Sunday, 20 January 2013

Finished Roombox

Hello my friends,
I hope you are all doing well and enjoying a lovely weekend. Yet again I am humbled by your wonderful feedback on my last post. Thank you everyone who has been following my adventures with the Manor and a great big welcome to all who recently joined the ride. Yesterday I finished the interior of the room box I made for my friend.
My first leaded window experiment
Fireplace view

Front view
On me last post I had just finished wallpapering. The next step was adding the embossed ceiling paper with regular wallpaper paste. Next, I added lumber strips to the walnut section of the walls to create panelling.

The side table is glued onto the wall
I spent 3 days trying to find the perfect painting for the wall above the swan table. I finally found one in a book I have called "100 Treasures of Buckingham Palace". Jo bought it for me when he went to London shortly after we met. It had such great pictures I looked it up eBay and bought a second copy to cut up for miniatures.
Painting over the table
I glued the picture onto thin cardboard to accommodate the picture frame molding. I then glued that onto a sheet of paper. I painted the molding black and then dry-brushed it with gold paint. I cut the frame pieces and glued them to the paper around the picture. The next step was the curtains for the window.

Finished painting and curtains in progress
I used this fabric for the great room arches in Dewell Manor. I started by using the Pretty Pleater to make the folds. As I was doing this I understood why miniaturists warn us to use thin, natural fibre fabrics for drapery...It was Hell to work with. The fabric I used is an upholstry fabric and would not keep the shape, and kept popping out of the pleater when I was not the end I glued a piece of illustration board (picture above) on the back of the pleated section and hung it as straight panels. I did not even attempt to make a swag but just created a simple valence. Since the room box is a modern day version of the Manor I was happy with the result
Fabric from Hell
I left the edge of the fabric unfinished because it looked like fringe. I made sure to hang it a bit lower so the fringe made it look like a maid had just pulled the curtain open. I think it works. The next step was to make the window. I used fibreglass pieces cut to the size of the window panes and then used lead tape to make the leading. The result was pretty good.
Leaded window Panes
I was told to put the lead on both sides to make it look more really does make a difference. The tape is about 1/2 inch wide and cut easily with a utility knife and metal ruler. The back is self adhesive and went on pretty well.  For the arched top window I used glass paints to create stained glass. It worked well, but I put too much paint in some squares and it bled through the leading into the other squares. I was still happy with the result.

I used toothpicks to "drop" the glass paint into the squares.
While the leading and the stained glass is not perfect, the final effect is not too bad
Interior lighting

Exterior Lighting
With the window in place I turned my attention to the accessories for the room.
-The tissue box is a block of wood covered in leftover Library wallpaper and a piece of facial tissue
-The box is made from lumber and leftover molding. The top is a section of a Pietra-Dura table form the same book as the painting. I painted the rest black, added chinoiserie detail, and finished it with gloss varnish
-The bowl with glass globes is a jewelry bit I painted gold and I glued in some beads I had lying around
-The candle stick is a Chrysbon candle and a plastic bead I drilled to make hole bigger
- The glasses are plastic Chrysbon glasses I painted. I was inspired by a Murano Wine set in my real life china hutch
I will practise and make a set of these for Dewell Manor
I painted the inside of the plastic glasses with red glass paint, then painted the rim and bottom part of the glasses with gold paint. I then painted on flowers and leaves.

Wall shelf with the heating grate
Swan Table and painting
And finally, the usual picture of the empty room

Empty Room box
 I now have to cover the exterior of the box and add a picture frame around the front, and then it's off.
I loved making the room box because It was the first time I got a real glimpse of what Dewell Manor will look like finished. If anything it has made me more impatient.
As of today, it's back to work on the Manor. My next project is redoing the Music Room floor. The one in there now is good, but it was my first scratch built floor and it just did not have the grandeur and elegance I want for the Music room. I know I can do better. We are going on holiday in February, so I hope to have the floor done by then...however I have chosen a floor that is a little complex, so we'll see what happens.

