    Thank you for another very informative and inspirational post.

    P.S. I could easily feel very much at home in your Victorian Manor house. :)

  53. What can I say that it hasn't already been said?
    Everything is simply GORGEOUS !!!!! and you are a great artist!!

  54. Wow Giac! Fantastic work! You always manage to surprise me with a new skill, your bedspread looks wonderful as well as everything else!

  55. Giac,
    In one word - stunning!

  56. You are SO right, always keep smiling, even if no-one does.
    Glad to hear your holiday was so good; and you have done A LOT.
    Love love love the bedding, it is beautiful and a real eyecatcher.It looks luxurious and feminine and very rich, very well done!
    Thanks for your step by step tutorial!

  57. You just take my breath away with your skill. How absolutely beautiful. I really love reading your blog and watching your masterpiece come together. So spectacular.

  58. Giac, you have really got in touch with your feminine side with that quilt, it is gorgeous and perfect for a countess! :D Please excuse my cheeky but complimentary humour :D The rooms are just exquisite. I have told you this before, I think, your miniature house photos are like something from a national trust property brochure.

    Have you been to Chatsworth? I have, twice, and you will hate me for this if you haven't been, I didn't go in. I did go around the gardens and farm, which was wonderful, and I had to walk there from Rowsley, which took about an hour one way, but see when you walk across the countryside to get to it, it really is magnificent, I felt like a peasant walking across the grounds, which were immense, and there are herds of sheep and deer, roaming free on the estate grounds, (which are all for the farm shop, also on the estate, eek) I walked along the river up to the bridge which takes you over to the house, it was idyllic! I had the music from The Draughtsmans Contract playing in my head, THE WHOLE TIME :D. The BBC did a brilliant series on the house and the people who work there, well worth seeing if you can. And if you haven't been, you must make it your mission to go there! And take photos for us all :D

  59. Hola Giac ¡¡ antes de todo Feliz Año Nuevo ¡¡ el dormitorio es una obra de arte, es precioso ¡¡ pero....hubiese dado cualquier cosa por verte por un agujero, cuando hacias la ropa de cama ¡¡¡¡¡ jajajaj saludos , Angeles.

  60. Hi Giac, the one and only! About laughing by yourself, I do that all the time! You should be so proud of what you have accomplished in this amazing room! That bedding is an absolute show stopper! Thank you so much for that perfectly detailed tutorial. Brilliant of you to have added that strip of wood to the bed to keep the bed skirt in place and again those you added to the side and foot of the bed. Regarding the Austrian shades, I prefer the longer one, the one where the string broke. It just looks more relaxed! The tops of the window boxes are worthy of a countess! What a gorgeous dresser set. I think you could probably build chandeliers like Getzan's if you tried. Thank you for that link to Julie Dewar's blog. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Beautiful work and helpful tutorials!

  61. Hello Giac! What a Luxuious and Opulent looking bed! As usual the most precise craftsmanship has gone into your handiwork! The curtains are really lovely and the sheers behind them, really enhance the beauty of them so well. I see the Remarkable dresser set is on display and it fits beautifully on the vanity top, what a great set of accessories. I also like the 2 arm chairs that are on either side of the fireplace as they are a fine counterpoint for the size of the bed. And as usual, the chandelier that you have chosen is perfectly wonderful! You continue to impress me with your finer details Giac! Well done!
    Big Hugs :D


  62. Hello Giac ;) I really think all has been said. It's perfect as usual. I envy your sewing skills which I don't have... The bed itself is a real masterpiece and so are the curtains. When I have some ideas, I always check in your blog first to see if you haven't had the same before. Now I have some great tutorials from you about curtain making! LOL. I took a couple of hours to read your blog from day 1. What a source of inspiration and unlike me , you know how to explain process.... Thanks again, Giac. All the best.
    Patrick from sunny but agitated Thailand.

  63. U n b e l i e v a b l e beautiful!! <3 You have been so patient with the bedding... Everything looks so real I can hardly believe my eyes. =D Greetings from cold Finland, keep on smiling! =)

  64. Hi Giac, I can not believe your sewing skills, it is absolute AMAZING,!!!!!!
    The bedding is gorgeous, just perfect for this beautiful bedroom.
    It is so great to follow your Blog and to see the progress with all your helpfull information, thank you so much :)
    Have a wonderful week !

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  65. Hi Giac!
    I am almost speechless... With your skills and creativity: O Yes: You are the ARTIST! The bedding is so amazing, it is like a dream come true! I would like to walk silently on my toes around that beautiful room ... wish I were the size 1/12!
    Fantastic work!