And that is progress in the wonderful World of Giac. Thank you once again for everything my friends. It means a great deal to me. If any of you notice that I am not following your blogs please let me know. I try to follow everyone who takes the time to follow me and would hate to have left anyone out.

Have a wonderful week my friends, and I look forward to seeing more of your very inspirational projects.
Big hug,


  1. Giac,
    You are an inspiration to us all. You have a very lucky friend - it is a lovely gift!
    Your window and its treatment is beautifully done!And, I love your glasses and decanter - what a great idea!
    Have a wonderful holiday! Will see you soon,

  2. Hello Giac,

    What an elegant, rich room! I am so impressed with your work and how you tamed the "fabric from Hell". Your stained glass looks great and the accessories are the perfect finishing touches. I am sure your friend will be thrilled with your gift.

    Have a lovely holiday. Brian and I are looking forward to seeing you in March at the Montreal Show.


  3. Hi Giac!

    This is just beautiful in every way! The woodwork especially just amazes me. Thank you so much for the descriptions, I especially appreciate the explanation of how you made the framed picture. I can't aspire to one-one hundredth of your talent, but I might be able to do that - I think trying to frame some pictures will be my project on this lazy Sunday. Thanks again for the fun glimpse into the World of Giac:)


  4. You have done all this by your own hands? And you tell me you don't have patience? Ts,ts .... ;-)
    Everything you make is just beautiful, Giac.
    Wish you a wonderful week.

  5. hello Giac, thank you so much for following my blog for I love to follow your progress too! The luxurious style and atmosphere of your house is completely different from the almost sober one of mine. Your work shows zeal and very good craftmanship. I think I can learn a lot from you! Thanks for sharing your knowledge so generously.
    Greetings from Liduina.

  6. Hello Giac!

    The scene looks wonderful, really wonderful. I think that when your House is completely finished, will I want to be tiny and live in it.

    A big hug and congratulations!

    1. This is very brave project. The floor plant is different from what we usually see!. The fireplace, the window, the console, the textures of the stone and wood, the curtains... everything is perfect. Congratulations.

  7. Hallo Giac!

    Your room box is wonderful! And thank you so much for the tutorial of the windows. They look great and we can all learn a lot from you!
    Thanks for sharing your work with us!

    Greetins from Austria :-)
    Hugs, Lina

  8. What an Awesome Gift this Roombox is!!! I LOVE the painting.... I can imagine myself now running to find not just one, but TWO copies of that book! LOL!!! I would not have the courage to cut one up.... but I have to agree it makes an incredible resource for Great Art!!! Your painted goblets are Divine... I will have to copy that too! I am always amazed and inspired by the things you make from scratch! It is my goal to someday be making ALL the parts of ALL my houses... meanwhile I end up buying the better pieces... just to see how they are made, of course!;)Thank you for showing us all your techniques!
    I can't wait to see this new floor you are planning.... of course, I thought the first one was fantastic!

  9. Ciao Giac, la finestra è stupenda! Mi piace l'effetto ed il risultato è ottimo, la stanza sembra davvero una della tua splendida casa! I dettagli sono magnifici, non ho capito però dalla traduzione se hai fatto tu anche i bicchieri, comunque li trovo splendidi!!
    Un bacio,

  10. The Murano goblets are fantastic, Giac! I will have to try it one day too.
    The roombox looks great and I am sure your friend will love it just like we all around Blogland do.:)
    I am so curious about that new floor! No matter how much time it is going to take I know it will be Great!
    Bug hug

  11. Quel magnifique travail....

  12. Hi Giac, your work is absolutely beautiful. I look forward to each of your posts because I know it will be a treat to read and to look at. You are really amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  13. This just shows how much detail you can fit into a small space. It's lovely Giac and your window turned out very well. Not bad for a first attempt at all!