  66. Que bonita estancia Giac, ya puede estar contenta la condesa con semejante habitación. Te ha quedado todo precioso, la colcha es una maravilla. Gracias por las explicaciones y te deseo un muy feliz año. Besos

  67. Congratulations for your wonderful work and great skill with the sewing. hugs, Marisa

  68. You have huge amount of work! I'm impressed ;)
    Needles and I are not so friends so I really believe that your skills sewing are just awesome, and not only sewing....everything looks so beautiful
    By the way, love your motto! ;)

  69. Loving all the clean lines of the valences. So professional looking! And I am impressed that you had the patience to sit there and hand sew all those little stitches for the quit/coverlet!!! I have toyed with the idea of making a mini quilt but I can't even get myself to do a regular sized one for myself... Too much work! :)

  70. Hello Giac ,

    looking at your work, I count the days ... I'll never have the courage to do that. I am so slow to do something. I think of you whenever I want to make a curtain .... and I thought ... why Giac does not live next door to me? he could not leave my house with windows without curtains. my poor mouse! you managed to make a perfect cover for your bed. you have not been afraid to start so slow work. style perfectly matches your universe. I am not at all used to the style ceilings of your home. they are so different from French ceilings. I love learning through blogs different styles. you managed to keep a great unity of style in every room. it is a difficult thing to do, especially when it's been years that we are working on the same project. I look forward to even more.
    Je vous embrasse .

  71. Haow talented you are! The bedroom is beautiful and very elegant. Congratulations on the quilt.

  72. Giac Hello, thank you for your comments on my blog.
    Your mini work is beautiful how you get it all done, amazing. I found this link, take a look also great work.>>

  73. Hei Giac. Olen taas kerran häkeltynyt taidoistasi. Upeaa työtä!
    Hello Giac. I am amazed once again because your talent. Great work!
    From midde if the Finnish winter, -25 Celsius degrees, Jaana

  74. Me he quedado asombrada con tu trabajo, ¡Es una gran obra de arte!
    Muchas gracias por las explicaciones
    Y gracias también por tus comentarios a mis trabajos. Me han animado mucho, pues proceden de un gran artista

  75. Oh! Giac your lady bedroom is a great, great work. How talented you are! The white quilt is wonderful and the curtains are really lovely. Congratulations. Hugs

  76. As ever, I am blown away by your skill and determination! the bedroom looks amazing. I love the bedclothes, and the dressing table set is delightful

  77. Hi Giac!
    As usual your work is fantastic! The courtains look lovely.
    Look forward to see more!

  78. Better late then never, so here's my reaction; Wow! You've been busy!!! The soft furnishing are very impressing, so much work went into them. Thank you for showing all the steps, so much i don't know how it's done. Your skills are truly refined, all you've added lifts the countess's room to her standing :)

  79. Tus casas de muñecas son realmente piezas únicas, de artesanía y dignas de un museo. Todo ese trabajo que realizas me resulta sorprendente e increíble. Pienso que todas las mujeres y niñas desearimos tener casas así solo para admiradlas. Felicidades por tu fantástico trabajo.

  80. Giac,tienes que estar tan orgulloso!!!
    Decir que tus trabajos son fantásticos,es quedarse corto,todo es perfecto,muebles,suelos paredes,cortinas....y la ropa de cama es increíble.
    Felicitaciones....disfruto mucho cada vez que muestras un "pedazo" de manor,es una mini-obra de arte
    Un besin

  81. WoW!!!! y se me había pasado esta entrada,no tengo perdón....Tienes que estar tan orgulloso de la cantidad de habilidades que tienes,todo lo que tocas,se convierte en una pequeña obra de arte!!! El trabajo de la colcha es sencillamente maravillosa y esas cortinas tan delicadas y dejas con la boca abierta!!!!!

  82. Ciao Giac...parli di piccoli progetti??? La coperta è un grandissimo progetto, è assolutamente magnifica!
    Mi piace molto la camera della contessa, è straordinaria!
    Un abbraccio,

  83. I have no words to describe my impression upon seeing the bedroom! It's amazing, I love the step by step in the development of the bedspread and curtains, you're a great artist Giac, I admire your work so thorough and well done! Congratulations! Kisses.

  84. Hi Giac,
    Just wanted to say I spotted your Chinese Tea Room on the decorating blog Cote De Texas! Also, seeing your gorgeous bedding has inspired me to finish up some of my own beds. Love the solution you came up with to avoid gluing the bedding to the bed- I'll be borrowing that idea for sure!

  85. OMG, I had to pinch myself to be sure that I was really looking at miniatures!! Your work is absolutely wonderful and I loved the silk quilted bedspread. Congratulations. I made a miniature crazy quilted bedspread once, it took forever. Here is a link if you would like to take a look -

  86. The quilt on the bed I love most in the bedroom. It looks great.
    Miniature greetings

  87. Muito, muito, muiiiiiiiito talento!!!
    sempre que venho aqui tenho uma surpresa.

  88. BonjourGiac,
    C'est absolument merveilleux.... Merci de partager tout cela avec nous.
    A bientôt.

  89. je découvre votre blog, je suis impressionnée par la qualité de votre travail, cette chambre ainsi que les autres pièces sont somptueuses !
    Félicitations aussi pour votre talent de couturier.
    Amicalement. rosethé

  90. la cama quedo impresionante con esa colcha, la verdad es que sus habitaciones son super elegantes me encanta la forma de decorar que usted tiene
    un abrazo

  91. Hi Giac. I have finally managed to catch up with everyone's blog! Is there really no end to your talent?! Your quilt particularly is stunning and your work so inspiring. Celia

  92. Hey Giac
    Dit is geweldig
    heel , heel erg mooi

    groetjes Emma

  93. Hola Giac, que maravilloso trabajo has hecho la cocha es preciosa, y lo has explicado todo con mucha claridad, visitare el blog de tu amigo, la ropa de la condesa es absolutamente divina!!!
    Te deseó lo mejor querido Giac.

  94. I can never say it are so talented...and ever so patient! I don't know how you do it Giac. Your work is so impressive. I will go and look at your friend's blog.

  95. Wow !!! Super sensational job
    Greetings from Poland

  96. Hello Giac
    I've been wanting to spare the time to come over and check out your Blog and so glad I have. I've been following you a bit through Studio E as (fats) Elizabeth's friend. You have so much talent and I thank you for sharing your creations with everyone.

  97. Hi Giac, you are truly truly skilled and have such a eye for detail! Everything is gorgeous, including the bed!! Will check out your friend's blog too. By the way, your motto is excellent! :)

  98. It`s all in the details! Your work is great and you are very patient, all the hours of work on the bed and curtains, I`m so impressed. The room is wonderful, love the floor and the chandelier.

  99. Un trabajo muy delicado y rico de detalles todo muy hermoso mi caro amigo.besitos.

  100. hauhauhau!!! Dei um gostoso sorriso quando li sua postagem lá em Raminhos de Pano dizendo que o abraço não poderia ser forte para não me esmagar hauhauhau!!! Eu aguento sim e adoro meus doces amigos de blog, muito obrigada Giac por ser uma pessoa tão doce e fazer parte de minha vida como meu amigo de blog, que torce para me ver logo boa =D
    Estou encantada com o quarto da condessa, a colcha sobre a cama com almofadas e travesseiros estão no ponto certo, lindo e muito suave para ela ter uma agradável e repousante noite de sono.
    Achei ótimo a separação de quarto do conde e da condessa pois era exatamente o que se via naquelas épocas.
    Quanto ao Kit Daisy, suspirei, perfeito para uma bela e vaidosa dama ficar elegante para os grandes eventos de jantares, reuniões e bailes. Achei o lustre do tamanho ideal para o quarto.
    Parabéns por seu belo talento, eu adoro tudo isso.
    Grande abraço de sua amiga brasileirinha Fernanda.

  101. I am in awe of your quilting skills...among all others :-O

  102. Cuanto trabajo y todo tan perfecto!! me encanta! el dormitorio es super-rreal y majestuoso.
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  103. E' tutto completamente favoloso!!
    La coperta è un'opera senza eguali!
    La camera da letto e la sala biliardo sono arredate alla perfezione, complimenti per il tuo lavoro.
    Un saluto italiano

  104. Giac,
    You just keep raising the bar!!! Fabulous my friend!

  105. I have just discovered your blog, and I'm blown away. I have just started to build my seems so small compared to yours, but the inspiration you have given me is priceless. Love, love, love your Manor. Just superb.

  106. Your Manor House is just sublime, I love the way you built the staircases from scratch, it has given me the inspiration to try this myself…
    I can hardly wait to see the exterior finishes!!

  107. I drooled over my new issue of Miniature Collector cover page...& something told me I reconized it, & indeed! I was so excited to see your article and felt I knew you, lol, then wanted to ask you how you made the beautiful bedding, well checked here first and there ya have it! You are awesome, I want to try this for my bed & breakfest! Thank you and keep up the amazing good work Giac!!
    mini hugs, Jaime

  108. Oi Giac, fiquei encantada com a colcha de cama que você fez e me inspirei para fazer e fiz uma colcha para cama da pequena Bel, lógico que a sua é linda mas a minha ficou bonitinha (engraçada)
    Abraço, Nanda

  109. Tutorial muito bem feito. Deu-me umas dicas que preciso para as colchas que tenho de fazer. Obrigada. Um abraço