  14. Hello again Giac!
    What can I say?! It is a masterpiece! I love it all! The leaded window is especially amazing & all your little touches add a real touch of splendour to this very beautiful piece!
    Well done, my friend. Your talent always shines through your projects!
    Best wishes
    Helen. x

  15. Giac, this roombox is really a gorgeous gift! The details are amazing, especially the window with the stained glass! Love your attempt to create Murano glasswork.
    Hugs, Ilona

  16. Hello Giac, I applaud your eye for detail. It looks amazing. Hope your friend will be blown away by the roombox. gr. AM

  17. Hello Giac! The house is Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Giac, your friend is lucky indeed! That picture is splendour itself. I love the colour of the wood and the green you have chosen. Your window and drapes are very striking. Most of all, for me, I am blown away by what you have done to the Chrysbon glasses. Ohhh, my goodness, they are gorgeous! I guess there is only one Giac! Have a wonderful day and God bless!

  19. This room is wonderful. I like the atmosphere. And the table is original and elegant. I also like the accessories.
    All is perfect.
    Bye Faby

  20. Hola Giac ¡¡ es un rincon precioso, co tu firma especial....los pequeños detalles en la vitrina son una maravilla ¡¡, felicidades ¡¡ un beso , Angeles.

  21. Giac, the room box is just amazing, the wood and other colors that you used goes so well together, I am sure your friend will love his gift.

    Now why haven't I thought of buying a second book to cut up for paintings in my dollhouse, I have quite a few that qualify, that is a great idea. I always learn something new from you.

  22. Helo Giac, its a magnificent piece,congratulations.

  23. That is absolutely breathtaking! Great work and amazing detail!

  24. Wow, what a lovely shot of the light coming through the window. I really like how you put figures above the fireplace. Great job =0)

  25. Hi Giac,

    You tamed the fabric 'from hell' beautifully! I LOVE the fringed bottom. It is a GORGEOUS room. The big painting is just perfect for the character I believe you wanted to achieve. All the accessories you added are a real compliment to the room. Well done! I look forward to every new post.

  26. Just Beautiful! You always give me something to aspire to when I look at your work.

  27. Giac your room box is gorgeous I am so jealous of this friend being on the receiving end of this masterpiece :))) I love the window its fantastic and the so many amazing details. Wonderful job.
    Hugs Maria

  28. Es una escena preciosa Giac, la ventana es una maravilla me encanta como se ve cuando pasa la luz a través de ella y el gran cuadro, queda espectacular encima de la consola, todo en conjunto es perfecto. Besitos

  29. I feel totally overwhelmed with beauty - and from so many brilliant ideas. Everything you've done looks perfect in the end, it's sometimes unbelievable it's "just" painted glasses or "just" a picture cut out of a book. You have so many gorgeous idea and you're so talented to bring your ideas into reality - it's always fun to see what you've been doing in the "Wonderful World of Giac". I'm really glad I'm able to visit you there - and I know two things for sure: Your friend will be over the moon with this roombox-masterpiece and your new floor will become great!


  30. It is a pleasure to visit you, it's always a new world that meet me, a world of perfection.
    Your window's party is stunningly beautiful and the curtains fit so well. All your accessories are irresistible and impressive that you are doing these things yourself. . The picture, the swans and the small wall desk everything is so beautifully reconciled in colors. A beautiful room that looks like a million. There must be so many hours of work behind. Thank you for showing.

    Thank you for your very positive feedback on my blog. It means everything to me.

    I wish you a great holiday, with room for some relaxation. Hugs and see you.


  31. Hi,
    You have very interesting project! Exellent work, well done!


  32. Bravissimo Giac come sempre...Le tue opere in miniatura sono spettacolari!!!
    Ti abbraccio e a risentirici...

  33. Dear Giac,
    I love your fabric from hell !! That stained glass is amazing. Maybe I use your technique for my doll house. But first I have to put my wall paper to the walls. It looks amazing !! Thank you for sharing it.
    Hugs Dorien

  34. The roombox is great. I love the glasses and think that I'd like to give this a go. The stained glass looks really good with the lighting.

  35. Hi Giac!
    The stained glass window is gorgeous! Thank you for the tutorial part with the use of lead tape!
    I`ll go around the shops if they sell that here :)
    The glass goblets you made are fantastic! Love them!
    The big painting is perfect on the wall.
    The whole scene is wonderful with all the details. Your friend will be so happy!

  36. Again, an impressive piece of art. I love the wall panelling, in fact there is nothing that I don't love in this gorgeous roombox. Thanks for sharing and explaining the way you did it.
    Hugs, Drora

  37. Un trabajo excelente!!!, la ventana a quedado preciosa y gracias por explicar como la realizaste. Felicidades por este Room Box.


  38. Gorgeous as usual! The angle of the room box is so clever, and I'm very impressed you were able to use upholstery fabric for the curtains.

  39. Hi Giac
    Congratulations on completing the room box - what an incredible gift this will be!
    The leaded window and stained glass are perfect and you continue to impress with you not only your skill but your patience too.
    It's funny - I do the same thing with the books. I end up duplicating them on the cheap from eBay just for the pictures!!
    Have a great week

  40. My dear Giac,what I shall say which hasn't already been written or thought?
    It is AWESOME! I love the way you work,you are such an ispiration! Grazie mille e un bacione,Rosanna

  41. Sencillamente, maravilloso. Tu trabajo es increible y perfecto. Yo lo veo todo genial, delicado y de un gusto exquisito. No hay ni un fallo. Me encanta. Feliz semana. Un saludo.

  42. Beautiful roombox as I am sure your friend will agree.
    I like the journeys you take us on in the wonderful world of Giac :D
    The stained glass looks great and I could't help laughing about the fabric from hell. The curtain looks good though.
    Love the glasses too, it gives such a personal touch.
    I don't like to copy work other miniaturists make but you make giving it a try darn tempting!
    Always love your woodwork, it looks so incredibly rich.
    Congrats on finishing the inside of this great roombox, you've done an excellent job.

  43. Giac,
    I love the elements you have put together. The painting, wall covering and
    the panel work blend so well. The leaded glass window is amazing.

  44. Hi Giac,

    I LOVE the wall paper. Where did you get it from?

  45. You have managed to create the look of splendour in a tiny space and I enjoy reading how you achieve it. Look forward to seeing more of the Manor now.

  46. Hi Giac, You must feel very satisfied with the progress. I was particularly interested in the leaded glass tape you have used. Where does one find it?
    I wonder how your friend will display the box? Will it go on a wall?
    It came together beautifully and I can see why you are inspired to return to the maxi mini project!
    regards Janine

  47. Giac,
    I am always so impressed with your work. I sit and stare at it trying to absorb your talent.LOL Keep Sharing with us it is such a treat!
    Major hugs

  48. Fabric from hell hahaha! It turned out beautiful. Love the painting and the leaded glass came out perfect. Your work is always so inspiring, I look forward to your posts :)

  49. Your room box is stunning and I love your choice of painting. The effect with the lead light looks beautiful. The photos that show the light coming through the glass look realistic and it creates such an ambiance!

    You are so good to comment on every ones blog. I have had a bit more time of late to catch up with every one and I see your comments there and think my goodness, how do you have the time to create all this work AND keep up with every ones blog!

    Big hugs, Fi xx

  50. Giac, this is a stunning room box - it looks like the work of a professional. The swan table is to die for!

    I don't think you follow my blog, but please don't feel obligated. I wonder how you keep up on everyone else's progress AND get so much work done on your house...

  51. Hola Giac, hace poco que soy seguidora tuya y tus trabajos me tienen impresionada. Es realmente espectacular, todos y cada uno de los detalles son fantásticos. Saludos.

  52. Hola! Como siempre me asombra la perfeccion de su trabajo. te ha quedado estupendo, la vidriera de la ventana me encanta, el marco del cuadro tambien, los accesorios perfectos tambien. que mas puedo decirte, siempre me gusta todo lo que haces.

  53. Dear Giac, your work makes heartfelt tears come to my eyes. What fabulous!
    The window is spectacular!
    You were very smart to have a second book to cut out the beautiful pictures. And this picture looks fantastic. The table and the decorations are gorgeous.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing work with your readers.
    A big hug.

  54. Hi Giac! What a wonderful and realistic roombox! Your friend will be delight with the gift! Lucky friend!Keep the good work! Huge hug

  55. Hello Giac , my friend, I am sooo impressed by the quality of work that you do and the skill level that you have achieved! ( I will have to steal the method for framing a picture using graph paper and card.) And the leaded window is superb. You never cease to amaze me, there is nothing, it seems, that you can't do! Awesome

  56. Found you Giac. One word....BRAVO!

  57. Hi Giac. Your work is stunning and you have some very clever ideas there. Looking forward to seeing more!!! Celia

  58. Oh,
    Your work is so amazing that I can watch it forever. You are allways giving so many terrific tips also. Awesome!!!

    I showed your blogpost to a friend, who at first thought it was a very beautiful room in the normal scale... It was fun to tell that it is in scale 1/12.
    Greetings from Lil in Sweden.

  59. All I can say is Wow!!! This looks fantastic, and your friend is very lucky. I love that first photo with the light coming in the leaded window--gorgeous!!! xo Jennifer

  60. Hi Giac! I see I missed a LOT! You have been a very busy badger...your friend is lucky to receive such an exceptional, personal gift. It's just gorgeous! I LOVE all the details ala Giac. Hey, great job on your RL house, too --what a harrowing experience!

    John XO

  61. Великолепно! Все выглядит очень реально!!!! Браво!

  62. wow Giac, that is a really nice roombox you make for your (very lucky!) friend, I love it! I like it all, but especially the fact that it has the angle due to the corner fireplace instead of a square. Further I think your leaded glass window turned out wonderful! I actually really like the fact that some of the glass paint ran through, gives it a nice effect.. Good choice this painting, really fits well in the room.

  63. Amazing! Exceptional! Your work reminds me of the Thorne Rooms.

  64. Hola Giac
    Lo primero tu amigo debe estar dando saltos de alegria por tener esa magnifica obra de arte, es preciosa la escena.
    Me encanta la chimenea, esa ventana emplomada, la cortina, el cuadro....el conjunto es una verdadera maravilla, enhorabuena por tu fantastico trabajo.
    Estoy deseando ver tus nuevos trabajos en tu manison.
    besitos ascension

  65. What an amazingly lucky friend! I hope your friend is as good a friend back. :-)
    Everything in this project awes me. What an incredible talent you have.

  66. Sono sempre incantata davanti alle immagini dei tuoi meravigliosi lavori, sei troppo bravo, così preciso e dettagliato. Fantastica la finestra e che dire del quadro, della tenda e di tutto il resto....... il tuo amico è molto fortunato a ricevere un simile gioiello
    Baci, Emi

  67. Just found your blog and I can not wait to go and look at all the pictures. Beautiful work you do.

    Thank you for sharing.

  68. Breathtaking! I love everything you put in the rom, especially the paneling. I think the stained glass window turned out beautiful.


  69. Your friend greatful to you,wonderful work!

  70. wonderful roombox! your friend is very lucky!!

  71. Giac, this looks splendidly! amazing job, congratulations!

  72. Hey Giac,
    What can you build beautiful.
    The scene looks wonderful.
    I enjoy reading how you achieved everything stap by stap.
    What a lucky friend.

    I love your woodwork, there is so much to learn for me.
    You have a wonderful site and I love reading and looking at al your work.
    How inspiring.

    Lots of kind regards, Alexandra.

  73. Gorgeous Giac, I am sure your friend is feeling "very" blessed! grin
    Thank you for your note ... It made me smile!
    Have a beautiful and blessed day!

  74. Hola Giac, como siempre impresionada por su trabajo , la ventana emplomada fantástica, la mesa con los cisnes espectacular, las copas , bueno podría enumerar todo pues es un trabajo asombrosa, felicidades:)

  75. Giac, what a lucky friend to be gifted with such a lovely roombox! Really fabulous. I am always in awe of your creativity!


  76. Wowww, I love your blog, is very beautiful. Congratulations. Kisses from Spain.

  77. Dear Giac,
    many thanks for your friendly words. I am glad very much! Sorry, I have often enough admired your house.
    You have wonderfully worked. You are an artist! I love the details! It is a pity that I cannot live in it.
    I hope, it goes well to you!
    Hugs, Conni

  78. Thank you so much for posting these photos -- it's wonderful to see how your scene just leaps to life with the addition of the details. It's truly those little touches that add the realism and depth we look for as miniaturists. Love your choice of painting for over the table, by the way. Gorgeous!

  79. Espectacular.
    Cómo siempre, tus trabajos son perfectos, me encantan, son tan reales!!!!!
    Un beso Giac

  80. Dear Giac, I do not know of any other miniatures blogger who receives many comments each post: something mean!
    You are energetic and positive, and your projects radiate these qualities from you to us :-)
    You did a fantastic job and your friend will always remember your precious friendship through this room :-)
    Sei grande!!!!

  81. fantástico trabajo gracias ha tu post me has dado ideas para mi torre que lleva vidrieras también

  82. fantastic job from your post you have given me ideas for my glass tower that also carries

  83. Tu amigo estará contentísimo, la caja es una maravilla y lleva un perfecto y gran trabajo. Me encanta lo bien que describes y explicas el trabajo que realizas, tus entradas son muy didácticas, me gusta . Bueno, te doy la enhorabuena por la de comentarios que tienes en cada entrada, eso es porque tú lo vales. Besos y hasta la siguiente.

  84. Una increíble,minuciosa y perfecta realización!!! Muchas gracias de nuevo por todas tus explicaciones,se aprende tanto contigo!!!!!

  85. Hi Giac.

    Sorry for my late comment. I think your room set looks great. I love all the details, especially the window. I might have to try some stained glass myself sometime. I really like all the little things in the book case too. and the fireplace looks grand! An excellent piece of work! (the curtain looks fine to me too by the way!)

    Andy xxxx

  86. Hi Giac I am late to the party again, I love the finished touches on the roombox are you going to show how you wrap the outside and then put on the frame? I would love to see that!

    take care

  87. Hello Giac!Again, great work came out from under your hands! The filtering of the light curtain is very intimate atmosphere. Great idea for "stained glass window"! The carved wall decorations, the console table and the whole room interior is phenomenal! hugs

  88. Marvelous in every detail! Thanks for sharing these photos of your room box. It is fantastic, elegant and inspiring!


  89. Que te voy a decir que tu no sepas. Haces unos trabajos maravillosos y encima compartes con nosotros como los has hecho, eres genial.
    Te pido disculpas si no sigo lo suficiente tu blog, pero el maldito tiempo. A mi reloj le faltan horas, XD
    Te felicito, todo lo que muestras es realmente bello. La ventana emplomada me ha dejado con la boca abierta, me apunto la idea, es fantástica.
    Te mando un beso y gracias por pasar por mi blog, eres de mis incondicionales.
    ¡Feliz semana!

  90. I am always so impressed with how much you get done, and with how you take so many details and pull them into a whole. Your work is truly amazing.

  91. You do put a lot of hard work in making the miniatures. My father used to make doll furniture from cigar boxes my uncle used to discard. Your blog kind of reminded me of home.

  92. Wow!!! I am so impressed with your work, Pam

  93. Hello Giac,
    its so lovely and stylish room! so great! you could be wonderful interior designer!
    i always took decorations tips in your dollhouses! :D

  94. Hello Giac,

    First of all a big big thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, you're very kind! Please give me time to look through your pages now :) From what I've seen you're taking dollhouses to a new level, I love what I've seen so far! I've got to catch up with everything you've written in your blog now, I'm sure it's amazing!!!

    xxxx Lucia

  95. Giac, I am always amazed at your talent but above all patience, I would never be able to anything anywhere near this!

  96. je suis toujours aussi impréssionnée par votre travail !!! c est vraiment MAGNIFIQUE !!!! bravo GIAC


  97. Your work is amazing! I just happened upon it because I was looking around for inspiration for Victorian nurseries (and ran across your wonderful on with both a night and a day nursery). I am also creating a Victorian house from scratch (, but my skills seem quite basic next to yours...I will follow your progress with pleasure.

  98. You've got such talent! It looks amazing. Wow.

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